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SPS High Princess, black Hanoverian States Premium mare by Hohenstein / Donnerhall / Bolero, born in 1996, standing approximately 16.3 hands.

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SPS High Princess is the foundation broodmare of HW Farms! She is an overall 9 in the Hanoverian studbook and by the famous stallion Hohenstein. He was a hit from the start as a breeding stallion. He has proven to be homozygotically dark coloured, with his progeny overwhelmingly inheriting his black colour (65%). His tally of approved sons has grown to 12 including the champion stallion Munchausen. Hohenstein was successful at the 2000 Federal Championships with four offspring qualifying and the vice champion Habitus who was later sold for 320,000 DM via the Verden auction. In 2000 at the Equilibra Auction at Towerlands Equestrian Centre, Essex , England the stallion High Fashion by Hohenstein was sold for 85,000 Pound or DM 280,000. According to Hoofs and Horns this was the highest price ever paid at a non-thoroughbred auction in England . The FN breeding values regularly list Hohenstein as a top procreator of dressage horses and this year he was ranked fourth. According to the Hanoverian Verband in 2000 he was the second best producer of dressage horses with an index of 183, the fifth best transmitter of type with a score of 161 and equal third on the breed values competition list with a score of 145%. In 1999 he was awarded the distinction of Elite Stallion by the Trakehner association due to his outstanding performance in both breeding and sport.

Sire of the 2001 Silver Medallist at the World Young Dressage Horse Championships - Munchhausen

Sire of the 2000 Vice Federal Champion - Habitus.


Her dam is a true Donnerhall daughter. You will find a lot more info on his website about him, but here are some highlights:


Don Primero was born


DLG-Champion in Hannover


Donnerschlag was born


Don Gregory and Donnerschwee was born


Dream of Glory was born


De Niro , Del Piero and Don Bosco were born


German Champion  in Mannheim


European Champion and 3. in single competition in Verden




Don Frederico was born


Team world champion in Rom


Oldenburger dressage stallion of the year


Retired from sport


Died January 14th, 2002

Donnerhall with Karin Rehbein:

High Princess' grand dam, SPS Batavia (by Bolero), has, among other winners, produced the 1997 Bundeschampion (National Champion of Germany for Dressage), Duvalier by Davignon.  Duvalier sold initially at Verden for DM 240,000 and then for DM 1,000,000.

SPS High Princess, we call her “Heidi” is one of the highest scoring mares ever imported to the US . She might be the only imported mare entered with a NINE in the studbook. She scored unbelievable and her full sister even scored 2 x 10 and 1 x 9 on her gaits. Scores, barley ever heard of. We were only lucky to buy her as the breeder had two full sisters and kept one and sold the other to us. Mares like her usually stay with the breeders.

Here are her scores:


Elasticity-9, breed & sex type-9, head-7, neck-8, quality of conformation-8, walk-9, saddle position-9, hind- and frontlegs-7, overall score 9!!!

Mare performance test:

Walk-9, trot-9, canter-8, testrider-9, guestrider-9, jumping technique-7, jumping scope-8, overall score 8.22

SPS High Princess is an uncomplicated sweetie pie. She is never mareish and a super mom and very easy to have around. She gives uncomplicated and fast births and she is a super baby sitter for her own and other mares babies of any age. She helps to baby-sit Quickstep HW and she can be turned out with upcoming stallions and any kind of horse, she will teach them respect and she never harmed one. She had a black filly by Latimer in Germany and she gave us the following babies:

Sagenhaft HW


Champion Stallion Selten HW


Skywalker HW, Soraya HW, Shakira HW and now she is in foal to Rubignon (Rubinstein/Donnerhall/Pik Solo). He is a black, amazing looking and moving stallion, listed for the Swedish Dressage team in 2008 and 2009 has 17 GP wins and placing's including international wins in his name. He is approved with multiple registries and tested in Sweden with 9’s for jumping. His ride ability is superb and this foal should be nothing less then spectacular.

Sadly we are running out of room and decided to cut back on breeding, other wise – we would never sell a mare like Heidi. She is my heart horse and she gave us many wonderful offspring, it is time to give somebody else the same joy and fun.

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