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Hi Irene,  I bought Sueño Hit (aka ShowMaster HW), from you at Jennifer Williams' barn 2 years ago as a 4 yr old. He really has been a dream, hence the name Sueño. > Anyway, I have shown him a bit now, and wanted to give you an update. I showed him once as a 5 yr old at 1st level and scored 71 and 78%. He has shown this year at 2nd level with scores of 69 - 74% and 3rd level with 69- 74%. I entered him in the FEI 6 yr old tests and he has qualified for the Championships at Lamplight with scores of 8.16 and 8.28. > I have been training him playfully, and he keeps stepping up. He is a high energy guy that goes and goes. He gets more energy with more work. He is sensible on the trail and at shows. He has strong opinions when he learns something and I go and change the rules, but once I clarify the "new deal" he is game for working at that. > I wrote a little piece for Dressage Today's "What I know Now" column about teaching him the changes. It was a few months ago. > I am planning to go to Chicago if all continues to go well. Just thought it was time I let you know he is developing nicely and is a joy to own.

 Thank you for such a lovely horse!!!  Best regards,  Rachel Saavedra

photo.JPG (156349 bytes)


 Additional info: They did well in Chicago, congratulations to their success, you rock, Rachel and Sueño Hit/ShowMaster HW!

Purchased sight unseen and a perfect match. Duke HW collected multiple blue ribbons in different disciplines plus had fun, with his unflappable temperament, at a costume class.

Congratulations Heather, thank you so much for trusting us.

Heather Calder’s post:

Fun day at Skye Valley Equestrian Hunter Jumper Show!

Today I just took him in one flat hunter class besides the Costume one. Unbelievably well behaved especially at his young age of 4. Next month he is going to his first horse trial at Intro - really good level for young horses.

Irene, he also went in his first dressage show yesterday and won both classes with a 73% and 76% for T2 and T3!

image001.jpg (67217 bytes) image002.jpg (110533 bytes)

Another Rank 1 in the USDF Final Awards - wow!

The victories keep coming, owners of horses keep posting. We are on a roll.

Congratulations Tiffany and EhrenGold HW - perfect!

Tiffany Mahoney posted: Yay my sweet boy did great love Mr. Ehren !

FullSizeRender.jpg (193373 bytes)

The horses keep the scores and top ranks coming in quite consistently, here is another Rank: 1!!!

El Capitano HW, also known as Elysian, his owner/rider posted the following, congratulations, so amazing to see everybody successful and happy.

Tracey Lert posted: So proud of Ely (aka El Capitano HW). With my health issues this year his work was not always consistent, but he is such a good boy and good learner that he did really well at Third level.

FullSizeRender.jpg (121415 bytes)

Check it out. Lisa Rush and FineStep HW rank at 1st place in their first year already. Congratulations, well done and so very happy for this beautiful and successful match.

She posted the following: Way to go FineStep HW! We made it through our first year together and couldn't be happier. 

FullSizeRender.jpg (144068 bytes)

The whole experience has been so beautiful and exciting for us all, and I would love to give you a testimonial. I wanted to wait until Kristin Counterman starts working with him, so that we could give real information about her experience of riding him. I can say now that the experience of buying a horse online with you is a wonderful one, as Louboutin HW is exactly as you described him. By the time he arrived, we all sort of felt we knew him already. If anything, he had an even lovelier personality, and more beautiful movement than you described. Louie has been so calm and trusting, and readily does everything we ask of him. Kristin will start riding him next week when she returns from Regionals. He is the most enthusiastic eater (grass especially) and is putting on weight. Everyone just adores him! We couldn't ask for more.

At the heart of it, you just breed and raise absolutely terrific horses!

Please feel free to use this as a start if you like - I will add info about Kristin later.  Dr. March Enders

From his trainer, Mary Flood: Louboutin HW made it safely to Wildfire Farm and is enjoying the wonderful grass after his long trip. He is very friendly and went right up to Kristin as if he knew she was going to be his person. I think they are going to be an awesome team. Thank you HWFarms for having such quality horses available. She also reported: He was unbelievable on the lunge as if he had wings. Truly amazing in his movement. 

