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 It has been a pleasure working with you on the purchase of my new horse.  As you know, I was a bit nervous about buying a horse sight unseen, however, I don’t think I could have found a better horse if I had gone over myself.  You are honest, true to your word and Finesse (Fly Away HW) is everything you said he would be and more!  He is sweet, honest horse and he’s highly trainable.  I cannot wait for what the future holds for us as partners!  The entire process was seamless and I would work with you again in a heartbeat!  Thank you so much, I love my new boy!  I will keep you posted on his progress. 


Hello Irene  

I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with "Step Up " HW.  I had been searching for a quality young horse for some time , and all I was finding was over priced and over represented horses. "Step Up'  HW is incredible!  He is everything you told me he would be, and more! An international horse for sure. He arrived to us in wonderful shape, and settled in immediately. His movement gives me chills. The process was so easy, and your constant communication was very reassuring. It is so nice to know that there are honest horse people in this world. I have and will continue to go to your site for more horses and tell everyone about  you. Because of the quality of horses you have for sale, and the professionalism you exhibit, no wonder the horses you have do not last long.

I will keep you updated on "Step Up's " Progress.

Thank You!!!!

Tracey  and "Step Up" HW


Hi Irene,

  Thanks for all your help through the sales process with Delano HW, now Danik.  It was a huge leap of faith to purchase a horse from only video, descriptions, and our many phone calls.  The main thing that attracted me to Danik was the descriptions of his character.  I really wanted a horse that I would not find intimidating.  This is hard to find when you are also looking for a horse with the talent to do FEI work.  I feel I have found both and am very pleased with Danik.  He has a super attitude, is very calm and well-behaved, and is progressing well with his training.

Irene, it was a pleasure doing business with you. 



Hi Irene,  

thank you so much for importing my Ramina, such a lovely mare!  She did SO well at the Hanoverian inspections.  There were 4 mares in the performance test.  During the under saddle test, I kept looking around and wondering if everyone else saw what I did: Ramina COMPLETELY outclassed the other 3 mares.  At the end, she was indeed the champion, and outscored the others by a huge margin.  This is the second year in a row that one of your horses was the Florida AHS champion, so HUGE congratulations to you too.  

Her performance test score was 7.4, with two 6.5s on her jumping (the judges commented she was very game, and clearly tried her heart out in anything she was asked to do.  Not too bad for a mare with impeccable dressage bloodlines!).  Her ridability score was 8.5! Actually, Maya said the judges were a lot pickier than last year, but I totally can't complain about her wonderful scores. So now she is home, and her main job is to cope with ME.  I'm having a super, super time with her.  

And speaking of HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, well, the same to you on your stallion at Devon .  WOW-EEE -- an 85.6% in the 2 year old class, AND Colt Champion AND 2nd in the Grand Championship???!!!  Do you think he and Ramina would make nice babies???  What are your plans him? Irene, thank you again for bringing me such a lovely horse.  


And DO let me know your plans for Selten HW!  

Best Jill

Hi Irene,
I thought that i would let you know that Annie and Raon were at a horse
show this weekend and were amazing!
They got champion, first, 3 seconds, a 3rd and a 4th.
They work so well together and everyone admires him so much!
Thank you for such a wonderful horse!
Janet, Annie, And Raon


Just wanted to give you an update on Riccie.

 I took Riccie up to Vermont for two weeks for the Summer Festival which is a very large horse show. Riccie was Reserve Champion in the Low Hunter Division jumping 3ft. out of 60 horses!!!  He placed 2nd and 5th the first day and 4th, 4th and 1st the second day!

I am so proud of him!  He tried so hard to be such a good boy, he always does his best!  No one believes me when I tell them he is only 4 years old! I ordered pictures so as soon as I get them I will send you a copy.

Talk to you soon, Joelle



Hi Irene,

 Just wanted to update you on Dhalia. She's turning into a big star! Her first outing was her US   Hanoverian Inspection. She was extraordinarily well behaved and really showed herself off quite well, ending with a 7.33; receiving 8's for elasticity/impulsion and typines / feminity!  Then, a week and a half later we went to her first show - a breed show. She was a good girl and scored a 77.5%!

