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Solitaire HW, dark bay Westphalian gelding by Showstar (Sandro Hit/Feinbrand)/Prince Thatch, born in 2005, standing approximately 16 ½ hands.  

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Solitaire HW is a young star which knows to impress due to his type, movement and character. His pedigree is quit impressive, his sire Show Star is becoming more and more famous by the minute with his rider Oliver Oelrich, a super name in the dressage sport. His grand sire Sandro Hit is our number one favorite: National Young Horse Champion — Young Dressage World Champion — unique producer performance.
Sandro Hit progeny are breaking all price-records, are annually winning championships and are approval Champions.
On the dam side, there is Prince Thatch, whom is a perfect example of a modern day improvement stallion. His high ride ability index of 143 combined with his incredible index of 165 for producing dressage horses makes him one of the most sought after stallions in Germany today. As reference, check out Piccolino under Klaus Husenbeth, one of the most impressive dressage horses at the moment. Then there is Bolero on the grand dam site, check out Bonaparte under Heike Kemmer and many more. Bolero is a classic foundation stallion in the Hanoverian Verband, he is one of the few sires to produce a new foundation stallion, Brentano II, along with other top stallions, Bismarck and Brentano I. Also, three of Bolero’s descendants medaled at the 2004 Olympics in Athens --Beauvalais ridden by Spain 's Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, Bonaparte ridden by Germany 's Heike Kemmer and Brentina ridden by American Debbie McDonald. In addition, Bonaparte was awarded the most successful dressage horse of the world!

With this outstanding pedigree, all genes for a successful carrier under saddle are given. Pretty is, what pretty does? Well, this boy has it all!

Solitaire HW has an outstanding walk, a super canter and a great rhythm and schwung in his trot with an elegant technique. He has a strong motor and a free shoulder, he is very impressive in his movements and he has the look at me attitude which will grab the attention from onlookers and judges alike. He is uncomplicated for his age, has great nerves and shows himself reliable, even ridden by a young girl, he is always consistent and on the bit. He is the modern type with a super pretty head and outstanding confirmation and comes in a pretty color and definitely the looks of a stallion (even as he is a gelding!). His exterior as well as his interior could not be any better for his young age. He knows how to be cross tied, he loves to get a shower and his time in the solarium. He is an uncomplicated and all around dream horse for the ambitioned rider. Solitaire HW is a true gentleman so to speak. He is sweet, cuddly, thrives for attention and has the quality stars are made of as well as a super pedigree, what more could you ask for? He is easy in the bit, light in the hand and forward without being hot. He is the partner you were looking for all along!

  Vet checked with x-rays!

  check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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