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Stepmaster HW, dark bay Westphalian gelding by Showstar (Sandro Hit/Feinbrand)/Pandur, born in 2004, standing approximately 16.3 hands.

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Stepmaster HW is a very rare find. His sire Show Star has been second in the final of the Nürnberger Trophy 2007. This is the inofficial German Championship for the Prix St. George horses. Show Star is becoming more and more famous by the minute with his rider Oliver Oelrich, a super name in the dressage sport. His grand sire Sandro Hit is our number one favorite: National Young Horse Champion — Young Dressage World Champion — unique producer performance. Sandro Hit progeny are breaking all price-records, are annually winning championships and are approval Champions.

Stepmaster HW is a horse destined for the big show ring and hopefully international competitions. He has first class basic paces. His ground covering gaits and his impressive active hindleg open up all the doors for a successful carrier in his life. He has the schwung everybody wants and strives for. His character is outstanding and he has the best temperament. He is fun to ride for everybody. He is an outstanding competitor whom will win everybody over with his phenomenal stallion neck and pretty face. As soon as he moves, he awes everybody alike, judges, onlookers and the whole auditorium. With his light footed nearly cat like movement, airtime and the way he knows how to place his hooves, piaffe and passage will come easy to him. He allows his rider to ask new things with ease, always tries his best to please and fulfill every movement to satisfaction.

This horse is an absolute exception and rare find. He is a young star who will let your dreams come true with correct training and further education. He was out and competed successfully as a three year old already, placing very well in dressage horse classes. He is now waiting for more horse shows with his new mom or dad, he is ready to show the world what he is made of. Take him out to clinics and show him off, you can be sure to be recognized, remembered and commented on. He is already doing a solid shoulder in and is able to complete First Level tests comfortable and with elegance, he could easily win them at horse shows as well. Here is a true heartbreaker and gentleman. He is what you were looking for all along. This boy is super smart, “très chique” and something very special.

 His exterior as well as his interior could not be any better for his young age. He knows how to be cross tied, travel/trailer, he loves to get a shower and his time in the solarium. He is an uncomplicated and all around dream horse for the amateur as well as the professional. Stepmaster HW loves to be in your pockets and thrives for attention. He is easy to collect, light in the bit and in the hand as well as forward without being hot. Here is your dream boy, this guy has it all!

   Vet checked with x-rays!

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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