 She is a wonderful mare and we completely adore her - even when she acts like a diva! :)  I know it was difficult for you to part with her, but I'm very glad you did! 




thanks for all your help with our recent purchase of Cameron HW.  It is refreshing to know that there are still honest people in the horse industry.  We feel so fortunate to have "stumbled" across your website.  Cameron HW is everything you represented him to be and more.  We also appreciate all your help with my multiple phone calls and questions as well as helping to oversee his vetting and shipping.  He has adapted quite well to his new home and is an absolute joy!   I have recommended your site to several friends who are currently horse shopping.  I am still amazed at how rapidly your horses sell!  I think it is a testimony to the quality of horses that you represent the reasonable price and the honesty of your representation.  Thanks again for all your help.  I will keep you updated on Cameron's progress!  

Cathy and Lauren 


Hello Irene!

Just wanted to share what happened yesterday at the Hanoverian Inspections in Rhode Island . Dhalia was well-behaved when she had to be, and showed herself beautifully when it was time.

As part of the inspection process she was turned loose in the arena to be judged on her trot at liberty - she knew what she was there for and showed the best trot of the day - which was reflected in her scores. She got gait scores of 8 and 8 for impulsion/elasticity. Her conformation scores were all solid 7s with an 8 for Typiness/Feminity - only 1 other mare got better conformation scores, but only by .22 (I was counting!)

Her scores put her in the Main Studbook (highest in Hanoverian lingo) and she is now an Elite Eligible Mare - has to complete her Mare Performance Test which is under saddle and free jumping, and produce a foal to complete the requirements for Elite Mare. Next year we plan to tackle the performance test. The judges told me I would be hard pressed to improve on her pedigree but thought I could make some "interesting" matches.



"I am so thrilled with my new boy- Skywalker HW. He is everything and more I was looking for in a prospect. Irene was super to communicate with, even getting the shipping and vet arrangements went smoothly. I would highly recommend buying a horse from Irene to anyone!"




Just an update to let you know that Calvin is doing so well....he truly
was an answer to prayer & really is a dream of a horse! We are
currently in training and are planning his first show next month. In
addition to his phenomenal gaits, he also has such a wonderful mind and
positive work ethic. He is absolutely all that you had represented him
to be! Thank you Irene for your discriminating selection of only top
quality horses. There will always be a market for animals of this
caliber. I know that I will be referring others to you!


Dear Michelle,
I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience it was dealing with you when purchasing my FIRST horse...Maya! You were honest, open and straight forward. Your patience shined through when having to deal with the xray machine being down and bringing Maya to Wellington and back to Ft. Meyers again! You were very accommodating and I really appreciated that. You made my first buying experience a great one!
It's been a bit over a month that I have had Maya. I fall more in love with her each day! I am taking lessons on a regular basis and trying to ride at least 5 times a week. We are coming along nicely. (Thanks to Maya and my trainer Stephanie).
Thank you so much Michelle for being so patient and helpful EVERY time I call to ask another question! You always get right back to me and I appreciate it. I am looking forward to filling you in on our progress down the road.
Liz and Cinco De Maya!



Faulkner(Fridolin) and I got an 8.36 on our FEI 4yr old test this weekend.  I was so happy I cried like a baby.  He was perfect.  It was everything I knew he could be.  I had the photgrapher take pics.  I'll send you one when I get them.  Young Horse Nationals, Here we come! I owe you a ton of gratitude.  THANK-YOU!  




Once again, working with you in purchasing a horse has been exactly the way it should be -- totally honest and straightforward,; the horse exactly as represented; lots of information and video on your web site; and every question quickly and cheerfully answered. You sent digital x-rays to my vet for review; got Lamborghini's full pedigree promptly; and called his breeder in Germany when you needed more information. 

You did whatever it took to respond to my endless questions -- and even seemed to read my mind sometimes! It was also great that you had arranged for import, and included import in his price. No surprises. Lamborghini (now fondly known as Boghi) is everything we expected, and more. Our very exacting veterinarian said he was the soundest horse he had examined in a very long time-- and he examines a lot of horses! Elaine Hayes, Boghi's co-owner, trainer and rider, has high hopes for him and is enjoying the opportunity to bring him along from the beginning. Boghi has a marvelous personality, as well as the talent to go far, so he makes it
fun for all! We plan to bring him along nice and easy -- no hurry with this boy -- and we will keep you posted on his progress.

Thanks again for finding these wonderful horses -- and for the superior way you represent them! It was a great pleasure to purchase Boghi from you.


