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SkyHit HW is totally amazing!

I took him to our big fall show to school and he was perfect, very quiet and well behaved despite the traffic and even the airshow going on and fighter jets flying was crazy.

I have also gone to clinic on him with Henrich Johanssen and David Wightman.

Both were so impressed with his balance and how far along he was in his training and well behaved and relaxed he was away from home. David was especially impressed and kept asking me "he is just three coming four? or four coming five....I can't believe this!". He told me it is very rare to see a three year old in the US as far along as he is! So long story short, SkyHit is a perfect boy and I am so excited to show him next year in the 4yo classes.

Thanks for everything! Anne PS attached is a funny pic of him...he is really the barn clown!

VIG funny.jpg (84123 bytes)

Love it - another happy customer, Katie bought Fine Design HW sight unseen:

Hi Irene! Felix (Fine Design HW) is doing really well. He is a doll in every way and so easy to handle. It's amazing! I can't wait to take him on trail rides. He is so sensible. Thank you for helping me own this truly special boy!

Take care, Katie

FineDesignHWcollage1.jpg (1152918 bytes)

This one is sold, but we have others for sale, check them out at

Here is a beautiful, new picture of Tiffany and her horse EhrenGold HW:

Nov2012.JPG (211706 bytes)


Hi Irene!

Oh my gosh I absolutely adore Quite Right HW! He is everything I wanted & more. Really & truly the sweetest & most honest horse I've know. And you would not believe the number of people that stop me at horse shows to ask me about him & tell me how beautiful he is! I couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you for checking up on us! Maggie

FiveStar HW has been either 1st or 2nd place in all of his classes. Mostly firsts. I believe the lowest score might be a 66 or 68%. He is normally above 70%.

 We are so proud of him. I care for him daily. Now that our show season is mostly over, we are concentrating on me riding him. I have been riding an I1 schoolmaster and loving it. This has kept me in the game while FiveStar HW is growing up.

He is happy, healthy and loved by everyone. I regularly get comments, ?how did you get so lucky?? ?how did you find such a nice horse?? I was drawn to him and I put my faith in you. It certainly paid off and I feel so fortunate to have my dream horse! Take care, Cynthia


Hey Irene

I know you like feed back on your horses so I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying SkyHit. He has such a nice demeanor and is so well mannered. We are getting along well and will be working hard to be ready for the USEF 4 yr old next year. Everyone in the barn loves him and says how sweet he is and can't believe he's just 3 years old. Even my skeptical husband (a veterinarian), who could not believe I would buy a horse from a video is very impressed. My girls love to brush him and sneak him treats.....I am in heaven! Anne

SkyHit.jpeg (37008 bytes)

Hi Irene,

I just want to let you know that I couldn’t ever again have found such a wonderful horse. Ehren (EhrenGold HW) is such a talented and athletic boy with an amazing mind and incredible gaits. He learns on the first try and always does his best to please you. He also is the ultimate love bug. I’m sure he would crawl into my lap if he could. I love him to death and look forward everyday to riding him. At our barn he is known as the classy gentleman.

Thanks again for finding this wonderful boy.

Sincerely, Tiffany Mahoney

Ehrengold HW.jpg (203781 bytes)

I do like this picture! He (ShowMaster HW) is making my dreams come true. He has not put a foot wrong in the whole time he has been with me. I had an especially good ride yesterday. We are getting to know eachother carefully, but I really worked him through his repetoire yesterday. I've been in the sport and business long enough to know the road is a long one, but the process itself has always been the important thing to me. With such an inherently lovely youngster the process will be a daily joy. That is my dream and I'm so happy to be living it.

Thank you, Rachel

Hi Irene,

Another update on Faulkner. We attended the St Louis Area Dressage Society (SLADS) summer festival show this past weekend. Faulkner a star! We rode in the PSG $2500 jackpot class in front of a crowd on Saturday night. He won the class! There were a couple of small bobbles, but overall he performed so well. He just keeps getting better and better. Lilo Fore awarded him a 71%! The other judge wasn't quite as in love with him. :) I'm including a couple of pics from the performance, they were taken by Ivy Miller. There is no jacket because it was so hot and coats were waived. Thank you again for finding this special, special horse. Amanda

June 2012:

HUGE congratulations to Amanda Bailey and her horse Faulkner (purchased sight unseen as a 3yo, by Amanda, from 

We are so happy and so proud of them. Here is a video from this weekend and some comments from her: Quote - Amanda: Won the PSG Jackpot class. The most money I have ever won. Three for three at the show. Three wins for Faulkner.

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Hi Irene

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Shakira HW (aka Sydney HW) and a picture of her beautiful foal "Totally Splendid". This gorgeous and sassy filly by Totilas was born in March and both mom and baby are doing well. I look forward to bringing Shakira back to my barn in the fall and training her for dressage (hopefully to follow in the footsteps of her famous brother Selten HW).

