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She did it again, 12/10/2005 , Ramina had ribbons in both of her Training level classes with my 14 year old daughter, they won one class and were 4th in the other! Congratulations! This is a proven show horse par excellence! We are training First Level at home, by now she is doing all the lateral work, easy walk/canter/walk transitions and she always picks up the perfect lead. I tried some flying changes and some of them are already clean, she is amazing.
She won training level at the Lee Civic Center dressage show on: 11/12/2005 and placed second in her other class!
Black Hanoverian mare, imported from Germany :

Ramina HW (Regazzoni/Ravallo), born in 2001 is a stunning and attractive black Hanoverian mare, standing 16,2 hands.

 She was successfully shown overseas by a 14 year old girl and her ride ability is outstanding. She comes with enough spark to shine and to draw attention and her character is the best you could wish for. Her stallion alike looks combined with wonderful lofty gaits as well as an active hind leg will impress the judges and make her an FEI candidate.
Ramina HW is easy to handle and was only sold in Germany due to her owners health problems. She lived with her breeder all her life and is now searching a new owner for her future.
This is a super mare if you want to show in the dressage ring or she may be suitable as a fancy hunter or jumper too according to her bloodlines. She is safe for a beginner but expressive enough for an amateur rider or a professional.
She would make a super broodmare via embryo transfer now or after her show carrier if you wish. Her bloodlines are very popular, check out the stallions on our web site. Recent horses sold at the Elite auction site and stallion auction with these bloodlines went for high prices.
We will take her to dressage shows and her price is subject to change anytime with her further success which she will have without a doubt. She comes with current clean x-rays and is healthy and sound.
Newsflash: 11/12/2005 :
Ramina HW is now in Florida and after just 14 days with us, we took her out on her first show. She was shown Training Level by my 14 year old daughter and won one class and placed second in the second class. Ribbons in all her classes at her first time out in the USA , wow! So this is a winner, just as we thought, check her out, she may be perfect for you! She loaded easily, was very well behaved at the show grounds, bathed and walked around with just the lead rope, she was super easy to manage and everybody fell in love with her.

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Please contact Irene: Irene@HWFarm.com

239-772-7722 (www.1stRealty.us)

News: 11/19/2005, just jumped Ramina for the very first time, let me tell you, this horse can jump the moon!
See for yourself:

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canter and jumps


trot slow motion

Training level test


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