10700680_10203066330236100_7021183583720595065_o.jpg (417713 bytes)


First Romance HW is in his new home less than 24 hours, with his new owner, check him out - he's settling in so nicely, love it! Gaetane Manaigre, thank you so much for sharing this cute video.


Heather Calder reports

 This guy (Duke HW) has only jumped a handful of times and just turned four in May. I am so grateful to the "village" of people making this happen - Lone Tree Farm and Amanda de la Rosa. Also huge credit goes to HW Farm for raising and starting him right! — with Sissy Kolb, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm, Amanda de la Rosa, Connie Arthur and Ari Kann.

FullSizeRender.jpg (360782 bytes)

Love to see this just for fun, no, he’s not working in it yet, only checked if it will suit him. But Anne posted the following about SkyHit HW, which made me really happy:

Either buy them or be beat by them! My 5yo HW has flying changes and will show third level in November. I am such a happy customer!!! Sight unseen and he amazes me every day....and personality over the top!!!

screenshot_143.jpg (346733 bytes)

The Westphalian newsletter had this nice article, about another match made sight unseen, check it out:

Lisa Rush & Fine Step HW

I started riding in my 30’s. My first horse was a Tennessee Walker my husband purchased for me to trail ride around our acreage in rural South Dakota. I knew nothing about horses, including how to put on a saddle or bridle. I loved to watch dressage and see the partnership between the horse and rider. I had heard of a trainer coming to a facility about an hour from ours. One call to the owner and I was at the next clinic to audit. The trainer was, Jana Wagner, from LaCygne, KS (7 hours south of us). I watched and knew it was for me. I talked to Jana and asked her if she would give me lessons, she said yes. In 2002, I took my first dressage lesson on my paint horse, Charlie, with Jana. I have been riding dressage ever since. Living in South Dakota, it is very difficult to get lessons or get to shows. After Jana stopped coming to the Sioux Falls area. I started riding with Natalie Hamilton Hinnemann, she had briefly moved to the area and started teaching at a local barn. About a year later she moved to St. Cloud, MN (4 hours northeast). She continued to come monthly sometimes bi-monthly for clinics. She would also bring Kathleen Raine to her facility a few times a year and a small group of us from SD would travel to MN to ride with her. Natalie helped me over the past 10 years to get my Hanoverian, General BC, to I1. I have high hopes we will get to the GP this year or next. Natalie recently moved to CA to run her father-in-law, Jo Hinnemann’s, new facility. She is planning to make periodic trips back to SD for clinics. I have recently started riding with Lauren Smith from Colorado. She comes monthly to Sioux City, IA (1 1?2 hours south of us) and the Sioux Falls area. Living in the mid-west is our biggest challenge. We spend a lot of time and expense to travel to shows and quality instruction. The closest quality instruction for our area is about 4 hours northeast or 4 hours southwest. It is also very difficult to get instructors to come to the area because we have trouble filling the clinics with our small community of riders. There are about 6-10 riders that are committed to the sport, want to improve and are able to financially support the instruction. We have about 5 riders in the area that compete. The closest show is in Mason City, IA 3 1/2 hours southeast. We travel 3-1/2 to 10 hours to compete in our region. The winters here are brutal and it is difficult to keep the horses in full training all year around. I have an indoor and outdoor arena on my acreage, but no heat. It makes riding in the winter difficult. My cut off temp is about 10 degrees. Now about Fine Step HW, or Fin. My daughters call him Finnegan McGee. He is out of Florenciano/Merana. He is a beautiful 5 year old bay gelding with 4 white socks and a big white blaze. He is 16.1 and very handsome. He is just a sweet boy and loves attention. He lives with my other 2 geldings Charlie (paint and first show horse) and Gucci (General BC, Hanoverian and current I1 horse). I purchased him last October and have been spending this past year getting to know him and getting him out to clinics and shows, just getting him used to the world around him. He is a joy to ride and has lovely gaits. He has a great work ethic, learns quickly, and is a great traveler. Biggest quirk: he hates cows. Unfortunately, they live in the pasture next to him. He came from HW Farms. I found him on their website and with advice from my trainer and some research on my own, I made the decision to purchase him sight unseen. Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold from HW Farms was great to work with and answered all of my questions. She made the purchase and delivery from Germany quite easy. I have been showing him at Training Level this summer, mainly just to get him out and about and see how he handles the stress of traveling and going to the shows. He has done quite well so far with his current median score 70.625. We will travel to our Region 4 Championships in September. I am planning a couple of classes at first level before we finish this year. We are currently working on first and second level and plan to show him again next year. As long as we are both happy working and playing together, our end goal will be to get to the Grand Prix someday.