Best, Carol

ShakiraHW.jpg (825513 bytes)

EhrenGold HW:

He's finally here! My gorgeous baby made it. He is already at home. He's the sweetest boy. Love him already xoxo

Ehrengold HW June2012.jpeg (61079 bytes)

Hi Irene,

I wanted to update you on Faulkner's (Fridolin) progress up the levels. He debuted this month at I1, and earned our first score towards our gold medal. It is a work in progress as he tends to get ahead of me in the changes still and there are some other spots that need ironing out, but he is so good and earnest in his work. He has taken to the FEI movements like a duck takes to water. He was made to dance!

The harder the work gets, the more he tries. He is such a gift. Thank you again for finding him for me, I am forever grateful.

Warmest wishes, Amanda

AmandaFaulkner.jpg (64379 bytes)


Sorry for such a delay in keeping you up to date on 'Dancer', my wife Dawn and trainer Hillary Moses. Dancer has been going well. He goes twice a month to visit the Hasslers at Riveredge Farm for some additional training and has been asked to be one of the horses/riders to be presented/worked with at the upcoming clinic in February.

Best regards, Al (horse enabler husband) McKersie :)

Hi Irene,

Here are pics of Lover Boy HW (Licinio SN) from the show 12-10-11 with Malinda my daughter showing. He is a joy and growing bigger and stronger. I personally have owned 23 horses and he is my favorite. Merry Christmas and a successful 2012.

Sincerely Linda

p770939352-4.jpg (215237 bytes)

Santiago is the most amazing horse to work with and his calm, intelligent attitude puts some of our more experienced horses to shame! He's on a light but regular schooling schedule now and I'm planning on getting him out to the shows next season in the four year old classes. Riding and working with him is such a pleasure for me and I look forward to it every day.

 Hope all is well with you. Take care, Shelley

Hello Irene,

My clients Jeannine & Alicia G. recently purchased Santina HW from you and I wanted to let you know she is doing really well and we are enjoying working with her. I think she is going to be such a wonderful horse for Alicia and we already totally love her!

Thank you! Greta

P8154349.JPG (2788761 bytes)

Can you see my smile in Florida?

I rode FiveStar HW today and can't stop smiling. He is everything you said - he was only more! Three absolutely wonderful and powerful gaits. His temperament is unbelievably sweet and we already have an incredible bond. Thank you so much for finding this TOP QUALITY horse for me. It is truly a dream come true. Cynthia

Hi Irene- > >

I thought I'd update you on how the show season is going. Luke (Skywalker HW) has been super at the shows, although he doesn't like puddles very much! > So far he has been scoring in the 70's at Training level test 3 with a top score of 80%. We have even scored 2 "10"s - both were in the canter. :) > In the end of July I decided to try to qualify for Region 6 Championships at First Level as well. I think we had done one First level test at that time... So far he hasn't scored under a 68% at First level test 3 > I attached a photo from the local series championships- we won Training level, and as you can see in the photo he was busy making friends with the judges! > > Catherine

Hi Irene - Just wanted to update you on Fantastic HW - she was at her first outdoor show with us today and placed 2nd in her first class with a score of 70 and won her second class with a score of 75 - the highest score at the show of any horse (140 entries) - She was a star and showed like she had done it all her life! What a wonderful horse she is! Angie

Some people enlighten our vision ~ and move our Souls to Dance.

Hi Irene, I hope all is going well there. I wanted to send a little Faulkner update for the website.

Faulkner has debuted at PSG this spring with three starts and three wins. He is working really well and offering some awesome power while being so rideable. It is really fun! Thank you again, and again for helping me purchase such an amazing animal.

I'm including a couple of pictures as well.


Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 9_38_01 AM.jpg (242924 bytes) Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 9_40_06 AM.jpg (215327 bytes) Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 9_45_54 AM.jpg (169116 bytes)

Hi Irene!

I rode Tino (Weltino HW) once before I left (and didn't want to leave after that) and again yesterday.He is a wonderful horse and I thank you for all you have done to make him possible for us. He is as you described. Very easy going and uncomplicated. He learns quickly and both Lyn and I enjoy riding him. Everyone loves his personality. The purchase was a flawless transaction and you were a pleasure to work with. I would happily provide you with a reference if you ever need one. Thanks again and we will keep you posted! All the Best, Barbara

Hello, Irene.

You have sent me the perfect horse. I've stopped waiting for him to do something wrong! (Well, he did do some minor renovations to the paddock fence trying to get at the grass on the other side but now he's happily turned out in the large paddock with plenty of grass.) He's sweet natured, smart and completely sensible. He's turned out for half the day and is in light, regular work Monday to Friday. After I work my advanced horse, I ride Santiago as my reward. Walk, trot, canter, he's soft in the hand, responsive and incredibly well balanced for a youngster. If it ever stops raining here, I'll be riding him outside soon. In June, I'm going on a horse riding safari in Africa and as much as I'm looking forward to the trip, I hate to leave my new pony! I was pretty sure I'd be getting a nice horse but Santiago has far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Thanks, again. I'll send some photos of him under saddle when I get someone to take a few. Hope all is well with you, Shelley

Hi Irene!

