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Hi Irene,

You'll probably remember I was the one who bought Chiccolino off of you a couple years ago. I have always felt bad that I never gave you a testimonial. We were just in the process of moving and I was finishing school and things just seem to slip by. So after two years Chico as he's known at the barn has been one of the best young horses I have ever worked with. He has been competing second level this year and has been getting scores in the high 60's low 70's we just competed in our provincial championships and regional championships which he was open champion for both. What's been really nice about training him, he is the first 6yr old I have ever been able to go on vacation for two weeks come back and go riding outside and he is just happy to work and never does anything goofy or scary.

Chico1.JPG (1430505 bytes)

I hope all is going well!


Hi Irene,  Don is doing a fantastic job learning the basics. He has such a fantastic mind and a tremendously willing attitude. We already knew his gaits were outstanding. It’s like…..if he is a horse…..what were those other animals I’ve been riding! I am so very happy with my decision to buy him. He is so much more than I hoped for.   Thanks a million Becky

Hello Irene. Today I rode Stepmaster HW for the first time! No lungeing, just got on. He is 4 of course but he has a "10" brain. He constantly flicks his ears to think about each little aid he is given and he really really wants to please! His barn name is "O". The other barn name choices were Romeo (because he is so sweet) or Stewart Little but O is his barn name because the first time I saw him turned out, all I could say was "OH". When I first saw him lungeing all I could say was OH. And when I got on him today the first time the same thing came out of my mouth. Amazing horse with rideability of a 10. 

It has been an absolute pleasure buying this horse and getting to know you. As I told you of previous horror stories, I could only rely on your good word as to this horse. Everything you said was true. He is a gentleman, quite a little pleaser and has fantastic movement. Sitting his trot is easy. I'm 54 so that is a pleasure. 

Anyway, thank you so very much for the World Cup in April 2009, you must come see him! We'll have coffee and cakes and chat.


Finn (Fly Away HW) and I are having a great time and I’m so in love with him.  I am so lucky to have found and purchased him, thank you!  We have been slowly showing, I’m taking it easy with him.  We recently had a really great show and got a 67% at training.  He was a very good boy!  Anyway, I hope business is well for you.  I was just looking and Hudson on your website and think he is really cute!   Talk to you soon.  Take care,


Hi Irene,

I’m sending along a picture of Don Stefano from the first time he was lunged by the master trainer, Major Carlos Mancero.  Don arrived about a month ago and is being brought along slowly.  Major remarked today that he seems totally acclimated to our hot, humid Florida weather.  Don is very fit and developing good musculature. We are pleased with him in every way.  He is such a nice horse to work with and so beautiful to watch work. Irene, our entire experience with you, from beginning to end has been absolutely great!  We can not thank you enough. We will keep in touch as Don progresses in his training and future show career.

 Sincerely, Becky

don stefano.jpg (113795 bytes)

Hi Irene,
I just wanted to send you a quick note and give you an update on our girl.  She has been such a pleasure to work with, and we still love her more every day. I'd been on the fence about taking her with us to the California circuit over the winter, and now she will definitely go so we can get her out and going.  Hope everything is going well with you!  Thank you again for our wonderful horse!!
Jeff, Shaun, and Daydream_HW

Thanks is not a big enough word to express how I feel for the good job you have done with us.

Sincerely, Becky

Hi Irene,

I know you think we have dropped off the earth.....but we haven't! We purchased Cameron HW (out of Contendro) from you 2 years ago....and somewhere in the process, we changed e-mail you had no way to contact me. Anyway.....wanted to give you an update on Cameron.

cam01.jpg (17669 bytes)

He is now six. He did quite well his first year.....then went through a "growth spurt"... and needed to "figure out his body, etc". We took him to mostly local shows and he did win end of year High Score for a series at one farm. We did not want to push him....wanted to take it at HIS pace instead of ours. We actually put him out to pasture for about 3 months.....and it was one of the best things we could have done. We started him back up last fall and he is very happy in his work. We have been to 3 USDF recognized shows this year (showing Training Level) and has won numerous classes with scores in the 70's and is frequently getting 8 on gaits. I keep show results, etc updated on our website (with pictures) I will give you the link.........On our farm page, the photo of the horse looking out the window is Cameron. He is a happy boy and we are very happy with him. We have just sent off to have him registered with the American Hanoverian Society (for yearend award eligibility)....and have submitted the name of Cameron OR Cameron HW.

 cam02.JPG (2565368 bytes) cam03.JPG (2830816 bytes)

Just wanted to update you....


Hi Irene,

I have been meaning to write with all my good news.

