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Heidi Schneller-Cook says: Hi Irene! I wanted to let you know how much we LOVE Blackie (aka Sir Niro HW)!! He has won almost every class he has entered! He is the most AMAZING young horse I have EVER owned!!! Thank you for helping us purchase and import such a amazing horse!! I wanted you to know how happy we are with Blackie (aka Sir Niro HW)!! Wishing you a Happy Belated Anniversary!! Sending you a air hug!

For me, the planets don’t align; signs don’t manifest to guide me; and I definitely don’t believe in love at first sight. That being said, read the following testimonial and know that I am a changed girl!

Sign #1…
I opened Facebook at an odd time of day for me and Forbes HW was at the very top of my news feed.
Sign #2…
I did something I never do unless I am actively looking for a horse, I watched the video.
Sign #3…
I did yet another thing I never do, I commented on how this special horse was exactly my type.

With that comment, the planetary alignment began. Irene, who is a long time friend of mine, promptly texted me to ask if I was serious. Suddenly, I was. Within just a few days, I had committed to purchase Forbes HW. The entire process was a breeze. If there was a question, Irene was on it. I had pictures, contracts, x-rays, blood work, and shipping information all within minutes of any discussion. 

Then, a hiccup. An unfortunate set of circumstances forced me to call Irene to request that Forbes HW stay in Germany a bit longer. Again, with efficiency akin to no other, Irene organized his stay in Germany and his new shipping date. All the while, I received updates that were unsolicited by me (although I wanted them, I didn’t want to be a pest). It was just a kindness from Irene.

Finally, Forbes HW was on a plane. Lucky for me, I live in Florida. I was able to have him shipped to Miami (planets re-aligning here…we were worried it was getting too hot, but we had a little cold snap), and I got to pick him up right out of quarantine.

It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He marched bravely out of quarantine and stepped right on to my trailer. 

Since his arrival, Forbes HW has been a rock star. He is everything he was promised to be and then some. Lovely gaits…check! Beautiful conformation…check! Comfortable to sit…check! Wonderfully started…check! A gentleman in the barn…check! I am looking forward to further developing my relationship with this wonderful horse. Hopefully, he will follow in the footsteps of his amazing heritage.

I could easily write 50 more pages gushing about my new boy. I’ll probably be able to write 100 pages a year from now! Bottom line, Irene knows her horses and provides exemplary customer service. Looking for a horse? HW Farm has a very well deserved positive reputation with plenty of success stories. Start here…you may very well end here.

Michelle Gerlach

MichelleGandForbesHW.jpg (1210976 bytes)

What a joy to see FineStep HW with his mommy Lisa Rush doing so well and looking just beautiful! She says the following: We are signed up to show 3rd next weekend. He has been so much fun this spring. It has been great getting him outside. I love this horse. He is a sweetheart. Pictures were done by Sara Sigler-Fiegen

FineStepHW20161.jpg (482916 bytes) FineStepHW20162.jpg (361694 bytes)

I am an amateur that recently purchased Francis HW sight unseen. I have never done anything like it before (and am still pinching myself..) but Irene made the entire process a breeze. I was comfortable working with her from day one. She sent me pictures of him preparing for the long journey from Germany to LAX... I didn't ask her for them but my heart was warmed to received them...she kept me informed as to his location and wellbeing throughout the shipping process. Irene goes that extra mile with her horses and she certainly did with me! I wholeheartedly recommend her and couldn't be happier that I purchased Francis HW. He is more than what I wanted... Lisa in Enumclaw, Washington.

FrancisHWgettingReadyForHisFlight.jpg (361876 bytes)

Awww, what a beautiful picture of Dance Away HW, with his mommy Anja Ibsen and her fiancé.

Pic2667.jpg (747915 bytes)

Heidi Schneller-Cook says: Hi Irene! I want to tell you Thank you for such a AMAZING young horse!! We love him so much!! He competes this weekend again and we are excited to see how he performs!! Have a great day!!! Thank you again for posting it.


Congratulations to Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Sir Niro HW, aka known as Sotto Voce, owner Heidi Schneller-Cook. Currently ranking 2nd with a 8.220. Congratulations to Shawna L Harding - in the lead, Belrano Gold, with 8.260. Sure, congratulations to everybody else too!


Pic2531.jpg (319812 bytes)


FineStep HW, aka Fin, with his owner Lisa Rush, she says this is her happy place.

IMG_1485.jpg (193143 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman posted this beautiful picture of FiveStar HW and his mommy Cynthia McKim Early morning lessons at Les Bois!

She also mentioned: We love him so much and PSG is planned for this year.