Weltino HW arrived safely and is settled in nicely. The best part is how loveable and friendly he is. Plus he is gorgeous. Lyn is very pleased so far and I am in love. Thank you so much Irene! We will keep you posted. All the Best, Barbara

DSCN1840.JPG (704544 bytes)

Hi Irene, > > Some photos of Walk on Top! Danielle loves him to pieces and he has indeed been exquisitely trained. Thank you for your help in acquiring him for Danielle, and please let Tanya know he has a home for life. > > Warm Regards > Nicole

Picture 122.jpg (679690 bytes) Picture 128.jpg (685171 bytes)

Hello Irene, Just a few photos from today. Santiago is settling in very well, eating and drinking normally and being very good about his enforced isolation in quarantine. We've been able to get him out to the arena for a longe twice now and after some well deserved bucks, he was a really good boy. He's absolutely lovely to watch and has a sweet and engaging personality to match. I couldn't be happier with him and feel very lucky to have him in my care. Thank you so much for making this such a positive experience! Shelley

 IMG_1888_2.jpg (50952 bytes)

I’m honestly so happy thank you!I just wanted to take the time to write a brief note on my fantastic experience buying a horse ( sight unseen!!) from Irene. I’m picky, picky and it seemed my search for the perfect young all around prospect was going nowhere until I was referred to Irene. I wanted flash, youth, movement plus, no vices, well started and sane. I don’t ask for much! I came across Statesman HW and knew he was the one from the moment I saw his video. Keeping this short--when he arrived not only was he stunning but had a heart of gold which to this day has won me over tenfold! He is everything and more that I could have ever wanted! The horse is outstanding and every word in description was to the "T". Only thing left out is that he would far than exceed my expectations! The import process was a breeze and I was in touch with appropriate people every step of the way. I can’t say enough how happy I am and would and do always recommend HW Farm to anyone looking for their dream horse! Rebecca

I would like to thank HW farms for the fantastic horse - Fantastic HW - She is true to her name - a beautiful horse with a wonderful mind! We were searching for a calm, talented horse with great movement and that is exactly what we got! We took a leap of faith in purchasing a younger horse instead of a schoolmaster but she has been calm and sensible just like Jennifer said she was. Jennifer and HW Farms were wonderful to deal with - professional, organized and upfront! I am so looking forward to developing a partnership with this wonderful horse! I would recommend HW farms in a hoofbeat for anyone looking for a great equine partner!

Here is a picture of my husband and Fantastic HW

IMG_7182.JPG (3793658 bytes)

We are really enjoying Dance Away HW, he is so fancy safe and fun! This is not always the case with a horse that can move like he does. Anja got him home and took him for a trail ride around our bridle path at Greenville Equestrian Center, and is riding him in our indoor and outdoor arenas like a champ. We can't wait to get him in the show ring. He is now living in his new stall with a 60x60 turnout paddock attached. He seems to like having all of the extra space and the added bonus of a mini horse names Stormin Norman in the stall adjacent. He likes our other horse Tana's Bentley as well. I hope you enjoy the photos attached. I always like to see what our friends are doing. Thanks for all of your help Erika .

Dancer.JPG (1995462 bytes)

Selling Donatella HW was a hard decision and we are thankful that Elizabeth Ball helped us every step of the way. From taking her to her farm in California and training her, to telling us how nicely the buyer rode her and how well they worked together. Beth, thank you so much for keeping us always updated, for the many calls and e-mails you wrote to us and all the interested people and to help us figure out the best match for our girl. We will always be thankful and are so happy that we are able to work that well with each other. It's amazing how our relationship shifted from you being a customer, to a good friend and partner. Please say hi to everybody at the farm who helped, as well as to all the horses, especially Selten HW, who I'm sure will miss seeing Donna's "face"!*lol The picture shows one of many "updates" we got, loved all the text messages too!

ElizabethBallandDonna.jpg (30171 bytes)

For all who missed out on Starlight, the new owner just sent updated pictures and said; "I'm still so thrilled with him." What a great couple these two are, Kristin, you both look super, thank you for staying in touch and for the pic's!

Please check our current selection out :

nov-2010-3.JPG (750686 bytes)

CopyRight HW is everything and even more than what I could’ve imagined. I personally thought I was crazy for buying a horses “sight unseen” but you made this the easiest decision ever for me. He is everything you said he was and so much more. I am so appreciative for your speedy responses and answering all my questions before I bought him. I would’ve never bought him if I didn’t have all my trust in you. I have never bought a horse from Europe and never one that I hadn’t ever seen in person, but buying CopyRight HW was the easiest purchase I have ever done. I was so sure in my decision and every day he keeps proving me right. I thank you so much for helping me find my perfect partner. I am so excited for every day that comes!
Hi Irene!