 Dani is doing great.  He had his first show debut in April right at our barn.  My trainer rode him and he was just perfect, both in the warm up and his classes.  He ended up winning both his classes easily as well as overall high-point for the show with a score of 77%.  He won a fancy halter and a great pair of MDC stirrups.  The owner of MDC stirrups sponsors the prize of a pair of these neat stirrups for the "75% club" for rides of 75% or over at selected USDF shows.   Two weeks later my trainer took him to his first away show and he again won his classes with scores above 70%.  The weather was cold and windy, and he was still a perfect gentleman...very steady and relaxed.  There was a 2 hour trailer ride to the show grounds.  He trailered beautifully, got off the trailer like he did this every day, had an uneventful lunge in the round pen in his halter and lead line, and then my trainer warmed up about 10 min under saddle before going in to ride a wonderful test.  He could not have been better.  He munched hay in the trailer all day while other horses were showing, and trailered home and back the next day for a repeat performance.  He was happy and relaxed and seems to really enjoy showing! In May, I started riding him for my lessons and am having a blast.  The first night I rode him was a Tuesday night at 6:30 after work.  That night it was cold and windy.  Up until that night, he had only been ridden in the day, and always by my trainer.  He was relaxed and wonderful for her, and I hopped on and he was just as good for me, and so easy and fun.  In fact, it was so easy and fun that I decided to show him 3 days later at a USDF show at our barn.  We got a 67+%, despite my rider errors.  I am totally hooked and in love and have been loving every ride since.  I usually ride 3 days a week, and my trainer works with him the other days.  We are entered for our next show in 2 weeks....can't wait. I knew you would be happy and proud to hear what a great boy he is.  Please pass along the good news to his breeder.  I am so grateful to have such a fun, talented, easy, and well-behaved horse.  I know he is happy too.

Hi Irene,

  I am so excited to tell you that Sunny (Sandjour Hit) had his show debut yesterday in the 4 year old  FEI Young Horse class among some very stiff competition in Gainesville , Florida and the Summer Sizzler I.    He got an overall score of 70% with an 8.5 on his walk and kudos from Judges Sue Madden Mandas and Nancy Harris as to his future as a Dressage Horse Star.  He was shown by Maya Sniadecky .  Sunny just turned 4 in June and this was his very first out.   He now returns home to me to continue his schooling and prep for the 5 year old test next year.  Thank you for sending me such a wonderful and talented horse.  Holly

From Nicole’s website: "Falco" is a 6 year old Westphalian by Fürst Heinrich, who arrived this past weekend from Germany. He is a stunning 17 hands, and moves like NOTHING I have ever seen before. I am absolutely thrilled to have him as one of my own competition horses, and I look forward to getting to know him this summer. I think we can really expect great things from him as he is as kind and gentle as he is a thrill to watch move.

falco1stday 014.jpg (85110 bytes) falco1stday 017.jpg (129539 bytes) 

Enjoying his first day out in Canada.

Hi Irene,
Hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to update you on "Step Up".  He is doing really well.  Currently, he is in training with Sabine Rijssenbeek, a dutch FEI trainer.  Sabine recently moved to Arizona from Holland .  We are so fortunate to have her talent in our area.  She appreciates  Step Up's wonderful breeding and attitude toward work.  He is progressing rapidly and it is a pleasure to ride and watch him develop.  Sabine has a client who is interested is purchasing a young horse.  Sabine is so pleased with Step Up that she asked for your contact information.  Soon, she will be looking at your website for potential horses for her client.

Take care, Kimberly

We bought Daydream HW from Irene at the end of February sight unseen.  Having never bought a horse without riding it, let alone never meeting it at all could have been nerve-racking.  This was not the case dealing with Irene.  She was so helpful and prompt with absolutely everything.  Daydream HW is an absolutely amazing horse!  She is everything Irene promised and more!  Having had her now for almost two months, we are still looking for her flaw.  We are so thrilled to have found her and grateful to Irene for being such a fantastic person to work with.  I've bought a number of horses in the past, and this was by far the best experience we've ever had purchasing a horse.  When the time comes to look for another horse, Irene and HW Farm will definitely be the first call we make.  Thanks Irene!
Jeff and Shaun
I bought my first horse from Irene at HW Farm in December of 2007. I was so pleased with my purchase I have since bought another horse from her, and am in the process of buying a 3rd! Irene has a very good eye for horses, and she represents them honestly. In fact, the horses I have bought so far have actually exceeded my expectations. She knows the horses well and their temperaments; for the first time I feel confident I do not have to travel to try the horses myself. All 3 of my horses I have purchased from their video and Irene's word.
Whatever you want to know, you can feel free to ask Irene and know you are getting the truth. I also feel like the horses she has are reasonably priced for what you are getting, and the prices include the flight and quarantine. The horses I have bought through her have the most amazing minds and personalities - I really adore riding them every day. I even bought a 3 year old (which I seldom do) but he is so sensible and has been started so well he is well above anything I have seen in the US for sale at 4 or 5 years old.
Dealing with HW Farm and Irene is so easy. Communication is excellent and once you have wired the funds, you pretty much just have to wait for your new horse to arrive. It is all so simple. I would feel 100% confident recommending Irene to anyone looking to buy a horse; whether it is a young horse or a schoolmaster. (I have bought both). I absolutely love the two I have from her, and can not wait for my 3rd horse to arrive.
Hi Irene!

