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Both my HW ladies (She’s Magic HW and Bella Royal HW) ... bought sight unseen ... as advertised and I adore them both …. Irene will go out of her way to answer any questions you have anytime. Kimberley Rene Dougherty

I'm an adult amateur that imported a 4 yr. old HW Westphalian (Now Or Never HW) sight unseen, people say well you just got lucky. No I didn't get lucky, this is what a well trained, well bred horse acts like. If you are in the market don't hesitate to buy an HW you won't regret it. Couldn't be happier. Lori Butt

My SkyHit HW was my first import and he was just as Irene described and was the first horse I did all the riding on to PSG as an AA. He was a gem for sure! Anne Hurtt Buchanan

10 years ago this beautiful boy arrived in my life from Germany. Santiago HW has matured and together we have learned more than I could ever have dreamed of. Thanks to Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for finding him and to my coach and friend Nancy MacLachlan for her wisdom and patience. And yes, he’s been through four saddles and I’m still wearing the same clothes 10 years later… Shelley Brown

Pic11559.jpeg (147813 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman is with Melissa Connelly and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold.

This horse makes me happy every single day.

And laugh.

If I was an Amateur and could only have one horse it would be this one:

DeNaldi HW (DeNiro x Gribaldi)




This handsome kid did his first line of 4 tempis today and nailed it.

Empire HW (Escolar x Rohdiamant) owned by Tracy Cook.

Can’t wait to show him this year! I think he’ll be ready for some baby PSG!!!

Nadine Schwartsman

149055775_10208185334427961_1143773276815944423_n.jpg (43155 bytes)

Pamela Aid posted: Sharing my incredible lineup for 2021. I am truly blessed beyond measure.

Satisfaction HW, second from the right.

Pic11031.jpg (412682 bytes)

Dear Irene, I wanted to let you know that it means so much to me that you gave endless attention, and incessant information on my purchase of Sommersby HW. " Summer"" is an absolutely beautiful, riding sport horse, as you said he was. He is all business as soon as you step into the stirrup. He is able to switch riders effortlessly. He is is truly well trained through 2nd level and then some. His rideability and desire to be ridden comes through every time. He truly listens to his rider and his incredible gaits, perfect size and beauty astounds those onlookers. Just a Show Stopper all round ! Your caring time and effort to answering all questions regarding his habitat, tack, feed and personal information, made me feel very respected and secure in my purchase. I can say that this sale, transport and transfer of ownership from HWfarm HORSES WORLDWIDE, to me could not have been so smooth without you and the Farm in Germany. I can not imagine an online transaction any where else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !, Irene ! Most Sincerely, Pat Degen

Check out the latest issue of Sidelines Magazine where Erik Englund is featured along side Blackie (Sir Niro HW aka Sotto Voce), owned by Susan Ellis !

6919d7ce-338b-4412-8b24-4126faa6aa42.jpg (244073 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: Ultimate Happiness (I have 11 horses love them all),

but these 4 boys complete me -

Feeling HW; FinestDream HW; Fendi HW & most important Scott McPhee.

Pic10847.jpg (314972 bytes) Pic10848.jpg (338540 bytes) Pic10849.jpg (377508 bytes)

Pic10850.jpg (353061 bytes)

Finalist HW is a blessing.

His training is Superb!

He’s a pleasure to ride and a complete sweet heart.

I am excited to continue our new journey together.

Dealing with HorsesWorldWide (www.HWfarm.com) for the the purchase was a great experience.

Finalist HW head1.jpg (3015541 bytes)

Blessed! Thank you Carol McPhee and Scott McPhee, Fendi HW (one of the 5 HW horses purchased sight unseen), is their "farm logo model" and those shirts are to die for.

Pic10663.jpg (791974 bytes)

Pic10662.jpg (1406444 bytes)

Brookhaven’s Patriarch Finnegan welcoming the newest addition to the team! Excited to have Blind Date HW in the barn! This one is really Mary’s horse!!! Thank you Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for making this purchase so easy and Guido Klatte and Belinda Trussel for taking such great care of her in her quarantines!! If you’re looking to meet your next partner, and don’t want to travel during Covid, you can trust Horses Worldwide and Irene!!

Jacqueline Brooks (Two Time Canadian Olympian)

Pic10659.jpg (331573 bytes)

Laura Graves: Nothing says fall is here like cooler temperatures and autumn decor! We are still waiting on the cooler weather but celebrating anyway with SenSation HW and his new double bridle from @dressagecollections Completely custom and ergonomic. Nothing but the best for this boy.