I just wanted to thank you so much - not only for breeding the lovely, sweet and talented filly Shakira HW, but also for your wonderful professionalism in the whole purchasing transaction. From setting up the vetting, to totally organizing the transportation – I hardly had to lift a finger. You kept me posted on everything throughout. I can’t say enough. It was wonderful doing business with you. Shakira HW arrived to the west coast all the way from Florida in excellent condition. She has been the sweetest and easiest 2 year old I have ever worked with. She is everything you said she was and more. I feel very fortunate to have her, and hope she may follow in her full-brother Selten HW footsteps. Thanks again. Carol

Hey Irene,

For sure you are a master picking these horses and in breeding've definitely got a gift and I knew that right away. Everything you said about Sundance HW couldn't have been more true....he is a most special gentleman who is so fun and wonderful I couldn't have asked for a more special one to come into my life and I've waited a long time to find him. I felt that you were extremely honest and up front about everything and it was so refreshing how organized you were!! He already had current x-rays and everything was so in order it happened with a snap and I knew I could absolutely count on you once the ball was rolling. This isn't necessarily a testimonial but I definitely wanted to follow up with you and show my appreciation as soon as I could even if in my mind it's messy writing...I will write more...Cheers Cricket

Thought you'd like to know I showed Royal HW today and we got the high score of the day for the AA division! The judge's comment was WONDERFUL horse. Pat

Thank you so much for bringing Starlight and I together! I've bought horses in Germany and the U.S. and I can say that this has been the BEST experience I've ever had buying a horse. You were tremendously straightforward and responsive to work with which made buying him a breeze. My trainer and I agreed today that the "leap of faith" of buying a 3-year-old Grand-Prix prospect over the internet landed me the perfect horse! He has a lovely temperament, is VERY well-behaved under saddle and drop-dead gorgeous. It would have cost me thousands just to go looking for a horse like him. I will DEFINITELY come to HW Farms FIRST the next time I'm looking for a horse and I STRONGLY recommend HW Farms to anyone seriously looking for a dressage partner at any level. Irene - you ROCK!!

This e-mail just arrived from FRANCE!!! So yes, we are internationally successful!

Just a short mail to tell you that Sammy (Special Edition) has done his first show with me. He has win his 2 tests (FEI YOUNG HORSE Preliminary and Final Dressage Test for 5-year old horses) with the great note of 75,4 %!! I m very happy with him, he is a very very very lovely horse. Normally ( If our next two competitions are so good...) we should participate to the international dressage show of Vierzon. Fingers crossed!! I send you 2 pictures of us during the test. Have a good day, chat latter Sandrine

SAMMY RP5ANS EBERSHEIM1.jpg (85632 bytes) SAMMY RP5ANS EBERSHEIM2 (2).jpg (78014 bytes)

When I asked the question of a respected good friend, should I breed a horse and/or buy a young sales prospect? The answer became clear. You have the facility, the knowledge, the trainer and the desire, so "go for it, do both. " If I was "going for it," I wanted to find a proven top mare and a youngster with great bloodlines. I finalized a deal to purchase Quickstep HW from Irene Wiederhold of HW Farm in Florida. This young colt had exactly the bloodlines I was looking for, Quarterback and Sandro Hit. Quickstep HW had such grace and presence as a foal, I can only imagine what his future holds. I attended the 2009 Young Horse Dressage Championship at Lamplight in Illinois and was taken by the five year old Selten HW. The charisma and gaits on this young horse were breathtaking. While watching Selten HW win the Five Year Old Dressage Championship, I learned he was also the winner of the 2008 Four Year Old Dressage Championship the year before. One can only imagine how far this bright young star will go. I knew Selten HW was out of Irene's top mare SPS High Princess HW but did not know she was for sale. Two weeks after the championship the transport brought two additions to Hickory Hill, Quickstep HW and SPS High Princess HW. Purchasing two horses sight unseen (I did see a video) was a bit of a risk but HW Farm and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold's reputation is one to be envied. Both horses were beyond what I could have wished for. SPS High Princess HW will be bred to the Grand Prix stallion, Rubignon, in the spring of 2010. Quickstep HW has not disappointed us in any way. He is a very elegant and powerful colt. He has shown a great mind and a willingness to please. I am living my dream. I am committed to offering top quality youngsters for the future. - Judi
Picasso HW is the sweetest horse ever with a heart of gold.

He tries his heart out for me. He is ridden by me, an adult amateur, so he is only shown at training level so far. My trainer, Catherine, is working on second level stuff with him. He is athletic and talented. I think he'll move up the levels fast and take me with him!

Thanks Irene for finding my equine soul mate! I'll keep you informed about our progress over time :)

Hannah (EM Hannahlea HW) is doing fabulous. She is really coming along. I adore her. Aron is actually really great. We have made huge progress with him and he did his first show in Florida 2 weeks ago. He placed in quite a bit in the Jr./Sr. Division. My daughter is really loving him. 