Picasso is my work of art!  I happened across his ad while I was looking for a horse for a friend.  When I saw Picasso, my heart stopped and as I watched his videos, I felt a connection to him all these miles away.  I'm not sure what it was  about him that I resonated with.  I watched other horse videos to see if I got that same 'feeling' and I didn't.  I can't explain it, but it was the beginning of a journey I had not planned to take yet!  When I inquired about him and learned he was due to fly into the US the next week, but I would not be able to fly across the country for 2-3 weeks to ride him until he settled into the warm Florida weather, I was afraid someone would snap him up while I was waiting.  So............ I bought him sight unseen!  Everyone in my life, including my trainer, thought I was nuts!  Thank goodness I have a very supportive husband!
When Picasso got off the semi at the barn, he was calm and interested in his surroundings.  The truck driver handed me the rope , smiled and congratulated me. There I was, holding this huge magnificent animal and we just stood and looked at each other.  I petted his beautiful white blaze and he allowed it as though he wanted me to touch him.  He settled right into his stall.  The next day, when I went to see him, he came up to me and laid his head against my chest while I stroked his head and ears.  I was almost moved to tears. I love his sweet, calm personality.  I can tell he was brought up with love and kindness.  He enjoys human attention and has no bad vices.  
We let him settle in for the first couple of weeks with some light lunging. My trainer has now ridden him and likes him under saddle. I was so nervous for this first ride as it SHOULD have happened BEFORE I bought him!  I was worried she would say we shouldn't have purchased him!  She said he's a keeper! Picasso is beautiful to watch and has a great work ethic.  I will ride him for the first time tomorrow and I'm very excited!
Irene, you were wonderful to work with.  Always attentive, helpful and cheerful.  I know this is a business for you, but I can also feel you passion for the care and well being of the horses you sell.  Nothing wrong with that!  I wish there were more people like you in the horse world.  We have been burned by people injecting horses who are lame before we came to see the horse, and those who just plain lie about things.  I appreciate your honesty. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another horse from you in the future (though I may never need another!)

Hi Irene,
We are just getting back from seeing Daydream HW. She is even more gorgeous in person and SO sweet! Jeff and I were both getting hugs. :) We are so excited about her and it is going to be a long 10 days until she finally gets home! We are having her exercised for 30 minutes a day every other day, so that she gets out and hopefully doesn't lose too much muscle. We turned her out today in one of their grassy paddocks and she had a ball doing canter laps and then of course grazing. She followed Jeff around the paddock too, which he loved and made him even more completely fall for her! :) 

We both already adore her!!
We can't wait to go and see our girl tomorrow again. We are totally hooked! :) I can't tell you how thankful we are to have found such an amazing horse.  She's very special!
Thanks! Shaun

Picasso HW arrived at Meadowgate tonight at about 10 pm stepping calmly off of the huge semi rig. He's a lovely guy, personable but not too pushy and in your face, wasn't spooked at all even though it was dark and he was in a new place. He settled into his quarantine stall away from the other horses with no fuss, drank, had a few bites of timothy, pooped, peed...

And of course, he's even more beautiful than he looked in the video...

I really appreciate you being so attentive to Wendi during this whole process.

Warm regards, Michele

Oh my goodness....I rode the new boy (Prince Charming) today. I had SO MUCH fun!!!!! I did some passage, piaffe and some 4 time changes!!!! Considering I haven't ridden him before I was pretty excited about it. I think he is going to be perfect for me - he is sensitive but not too sensitive that he just does stuff on his own. I can't wait to have a lesson on him. I am going to try and get some video of him, which I will upload and let you know. He has such a great personality so far.... He is fascinated by being outside and watches all the other horses all day. I am not sure how much turnout time he has ever had - he is very well behaved outside but like I said is enthralled by watching the other horses. He has the strangest ears..... it is like they are on You can't tell when he has them forward. I think it adds to his charm. I am pretty sure he is going to be great at the horse shows. He is pretty mellow without being "flat" if you know what I mean. As soon as I rode him I phoned my husband gushing about how much fun it was. He was really happy for me. The young girls who were watching me ride were hooting and clapping every time we did a "trick" So far you have been 2 for 2 Irene. Well done!