4094EE00-0DED-4A7D-901B-4857D90883A3.JPG (547606 bytes)

Our first outing in almost a year and a half. It was an honor to ride with such a master in our sport, Charles De Kunffy, I’m very grateful for the experience. Fin (FineStep HW) was so good, he put my worry about being stagnant for a while to rest. I’m so grateful to have this fantastic horse. Thank you for raising such super horses and for the opportunity to have such a super boy in my life. Lisa Rush

IMG_0239.JPG (195807 bytes)


BestMan HW being a playboy in the field, he is truly a unicorn! Rachael Shelton

IMG_0134.JPG (143370 bytes) IMG_0135.JPG (146296 bytes) IMG_0136.JPG (161266 bytes)

Some days I still can’t believe that she is mine ... #BellaRoyalHW #unicorn Kimberley Rene Dougherty

Pic10356.jpg (324291 bytes)

It is coming up to 2 years since I purchased Francisco HW. This big beautiful boy is the perfect combination of power under saddle with an in your pocket personality on the ground. Trainer Hank Hutson has this to say.... “Hats off to your trainers and handlers that gave him such a great start as a sport horse. He has three beautiful gaits and is naturally forward, supple, and balanced. This is a big time horse with much to offer. He loves his work and is so exciting to ride..... a happy, FUN, horse.”

Thanks Irene/HWfarm for the selection and handling of quality, well bred babies that have so much potential for the sport and for making the purchase/import process so easy! Can’t wait to see what is to come with this boy! Nancy Ruth

88248302_3332757566741656_8435483638140764160_o.jpg (195544 bytes)

Meanwhile Sandro aka Special Edition HW  confirms his work for the Grand Prix.

For 11 years by my side I can only be proud of you my pony love.

Original text: Pendant ce temps Sandro aka Special Edition HW  confirme sereinement son travail pour le Grand Prix. Depuis 11 ans à mes côtés, je ne peux être que fière de toi mon Amour de poney Sandrine Trillat The Stable : Dressage French Riviera



Finley (aka FiftyShades HW) and I had fun dressing up and playing in the field today we are so lucky to be at such a beautiful place, true Canadian paradise! Thanks so much Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold Finley continues to exceed all of our expectations we adore him!! Janine Little

FiftyShades HW Janine Little1.jpg (750638 bytes) FiftyShades HW Janine Little2.jpg (1031069 bytes) FiftyShades HW Janine Little3.jpg (915904 bytes)

Kimberley Rene Dougherty recommends www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -.

I bought two mares (She's Magic HW and Bella Royal HW) from Irene ...both sight unseen purchases although with Irene’s help I felt like I already knew who they were before they even stepped foot in the USA. These horses are meticulously handled from birth and it shows. Both of my mares confidently and smoothly adjusted to their new life here with me. Irene goes above and beyond during the process and stays in touch after. She is always thrilled to hear about their progress and development. Don’t hesitate to contact her regarding her current horses for sale !

Carol McPhee recommends www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -.

I am 100 % In love and happy with my 5HW’s that I have purchased from the 1st Fendi HW in 2015 to my 5th FinestDream HW in 2019. The complete experience from start to finish to regular follow-up on all the progress and making sure I’m still happy with them. Irene and her staff doesn’t just sell a horse - she breeds, raises, hand picks foals, develops them with a solid foundation for the new owners to continue successfully. All of mine where purchased sight unseen and would do it again and highly recommend others to have the same confidence. Also I have been able to gain new friends who also have purchased HW's  as we follow and support each other. I couldn’t imagine not having my HW's (Fendi HW aka Tall, Dark & Handsome; SenSation HW aka Black Pearl & dance partner with Laura Graves; Feeling HW aka Fitz my horse and FinestDream HW aka Dante the best 5yo Diva Gelding. (only sold one Franziskus HW because he was a bit too tall for me and is a perfect match with his new mom (Allison Weick). So any of you doubters - don’t doubt- believe as these horses are amazing!