FineStepHWcollage.jpg (311374 bytes) WHA-pg3-Sum14.jpg (2771692 bytes)

Have to share one of the many happy pictures from Lisa Rush’s site, here is FineStep HW, with his mommy - love is in the air!

Lisa.jpg (74593 bytes)

Anne Buchanan just posted the following to her site: SkyHit HW finishes the USDF qualifying year with a median score at 1st level of 71.4. He is ready for the next step and I can't wait to ride him everyday! He is so willing and I have had such amazing coaching his progress has been impressive! least to me

screenshot_127.jpg (119943 bytes)

What a small world, when it comes to selected, top quality horses. Olympic rider Nancy Smith writes in her blog, that Damon's Design HW and Rachael Hortons Franklin HW are in the same barn. Yes, they indeed know each other from Germany, they grew up together and even saw each other train and learn new things from weanling age, all the way until they were sold to the US at riding age and under saddle.

photo.PNG (666512 bytes)


Hi Irene, 

 Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to give you a short update on Fritz (aka FiderStep HW). > He has had a great year. I have shown him at training and first level with scores in the high 60s and low 70s. Allen Swafford, my trainer, recently showed at Dressage in the Rockies, Rising Star, 6 year old class, in Parker, Colorado and received a score of 72+. You can check out all the scores on 

He has been in clinics by Volker Brahamann, Andreas Hausberger and Herwigg Radnetter (both of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The two from Vienna particularly liked Fritz. 

I am enjoying Fritz like no other horse I have owned, which is saying a lot as I have owned maybe 20 sport horses in the last 20 years. He is honest, hard working, trustworthy and to top all that, he is talented. Every time we present him with a new task or expose him to something new he takes it in and is ready for the next challenge.

Volker has suggested we don't spend much time at 2nd level as Fritz is ready for his changes. Today Allen is riding him in a clinic with Herwigg to work specifically on changes. I will get a video and send it to you or post it on You Tube (if I can figure that out). So I hope he will be showing 3rd level by the end of October.

At some point in the near future I would like to get another one just like him. > Let's keep in touch.



Hey Irene,

I hope all is well with you! I wanted to give you an update on Starlight HW, the 2007 gelding I bought from you 4 years back. I'm the German girl who bought a 3-year old off the internet to train to GP so you may remember me for my boundless optimism ;). He's 17.1 (!) hands now but still has the babyface he had as a three-year-old! I've gotten him up to 4th level and recently showed him under Linda Zang who scored us a 66%. He has great talent for the Pi/Pa tour so it will be exciting to see what we can work on this winter with him. I'm trying to get into the Ingrid Klimke clinic this November as a rider so wish me luck! When he's not hard at work, "Babyhorse" goes outside every day and hacks around the property so he has a good life. I was interviewed at a recent show by the Equine Journal and plugged you as his seller so you may see him in the September issue. I've attached some pictures for you from our show the other day - maybe you can share the update with his breeder back in Germany. All the best, Kristin

P1040915.JPG (139758 bytes)

Maggie posted this picture of her and her horse Quite Right HW, here is, what she says:

 "I love my boy"  The horses are all doing so well! We couldn't be happier with our HWfarm babies! Quite Right HW has been cleaning up the 3' Hunter Jumper division this season so I couldn't be happier with him!!!

photo.JPG (136668 bytes)

So cute, Santiago HW was purchased sight unseen and sold to Canada, just got this e-mail, love it, congratulations - Shelley!

