Dahlia HW (De Niro/Rubinstein), born in March 2002. She is black with tons of suspension and air time, very active hind legs and the lofty movement which makes dressage horses so highly desirable and attractive.

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Her character is outstanding, she has class one x-rays and we have high hopes for her. She will be in training with Holga Finken in Germany and will be prepared for her future dressage carrier and eventually for the championships.
 We look forward to importing her in some years as an addition to our horse family, as a riding horse or future broodmare (via embryo transfer), depending how things will develop.
She is out of a very famous and super producing mare line that accounts for States premium mares and licensed stallions as well as for high priced auction horses.
It was very tough to find such a quality mare but since June 2005, we can call her our own. Stay tuned for more updates and watch out for her in the European show rings for now.

De Niro (Hann)

Donnerhall (Old)

Donnerwetter (Hann)

Ninette (Old)

Alicante (Hann)

Akzent II (Hann)

Wiesenelfe (Hann)

Rubina (Hann)

Rubinstein I (Westf)

Rosenkavalier (Westf)

Antine (Westf)

Glückstern (Hann)

Grundstein II

Pik Dame (Hann)



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