Dear Michelle,
Selling a dearly loved horse is always a hard thing for an owner.  You took my horse in training, marketed her, and very successfully placed her in another very loving home.  I could not ask for more.  I must also say a big thank you for taking Maya to her vet check and waiting patiently for the vet, etc.  You deserve the biggest gold star I could find.  And the most important part of this whole thing was that never for one minute did I worry about Maya's well-being.  I knew that you cared for her as you would your very own horse and placed her with that same care.  I can't thank you enough for all your help.  You did a wonderful job.  It isn't only to sell a horse but to find a match and that is what you are so wonderful at.  And I look forward to our working together again to find my next horse.
Thanks so much.


First I would like to say what a great web site you have, its nice to
not only have the prices of the horses but that the price already
includes import, and they all have great videos its a shame other web
sites don't have this.

I was going to contact you regarding Raon Itape, and only waited
because my son who the horse would be for was away and yesterday I saw
that he has already been sold, we are looking for a horse like this
around that price range. If you know of any others like this I would
love to hear from you, I will check your website frequently!

Hi Irene,

I will prepare to get you a clip of Casino soon. He is developing so
quickly it is amazing. I have never met a more impressive horse. I can't
wait to take him out. He is spectacular.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to buy him.

I adore him.


Irene and Michelle,

Figgy is everything you described him to be and more. My client, Mary loves him and even her non-horsey house help
loves him and buys him his own bag of carrots!
We went on the first outing last week to a benefit clinic for the Ocala Horse Park given by Gunnar Ostergaard.
I rode him as Mary took her other horse and wanted to observe how Figaro would be in an away from home situation.
He was an absolute star and did everything asked of him. He is just the best.
Thanks for representing him so honestly and making the transaction so easy and comfortable.

All the best,


figgy clinic.jpg (39775 bytes)


I recently bought a horse (Cheenook HW, now named Casino) from Irene after seeing a clip of him on the internet.  He was such a special horse, there was a lot of competition to buy him, so I ended up purchasing him sight unseen-- from the clip.  He arrived at my place safely last week.  I am impressed by him daily.  Not only does he have outstanding gaits; he also has an incredible brain.  I have yet to meet another horse with such a super mind paired with those gaits.  Irene was honest about his training level and temperament.  I couldn't be happier.




Hi Irene, 

I just wanted to let you know that Faulkner(Fridolin)and I are both home safe and sound from our trip down to Wellington for the FEI young horse training session with Scott Hassler.  Faulkner made the trip like a trooper.  He hauled quietly and maintained his healthy appetite throughout.   

Scott was very complimentary of Faulkner(Fridolin).  The very first thing he said to me when we joined him in the arena for our lesson was "First of all, I have to tell you that I love your horse."  As you know I sent in a video of us working at home to be selected for the training session.  He also confirmed that he was the only 4 yr old selected for the East coast session.  Faulkner was very attentive and hard working in the hectic environment of the Wellington Show Grounds.  He stayed very relaxed throughout the week we spent down there.   

I have to thank-you again for helping me find such a willing and talented partner.  THANK-YOU IRENE!




Hi, Irene,

Ramina has been here in her new home for 1 1/2 weeks, and I could not be more
delighted. She is so calm and sweet, and well on the way to becoming the love
of my life. Everything you told me about her was absolutely on target.

I am certain that she and my two imported broodmares are happily talking away
in German. But unlike those other two mares, Ramina is an absolute angel under
saddle. My biggest problem is that I'm afraid I will breed her instead of
keeping her as my riding horse. I guess this is why embryo transplant was

As you know, if you find another like Ramina, mark that horse as SOLD. My
friend will buy on the spot.

Thanks again, and congratulations on your Sandro Hit colt,


Dhalia (had to change spelling for AHS) really is the dream horse I never dreamed would come my way!  And you really made this extraordinary experience of importing a horse easy! I would tell anyone who is looking for a German WB to get in touch with you - the horse is as represented, if not better!, and you walked me through the process and patiently answered questions, helped with vetting, transport and every other little thing I needed help or reassurance with. And, I feel I made a friend in the process - something that doesn't necessarily happen between buyers and sellers!  It was a pleasure talking with you throughout the entire process.  

Please feel free to give anyone my name for a reference - I will gladly relate my experience.  AND, if I ever need(!) another horse, I will definitely call you first!!!  