Hello, Irene.

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you and give you an update on Santiago but time does fly! I'm sending you a photo from the Cornerstone National Dressage show last weekend where Santiago stole the show as level one champion! His scores have been between 69 and 75 at the last two shows and it's obviously time for him to jump up a few levels. He's six now and we've been working on strengthening him for the more advanced work that we'll be starting next winter. The shows are fun but I love the schooling work we do between seasons. Santiago (or Sancho as we call him in the barn) is a delight to work with. He's so smart and learns so quickly that I have to pay attention that he doesn't figure me out first! His attitude at the shows is amazingly mature for such a youngster and he's frequently called upon to lead the advanced horses past scary flags and loud speakers. Such a good boy. His personality is so fun and just after this photo was taken, he took his first place and championship ribbons and tossed them into the puddle in front of his door! I figure they're his to play with as he chooses but I did dry them off and move them out of reach...

Every day I feel so lucky to have found Sancho and can't imagine a better partner for the years ahead. Onward and upward! Hope things are well with you. All the best, Shelley Brown

screenshot_28.jpg (102413 bytes)


LOVE my customers and updates....always makes my days. This one is sold and loved by his new mommy, you'll find others for sale at

photo.PNG (71804 bytes)

“I threw caution to the wind and bought a horse sight unseen! I am now the proud owner of a HW horse called “Duke HW" otherwise known as “Dookie”. Thanks to HW Farms' super training program, he already (at the young age of four) has an amazing foundation in dressage (First Level). I bought him as an eventing prospect and am confident he will excel in this area given his great temperament, athleticism and rich bloodlines. We joke that the buying process was as easy as buying something on! Irene of HW Farms is diligent and relentless in every aspect of the deal and delivery. She is a pro and absolutely trustworthy. I cannot speak high enough about her and her horses. Lucky me to be a part of the HW club!”

modified.png (196991 bytes) photo.JPG (169376 bytes)

Sweet, sweet Fin - finfantastic (aka FineStep HW) was at his first ever horse show, with his new owner, whom had purchased him sight unseen. Multiple champion, reserve champion and blue ribbons, what a great outcome. Congratulations to Lisa Rush and her new boy, so happy this match is as expected. Well done. Here is, what she wrote:

Hi Irene,

It was so great to finally get Fin out and down centerline. He did very well all 3 days, he is a great traveler and didn't mind being in a stall for the 4 days we were gone. I entered him in T3 the first day and he took 2nd place with a 70.2 and was Reserve Training Level Champion, Saturday we rode T1 with 70.6 and a first place win, also T3 with a 68.4 and 2nd place, he was AA Training Level Champion on Saturday too. Sunday it started raining with no relief in sight, so we decided to ride T3 anyway and see how that went, he got a 70.0 and won the class. He was again AA Training Level Champion Sunday. We scratched our T1 class because of the rain. He had already proved to be such a super boy, I was so happy with him. He is qualified for Regionals in September.

 Thank you for such a super horse. My oldest daughter surprised me and came to the show to help out. She said Fin is the sweetest horse we have ever had. She really bonded with him. He is a very affectionate boy.


image.jpeg (536576 bytes)

What a happy picture, love it: From Karen Kerchner Baillie, with Donna Gatchell, what a happy picture, love it: Me and my Festival HW before we worked up a sweat at recent lesson :-)

photo.JPG (110246 bytes)

Love it, just saw this, check out Amanda Bailey and Faulkner (purchased many years back, sight unseen from, isn't that an awesome picture?!

Makes my day!

Quote Amanda Bailey: He has exceeded all of my expectations.

PastedGraphic-1.JPG (41781 bytes)

From Mark Kiddle in Australia: The amazing Teddy (Walk On Top I HW aka Waitano), blessed to have the ride on him Thank you Carolyn Law , Teddy is having his first GP start next week , since our clinic with Gonçalo Carvalho Conchinhas he has never looked back. This was at an FEI Judges clinic with two international judges, whom were very impressed with him.Walk On Top HW is highly successful in Intermediare already, now off to Grand Prix, his full brother Walk On Top II HW is currently for sale on our site, check him out!