March08 057.jpg (39835 bytes)

Hi Irene,

All is well.  Donna Doria is doing great.  She is with my trainer right now and has been for a couple of months.  Our barn is almost finished so she'll be coming home in the next 2 mos.  She is still absolutely gorgeous; her gaits are incredible.  Not that they were ever bad but now she just swings BIG time!  She just looks very relaxed and happy with her work. I'll send pics when I can.  I'll also update you as her training progresses.  I will not push her; she is a bit sensitive and I think that if we take our time with the basics and we gain her trust under saddle, she will be phenomenal.

Take care, Jennifer

Well, I bought a horse from HW Farms a few years ago. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Irene, and her associate, Michelle. They are the most ethical and honest people I've encountered in the horse business. I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top quality horse.


Hi Irene,

We are really enjoying ourselves here in Deleon Springs. Suessa (Rivita) is great. She is so rideable and sweet. Great training by Ulla. We love her.


Rivita.jpg (49409 bytes)

I bought a horse (Sandjour) through Irene a year ago. He was everything I asked for and more. I never anticipated importing a horse and certainly not sight unseen. I ended up with a perfectly mannered coming 3 year old, who is beautiful in every way and who clearly meets the criteria that I asked for pre purchase. Not only that but Irene keeps in touch and continues to be helpful whenever needed. With training issues, suggestions, support or whatever. I couldn't be more supportive of her.


I bought a wonderful mare (Dahlia HW) from Irene 2 years ago - Irene was super to deal with. She was very prompt in communication and treats customers as customers - something I found lacking when horse shopping. So many sellers are not quick to respond to inquiries, or act like they are doing you a favor. Shortly before I bought my horse from Irene, I was looking at a 2-year-old and the owner refused to send me any canter video! And she wondered why she could not sell her horse!
I will say that when I bought my mare I was not looking to import, but I had very specific requirements of bloodlines and size, and after looking for months here I had not been able to find what I wanted. When I was looking, a horse of this caliber would have cost more here in the states.

I would and have recommended HWFarm and Irene - good luck on your horse search!
I just got back from out of town and met Prince for the first time. He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I am just settling in so I will email you later in the week.
Cheers Nicole
My name is Erin and I bought a 4 year old Hanoverian named Amerika from HW Farm 4 years ago and had a WONDERFUL experience with them! They represented Amerika absolutely honestly in all regards and he has been a horse of a lifetime. His temperament truly could not be more perfect, always wants to be in harmony and get along with his rider. My friend/trainer, Amanda, bought her horse Faulkner from Irene and another friend of mine has purchased two Florestan offspring from Irene and all of us are just thrilled with the service and honesty of HW Farms and the horses they represent. You will not be disappointed.
Message regarding High Quality HW: Irene , Hello, what an impressive animal. It is a treat to see such breeding. Sincerely, Anne
Dear Irene

 It was an absolute pleasure working with you... Your knowledge and professionalism made the whole experience so positive and easy. After numerous trips to Europe in search of a horse, I am so fortunate to have found such an impeccably bred, outstanding stallion, right here in the USA! Thanks to your excellent breeding program, I finally have a gorgeous, black, world class horse who has it all... movement, character, conformation, ride-ability, and bloodlines. Guenter (Seidel) and I are very excited to start with Selten HW, when he arrives this summer, in California. Thanks so much for the opportunity to have this one in a million horse!

Sincerely, Elizabeth

Hi Irene,

Mozart is getting along fine with the other horses and is very cute and lovable. The weather here has been awful, when it isn't frozen it rains and floods the ring.  I have been trailering him to a friends indoor a couple of days a week but that isn't enough.  I am going to be able to take him to an indoor the month of March and April so I'm sure that will help.  He is unbelievable trailering he does have that "been there done that " attitude.   I hope spring comes fast :-)

See ya Rita

Hello Irene!

Here comes a report from Sweden and Walk of Fame. She is more than fantastic! I love this little mare, so sweet.

She is amazing to ride and a very quick learner, she is everything I want from a dressage horse!!!!