Pic10134.jpg (242841 bytes)

On the days I can’t fly... he makes me happy, BestMan HW aka BOSS

Rachael Shelton

Pic10126.JPG (465583 bytes)

Last week my grandparents “aka Dior HW's owners” got to meet their special horse for the first time and see me ride for the first time in about 7 years. It was a moment I started to fear would never happen but it did! They loved him and were so proud of the progress we’ve made since he was a lanky four year old. I can’t wait for them to hopefully see him succeed in the show ring and stand proud of their granddaughter and her mighty steed. Kassidy Peacock

Pic10018.jpg (820960 bytes)

 Nancy Smith posted: This weekend was a big milestone for Damon’s Design HW. We completed a six year journey from buying him as a four-year-old and showing him this weekend and his first developing Grand Prix where he scored a 67%! All in all, a fantastic weekend and Wellington! I am forever grateful for the support that I have from the best owner ever, Sarah Bushong-Weeks and Mary Anne who is the wind beneath my wings!

Pic9958.jpg (496697 bytes)

Santacruz Dressage, King Santacruz posted: We are so happy how FirstEdition HW is developing! “Nobby” is a 5 year old Hanoverian gelding (Fuerst Romancier x Bundeschampion Fidermark) owned by Kim & Danny Rogers of Old Oyster Pond Farm. Old Oyster Pond Farm says: We’re so proud of him, thank you!

image.png (3965526 bytes) Pic9886.jpg (921803 bytes)

Janine Little posted: The beautiful and amazing portrait of Finley (aka FiftyShades HW) by Nancy Gaudreault

Pic9881.jpg (457457 bytes)

Donna Gatchell posted the following:

This memory popped up!! Karen. 7 years!!! Wow!!! What a fantastic journey .... on our way to the GP. Thank you Irene at HWfarm horses!!! I remember you made this buying experience so great!!!

Tara Stegen is feeling grateful: I am grateful I own Gatsby HW and very grateful I have a great coach. Life looks bright with my future star for 2021 @ FEI.

IMG_7301.jpeg (346125 bytes)

DeNaldi HW with my son this morning, one in a million baby horse!!!!

Nadine Schwartsman

Pic9629.jpg (931622 bytes)

Brianna Zwilling posted: Very Handsome Denarius HW "Ari” (D'Grayson HW, owned by Christine Shreffler), such a special guy who loves to work and also be a harmonious dance partner. The future is bright! He is my buddy, such a special soul. Kind and an amazing desire to work with me!

I just love him! Every time I go to get on he reaches around and wants a hug before starting work. He's an absolute dream!!

Pic9611.jpg (446238 bytes)

My beautiful FinestDream HW aka Dante - was amazing today working in the open field. His big natural gaits he has learned to balance in the sandbox and is now learning to go up and down the small inclines. Excited for our future.

Carol McPhee

- Photo Credit Stacy Lynn Equine Photography

Pic9603.jpg (418779 bytes)

Pitu HW - more wonderful news. He has been on loan at Lendon Gray's youth rider WIT program in Wellington for the past two months. His rider Mimi Hoffman did a great job of working hard and having fun. Win/win. His mommy Emily Rodger Barber is excited to have him back home soon, she said: Best pony ever

Francisco HW's mom, Nancy Ruth sent this cute picture and said:

Hank Hutson loves him as do I! He has such a presence and is so handsome!

IMG_5821.jpeg (318913 bytes)

For the last couple decades, I have been importing young horses from my favorite broker, and I have been immensely pleased with my purchases. I have also admired the many quality horses advertised by HW, but was entirely content in my own comfort zone.

Then, one day this stunning face showed up on my feed, and I just couldn’t resist! Welcome to the family, SATISFACTION HW! The entire purchase from start to finish was an extraordinary example of professionalism. I wired the purchase price, and this beautiful, talented, absolute gentleman showed up on my doorstep on schedule. He is everything and more than advertised. In addition to the excellent customer service throughout the sale, I feel I have also gained a new friend in Irene! She has kept in constant communication, wanting to hear updates and details on my continued “Satisfaction:)” with my purchase! I would do it again in a heartbeat, and would highly recommend HW to anyone shopping. Look for great things from SATISFACTION HW in the future! Sincerely, Pamela Aide, Keystone Sport Horse Center

Pic9467.jpg (1370376 bytes)