W1.jpg (354133 bytes) W2.jpg (90227 bytes)

Damon's Design HW has his own blog by Olympic rider Nancy Smith. You can take part of his whole journey by following this link, she already rode him twice now and she said the following as I asked her for a testimonial:

I would love to give you a testimonial as soon as I can find the words to describe how great this horse is. He is the total package: drop dead gorgeous to look at, fantastic personality in the barn and riding him is a dream come true. I have trained many horses in my career, but this one is so special. He is so balanced by nature and his rideability makes it hard to believe he just turned four years old. He is really a team player and wants to do the right thing and he is amazingly mature for his age.

As if you don't know already, this horse is destined for great things and I am so blessed to be the one to be his partner on the way there.

Read more here, he resides at beautiful Legacy Equestrian Center:

photo 1.JPG (160137 bytes) photo 2.JPG (78055 bytes)

photo 3.JPG (1675018 bytes)

From our happy buyer Tiffany Mahoney:

Sure sweetie you can use the picture. As I'm sure you can tell Ehren isn't loved at all!!! Lol.

His new nickname is Divo because he's a diva in a boys body. He's very particular and he usually gets things his way because he's so cute and lovey. Xo Tiffany

EhrenGold HW can't get enough love, this pic had me mesmerized, Lexie and Ehren, so cute. Thank you for spoiling him, I know he works his heart out in return and your/Tiffany Mahoney's successes are sure proof of it.

photo2.JPG (140527 bytes)

Hi Irene, This is a very long overdue testimonial of our wonderful and amazing experience in buying a horse from you, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get this to you. We had a VERY LONG WINTER here in Virginia, and life kept us so busy caring for the horses and trying to ride and teach in the sub-zero temps. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience we had in buying Festival HW. I had been looking for awhile for a horse for a client of mine and could not find anything even close to what we have in Festival HW. I had looked at Festival online but really was apprehensive about buying a horse off a video and pictures, but I kept looking at him on my computer at night, and so one day I talked to Karen about him, ( his now owner).................she immediately looked him up and emailed me and said that she just loved him on the video and was willing for me to pursue for her. Irene, you made the whole buying process so easy, you were there all the way, I am a big phone/text/email person and you answered every question right away, whether it was a call, a text or an email from me, I was SO IMPRESSED!!! Talk about service, you were available 24/7 

You arranged for further vetting that we wanted, all the shipping and kept us informed all the way through literally till he had arrived here to the farm. 

And the best part is ............. 

Festival HW is everything and more you told us, he has far exceeded mine and Karen's expectations, by now you know he has been to his first two shows and was High score of the show ( at both shows) at his level with scores up to 76%!!! He is so impressive in the ring. At home he has settled right in, and is easy to have in the barn. We just love him!!

I can’t thank you enough, I would absolutely buy another horse from you, you made the whole process so easy, Many thanks and I will keep you updated on him Donna Gatchell and Karen Baillie. Virginia.

Pics for your site

photo 1.JPG (66299 bytes) photo 2.JPG (80335 bytes)

EhrenGold HW and his family, love that they adore him so much

photo.jpg (514540 bytes)

Selten HW arrived in Barcelona, Spain. He sure is an international horse and traveler. Born and raised in Florida, some years in Maryland, then sunny California, from there to Germany, the Netherlands, breaking all kinds of records on the way and then to England. Now Spain, what a life. Same owners, only his 3rd owners in his lifetime (first Irene Höflich-Wiederhold/owner/breeder, then Elizabeth Ball and now and still owned by Fiona Bigwood) and he has already seen so much of the world. Can't wait to see, what the future holds for him. Just amazing, all the way around and he sure made all my breeders dreams come true. Love this boy. You'll find all his info, pics, video and more, from when he was born to now at under "our horses", sales horses are under "horses for sale"

photo.JPG (72663 bytes)

Good morning Irene. I am down in sunny Florida working with my coach Jim Koford and being grateful, once again, for my wonderful boy who is working so hard on learning all the Grand Prix movements this year. His piaffe is really starting to come together and I wanted to share this picture with you. Thank you again and again for helping me find Faulkner (aka Fridolin)! Amanda

Love to see pics of our sold horses in their new homes and happy new mommies ;-) FineStep HW enjoying some snow, he's sold (sight unseen)

photo.JPG (286667 bytes)

From Laura's site: Copyright HW and I had such an amazing lesson yesterday! It was so awesome to feel the difference in his frame and collection and to feel how effortless his half passes can be when ridden correctly! Thank you Angie Taylor!