Best, Kelly

From Jill’s website: Ramina  HW is my mare who I got for ME to ride. I am only breeding her this one year so she will be
officially an Elite Mare. It drove me nuts watching my magnificent riding horse out in the pasture
looking like she swallowed a bus. So now that she has produced the required foal, don't look for
any more babies from Ms. EM Ramina HW until the year 2033. Until then she will be busy with me as
we continue our quest for the perfect 20 meter circle.

Below, she shows off with that aforementioned 'bus' born spring 2008: Habanero SQF!

R_H_power_trot_ring_compressed-457x681.jpg (67469 bytes)

Isn't she GORGEOUS?!!!! And she is a DREAM to ride. Huge gaits. WOW, we cover a LOT
of ground (but she is NOT 'rushy'). Spirited, but not looney. Has her own opinion, but is very
proud of herself when she is a good girl. Loves attention, and likes to work.

Did I mention that I LOVE to ride this mare?

ram_mirror_compressed-600x480.jpg (40987 bytes)

e-mail from Paris (France):

Hello Irene and Tanja,

Everything is fantastic with Sammy (Special Edition). He is on form and very excited by his new environment. He has already well understood that I was going to be his " new mom "; when my horse Kassander demands carrots by calling me, Sammy (Special Edition) also makes the same.
He is really beautiful. Last weekend, I quite spent time with him in stables to spoil him. I have bought from him a very beautiful net in its size and some affairs for him which missed me.
We had our first particular lesson with Marina on Friday and Saturday. He has worked very well. On Sunday I went in forest with him to walk. On Monday and Tuesday are his days off when he goes to the meadow.
I am very happy and I plan well to send you regularly news and photos.

Thanks for all Best regards Sandrine and Sammy (Special Edition)


I love my new horse!! After a frustrating 2 years of looking for the perfect horse, I came across Real Love (I am calling him Ralli) on your website. He looked quite nice, but I have learned that videos can sometimes give misleading representations. After talking to you at length about the types of horses you select for sale, I felt reassured about the quality. I called many of your former buyers and was further reassured by glowing endorsements from everyone. Even though I still had some hesitation about buying a horse unseen, I realized I had no luck finding anything suitable over the past two years. I have had Real Love now for 3 weeks and he is even better than I dared hope. He is quiet, sensible, and very well mannered, both on the ground and under saddle-especially for a four year old. His temperament is excellent and commented on by my trainer and everyone who sees him. And, his gaits are, again, even better that I expected. I could not be happier with my decision and when I am again looking for a horse, I will call you first!

Thanks again, Suzan

I have to say that this experience of buying a horse from Europe has been a first for me. Not only from Europe, but sight unseen other than the beautiful videos on HW Farm's website. It was so nice being able to see a horse videoed properly without the jiggling, bad positioning and erratic lighting. Irene made this transaction a pleasure. Her help was incredible, not a question unanswered or help when needed not addressed. Now as far as my new horse, Ralli B, what can I say, but WOW! He's everything I hoped and more! Not only is he gorgeous but has great manners, has been well trained, and is an absolute pleasure to be around, let alone own. My trainer who has been looking for a horse for me was also greatly impressed with him (and Irene). We look forward to great times together and will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you ever so much for bringing such joy to my world!
Hello! I'm not interested in buying a horse, but I did want to compliment you on your most wonderful website. The videos of your horses are absolutely breathtaking. I added your website to my favorites and will be checking back often just to "ooh and ahh" at your work! I myself am a QH/Paint type of gal, but after seeing your Warmbloods in action...I might have to switch "brands" sometime! You are to be commended for following what is obviously a true passion. Thank you for sharing your horses and what you do. I will have lots of fun viewing in the future I'm sure.

Good Luck and Congratulations! Carmen

Hello Irene,

Christmas arrived early at Hickory Hill! My feet have not yet touched the ground. When Quickstep HW and SPS High Princess came off the transport it took my breath away. I must say purchasing two horses sight unseen also took my husbands breath away. I had to assure him that the quality of horses you represent are known to be top in the country. He is now a believer! I was sold on Quickstep HW after seeing his video and talking with you. What a great young prospect. After watching the five year old Selten HW win the Young Horse Championship I knew I had to have his mother. SPS High Princess is absolutely stunning. Selten HW is a carbon copy of his mother. Her gaits and presence are spectacular. She certainly has kept her figure through all those pregnancies. The arrangement of Mr. Book for transport and Dr. Hudson for vetting was greatly appreciated. Mr. Book kept in touch throughout the trip. The horses were not stressed and looked happy upon arrival. The whole process from sales agreement, to bank transfer, to vet contact, to shipping was done so efficiently. I cannot believe my two purchases are already standing in my barn. You made this process pleasant and easy. I thank you. Irene, you are known as one of the greatest contributors to setting the standard of quality through breeding and importing young prospects we need in the United States. Our future is now and it looks bright.

Thanks for everything. Judi

Hello Irene,

Thanks for your congratulations about the Championships! Hudson gave his all, he could not have been more cooperative. I have some pictures coming from Mary Phelps and will e-mail one to you as soon as I receive them. Hudson was a joy to ride and he handled all of the pressure and atmosphere like a professional. He has learned so much about horse show life in a few short weeks. Hard to believe that he just arrived 12 weeks ago from Germany. We are looking forward to the 6 year old test next year! Big congratulations to you for Selten HW!!! I saw Judi at the Finals and they are very excited about Quickstep HW!