IMG_1318.JPG (199746 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman with Cynthia McKim's FiveStar HW - so happy to see these pictures! He looks all grown up now.

Pic2279.jpg (160183 bytes)

Pic2278.jpg (72366 bytes)

Pictures done by: Amy Gardner Nordstrom


Awww, look, FineStep HW, owned by Lisa Rush is filling out, growing up to be an even prettier gentleman.

Always loved that sweet face.

Pic2254.jpg (312319 bytes)

Silke Rembacz posted the following:

Jeanne VanNuys and her new boy Franklin HW are having a great time training. Thank you Katherine Kuss Flint for always taking these great photos!!

FranklinHWJeanne.jpg (472150 bytes)

ShowMaster HW, owned, loved and successfully competing with and by Rachel Saavedra Dressage

IMG_1195.JPG (146676 bytes)

Rachel Saavedra Dressage posted: Thanks for sharing this photo and for giving him such a great start! Sueño aka ShowMaster HW, continues to be my dream boy. He just had his PSG debut and outdid himself. He just keeps offering more! I'm thrilled with him.

Finley aka FiftyShades HW, strutting his stuff in Wellington, Florida with Janine Little Looking great! Janine wrote: Another positive show day, Finley did his first Fourth Level test ending with over 68% and we had quite a few greenie bobbles so very cool to know that there is much much room to improve on that score still.

Awww, what a stunning picture: Beautiful Dance Away HW, with his owner Anja Ibsen What a lovely team they are.

DanceAwayHWAnjaI.jpg (139626 bytes)

Missy McGan: Look at Jordan Stansberry beaming after her ride on Skywalker HW. Thanks again Catherine Reid!

Pic2207.jpg (466502 bytes)

HWfarm horses are truly loved & blessed. Ben (Bentley HW) enjoys grazing. Dr. Amanda Apesos, DC Equine Chiropractor

IMG_1038.JPG (341644 bytes)

Lord Lennox HW, Sarah Bushong and Nancy Smith.

Kc Parkins-Kyle made this beautiful picture in Florida, thank you so much. Looks like they are having a great time.

Pic2198.jpg (517992 bytes)

Carol McPhee wrote:

5 star Irene and her staff in Germany deserve the highest regards to their breeding, raising, training and selling amazing horses. Purchasing a horse of their value sight unseen was a bit sceptical but once the process started I was immediately at ease. Irene provided complete medical records for my vet to review and history of Fendi HW to allow me to make the best decision ever to purchase him. Irene kept me upto date on his complete travels from Germany into the US. She has continued to keep in contact with me and Fendi HW and has been there for me 24/7, literally , to answer any questions I have had. Fendi HW is everything and more than they advertised. His elegance and fancyness is a product of such professional and successful training from Irene's staff in Germany. I will not hesitate to make my 2nd purchase from HW Farm and highly recommend anyone that wants the full package (select bloodlines, elegant correct confirmations, sane well mannered dispositions, and stellar training) to purchase one of their beautiful horses sight unseen. Keep up the great work Irene and thank you for Fendi HW. He is loved to eternity and back.

FendiHWbraids.jpg (501582 bytes)

Caroline Roffman with Jeanne VanNuys and Silke Rembacz wrote:

Congratulations to the new owners of Lionshare Dressage Sales Horse - Franklin HW! This horse was originally imported by and I cannot say enough great things about this horse!!

Kimberly Fogel Greving wrote: My love affair with Step Up HW continues to thrive! I just adore him. At 13 years old, he's as sound as ever. The entire family enjoys his sweet personality. Hope you're doing well. I always enjoy looking at the beautiful horses on your website. I recommend YOU to all.

IMG_0901.JPG (63873 bytes) IMG_0902.JPG (70245 bytes)

IMG_0903.JPG (70316 bytes) IMG_0904.JPG (68366 bytes)

Born in Florida, bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold (, SkyWalker HW, aka Shorts and his owner Catherine Reid.

It's heartwarming to know how much loved and adored our horses are, not only is he the full brother to worldwide known and successful Selten HW (bred by me too), but also the life partner for this beautiful lady.

Many years of love and training, from baby age on, many ribbons, victories and champion-titles, including Intermediare-1 Open CHAMPION, 2015 and many, many more. LOVE my job, horses, friends, customers - in no particular order - just LOVE it!

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine1.jpg (241441 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine2.jpg (207520 bytes)

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine4.jpg (305107 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine3.jpg (282490 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine6.jpg (323517 bytes)

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine7.jpg (239418 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine8.jpg (251350 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine5.jpg (244709 bytes)

Love these pics, showing Nancy Smith and the boys Damon's Design HW and Lord Lennox HW, living the life in Florida, for the winter.....