Feeling incredibly grateful that I am able to follow my dreams and that I have three very special horses to work with. I am very excited about the future! I would not be here without the support of my family, my boyfriend, and friends though - thank you!! 

Rachael Horton

Pictured is Rachael with Franklin HW (purchased sight unseen), in training with Betsy Steiner

photo 4.JPG (365707 bytes)

We went to see Charming HW, couldn't be any happier. His super nice owner is deeply in love, he lives in a beautiful barn, the trainer likes him too, it's an all around, really awesome outcome, especially, as he was purchased sight unseen. He's up north in summer and winters in beautiful Wellington. Watch out for him at the horse shows. Here are pictures of Kyle, his owner and Vivienne Wiederhold (whom was so happy to see him again!!!) with Charming HW.

photo 1.JPG (319235 bytes) photo 2.JPG (130331 bytes) photo 3.JPG (134567 bytes)

Charming HW after his arrival from up north, for his winter in Florida.

Welly World (Wellington) it is for him, for the next months.

What a good life, so happy for him.

photo.JPG (178178 bytes)

Awww, have to share, FineStep HW with his new mommy, Lisa. 

Love it!

FS.jpg (68631 bytes)

Brilliant "snowy" ride on FiftyShades HW today! He shared his blanket with me (in exchange for a carrot). Soooo much power in my ride today. The baby is growing up. What fun!

photo.JPG (487658 bytes)

Got this e-mail from Sunny's (Sandjour's) owner, love my job! Here is also more info on the clinic. Robert Dover will be the head trainer. Olympians Jan Ebeling and Debbie MacDonald as well as international riders Kathleen Raine and Shelly Francis, and international judges Linda Zang and Janet Foy will also be teaching.

 Irene goes beyond the call of duty again and again. Not only did she send me a fabulous horse but most recently, after six and a half years, she recommended my horse to Adriennne Lyle for her young rider Jamie Pestana to ride in the Robert Dover Young Rider Clinic in Wellington January 2-6. This prestigious clinic is full headliners as instructors. I will be so proud to stand on the rail with Irene watching my boy being ridden by such a prestigious young rider. Thank you Irene. Holly

After a two year search I kept returning to HW Farm's website. I had horses vetted, traveled to ride horses and still ended up back at HW Farm. I thought it was logistically impossible but I finally made up my mind to go forward and buy For Valentine HW, a very exquisite young gelding. Irene was there every step of the way, day and night, no question unanswered. Every aspect of buying a horse in Germany and shipping him home to New York was like clockwork! For Valentine HW is everything and more that Irene had promised. We'll adjusted, clear mind and very sweet on top of being a very athletic youngster! I would not hesitate to buy another HW Farm horse. 

Thank you Irene for all of your support. I will be back to you with FV's adventures!

Best Gail

Franklin HW is simply a doll, a lover of life and people, and a breathtaking gait master. How I enjoyed meeting him and he simply adores Rachael beyond measure. He kisses and cuddles with her like a small child wanting to be held. It is beyond adorable. Thank you for this and the moments to come with him. His papers arrived and are in Rachael's room waiting for her to come home again. Your work and follow up are beyond impressive Irene. As a hard driving and demanding business executive, I simply could not find a single fault in your execution of our sale. I hope we will meet in Florida sometime. 

May God bless you and your work Cathy B. Horton

You have made the right decision in purchasing a horse from Irene!! I have bought 2 horses from her and they are amazing!!! Irene is very professional and always on top of things. I would buy horses from her again and again. These two horses were also bought sight unseen.