PS- Did I mention that I LOVE this horse?  :)


I have been around horses and horse people all of my life.  In that time I have been involved in the buying and selling of dozens of horses, both horses of my own, and those of my clients.  Some of those transactions have been private sales, and some of have been through “dealers” or “agents.”  I can honestly say that the purchase of Faulkner was a joyful experience from beginning to end, thanks to Irene.  

My first encounter with Irene and Michelle occurred in 2003 when I accompanied a friend/student down to Florida to look at a 4yr old imported Hanoverian gelding named Amerika.  Erin (friend/client) is a very discriminating adult  amateur who has taken the time to educate herself  in what to look for in a dressage prospect.  She has done a ton of research on bloodlines and conformation.  She has a very educated eye.  So I knew when she wanted to look at  Amerika, that he would be nice, it was just a question of whether or not, he would be a match for her.  Irene and Michelle were extremely helpful when we arrived at the farm.  They allowed us plenty of time to get acquainted with the horse before riding.  They eagerly and honestly answered all questions asked, and offered additional information that we had not asked about.  We rode Amerika that day and the next before making the decision to vet him.  Irene and Michelle made provisions for the vetting to take place while we were in town so we could be present.  They even took time out of their busy schedules to haul the horse to the vet and be there with us during the exam.  The sale went off without a hitch.  Once we got Amerika home, he was everything we hoped he would be and more.  He is truly a delight to around, and always gives 110% while being ridden.  He is a very talented horse who is proving himself in the show ring.  

When the time came for me buy a young FEI prospect for myself, it was two years after the transaction with Amerika, I called Irene .  I hoped that she would be able to find a horse for me.  I had done a lot of looking on the internet and through some other contacts.  I had received at least a dozen videos, and nothing was even close to the quality I was looking for.  I was worried that I would not be able to find a horse to meet my criteria, in my price range.  When I talked to Irene , she immediately put my mind at ease.  “Your budget is good.” She said.  “Don’t worry, we will find him.”  From that point on, I stopped looking anywhere else.  Irene asked me a lot of questions to help decipher exactly what type of horse I wanted, right down to the size and color.  (Although color was not a deciding factor to me)  I was impressed by her ability to customize a horse just for me.  Everyday, I eagerly opened e-mails from Irene .  She kept in very close contact, letting me know about this horse or that one who could be a possibility.  She sent me pictures and videos via e-mail.  We discussed the positives and negatives of each horse.  How often do you hear an agent speak honestly about a horse’s weaknesses?  It is a rare thing.  When Irene sent me the video clips of Faulkner (Fridolin), I knew immediately that he was “the one.”  He had everything I was looking for, the movement, conformation, bloodlines and temperament.  The amazing thing is he was less than I had told Irene I could spend.  Irene could have easily added thousands to his price and I would have happily paid the price and been none the wiser, but she instead, priced him honestly.  Now, I don’t know any other agent who would do the same.  Irene helped me with every step of the vetting and importing process.  She answered all of my questions and concerns quickly and honestly.  I feel she has an integrity that you find only rarely in this industry.   

When Faulkner (Fridolin) showed up at my door in the middle of the night, I was one of the happiest people on the planet.  He stepped off that trailer and my heart soared.  He quietly and obediently led into his stall, whinnied twice, and then went about his business munching hay.  He has proven himself to be beyond my expectations (which were quite high) by having superior manners on the ground and under saddle.  I am attaching a picture taken during our very first ride together.  You can see how willing and talented a horse he is.  When the time comes for me to buy an additional horse, Irene will be the first call I make.  All I can say is, One Million Thank-Yous to Irene .  I know that he will be the star I was looking for.   





He is such a good boy, I truly love him. He has such a personality, incredibly forgiving always

trying to give me what he thinks I want. I am learning so much!
I just wanted you to know that he is in the most loving hands, he seems very happyand has adjusted very well. Thank you so much, he is absoulutely perfect for me!!!

Reisa in California about Art Collection



Raegan and I thought you might like a photo and update.  EZ is fine and dandy and being a sweet gentleman. Raegan has her once-in-a-life-time horse.  Hope things are well for you all.  