 Always on the hunt for pics of the horses - Nancy, looking great!!!!!

Nancy Smith posted: Damon and Lenny are the best!!!

Pic1906.jpg (523850 bytes) Pic1907.jpg (1028521 bytes)

Hi Irene, Ben (Bentley HW) has become a highlight of my life. I enjoy every day with him.

We have been frequently riding the trails through the redwoods around Woodside, California with my friends that compete in endurance. Ben has the power to blow right past all of them galloping up the hills!

Attached is a video of us working cattle.


He is particularly good at holding the cattle, as he is very sensitive to their subtle movements. Ben has learned to read the cattle better than I do.

And oh, by the way, his third time down centerline was at the regional championships and we won the USDF Region 7 training level adult amateur championship class. We were coached at the show by Francis Verbeek, who is very excited to be teaching me on such a talented horse. Attached are a few pictures.

Thanks for placing me with Ben. He is the horse of my lifetime. With Sincerity, Dr. Amanda Apesos, DC Equine Chiropractor

IMG_1955.JPG (596846 bytes) MediumJPG_15CS6345_Apesos-(ZF-1267-39651-3-003).jpg (426822 bytes)

Rachel Saavedra Dressage updated her profile picture, showing her boy ShowMaster HW, purchased in 2012, what a beautiful couple and match.

Pic1880.jpg (537441 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: Fendi HW is such a pleaser every time under saddle. He is all and more that Irene said. I will be purchasing my 2nd forever horse sight unseen again from Irene. I would highly recommend anyone to purchase one of her beautiful amazingly bred and trained horses. I love him sooooo much.

FendiHWcollage2.jpg (746863 bytes)


9's and 10's - WOW - Congratulations to Fifty Shades HW and his trainer Janine Little as well as his owner Shawneen Jacobs , well done - what a super year and success.

  Janine Little wrote the following:

Hi Irene, I've been meaning to send you an update on our lovely boy Finley (aka Fifty Shades HW), he continues to learn and improve all the time, quality gaits and a wonderful mind can't ask for much more than that!:) He had a very successful season in 2015, finished at the top of every class in each show we entered with scores to 78% with many 9s and even 10s on the score sheet! We are now back in Florida getting ready for the 2016 season and he's continuing to improve daily (did his first line of 3 tempis the other day!) we are looking forward to many more outings with this lovely boy!!

FinleyFiftyShadesHW.jpg (70722 bytes)



Anja Ibsen Handsome boy! Thanks Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. Dance Away HW is moving up in the world, on Wednesday he did his first line of 3's!

Pic1698.jpg (446253 bytes)

“Irene, I want to thank you for selling such an amazing horse, Fendi HW! Purchasing Fendi HW sight un-seen was a bit skeptical at first, BUT, he is All and More than you advertised. The complete process of purchasing him was the most positive, informative and personalized experience. Every day you kept me informed of what was being done and where he was going to prepare for his flight to the U.S. Your personal care and communication is bar none! The way you have kept in contact with how Fendi and I are doing proves your reputation of having great horses and matching them with new families. I would not hesitate to purchase another one of your horses sight un-seen and highly recommend anyone to purchase from you. Trainers at my stable are amazed by Fendi. His disposition for a 6 y.o, his powerful and elegant movements and eagerness to please his mount. Thank you again!” Respectfully, Carol L McPhee

Carol & Fendi.jpg (1462022 bytes) FendiHWribbons.jpg (84073 bytes) Carol & Fendi - 2.jpg (1036527 bytes)

Heather Calder posted pictures of her and her well rounded Duke HW

Love this 5 year old! Lone Tree Adult Camp 2015. The baby is growing up! Very happy with our Lone Tree camp experience this year.

DukeHWwithHeather_1.jpg (516651 bytes) DukeHWwithHeather_2.jpg (248433 bytes)

CopyRight HW and his mommy, still in love after many, many years, so beautiful to see a picture of him and Laura Price.

IMG_0337.JPG (254716 bytes)

Hi Irene!

I just wanted to give you an update on FürstenHit HW. As you know, he has been at our farm now for two weeks. From the moment he stepped off the van, he has been an absolute gentleman about everything. Beyond that, this guy has it all… beauty, size, substance, gaits, personality and more presence than one could ask for. I gave him a week to settle in, and I just completed his first week under saddle. In addition to all his natural attributes, this horse has had a wonderful start in life. His careful handling and correct training is quite evident.