Best regards, Liselotte and Karl

Hi!  Things are GREAT!  We are definitely learning to sit a BIG TROT with lots of ease and grace...attached is a recent clinic that I attended and they were so impressed with Roman, his appearance, his demeanor and thought he/we "looked" exactly as a dressage pair should look....and can you believe it, our photo made the front page of their Newsletter!!!  He's won his classes in 4th level 4th Test in Houston with Blue Ribbons...obviously with my trainer aboard, so way trained better than myself and I'm learning everyday on him!  I can't thank you enough and would highly recommend any amateur to purchase through you as your knowledge and expertise in helping me pick out Roman was wonderful...not to mention he was of the highest quality!
roman.png (1162188 bytes)
Thanks so much!

"I recently purchased a 3 year old gelding (On Top HW) from HorseSales LLC. I bought him from the video on the website and had not ridden him; which is something I never do! Between the video I had seen, and Irene answering all of my questions openly and honestly, I decided to take a chance. My horse arrived on December 22, 2007 and he is everything Irene said he was and more! Temperament is very important to me and I found him to be exactly as Irene described. Dealing with Irene and getting the horse to the US was a pleasant and easy task. Irene took care of everything for me and kept in contact every step of the way.
 mailAttach.php.jpg (21701 bytes)
I highly recommend buying a horse through HorseSales LLC and Irene. Their honesty and professionalism is unparalleled. We are thrilled with our new horse and expect great things of him in the future."

Hi, Irene !

Goody is doing great, and quickly becoming one of my favorites! Thank you for all your help!

Take care, Petra

Hi Irene,

A quick update.  Sorry it took so long.  High Quality HW is doing very well.  He is getting more balanced in his work.  His canter is fabulous to ride. I am keeping the work simple – transitions, serpentines and the like.  He is big and powerful, but mostly mellow.  He loves people and their attention and really likes to be ‘cuddled.’   Well can you believe it is New Year’s eve? Happy Holidays, Mary

Hello Irene –

Yes, Sansira arrived.  I apologize for not emailing you sooner, it’s been on my list and I should’ve done it right away.  It’s just that I’m so busy running over to the stable several times a day! She arrived on Saturday and Dwayne said she hauled well.  Every time he unloaded horses, he would open her box up until by the time she got here she was in a big box stall.  She could even lay down.  They said she was plump when she left Rigbie.  She was probably in perfect weight when she got here.  I left her alone in her stall at first and she drank lots and ate well that first night.  She’s in a private paddock beside some adoring boys whom she shamelessly flirts with all day. I think she was pretty tired when she first got here, because a girlfriend and I were leaning on her stall, talking about horses and how lovely Sansira was, and Sansira laid down and went fast to snoring sleep right at our feet.  Very cute. Thursday we started lunging.  She is VERY forward and sensitive which I like.  She is flighty in the new surroundings but it comes with the hotter temperament and I prefer that.  I’ve ridden her a couple times and am so pleased with her sensitivity and how hard she tries to please.  Every time I work with her she makes progress and she makes me laugh she seems so proud of herself when she does something well and I gush over her.  She’s got so much personality and is such a kid. I think she knew there was somebody at the end of all the planes trains and automobiles waiting to love her because we are starting to bond so quickly.  I think her barn name will be Sara.  It is an elegant name for an elegant lady and that is her all over.

Thank-you for everything Irene.  Sansira was worth the wait and I still have to pinch myself every once in a while.  I can’t believe I get to own and ride such a beautiful horse.


Hey Irene!

Yes, I'm keeping Roman...he's just wonderful and I'm learning to ride him well. Roman has such big movements! Oh by the way...Catherine my trainer showed Roman at Level 4, 3rd test and took the championship at the Houston Dressage show in Katy , Texas in November!  In fact, we've showed him 3 times now here in the states and she's taken the "blue-ribbon" each and every time!  His lead-changes are awesome!

I'm telling every one I know that you have a keen eye for great horses!

Thanks, Bobbie

Dear Irene ~ "If only more people like you were every present in the horsey world of sales" have my admiration and naturally along with that comes my prayers for your business to always prosper. Thank you for the opportunity to have this contact over Magic Man. Your the first renowned facility that I honestly feel can be totally trusted in every way.


"Step Up" is now called Drakkar (Drake) by his new family.  His brain in more valuable than 24 carat gold and his movement is icing on the cake.  Even at the early age of four, one can see and feel the brilliance of his canter.  He is a pleasure to own and ride.  Each day that I take him out of his box, he is eager and willing to learn  new lessons.  Strong wind and rain don't even deter his desire to please his rider.  This horse makes no excuses for not wanting to work;  he thinks it's fun.  His sensitivity and intelligence make him the perfect partner.  We plan on Drake being a part of our family for the rest of his life.  Thank you for importing such an amazing gift.   Kimberly

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