Hi Irene, 

Im so glad you emailed me I was about to send you an email about Riccies big weekend. There was a huge labor day horse show in our area on Sunday and Monday so I decided to take Riccie HW Just for some show experience. This horse show is the biggest one of the year for our county and has a huge fair with all kinds of scary rides and many spectators.  They had over 500 entries just to give you an idea of the size. Well, Riccie cleaned up!   I am so excited.  On Sunday we did Adult Equitation and he was champion in that out of 11 horses.  And on Monday I did beginner hunter with him and even jumped in this division, just little fences around 2'3.  He ended up being 1st, in the first jumping class 6th, and 3rd out of 20 horses!! So he ended up being reserve champion in that division.  Then I rode him in Young Hunter Under Saddle which is for five year olds and under and he was fifth out of 16.  And finally to complete the weekend I received grand champion adult rider for the weekend thanks to Riccie!!! You would not believe how well behaved he was at such a huge horse show.  He was sooo good.  And he is jumping great. I will have to send you the video I have as soon as I get a copy.  I absolutely love him to death. Sorry that was so long but I just wanted to let you know how good he was doing.  I hope you and your family are doing well. 

Talk to you soon.




After spending 2.5 years nursing a thoroughbred I'd bought off the track for eventing, through the disease of laminitis, I was very leery of purchasing a horse from anyone. I knew better than anyone what it was to own a horse without a happy ending. I really wanted my next horse purchase to be a successful transaction. I had committed to spending a certain amount, and was looking to fit all my criteria, and budget, into one transaction that was going to keep me in the saddle for many years to come! 

The only problem was, I didn't have $35,000 to $45,000 to spend on one horse. And the horses that were going for that price here in the U.S. were hardly the quality that you could find in Europe for the same dollar. It was like night and day. The inflation of prices here in the U.S. is frightful!  It almost made me angry, to be honest, to see how much people were charging for really average horses. 

So when I happened upon Irene Wiederhold's website one day ( I couldn't believe my eyes. I really mean that. It felt like I had arrived in Shangri-la! I kind of thought to myself, "These prices cannot possibly be right...these horses are absolutely gorgeous!" 

Because I was originally looking for something a bit younger and unmade, (it's all I could afford) I wasn't typically able to entertain purchasing anything that wasn't severely severely green. That all changed when I set eyes on GUINNES. Not only was he what I was looking for conformation-wise, he was certainly what I was seeking in bloodlines...but just never thought I could afford. (This guy has bloodlines for DAYS... AND, he had some solid pro training on him at just 3.5 years old) as well as a sweet, uncomplicated disposition. (Isn't everyone looking for this???) 

But, for someone who was skeptical, I must add that my story is an odd one. I was intimidated by the concept of buying in Europe , and wasn't planning to go over there on a buying trip by any means. But seeing Guinnes, I just had a feeling...even knowing he was still in Germany . How insecure can you get if you've had a bad experience, right? Still, I asked for a tape to show my trainer because I really had a feeling about the guy.  

I must have watched that tape about 90 times -- no kidding. Backwards and forwards and in slow motion and stop action, etc. I knew this was the horse, but my sense of reason was saying, "Are you kidding? Buying a horse sight unseen after your last experience??" 

Still, I pressed on. Something nagged at me, and I proceeded with a "Clean slate" attitude, acting as if I'd never had a bad experience.  Knowing that Guinnes was with a breeder that Irene personally knew for years helped a lot. Also knowing that he was accepted into Germany 's Equitop Auction with FIRST CLASS x-rays already having been done, was a real relief. I had spent $900 on a vet check of a 4 year old Oldenburg in June of this year and on film, he looked 20!  

I think the biggest thing for me, other than the facts though, was that I had a GREAT feeling about, and rapport with, both Irene and Michelle, I knew this was a transaction I could do. And they weren't "used car salesman" or gruff like a lot of horse people. They really wanted to assist me find what was right for ME, even if it wasn't Guinnes! 

I made sure I talked with the breeder through a German speaking friend myself. I also made sure to talk to the Equitop Auction vet who had graded Guinnes' x-rays, and had his x-rays viewed both by my vet and an orthopedic specialist at Alamo Pintado in Santa Barbara , CA. in order to try to cover AS MANY BASES as I could. Still,it was a leap of faith. But then it hit me, his vet check and flexion test was better than anything I'd seen in the states with prospects, so why was Germany intimidating?  After that, it wasn't, and I imported him in late September. 