I also want to take a moment to express my sincere thanks for this whole experience. You have been the ultimate professional_ offering impeccable organization and communication combined with knowledge, honesty and yes… friendliness! I never thought I would buy a horse sight unseen, but you instilled the confidence in me to do so. I must say, it would be a privilege to work with you again. Much appreciation to you and to all those involved with bringing Fürsten along so incredibly well.

 Sincerely, Gary Lane The Country Club Stables Boynton Beach, Florida

image1.JPG (607627 bytes)

Irene, Wanted to finally give you update! So awesome. Consistently in 70s now at third level! I gave him a little extra time to grow. I can't tell you what a special and loved boy he is!! Thank you so much and I've included photo from last show! Feel free to use on your website.

I tell Everyone who asks about him that HW farms and Irene are the place to go!!

Fondly, Francesca Nicoletti and “Bling” aka Brilliantly HW

Pic1189.jpg (443688 bytes)


Beautiful CopyRight HW, enjoying 4th of July too  — Picture by owner/rider Laura Price, she says: CopyRight HW is the best horse! I'm so grateful to have him

IMG_0030.JPG (132027 bytes)

Kristin Counterman - Five year old Louboutin HW! Love him very much! (Riding, always, in memory of the late Dr. March Enders)

Pic1072.jpg (515558 bytes)

Irene Pictures coming but Festival HW rocked it again this weekend He won his 2nd level class on Friday with a 70%. And high score for the day And then we rocked it in a new freestyle with him today for a 78% and winning the class of 17 entries by a good 5% margin The plan is to now move him to 3rd level and continue with the Freestyle at 2nd for a few shows We are going steady and slow. I want him to build on the wonderful foundation you gave him, and keep him confident. He loves his freestyle music !!! So excited about his progress. The judges just love him He is such a good boy Thank you thank you !!! Best Donna Gatchell

Pic1071.jpg (356414 bytes)

Tiffany Mahoney, owner of EhrenGold HW posted:

Happy Birthday my Handsome Boy

Pic960.jpg (148305 bytes)

From Linda Montgomery

Rode my Stepmaster HW today and I must say that he is getting better and better and better. He is so so sweet and so so big but he is really getting better. I did put him on Platinum Performance because he tended to be slow and lazy and Platinum can make them HOT - but for him it seems to be the ticket! Love him so much and let me not forget my Weltprinz HW my most special beautiful boy. Notice both have HW on their names - that is because they come from the phenomenal Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm!!!!! 

Weltprinz HW

image1.jpeg (10686 bytes)  

Here is a picture of StepMaster HW and Steffen Peters

IMG_5936.JPG (124142 bytes)

Dance Away HW with his owner Anja Ibsen - LOVE this picture — at - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -

IMG_5863.JPG (287328 bytes)

Donna Gatchell posted the following:

Super lesson from Ulf today on Festival HW.

He is such a great horse , changes getting confirmed , and super half pass !!! — with Karen Kerchner Baillie and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm at Cedar Run Plantation, Nokesville, Virginia.

FestivalHWApril2015.jpg (337162 bytes)

Heritage Farms announces the purchase of Sir Niro HW sired by Sir Donnerhall/De Niro.

Niro has arrived and is one of the best horses I have ever owned. I have had so many amazing horses and yet Niro has proven to be one of the best. He is the friendliest and sweetest young horse. This young horse is a "Old Soul".....I love this boy!

He is the friendliest and sweetest young horse. Beth Anderson Ness (his trainer reports): Such a special boy! LOVE LOVE his worker bee and YES attitude! This one certainly has my heart...LOVE him...and he LOVES us too! Certainly puts a smile on your face & makes your day...EVERY day!

Dance Away HW and his owner, how very pretty - love to see this. Anja Ibsen, you are doing such an amazing job with him, love it!

Pic882.jpg (1084136 bytes) Pic883.jpg (2538137 bytes)

This just happened, a blast from the past, update on Fifty Shades HW, love my job:

Janine Little was so kind to send this note:

Hi Irene, I thought I would take the time to send you an update on Fifty Shades HW (now renamed Finley). I've had the privilege of being his trainer. He has been a dream to train, wonderful trainability and temperament, he's traveled all across the continent with us this past year, from Florida, to British Columbia, back east to Quebec and back again to Florida and handled everything like a champ, he's had a fantastic season in Florida to date, winning all of his classes with almost all scores in the 70s and as high as 76%, he's schooling most third level work in training these days and showing great potential for upper level collection, pirouettes, lateral work, extensions and passage, he's greatly exceeded our expectations thus far and continues to impress us all the time!!:)

Finley (Fifty Shades HW)1.jpg (77635 bytes) Finley (Fifty Shades HW)2.jpg (70115 bytes) Finley (Fifty Shades HW)3.jpg (98963 bytes)


Mary Flood shared Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm's photo.

