Daydream HW




Daydream HW, liver chestnut Westphalian mare by D’accord / Davignon born in 2004, standing approximately 16.1 hands.

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FEI Dressage – Hunter/Jumper or Eventer, super athletic girl, pick your discipline!

Daydream HW is an unbelievable sparking and stunning girl. Chocolate colored coat with a vanilla blond mane and tail as well as with the expression which is highly sought after and she knows how to set herself in the right picture. With her super cute and pretty face and her stallion look a like neck, she is something really special. She is elegant and has a powerful technique to move. Daydream HW is a sensational horse and she is working at Training Level and First Level right now. This mare may go all the way up the levels with a very active hind leg and a flashy front leg with lots and lots of freedom in the shoulder, which enable her to be breathtakingly uphill in trot and canter, with a super nice touch of air time to her movement. She is effortless moving/jumping uphill, every single time. She goes back to the valuable and more than famous Donnerhall, you’ll buy highly desired bloodlines in the dressage and breeding field.

Daydream HW is a real princess! She is in daily training and is a definite FEI prospect for dressage and athletic and willing to go light as a feather over every jump. She is a sensational girl and the choice for her future carrier will be yours. With her overall expression, color, gaits as well as being a super cuddly model, she is a really rare find of outstanding quality, a horse for somebody who loves the attention from judges and onlookers alike.

She will be the star at every clinic or at the horse shows and everybody will remember her. Ride her now and breed her later or do an embryo transfer with her and enjoy both worlds at once. You’ll find all her attributes together as the priceless combination for success. Daydream HW is easy to handle, stands for the farrier and loves her work sessions as well as her grooming time. Buy her now and start collecting the ribbons. She is one of a kind and a really rare find. You can enjoy her every day with enough power to be fun and to go up the levels with ease. She is forward without being hot and loves to learn new things at all times. She remembers where she left off the day before and continues to learn from there. She is a hard working girl and loves the attention of her handler and bonds fast.  Daydream HW is waiting for her new partner, check her out and don’t hesitate to e-mail or call before she is snatched up by somebody else.  


check out her video clips!!!

  Super vet check with x-rays!

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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