The truth is, from the first few emails and conversations with Irene and Michelle, as well as Carsten (Guinnes' breeder) I knew in my heart, deep down, that these were people I could TRULY trust. They obviously had great pride in both the quality of animals they represented and in the service they provided to clients. I really trusted my gut with all of it and let my intuition call the shots. Irene and Michelle were just far too sincere and far too fairly priced to think they were "industry gougers". They bent over backwards trying to answer every question and satisfy my EVERY request (I'm sure to their occasional frustration--though they NEVER said or acted like it! :) 

I definitely took my time through the transaction, too, yet I never felt rushed or brushed off for it by ANYONE involved. They knew my last horse experience was a tragic one and wanted to make sure this one was a success for me.  

Today, I own about the BEST HORSE I could have ever afforded on my budget!!! I don't say that just because I personally love him, I say that because it's the objective truth! Guinnes is an AWESOME horse, with a wonderful disposition, NO BAD HABITS, and enough training on him to jump into a Training Level Dressage show tomorrow. By Spring, he'll be amazing! He has more talent than I may ever be able to utilize in MY life! 

The coolest thing about it is, every time I work with my trainer, he continues to comment, "The more I see this horse, the more and more impressed I am with him. He's really got so much talent and has an incredible mind. He's FEI all the way!" 

I look at him and think, "How did I EVER get this lucky?" I'm really grateful for having him as my own every day since he's arrived. And he just keeps getting better. WOW! Is all I have left to say! 


The most incredible, honest, ethical, and truly enjoyable buying experience one could ever hope for! And my horse Florian .... see for yourself 

After kissing so many frogs, I finally found my prince, and for me, he's perfect. Just one of the many quality imported horses that Irene and Michelle represent. After looking for "the perfect horse" for almost two years, I had given up hope. I was completely frustrated, disappointed, and ready to chuck the whole thing in. You know the story ladies, you are either experiencing it now, or you've experienced it in the past - you see a horse, you call, you talk with the owner or broker and it seems like "the perfect fit". You get so excited that you can hardly wait for the video to arrive. Then you get the video, only to be completely disappointed that the horse is not exactly "the horse of your dreams".

More, you find yourself astounded that someone would consider asking such an inflated price for a horse with no talent. Well, after being rendered completely gun shy one to many times, I was elated when I found Florian and met Irene. Irene made my entire buying experience one that I really - yes, really enjoyed. For all of my 1000 questions and concerns, Irene addressed each and every one with complete and dedicated attention. I think more importantly, Irene and Michelle are absolutely dedicated to ensuring that their horses go to "the right home", and that the buyer has found her/his "dream horse".

Considering the many roads I've traveled on what seemed like a never ending horse search, I can say that the quality, caliber, temperament, price and value that I found in Florian is truly unbelievable when I compare him to the other horses I've seen. Plain and simply - there is NO comparison. In Florian, I have found the best horse for me, with the greatest temperament, talent, mind, and confirmation at a very reasonable price! And most importantly, he was exactly what Irene represented him to be.

The sad part to this story is that my horse buying experience with Irene and Michelle is now over. It was wonderful to be tapped into their talent and knowledge of horses. I just wish they were here in St. Louis! Irene and Michelle, I wish both of you all the success in your endeavors. I look forward to buying my future horses from you! Lastly, please let me encourage any and all of you who read this testimonial to have confidence in working with Irene and Michelle. You have found two of the most ethical, honest, and enjoyable people within the horse community - they are truly rare gems. Please feel free to get my contact info from Irene if you'd like to know more about my experience or would like a personal reference for these two ladies. I'll be happy to talk with you. In the meantime .... happy horse hunting!



Working with Irene and Michelle was an excellent experience in every way. They were prompt and responsive to all my many inquiries, showed sincere interest in my needs and displayed real talent for presenting superior prospects. They care about both horses and riders, and represent their horses with absolute honesty and integrity. I'd recommend them to anyone."



I have to say buying Donna Weltklassik from your web site has been exciting. I have never just looked at one horse and bought it so fast. What I know about Donna I like and Weltklassik fits her. Carsten (the breeder) and his family are wonderful people. I hope in the future someone in my barn can buy a horse from them, you never now I might again.

Thanks for everything, Maryanna



I’d be happy to tell everyone what wonderful treatment I got from nice people on such a quality young horse. I LOVE my new boy! Don Bari is fine and continues to add members to his fan club almost on a daily basis.  