Tracey Krajenke

Irene, Thank you so much!

My Mom and I had the most incredible experience with you. Your horses are of amazing quality and you made the process so easy. You were on top of everything all the time and were unbelievably helpful. I watched Franklin HW's video over and over again, and each and every time I was in awe of the talent that this horse clearly possessed. I had never bought a horse sight unseen before so I was slightly hesitant. He has exceeded my expectations though. He is so sweet and well-mannered, and he is a dream to ride. He gives me such a great feel in the hand and is forward but level-headed. I absolutely love him already. I am so excited for what the future has in store for us! Thanks again!!! Rachael & Cathy Horton

oct2013.jpg (59421 bytes)

Hi Irene,

I just wanted to thank you for making my experience purchasing a horse from HW Farm better than I could have imagined. I had been searching for a new dressage partner for quite some time and knew exactly what I wanted. I kept coming back to your website because your horses were the quality I was looking for. When I found FineStep HW on the site, I knew based on the description, photos and video that he was the one. I was very hesitant to buy sight unseen. My instincts told me to go for it and I'm so glad I did. You made the process so easy from the vetting to him arriving. The communication was excellent the entire time. I knew where he was every step of his journey to the states.

When he arrived, he unloaded like a champ and has settled in nicely. It had been a week of firsts in his new home. After 4 days of lunging, I was in the saddle and he was a perfect gentleman. I look forward to many happy and successful years competing here in the states. Thank you, Lisa Rush

image001.jpg (39208 bytes)

OMG, OMG, I'm crying, fist thing in the morning, tears of joy that is. I sold Ramina HW 8 years ago, in the picture, that's my then 14 year old daughter Vivienne Wiederhold competing her, my daughter is now 22! Time flies. Her buyer from back then, just e-mailed the following:

Hi Irene, In the photo of my horses arriving at my new barn, that is indeed Ramina hanging her head out of the stall. I know I'm repeating what I've told you many times, but she continues to be the PERFECT horse for me! Can't even imagine a better mare. She is SO much fun to ride. I know you have placed many horses, some to really big time show homes, but I guarantee that Ramina and I are your best match ever.

Hope you are well, and come to Dallas! Jill Peterson

By the way, for whom who don't know Jill Peterson, she has some of the nicest mares and foals in the whole USA! If she says she can't imagine a better mare, that's the most amazing compliment ever!

RaminaHW.jpg (67228 bytes) RaminaHWViv.JPG (328224 bytes)

Congratulations to Quite Right HW and Maggie, this was their 3rd horse purchased from us - sight unseen!

E-mails like these, make my days! Love it!

Hi Irene! I just wanted to update you on Quite Right HW and his success in the show ring. We just finished competing in the USEF pre adults division at the A show level and he won the division this weekend. He's been such a joy and I couldn't have asked for a more trust worthy and hard working horse. :) I'll attach a picture of his champion ribbon, Maggie

2013-08-25 19.59.26.png (592839 bytes)

An email from France:

Hello Irene, Just a short mail to give you some news of Sammy (Special Edition) my lovely horse.

He has began his first professionnal competitions with me ( in level called in France A10/ A9/A8/A7, there are the FEI Young riders test ) with the great note between 64 an 65 % !! We have to improve the canter work ( flying change and pirouette). I m very happy with him, he is a very very very lovely horse. He's my dream horse and if I have to describe what happiness is, I would told you : Sammy. LOVE HIM I send you some pictures of us : at our first professional show, at a training last week and others.

Thanks a lot. Take care. Have a good day Best regards Sandrine

photo 1.JPG (554425 bytes) photo 2.JPG (369177 bytes)

My amazing boy EhrenGold HW!! Love him more everyday. So grateful to my sweet hubby for getting him for me.

photo.JPG (196329 bytes)

What a great show with everyone.

Thank you Laurie and Kasey for all the help it really paid off. The boy won both his RAAC'S , (T-3) 70.6% and (1-3) 76.2%. I am sooo grateful for my amazing boy EhrenGold HW.