Hi everybody! I wanted to catch you up on life here at Spoiled Rotten Ranch. I'm one of the family now and everyone loves me, except for the cats who are afraid of me :). My friend Paloma is CRAZY about me and cries and cries and cries when she can't see me. I guess I have that effect on girls . . . Mom calls me Batman because I'm black and my ears curl together at the top like bat wings - and I'm her superhero. Sometimes she lets me mow the grass. When I get older I can mow more. I think that's the job I'm really cut out for. I'm in velvet now and people love to touch me because I'm so soft. I have a new bridle and it has a party head band that I'm pretty sure are REAL DIAMONDS. I can't wear it yet - it's only for parties. I'm starting to relax in my work - I think everything is going to be OK. Boy can I walk - like a runway model. Sometimes if I have a little fright I do half steps. And when I play in my paddock I'll try a pirouette. I like to tease Mom and Dad :) They have carrots, apples and when I'm really good - jelly beans. It didn't take me long to figure out who the candy dispenser was. But best of all everyone loves me and I get lots of hugs and kisses. I miss you guys but I really like it here. I hope you all have a wonderful 2020! Nicker, nicker, Batman (ForDiamond HW)

1_1_2020.jpg (665283 bytes)


Centerline Stables, NY

Yowza! We welcome Kim Roger's stunning 4 year old Hanoverian gelding, First Edition HW to the Centerline-Stable this winter! We are honored that she's sent him here for training with our coach and trainer David Collins! This exquisite face also has the dreamy athleticism and temperament that we all hope for! Welcome Kim and "Nobby" and thank you for coming and entrusting his care and training with us!

Ally Fox is with Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold.

Fendi HW

Thank you so much Carol McPhee and Scott McPhee for once again for giving me the opportunity to ride Fendi and to be able to learn so much from him. I can’t wait to see what next show season has in store for us. Photo credit Stacy Lynne Wendkos

Pic9194.jpg (376888 bytes)


Carol McPhee: This is my “heart" horse. Feeling HW aka Fitz - photo credits Stacy Lynne Equine Photography

Feeling HW Carol1.jpg (433103 bytes) Feeling HW Carol2.jpg (383581 bytes)


FinestDream HW - love this 4 year old, photo credits Stacy Lynne Equine Photography

FinestDream HW Carol1.jpg (312038 bytes)

FinestDream HW Carol2.jpg (431157 bytes) FinestDream HW Carol3.jpg (345675 bytes)


Thankful to all our customers - we love what we do!

ForDiamond HW’s parents said/sent the following:

IMG_4076.jpeg (364565 bytes)

Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel: I am completely in love with the young mare. What a horse!!

Kimberley Rene Dougherty posted: Sometimes a real live unicorn shows up in your life .... two weeks ago this lady showed up and stole all of our hearts ... BellaRoyal HW, aka Blümchen or Unicorn

Pic9110.jpg (347614 bytes)

Everyday is a journey but with you (Dior HW) by my side we can conquer anything…next year has some big milestones coming our way! #Diorhw #hwfarms #myrideordie #psgherewecome #futurefeihorse #babyhorseisgrowingup #journey #togetherwecanconquertheworld

Kassidy Peacock

Pic9089.jpg (321064 bytes)


Hi everybody,

Sorry I haven't written sooner but I've been very busy. I'm starting to settle in and it's not so bad here! I have a big sand paddock that I roll in a lot, and I can run and play if I want to but mostly I stand in the shade (we have to look out for our coats) at the fence next to my friend Paloma and we eat hay. I like the hay and food here. Mom is kind of stingy with the grain right now, but she PROMISES I'll get more.

The neighbor's sheep come to see me every day and I have my own cat. Today we are going for a walk around the property. I haven't seen much yet, but I suspect I'll get to see where Mom and Dad will be working me and where I'll get to show off.

Have to go now - the sheep are coming.

Love you,

ForDiamond HW

ps - mom will send pictures after my bath

pps - they love me a lot

I purchased my new horse FirstEdition HW at the end of August. He flew out on my 50th birthday which was so special for me. What a birthday gift!

I cannot say enough about this young horse! He is sweet, outgoing, sensible, forgiving and brave. This horse is the real deal. He is everything that Irene promised and more. I am an adult amateur who has not ridden seriously in over ten years. He has been a perfect gentleman for me under saddle and on the ground.

He has a great feel in the bridle, is easy to sit and is responsive without being overly sensitive. This horse was started right. I bought him sight unseen and am thrilled that I did! He truly is my dream horse.

I am not typically a risk taker but felt comfortable with the purchase thanks to Irene. She talked me through all of the steps and was always available to answer questions. The customer service was absolutely amazing! Irene and HW Farm have a loyal customer....I would not hesitate to buy another horse from them in the future.