Have a wonderful day! Nancy

Dhalia (former Daliah HW) is doing very well - we've been working on collection and she is a total natural at the flying change. I'm really having a blast with her. She is a quick study and learns everything usually on the first try, and then tries so hard to do it right again and again! I just love her!!! Kris
I bought "Danny" last August, when he arrived in the US from Germany! I have him in training in Maryland - and he is a fantastic boy, just as you described in your ad.

Thank you! Sincerely, Hewan

Hello Irene,

Picasso HW is doing very well. He is in 'half training' with my trainer, and I ride him 3 times a week. We are progressing well! I have decided not to show him until next season as I want to hit the show circuit with a bang! I have been showing my little Haflinger this year. My Haflinger and I got high
point of the day at a local show! Picasso is training at second level or so. He is very sweet, willing and talented! I was going to have my trainer show him, but that would require I have him live with her and have him in full training. I LOVE having him at home and I trailer him in 3 times a week for training and my lesson. I am so very happy with him. He is perfect for me. He is very bonded to me and really trusts me. I guess what I am trying to say is that he is very special and I am thrilled with him.

Thank you, thank you! Wendi

Picasso Woods.JPG (67775 bytes)

Good morning Irene,

Hudson just continues to show what a wonderful horse he is. He has qualified for the 5 year old division of the Young Horse championships in August. He only had 2 shows to get qualified since he arrived just 8 weeks ago but he did it. His scores have improved each time out. Last weekend he had an 8.14, his best so far. He is such a team player and is getting seasoned very quickly. Of course he has a big fan club already. The best comment so far from a spectator is, " I am dehydrated from drooling over this horse!"

I look forward to his continued improvement in the next few weeks and feel that he will hit his full stride just in time for the championships. His stable mate, Royal Waltz, will also be competing in the 6 year old division. Please let his former owner and rider know that he is making quite an impression and has a wonderful home here in the States.

Have a wonderful day! Nancy

Hi Irene,

Rising Sun (Rivita) and I won the Usdf silver medal!!!


Good morning Irene,

Thanks for asking about Hudson! He has adjusted very well and I took him to his first show this past weekend. He was entered in the FEI test for 5 yr olds and placed 2nd in the Preliminary and 1st in the Final with a 7.5. They loved his gaits. He is a bit of a tourist, the world is so new for him, he wants to see everything all at once. He was very well behaved, lovely character, easy to handle, he just needs more competition experience. He will go to one more show in 3 weeks and if he qualifies, to the Young Horse Championships in August.

He has a fan club already for his elegant way of going and lovely temperament. I am enjoying watching him learn about the world. Will keep you posted on his progress!

Hope all is well with you, Nancy

I am just writing to tell you that I saw the short video of your horse (Lover Boy HW) for sale and that is such a fantastic looking horse, the video was fun and the best I have seen in a long time, the price is reasonable for his bone and gaits.

Unfortunately, I can't buy at this time but keep me on your mailing list. I just wanted you to know that I don't see many fun looking horses on these websites but yours looks like he is.

Sincerely, Catherine

Thought you'd like to know that Royal HW went to his first show this week-end as a non-compete horse and he was a very good boy. I thought he'd be overwhelmed by the atmosphere but he was a trooper. Good horse!!!!!!
I am very appreciative of all your help!

I would encourage anyone to contact you when looking for a horse, and hope to do business with you in the future.


Hey Irene,

Just wanted you to know that Solitaire HW went to his fist show (recognized) in Tennessee recently. He received two 75 percents and won both of his classes at training level. The weather was terribly stormy and right after one of the classes, they stopped the show because of lightening. He was a wonderful boy receiving 8's on gaits and getting comments like "three very good gaits for dressage". He also received the high point Westphalian horse award. And he is only four just now. Thanks again for selling me such a talented and sane young horse. Take care. Lisa

Phat (Prince Charming) continues to be awesome, we are working on our first I1 freestyle we hope to debut in May.I have a really good group of horses right now that are keeping me very busy!