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A long overdue thank you... .....Hello Irene,

As my subject line indicates, this is an long overdue thank you for guiding us through every detail of the importation process and for your very fine eye in picking high quality, rideable, and beautiful horses. Now that FiftyShades HW is settled in New Jersey, I have the chance to reflect a little and thank you properly. I call "Fifty" my MENSA horse, as he is smartest, most sensible horse I have ever worked with. I have never had so much fun working with a horse in my entire riding life because his mind, temperament and sensibility creates this. At only 3 years old, he begs for new teachings daily as he demonstrates confidence to us that he "gets it" by showing us with the lightest of aids the next day. He definitely tells us when he gets bored with the exercise and that we need to change things up. We are teaching him to walk and trot over cavelletti, asking for honest stretch through his back, and we even started a little counter canter too. I finally got the chance to ride him outside in a very big arena on a windy March day and he was a superstar. He settles in new environments, stands properly while mounting, and is the friendliest horse on the property - whether with dogs, cats, other horses, garbage cans. From the very beginning, you had every detail organized, and was always one step ahead whether it was for vetting, answering my millions of questions, or shipping. You run a truly first-rate professional organization and I hope this testimonial finds its way to your growing admirers and satisfied customers. I will send some training pictures soon as the weather becomes more conducive to riding outside.

Best regards, Olivia

I will gladly do a testimonial! My only complaint is that I only have the one horse. I would love another just like Fitz HW! Every few days the name changes as my executive decision making stalls. First show Houston CDI end of April. If I was smiling after the first ride, you should have seen me yesterday cantering around the arena, laughing all the way. Seriously, we, the trainer and I, would love to have another just like him. His mind is his best feature. Susan

"My first purchase of FiderStep HW, aka "Fritz", from Irene, will not be my last. Fritz has turned out to be everything I hoped for and more. He is everything Irene promised, having a sound mind and body with talent on top of everything. Irene and Jennifer are true professionals and a delight to deal with.

Fritz has been in training with me for 6 months and is ready for the 5 year old circuit this Spring. With his consistent work ethic and calm nature, Fritz is surely going to succeed and advance at an early stage. At 4 years old, in addition to learning shoulder-in, travers, counter canter, and three lovely gaits, he steps right on to the trailer, travels, clips, goes out on the trail, and is always ready to work. His talent, confidence and willingness will surely make him a horse to watch in the years to come."


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The things that make my life complete. Have to share this very first picture of FiftyShades HW and his new owner, he's now at her barn, arrived in the US. She reports the following, it brought tears of joy to my eyes: Fifty is soooo funny. Non stop talking. Stole my glove. Stuck his tongue out at Serge (the barn owner). And was fantastic trailering. His legs are super clean. His energy is seeping through his stallion-like neck and he is desperate to get out and play.

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This one is sold, please find our current selection at

Hi Irene,

I am very happy with ShowMaster HW. He and I are getting on very well and enjoying the daily work. I have not changed his name officially yet, but I am calling him Sueño. It is easier on the tongue, and he is a dream. I am amazed that he has not put a foot wrong. He has been on the trails of Mount Diablo and he handles a very busy barn of 150ish horses and the attending trucks and machinery very well. He was very well started, and Jennifer had him very soft in the bridle and to all the aids. So we have become well aquainted and continued in the same vein. He is growing stronger and enjoying his work very much. It is easy for him, so I am careful not to do too much for a 4 yr old. I love his gaits, his type, his enthusiasm for work, and above all, his remarkable temperament. Jennifer was right, he is the most sane and uncomplicated young horse I have ever worked with. I couldn't be more delighted with him. I'm teased for my silly grin whenever I am riding him. As I get him out to shows and clinics in the new year, I will keep you informed. Again, thank you for such a lovely young horse!

Sincerely, Rachel

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Thank you again for bringing "Bling" (Brilliantly HW, now Ballentino, barn name Bling) into my life.

We are hoping to do the FEI Five Yr old test next month at our first show. He is just the most kind and lovable boy. All his talent is given so willingly!

So happy! Francesca

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