It is we profound sadness, that I have to say, that Dr. March Enders, the owner of LouboutinHW recently passed away. Her love of horses and insight created a future for this wonderful horse. Because of her generous nature and true act of kindness through sponsorship, Kristin Counterman will have the opportunity of a lifetime to bring this special guy along. The world is a better place because of March. We love and miss you.

Ludwigtext.JPG (559920 bytes)


Heather Calder: My "Dookie" (Duke HW) is unbelievably talented with a super temperament! I couldn't be happier.

screenshot_786.jpg (433816 bytes)


Maggie Diehl with Quite Right HW, yes - horses can jump too,

no doubt about it, they are quite accomplished athletes in every discipline.

Quite Right HW/sold sight unseen - is already the 3rd horse purchased from us, by this family, love it, congratulations, well done Maggie. So proud of you! And - looking GOOD - wow, check out that scope!

screenshot_269.jpg (79931 bytes) screenshot_268.jpg (84793 bytes)

Lisa Rush shared another video, love it, so rideable, fun and the flying changes are coming along nicely too! 

Jerry got a drone for his birthday last month and thought that FineStep HW should get introduced to it yesterday. They were both great drone users. Fin was more concerned about the bunny that jumps and runs at about 3;30 min into the video than the buzzing above our heads.



Awwww, check this out, from Kristin Counterman: I performed my first cello solo today in front of a panel of judges! It was a success! I also got to serenade Louboutin HW, and he loved it!

IMG_5680.JPG (124190 bytes)

Hi Irene,

Thought I would drop you a short video from a clinic I went to this weekend. The last few clinics, the clinician thought I should be starting changes with FineStep HW. So yesterday was the day and he was of course, a wonder boy. We worked on them maybe 15 minutes or so and he was getting the hang of it. He is really starting to develop nicely. I am planning to start his show season out with 1st and 2nd level with our first show the end of May. Someone at the clinic did ask about you and the process of purchasing him. Not sure if they are seriously looking or not, but I highly recommended you and your horses. Take care, Lisa Rush



Wow, check out beautiful EhrenGold HW and his mommy Tiffany Mahoney

From her site: Love my beautiful kids So grateful. — with Jim Mahoney.

screenshot_588.jpeg (266647 bytes)

From Nadine Schwartsman

Best friends at barn night check! Nikolai, FiveStar HW and Mila! Cynthia McKim

screenshot_586.jpeg (269140 bytes)

Rachael Horton with Franklin HW while training in Florida, so happy to see their faces again! Her mom Cathy Horton just posted: Wonderful having time with my baby girl in Florida while she rode her horses.

FranklinHW.jpg (59049 bytes) IMG_2604.jpeg (346087 bytes)

Festival HW was purchased sight unseen, we knew it would be a match, but here, see for yourself, how it worked out:

Irene, here is a picture of all of Festival HW's ribbons and awards this year.

I have to thank you for this wonderful horse, he has brought us such joy ( and ribbons !!)

He finished his year winning year end awards for State and his local chapters with an average of almost 77%!!!

Thank you so much for this great horse. On to the next year and we will keep you posted.


Donna Gatchell

IMG_0368.jpeg (361852 bytes)

Tiffany Mahoney posted this picture of her, her husband and their horses, including EhrenGold HW - beautiful day at Arroyo with the giant kids — with Jim Mahoney

F8D7C758-01E5-4366-99E0-BFB5EF3DCF30.jpeg (315129 bytes)

Kristin Counterman added the following:

An awesome first weekend of 2015!! Louboutin HW got his first flying change!! And I'm enjoying reading all about the Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic in Florida! Happy New Year Everybody!!!

image1.JPG (112679 bytes)

I have previously imported 3 horses from Germany with no problem, but dealing with Irene Wiederhold, made the purchase of First Romance HW easy. She dealt with any questions promptly and enabled us to quickly arrange a test ride and a vet check. First Romance HW is a wonderful young horse with a lovely temperament & is everything Irene described in her internet advertisement. He is settling in nicely at his new barn, adjusting well to his continued training & will be shown this year beginning at the end of May. Irene, I will be in touch with show results in June. Dr. Shireen Naidoo

Donna Gatchell posted:

Had a great day riding my training horses today Festival HW and I taking a selfie. Thank you Karen Kerchner Baillie and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm for making it possible to have this awesome horse in my barn Love my job.

screenshot_348.jpeg (281007 bytes)

screenshot_349.jpeg (319335 bytes)


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