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Riccie HW, born February 2002, is a 16,2 hand black gelding by Reccio L. Riccie was presented at the German stallion licensing, by the owners of his sire. They were hoping that his approval would be a nice feather in the cap of his sire because Reccio had just been sold to new owners in China. With so many quality youngsters being bred in Germany (out of approximately 800, only 100 get pre selected and only some of them get approved!), Riccie was not licensed and is now being offered as a super riding horse for the discerning person.

Riccie is an exceptional “stallion look-a -like” example of the Hanoverian breed. His shiny ebony coat plus his natural expression keep eyes turning everywhere he goes. With a gorgeous neck and wonderful gaits, this fellow is destined for a show career. He is also quite comfortable to sit and loves to work. He is safe and sensible in and out of the ring. He is forward thinking but not hot and calm enough without being boring or lazy. Riccie can be ridden by nearly any level of rider. He can also be your best friend and partner because he wallows in the extra attention.

He is quite a clown in the barn, will help to fill up water buckets (he holds the water hose!) and he’ll open the door for you, without being annoying!

Impeccable barn manners also speak volumes of the quality of this fellow. He bathes loads and stands quietly for the vet and blacksmith. Riccie loves his special grooming time and patiently allows my 14 year old daughter to manage, handle and ride him. He is suitable for other young riders too!

His bloodlines go back to Raphael (Ramiro), Falkland as well as the world famous Calypso. This will enable him to be a perfect partner for dressage or jumping, depending on your personal preference. He is currently in dressage training with a small jump here and there for fun. He is very reasonably priced at $ 28,900 for a limited time. His price will soon go up with further training and with show ring experience. Blue ribbons tend to add value, and we are sure that Riccie will get more than his share!

****Clean x-rays available!****

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