Kim Rogers, at Martha's Vineyard

Love my GATSBY HW, very proud of my Gatsby HW.

He is qualified for Regionals and has only shown 8 times, grown 2.5 inches since January and went up a shoe size to a European 4. All as a 5yr Westphalian baby. He has the best attitude and is super in the show ring. I cannot not speak enough of the ground work and beginning riding down by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and her team at Horses Worldwide (HWfarm). Tara Stegen

And the best part is I still haven’t ask for all that he could give me.


This is so awesome, Sansira HW, sold in 2007 is still in kind of the same hands, daughter (Katey Champigny) took over the ride from mommy (Carolynne Champigny) and reports that she is doing super well and that they have a lot of fun and success.

Love my job!!! See, 2 generations of happiness! Thank you so much for reaching out!

IMG_0697.jpg (208191 bytes) IMG_0698.jpg (346715 bytes)

IMG_0699.jpg (371090 bytes) IMG_0700.jpg (652503 bytes)

From Michelle Rozzano Gerlach: Great day with Kathleen Raine and Emily Rodger Barber with her Pitu HW along with my Forbes HW. Both boys were stars!

Pic8708.jpg (533919 bytes)

Empire HW did it again, over 82%!!!

Nadine Schwartsman is with Tracy Cook: A truly perfect weekend at the Boise River Show. I will sort out all the results properly to post tomorrow but today both Empire HW and Jumanji scored over 82%.

In addition, his mommy Tracy reported the following: Hi Irene, just wanted to send you a note, I know Nadine has kept you informed on Empire HW as he progresses as a 5 y.o . He is just such joy and others have obviously noticed what a good boy he is. I am excited to get our 4th (We still include FiveStar) HW horse at Les Bois. Empire HW earned his second 82+ score and best of all he is a fun and social love bug. Today before his test he socialized and had all the kids and some adults in his pockets, he always had people around him. I love that he is easy and uncomplicated to ride for me too. In short he is an amazing young horse! Thanks for your work and the care you take in the HW horses you sell.

IMG_0627.JPG (80101 bytes)

FinestDream HW aka Dante - #5 HW purchase sight unseen!

Not in the market for another but each time FinestDream HW advertisement came up a little voice kept saying Pick Me, Pick Me oh Please Pick Me. I’m like no I’m good - don’t need another. One evening I had a dream with FinestDream HW saying “are you not hearing me, please pick me”. So at that time I said to myself this must be a sign and I must purchase this boy. Not until that time did I even watch his video. So the process started to purchase him. Once again the process with Irene was smooth, informative and successful. Let me express this one is my “Special One” that will stay at FOD. Dante is the complete package - his sweet disposition, his amazing feel in the saddle and his gorgeous looks. This horse is the dream AA horse. No need to lunge him, he’s not spooky and he loves his attention. I’m so glad he picked me as he is more than I expected. Thank you Irene again for selling the Ultimate Dream horses and for such a smooth, informative and successful sales process. Carol McPhee

Pic8485.jpg (785161 bytes)

Hi Irene! Just want to tell you that everybody at the barn loves!! Baby Q (aka Qupid HW)! He is the sweetest most affectionate horse I have ever seen! I’m a happy mama, and hope he will help me through this difficult time! Thank you!

Gon Stevens

Q and Gon.jpg (67081 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted right after the arrival at her barn (she owns 5 HW horses now, all purchased sight unseen):

 FinestDream HW. Normally I have waited 5-7 days before getting on but this boy is SPECIAL and settled in like this has been his home. Woowza.

This boy is different- he’s like I’m glad you heard me whispering to pick me.

Pic8107.jpg (890713 bytes)

There is so much to be said for my experience with HW Farm and Irene!

We purchased BestMan HW sight unseen. I had never purchased a horse from out of the country and the whole process seemed terrifying to be quite honest. But Irene made everything seem like it was a breeze! Any questions I had (which was A LOT) were answered promptly and honestly. She stuck with me through the ordeal. Even after he arrived she was calling and texting to make sure I was able to pick him up from quarantine ok and that we made it home safely.

When I first Saw BestMan (whom is now named Boss) I fell in love! He was such a looker walking to the trailer, I couldn't believe that was MY horse. That he was the one loading up with me and coming home! he walked onto the trailer like a champ. You would have never guessed he had just flown all the way from Germany.

