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Picasso HW (FN name Top Palermo), Pinto German Riding Horse gelding by Pelegrinius (Prinz Wilhelm/Funke)/Ironman–Nantano-Marsvogel), born in 2003, standing approximately 16.2 hands.  

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Picasso HW, an absolute master piece and rare find, nothing will compare to this one!

Picasso HW will put his spell on you, even Picasso himself could not have painted him and his colors any better. He is sired by Pelegrinius, whom won his licensing with a super score of 139.82 for dressage and 119.80 for jumping, a total of 140.21 points, placing him 1st out of 22 participating stallions. Picasso HW is the exception in type, color and quality. He was started and shown by an amateur (daughter of his breeder). She competed with him against professional and championat riders and placed him successfully at horse shows. He has an intensive show record including 2nd and 3rd places in Riding Horse classes. He placed multiple times up to 3rd at First Level and has a total of 16 placings in huge classes with up to 36 participants. What an outstanding result for such a young boy, really impressive in all aspects. He is solid at First Level already and training Second Level right now.

Picasso HW is highly elegant, he will catch the attention with his stellar looks and neck and he will burn himself into your heart with his superb character and kind demeanor. He has an above average walk, powerful, forward and with great rhythm. His trot mechanics are like custom made, he has a free shoulder, nice knee action and a good hind leg. His canter is big but very comfortable to sit and he canters uphill with ease. He has the highly sought after rocking horse canter which is so much fun to ride. This horse will give you a chance to sit relaxed on an overall nicely swinging back with huge gaits but without getting bumped around in the saddle and you can enjoy the ride time. He is really easy on the bit and light in the hand. You need to just keep your hands in the same position and he is carries himself, with his huge neck and his head stays at the same place all the time. Again, he is a rare find in quality and ride ability combined with a sweet, loving and willing attitude. You could not wish for something steadier in the reins. This horse in professional hands will go into the big sport, no doubt about it, at the same token, an amateur can ride and train him too and he is reliable, safe and always trying his best. Where can you find a horse like this?

Picasso HW is an absolute highlight. He will draw the attention to him with his stellar looks and spectacular colors. The judges will remember him at clinics and horse shows and he has the quality to be on top of the game all the time. The audience will love him too and will be able to pick him out of the crowd. He loads, baths and stands quiet for the farrier. With his intensive show experience, he is at home at show grounds and well behaved while he travels. You can take him on trail rides as well and he’ll enjoy the time in the woods or fields with you together. We even lunged a 6 year old boy on him, as the kid insisted to sit on the colored horse at least for once. Even there, Picasso HW was always on the bit without any sidereins, in trot and canter alike and the boy was riding him with one hand, waving happily with the other to his friends and family – check it out, we included the video just for fun and we had tears in our eyes and we saw it the first time. No nonsense with this horse or why would we trust him to carry around a small child? It’s just too cute! Amazingly this even keeled horse can do it all, he can be the quiet babysitter and confidence builder and he can be the top star at the horse shows and compete against the best. He is the attraction in the barn and everybody stops at his stall and has to talk to him and to rave about his colors. If you are searching something special and one of a kind, he is your man, don’t hesitate!


Super vet check with x-rays!

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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