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Prince Charming is a bay Rheinland gelding by Prinz Miro/Argentan, born in 1994 and standing approximately 16.1 ˝ hands.

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  Prince Charming is a safe and sane proven show horse and collector of ribbons. He draws the attention to him where ever he goes. He has great and expressive gaits, a good motor and nice trot extensions with a really flashy front leg. He was able to place up to Prix St. George and 4th level as well as getting placed at 3rd level. He has already shown and placed second at Prix St. George and his piaffe, pirouettes and passage are great! He is ready to show Prix St. George as of now and his piaffe, pirouettes and passage are great! He is doing two tempi flying changes and does them even with a 14 year old girl. He is a schoolmaster and can teach you the tricks and games of dressage. He was also ridden on trail rides and did just fine. His competition name will be disclosed to the serious buyer. This is an amateur proven show horse and he can be your teacher and trust worthy partner for the future. He strives for attention and enjoys company from his handler and his grooming time. This one will help you to collect ribbons and championships and go through thick and thin with you. He has a very good character, he is brave and uncomplicated to handle and to ride.


This boy is a true gentleman and he has done well in the dressage ring. Due to his energy and athletic build, I could also imagine, that he would do well in the eventing world, even if that would be new to him. As he is already at Prix St. George, why not take him further up the dressage levels and get him all the way to Grand Prix? With more training and fun time at clinics, he will keep improving and take you up the levels with him. Can you imagine showing him to the audience at a clinic? I am sure they would love him. He is a fun horse to ride and to be around, showgrounds are nothing new to him and he always tries to please his rider and do the best he can. His ride ability is great and his gaits are stunning. What are you waiting for?


Prince Charming may be suitable for a young rider or amateur, he is forward without being hot and always interested to learn new things. He is very versatile, you’ll have many choices with him and his behavior. He is a true gem and does what you ask him to do and he has a heart of gold and a priceless mind! Prince Charming it is!

check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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