HI Irene
I have to tell you how nice it is to work with a true professional, who represents the horses you sell to be exactly what you say. Weltprinz HW is truly amazing! I have to keep reminding myself he is only just 3. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful young horse. He is a pleasure to ride!! Very smart and sensible. I am greeted each morning with a loud nicker .I dare not get side tracked on the way to his stall as he just gets louder. He is the horse I have been waiting for ,and I thank you for finding him and sending him my way. Look for us in the young horse classes! Dawna



Daydream HW is wonderful! She's quite a character and has definitely declared herself queen of the farm! :) We had ran her in the Oldenburg/ NA inspection her in August, where she was high scoring mare of the inspection. We received an additional award for her not too long ago that she is also Reserve Champion High Score mare for the west coast! We're trying to find an embryo transfer mare for her so we can start getting a few babies from her this year or next.
We unfortunately decided not to go to California this year. With everything up in the air with the economy, and now the new house, we just couldn't get away. She is going to her first schooling show this Sunday though. She is coming along so well, and is just fun to work with!! I know I keep saying this, but I still feel lucky she's ours!! :)
Hope everything is going well!!
Hi Irene, 
This past Sunday I took Dhalia (aka Dahlia HW) out to her first public clinic. My husband tried to take pictures, but none came out very good. There were quite a few people there and it was a busy place, but her temperament is fantastic - she was a little backed off but tried her heart out for me.  Even when snow fell of the metal roof (a horrendous sound!) she just jumped a little and kept on trying. I couldn't be more thrilled with her! 
She is very easy and trainable and I feel like it will be no time to bring her along. I really feel like the icing on the cake is that she has beautiful gaits and is pretty - the best part about her is the rideability and temperament - something as I get older I really appreciate!!!

Can you tell I just LOVE her?!! :)  
Hope all is well down there with you and your family and ponies! 

Stepmaster HW aka Baby O was super fantastic with Steffen Peters.  Steffen rode him and loved him – with a sweet smile he said “he’s quite nice”.  I rode him afterward and I just continue to be amazed by this absolutely unbelievable horse.  He’s so much more than I ever thought he would be!  Thanks again. Linda

SteffenPeters.JPG (112191 bytes)

Stepmaster HW with Steffen Peters

Hi Irene - If you had told me 6 months ago that I would buy a horse off the Internet sight unseen, I would have said you were crazy. But with your help, it was not only possible, it was a great experience. You helped me feel comfortable about asking for the information my trainer, vet and I needed to make an informed decision about this purchase.

Thank you so much for making this possible!

From the moment "First Friend" (we now call him Frankie) arrived, I was smitten. When we arrived to pick him up at the airport quarantine, we heard from the staff how impressed they were with him - tall dark, and handsome. Then when they brought him out, my trainer, Peggy Klump's, first comment was "he's absolutely stunning". He looked around a bit and then got right into the trailer. He took it all in stride. Since then, Frankie has been an absolute joy to be around. He is incredibly sweet and easy to work with and has made many new friends - both humans and horses! He has obviously been treated well throughout his life, and I credit his previous owners with raising a wonderfully loving boy.

Frankie also has terrific gaits, a very even temperment, and is learning very quicky. I am really looking forward to riding him this summer. I'll definitely keep you posted on his progress.

Irene, thank you so much again for making this purchase possible!

Take care, Jennifer

In the last two and one half months I made two trips to Holland in an attempt to find a replacement for my lovely 7 y.o. gelding who has been seriously injured. On each trip I found one horse and brought home the x-rays for my vet to inspect. Even tho the horses "passed" the Dutch vetting, the U.S. vets said, "no way!" Of course the trips were exhausting, expensive and time-consuming.

I was excited to see Royal HW on the internet, especially since he had just been imported a week prior to my seeing his ad and U.S. vets had seen his x-rays and approved. He was in Florida and so was my trainer, so I asked her to go and take a look at him for me. My trainer liked him, Irene and her husband were kind enough to drive him to the east coast of Fla. so my vet could pre-purchase him, and I bought him sight unseen!

A short time later I flew to Fla. to see Royal HW. He is adorable and so sweet. He is only three but he is so sane. He has yet to put a foot out of place and is very easy to work around.

I had a very good experience with Irene. The horse was 'as advertised' and the purchase went extremely smoothly. I especially liked the fact that she has U.S. vets look at the x-rays of the horses she imports. That way, one does not have to waste their time like I did, shopping in Europe, only to find the horse will not pass the pre-purchase exam.

Wish I had seen the ad sooner! Pat

Hi, Irene,

just delivered Jan Ebeling to the airport!  Wow - what a fantastic weekend - exhausting but a really good exhausting.  I just couldn't wait to tell you Jan's comments about Baby O (Stepmaster HW)!  I asked Jan to ride him to "get the feel of him".  Of course, Jan agreed.  It was unbelievable to see Baby O with Jan on him.  So amazing.  When Jan was done he said "what a fantastic young horse"  "great gaits, fantastic looking and a super brain! I really really like him!"  Then of course he had to know all he details of his breeding and of course you!  The second day, Jan rode him again and it was even more amazing.  He worked on basics, forward going, trot and canter and then cantered into the corner and popped the most amazing flying change!  Totally balanced, clean, through and just like he'd done them a thousand times!  Jan said "what a smart horse".