The trailer ride was uneventful and once we got home he settled in quickly. I can honestly say that Boss is more than I was expecting. He is the perfect partner. Not stubborn. Willing to learn. Loves to please. And he is so very honest. Boss is who he is, all day every day. You don't have to worry that he will all the sudden go rogue on you and act out of his character. He is quite the gentleman.

Everything Irene said about him was true and I would be blessed and very excited to purchase more horses from her in the future.

I look forward to competing with Boss and I know he will not disappoint. Very much like my experience with HW Farm

 ~Rachael Shelton~

6.jpg (404238 bytes) 10.jpg (352962 bytes) 2.jpg (347742 bytes)

 3.jpg (426058 bytes)

5.jpg (418244 bytes)

12.jpg (425392 bytes) 8.jpg (400074 bytes) 9.jpg (355080 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: SenSation HW was such a super boy day 1 with the huge crowd at Adequan / USDF FEI - Level Trainers Conference, in Florida, with Michael Bragdell in the saddle.

IMG_0195.jpeg (72129 bytes) IMG_1327.jpeg (122445 bytes)

These horse have the temperament, training and confidence to take you any place your heart leads you. Don't waste your money anywhere else. These horses are the real deal. Lori Butt, owner of Now or Never HW, sold sight unseen.

Special Edition HW (Sandro), living the life with Sandrine Trillat in Paris, France.

Pic7623.jpg (273030 bytes)

Gosh, I love spontaneous text messages from customers/who are now friends! Check out Franziskus HW (aka Fashion HW) with his mommy Carol McPhee

IMG_2425.jpeg (3602290 bytes)




Long over due ..... but needed the time to feel my “Feeling HW” and he is my #4 HW bought sight unseen. Feeling HW aka Fitz is a special boy in a smaller size, but a big ride that offers you “What a Feeling”. Within this last year our partnership has grown with so much trust and unity. Such an amazing feeling and gratification of our partnership and excited for our future development. Fitz tries very hard every time to please me and is always waiting for his next question so he can answer.

Again, Irene keeps in constant communication with my progress with him and the others. Ensuring that I am 100% satisfied with all my boys, willing to answer any questions I may have.

Many may think that because I bought 4HWs that’s why she stays in contact with me. WRONG. When I bought my 1st - Fendi HW in Sept of 2015, she regularly checked on us to make sure all is well. So whether you purchase one or more, her care, dedication and commitment Irene and her staff shows in each and every purchase, from the initial contact to the continued ownership, makes it a very easy decision to purchase one of her beautiful horses sight unseen.

Carol McPhee

IMG_0368.jpeg (96986 bytes)


FiveStar HW is now an international quality young Grand Prix horse!

Purchased sight unseen as a 3 year old and still owned by his original buyer, Dr. Cynthia McKing, with Nadine Schwartsman in the saddle. He has been developed carefully and methodically up the levels. After competing successfully at the Small Tour Level (PSG scores to 73.824 and I1 Freestyle scores to 73.963) he moved up to the I2 and Developing Grand Prix Level, winning Regionals at I2 and competing in the US National Championships in the Developing Grand Prix Division in Chicago.

Pictures by: Tracey Bish Photography

FiveStarHW 1.jpeg (220788 bytes)

FiveStarHW 2.jpeg (248234 bytes)

Another 5 star recommendation!

Francisco HW found his way to me a month ago today. He speaks for himself, an amazing horse! He is the total package that has been beautifully started and a personality that never met a stranger. Irene makes the purchase/import process so easy... she is delightful to deal with and on top of every detail in a very timely manner. This is the 3rd horse I have imported sight unseen, but had a personal contact with the first two… I felt comfortable with the reputation of HW and Irene and was not disappointed. What more can I say! Thanks Irene! Nancy Ruth

I purchased Now Or Never HW sight unseen from Irene and I couldn't be happier with my horse. He is all Irene promised, beauty, brains, quiet, willing and just a straight up correctly trained horse. Thank you for your integrity and honesty. I am looking forward to many happy years in the saddle with this wonderful partner. Lori Butt

Tracy Cook I am so thankful for the first class instruction and training from Nadine Schwartsman and the best horse (Empire HW) from Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. I am humbled and blessed, thank you just doesn't seem enough, you two rock, I am loving the journey.

Pic7387.jpeg (248669 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman is with Tracy Cook, Irene & Cynthia and posted:

Our two perfect HW boys.