My comment about Amerika: I used to live in Texas and competed at the Region 9 Championships on numerous occasions.  I think Amerika will blow their socks off.   

Best regards,



Taylor cleaned up at her last show, it was just a schooling show but I was amazed at
Annie and how her temperament never changes, she never got hot, we didn't lunge her.  We arrived late, Taylor hopped on warmed her up and went straight in the arena and won!  Taylor was so excited.  She won almost every class she was in.  At one point another horse exploded, bucking and such right next to Annie and she just kept on cantering, never blinked an eye.  I was so impressed.  We received so many comments on how beautiful she is.

Thank you so much for selling her to us when you had so many choices!

Talk to you soon, Alexis



Thanks for the Congratulations!!!!!  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be his new Mom.

Irene, thanks for making this buying experience so enjoyable!!!! ...........Jill


Without Michelle Gerlach's help, I wouldn't have found my new horse, Wise Guy, a Canadian Warmblood. He was just as she described him under saddle and was exactly the horse I was looking for.I was prepared to take my time and look for the perfect partner but when Michelle said she knew of a horse that had my name written all over him, I felt confident that she wouldn't steer me wrong.  

With Michelle's knowledge of dressage, combined with her knowledge of horses, and her honesty, its only natural to seek her out to find a suitable horse and I have no doubt as to where I would turn if I needed to find another dressage partner.


To all of the horse shoppers searching for their dream horse, 

When it came time for me to shop for my next horse, I originally decided to shop in Germany.  I have a contact in Germany and I asked her to start looking around for me.  In the meantime, I casually searched at what was available in the US.  I talked to a lot of sellers and received a lot of videos and I generally found that the horses were not as good, some not nearly as good, as described to me on the phone.  I began to wonder if my expectations were too high for the price range I was shopping in.  It was at this point that I came across an ad for a 4 year old imported Hanoverian gelding named Amerika, for sale by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold.  Amerika appeared to be the EXACT type of horse I was looking for and he was in my price range!  I contacted Irene about him, and later Michelle Gerlach (Irene's trainer), and I found both ladies to be well-informed, friendly, professional and very accommodating to my questions and requests for videos.  Once I viewed the videos of Amerika, I knew that I had to go see him.  I booked a flight for my friend/trainer, Amanda Bailey, and I to go to Fort Myers right away.  When we arrived in Fort Myers, we discovered that not only had Irene and Michelle honestly represented Amerika, he was even better than described!  This horse blew me away, not only with his fantastic gaits, presence and potential, but his absolute loving, snuggling personality and perfect manners!  When it came time for us to leave for our return flight, I kissed Amerika on the forehead and he tried to come with me - twice!  I knew that he was my soul mate and I bought him.

I've now had Amerika in St. Louis with me for almost a month and I cannot believe I have such a great horse.  I keep waiting for something to come up to bring me back to reality, but he's the real deal.  And, I didn't have to go to Germany!  Amerika is going so nicely that Amanda wants me to think about trying to qualify him for the Region 9 dressage championships for THIS year!  I don't know if we'll try for that or not, it's so unexpected and he is just 4 years old, but I'm thrilled and excited just at the idea.

I highly recommend Irene and Michelle to anyone looking to purchase a high quality horse.  Feel free to get my contact information from Irene if you are interested in talking to me directly about my experience.  Sincerely, Erin Rhoades  St. Louis, MO


Annie and I(Taylor) just had a show over this past weekend(Nov.1st-Nov.2) at Pebble Beach and she did great. On Saturday we had two classes, A flat eq, where they judge the rider and we won that. Then second we had the jumpers where they judge the sepeed and we got 4th(=/). On sunday we had ....hmmm maybe 6 or 7 classes, we had a lot of over fenses classes: we got a 1st in the equitation over fenses, a 2nd, 3rd, and a 5th in the hunters 2'. then we had to classes on the flat. In the flat equitation we got a 2nd, and in the flat under saddle we got a 4th. Well I just wanted to say I love Annie, and I think she is enjoying the colder weather. At the show it was in the 50 -60 degrees. And the normal days right now it gets up to maybe 70 at the most and it will probably start getting colder. She is really responsive . Well thank for giving us a chance to buy Annie I am so glad we did! We should be getting some pictures from the show photographer that I will try to make copies of and send to you if you want.
            P.S.- My Mom says hi


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