 Of course, I was beyond thrilled and Jan said the best thing to me "with your level of riding and this amazing horse, this is a perfect match! You are going to do really really well with this guy"

 So I'm thanking you once again and I am euphoric.  The horse is just simply perfect and amazing


I had a great time at the horse show. Stepmaster HW was just so awesome, walked around looking at everything and didn't put a foot wrong. I lunged him the first day and then just rode him around the property the next. I didn't show him, it was just to go see how he behaves away from home and guess what - he's the same! We had 3 other horses n the trailer and I let Step stay in he last space which is about 1 1/2 spaces so he's much more comfortable in hat stall. He didn't like his 3 buddies leaving him so when I went to get him last and load him up he got to the ramp and jumped (in good form) into the trailer to go home! It was so cute -he didn't want to be left behind.

Also, we are bringing Jan Ebeling in for clinics and he checked him out and thought he was outstanding. Lots of the people at the show kept looking at Step and then would casually ask if I had a new horse! DA!! They were all very impressed. Steffen Peters is coming in for a clinic with Dawna, my trainer and my 2 horses. Actually Steffen likes to come to Las Vegas so he flies in in the morning does 5 rides and goes to enjoy LV and comes to the barn in the am and does 5 more and flies home that afternoon. So he scoped out Step and was very excited about him, he watched him being lunged and all. So it was a success in that he is just so level headed a real pleasure to be around.

Take care and talk to you soon, Linda

Irene, Just reporting in on Solitaire HW that I purchased from you a few weeks back. He is only 3 and has the most fabulous temperament. I could not have asked for anything nicer. I have been out of riding for around 9 years and getting back in to it is a little tough, but it makes it so much nicer to work with a horse with a good brain. I don't like spooky or silly horses and Solitaire is wonderfully sane. We went out on our first trail ride around the farm and he was a good boy. He is also sweet to my old grand prix horse who is 22 years old. Thanks for your help and hopefully I can meet you sometime when I come to Florida. I plan on bringing him this spring for some lessons and maybe some shows. Take care, Lisa
PS. Thanks to Amanda Bailey for her help as well.
Hi Irene,

thank you so much for being at our first show. Sunny was a star. He got the highest score of the day, 71%, and 65% in his second test. Two blue ribbons our first time out and before a very well respected Judge in Joan Humphrey. I so appreciate you and Vivienne being there for me. You have been so supportive of our progress.

Your help is inmeasurable (if that is a word). Holly

Hi, Irene ,
Hannah is absolutely lovely and a joy to ride.  Mare performance test was indoor but Amanda graciously rode her for me in the outdoor where she is even more gorgeous in the full sunlight.  It was a pleasure to meet one of your super stars in person.

hannahlea1.jpg (25488 bytes) Hannahlea HW - Champion Mare
AHS Inspections -
Woodridge Farm
October 8 scoring 8.5 Rideability on her Mare Performance Test.  Hannahlea is available for purchase. "It's a joy to ride this mare"

Check out --- center column :)  Updated your ad page, too.

Hey Irene!

Hope you are doing well! Riccie is fabulous, he is currently ranked fourth in the nation in the Amateur Owner 18-35 hunter division. This year he has qualified for all of the big national horse shows, Devon, PA National, Washington, and the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament! He is such a good boy and has been Champion or Reserve at most of my horse shows this year. I still cant believe he is only 6 years old, most of the horses he is competing against are a bit older and have been competing at this level for a couple of years. For his first year at this level he could not be doing any better, he has such a great brain and takes great care of me! I will send some pics soon! Also, I love Hannahlea HW, she is so nice!!

Talk with you soon! Joelle

Hi Irene,

I just wanted to let you know that I got a wonderful surprise yesterday. I found out that Faulkner was Third Level Open Champion of the Kentucky show that he attended a couple of weeks ago. It was his first time to show in a year, and his first time at this Level. I just wanted to take this time to thank-you once again for finding me such an amazing horse who is well on his way to being the FEI horse of my dreams! shapeimage_4.jpg (39789 bytes)



Hansie (Lightning Jack HW) is going so well, huge powerful canter, walk and trot. He is sweet, calm and adorable.  He has been in full training with Sybille, but I also ride him a few times a week. He is really turning into the "fancy/family horse" I wanted -- he just loves my kids. 
Thanks for your help.

Thanks! Alix

Hi, Irene, HUGE congratulations on Selten HW's success this weekend! I am so happy for you! In the mean time, Ramina and I continue to have so much fun together. She is quite a girl!

Congrats again,

Hi, Irene, congratulations on Selten HW - wow what a horse!  You should be very proud.

 Thought I'd let you know that my vet was here last Friday and went over Stepmaster HW.  He was thoroughly impressed by the horse.  Really liked him alot.  We trotted him, flexed him and I haven't seen my vet with a smile on is face on a flexion in a while!  In fast, usually the opposite.  But anyway, he and his business partner also saw him are thinking you have some good investment horses - so you may have picked up another client.

 I had hind shoes put on Stepmaster's front and hind feet.  His hind feet were chipping out and we were afraid that we would be in position where it would become more difficult to put shoes on, so we went ahead and put shoes on his hind feet and the farrier did quite a good job.  The shoer said "that is the nicest four year old I've seen in a very long while!"  So all is well, his feed program is in place with our vet and he is happy and looking good.  Congratulations again on Selten.



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