 FiveStar HW and Empire HW

Pic7290.jpeg (245880 bytes)

Tracy Cook reviewed www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -

I purchased Empire HW sight unseen from Irene. The entire process was very straight forward and Irene was always happy to answer my questions no matter how simple or complex they were. My Veterinarian had a list of specific things that he wanted to see and Irene facilitated ALL of those extra items that we requested. My Vet made the statement that Empire HW (in person) was exactly as he had been represented in advertisement, video and description. What a refreshing concept in the horse sale world. Irene also facilitated the transport beyond arrival in the U.S. If everyone were as committed as Irene is, purchasing a horse would be a pleasant process! Irene continued her wonderful service well after the sale and arrival of Empire, she still responds to my updates and sends me pictures of my boy. I cannot believe that I have such a sweet, beautiful and athletic partner, BUT I DO, pinch, pinch. Thank you Irene!!!


Some photos back of Francis HW (Fuerst Nymphenburg x Rotspon) owned by Lisa Norling! So happy with how much this sweet boy has matured in the past 2 years.

Thank you Lisa for allowing me to develop this handsome guy and to Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HW farm for finding him:)

Jennifer Williams Dressage

Francis HW Chicago 20181.jpg (385002 bytes) Francis HW Chicago 20182.jpg (439521 bytes)

Photo credit Rebecca Jean Gottstein.

365 Days ago....Dior HW walked off the trailer from quarantine and into my arms. While it may have taken almost as long to find you, it was worth the wait. I knew something was special about you when I noticed that you have a black spot perfecting matching Percy. Dior you have been everything I wanted and so much more that I didn’t even realize I needed.

Our journey together has just gotten underway but we’ve already come so far and grown together in and out of the ring. Seeing you grow and learn this past year has been so rewarding.

 I love the unique and indestructible bond we are building. Hearing your nicker every morning when I walk in is the perfect start to my day. I am beyond lucky that I took a chance and checked Irene’s sales page one more time and jumped at the chance to call you mine. Thank you to my incredible family for always supporting us and helping us become a team. To Kim for taking the time to try Dior over in Germany. To Irene for the most amazing buying and post purchasing experience ever (if I could afford more than 1 I would have so many HW babies!). To Sallie and Shelly for all the coaching so far.

1 year down and many more to come! Love you Dior! Let’s go make our mark in the world Kassidy Peacock

Pic7042.jpg (368720 bytes) Pic7043.jpg (770711 bytes)

I have had several very special horses in my life. But this boy Gatsby HW has stolen my heart!! Tara Stegen

IMG_1450.jpg (110264 bytes)

Donna Gatchell posted: A sneak peak !!!

Festival HW (owner Karen Kerchner Baillie) in the Kevin clinic !! Amazing !!! Beyond happy with this horse. What a win/win, all around.

Pic6803.jpg (908567 bytes)

My HW Sandro (aka Special Edition HW)! 100% top horse 100% love 100% happiness Thank you Irene Sandrine Mysweetlife, in Paris, France

Pic6683.jpg (653203 bytes)

Oh my, Nancy Smith sent this artwork of her main man Damon's Design HW (owner Sarah Bushong), love it. Picture credit to Harry Furey - this looks amazing.

DAMON CLARCONA 3-24-18.jpg (2335526 bytes)

My experience buying my mare She’s Magic HW (SuziQ) site unseen could not have gone more smoothly. From the moment I first contacted Irene about her she went above and beyond to answer all my questions and make the process as simple as possible. SuziQ arrived in beautiful condition after her mare quarantine at Rigbie Farm. She’s everything I could have dreamed of and more. She's all about work yes lol .... but she's also the biggest cuddle bug ever .... I adore her ...

Kimberley Rene Dougherty

Pic6570.jpg (217401 bytes)

Dear Irene and Horses Worldwide,

I am over the moon with my new horse Gatsby HW. He is everything you advertised. After arriving of course he was misplaced in this vast world of Wellington.

Let alone at the Palm Beach Sports Complex where he is one of almost 300 horses (jumpers and dressage horses) Gatsby not only settled in and started focusing on me but went to his first horse show at Global Dressage Festival as a non-competing horse 2 weeks into being in the states.

He has a fantastic feel and ride ability!!! Thank you for everything!!!

