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Fantastic HW, bay Westphalian mare by Fürst Piccolo / Weinzauber / Florestan I, born in 2005, standing approximately 16.1 ½ hands.  

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Fantastic HW is by the famous Fürst Piccolo, a 100 Day Performance Test Winner! Fürst Piccolo's sire Fidermark was the vice champion of the NRW approvals in 1994 and won the Warendorf state stallion performance test with a big margin in 1995. Further successes followed in 1996. He dominated the "Optimum of Westphalian Riding Horses" sovereignty in Munster . He also became the Buneschampion in his home town of Warendorf . He then went on to win the LVM stallion championship in Munster Handorf. He has had many wins in the Prix St George and Intermediaire I under Marlies Van Baalen and he is trained by Johann Hinnemann. In 2003 he made his debut successfully at Grand Prix.

His first foal crops produced sensational foals. They dominated the Westphalian Foal shows and the NRW elite foal auctions. In 1998 his first approved son Fein Sinn won the 100 day test, the first of several including the impressive moving Fürst Piccolo. He has over 15 licensed sons and many state premium mares to his credit already. He is a sire who will dominate German breeding for many years to come. He is ranked highly on the FN breeding values list. The dam sire Mephistopheles, a son of the Trakehner Mackensen derives from a Romadour II mare, establishing a blood connection to the paternal side via Rheingold. Mephistopheles sired the performance test winner Jacquare. Rembrandt in the third generation was a performance test winner with Trakehner blood.

Fürst Piccolo was a premium stallion at the NRW main approval in 1999 and won the 100 day test in 2000 with high scores. He is an amazing moving stallion and his first few foal crops have dominated the Westphalian elite foal auctions.

Fürst Piccolo:

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Fantastic HW is a highly talented dressage horse with three above average gaits. She is a horse with the attitude and ability for a huge dressage career. This is an outstanding opportunity to buy a mare destined for the “big ring”. She is very elegant and a pleasing type as well as a good young dressage horse candidate of medium size with super fancy movement. She is already at 2nd level, nicely on the aids, goes uphill and balanced and wants to please her rider every day. This mare is performance tested and scored an 8.5 for her walk and an 8 on her ride ability. She has a huge walk with a great overstride and clear rhythm. In her trot, she shows a lot of push from the hind end with a swinging back.  She also has excellent freedom in the shoulders. Her canter is big and she is an uphill horse with a strong and energetic hind leg.

 She is a horse for people whom want to go all the way to the top; even as her ride ability allows everybody to enjoy her. She is suited for the young rider, amateur and professional alike. The possibilities are endless for competitions, breeding now via embryo transfer or after a successful show career. She is truly one of a kind and has the ability to go all the way up the levels.  Her gaits are breathtaking and she is as willing as it gets.

Fantastic HW is not marish and very easy to handle. She is sweet and cuddly and wants to be in your pockets all the time. She thrives for attention and enjoys one on one time with her person. She is a people oriented horse and whinnies if you come in the barn and says: “Me first…me first!” She is a real sweetheart and is happy to get any kind of attention. She is a horse everybody will fall in love with, a truly rare find and for sure a horse for a rider with huge goals.

 She will impress the judges and the onlookers alike and certainly be remembered by everybody.

Super vet check with x-rays!   

check out her video clips!!!

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