Tara Stegen and the Stegen Family

Pic6480.jpg (422891 bytes)

Tara Stegen I am beyond thrilled with Gatsby HW. He went to Global as a non-compete horse today. Didn’t miss a beat.

SO excited to learn that Emily and Quincy HW had 2 super rides with Jessica Jo Tate this weekend! I so wish I could have been there to watch in person, but I’m thrilled and so proud nonetheless! Thank you so much to Emily and JJ for such an awesome weekend for my big baby horse!

I bought Quincy HW through Irene in January 2017. The process was beyond easy. Irene shared absolutely everything I needed to know about the horse and even scheduled him to fly out in record time! I only waited 1 week to see my dream horse and he was everything and MORE than I had expected! I’m so thankful to Irene for bringing this horse into my life and for the continued friendship, guidance, and support she has given us! Quincy HW is a dream come true and I cannot wait to see what he accomplishes in his lifetime! My next horse will be, without a doubt, another HW Farm beauty!

Meredith Kenyon

Jessica Jo Tate posted: He’s a lovely horse and so happy that you have trusted such a talented,charismatic and empathetic trainer like Emily to bring out his best.

Wishing you all & Quincy HW Kenyon the best! Pictured is Quincy HW with Emily Olive Brollier Curtis and Jessica Jo Tate

Pic6168.jpg (843876 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: This video is proof Irene you are a real person that supports your clients, even after the sale of your HW horses. Not a “Broker” as some may think. Love the support you show to each an every one of us HW owners. Keep supplying the most amazing and beautiful horses. Michelle Rozzano Gerlach commented: A fun visit!




Irene and the professional team in Germany made the purchasing process (Pitu HW) uncomplicated. While horse buying always entails risk, my experience with HW Farm and Irene exceeded expectations. My trainer assisted to arrange having her colleague ride the horse and send additional video to us in US. From there, yes, a calculated risk was taken, the same with all purchases. The horse traveled smoothly and arrived in perfect condition exactly as described...but better than even hoped for. He is simply lovely, fantastic and kind disposition, great amateur friendly brain. To top that, Irene and I stay in touch, and I also enjoy sending updates to my horse’s former owner in Germany (he was their personal family horse). I highly recommend HW Farm and will start with Irene first if/when I purchase another horse. :) Emily Rodger Barber

Pic6169.jpeg (1050910 bytes)

I purchased FineStep HW four years ago, sight unseen, and have built a great partnership with him. Irene was very honest with me and everything was spot on. I am so grateful for Irene and HW Farms, Fin and I couldn't be better together!

I would purchase another HW horse without hesitation. Lisa Rush

Pic6171.jpg (519997 bytes)

Little Dressage shared your post:

We are so glad that Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold got to stop in and visit with Janine Little and Finley (aka FiftyShades HW) and had such lovely things to say!

Fin is a very special part of the Little Dressage family so we'll always be grateful to Irene for Mr. Finners and highly recommend HW Farms!

Pic6177.jpg (871950 bytes)

Pic6174.jpg (637329 bytes) Pic6176.jpg (758453 bytes)

Irene made the entire process so easy and was dead honest all the way through. I am beyond thrilled with my HW baby (Dior HW) and will recommended them to anyone looking for great quality and personality to match!

Kassidy Peacock

Pic5943.jpeg (709503 bytes)

Heather Calder Marchman Purchased my sight unseen HW horse, May of 2014 as a 4 year old. Irene was extremely responsive and made the entire process from purchase to delivery worry-free. My boy, Duke HW, has a wonderful disposition, is nicely put together, resulting in a very willing, athletic guy. He’s equally talented at dressage and jumping. Another attribute is that he’s bold making it a blast to go xc jumping on him. I’ve spent the past few years, carefully developing him with the help of various trainers. Last year, he was Region VI (California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii) champion for open BN Eventing. So he’s proven already to be a star at the lower levels of that discipline. Recently, he and I completed an Intro horse trial with the intention to see if we could keep it dialed down in order to create the slower default mode (something often missing for these high performance sport horses). He won his dressage, and jumped clear on xc with time penalties for going (intentionally) too slow and then got a double clear for stadium! Going forward, we will build from here. I cannot thank Irene and her team for providing me with the horse of my lifetime! I’ve had horses all my 55 years and this one is by far the best one in so many ways.

Pic5855.jpg (218578 bytes) Pic5856.jpg (119773 bytes) Pic5857.jpg (1080941 bytes)

I never thought I’d see the day where I would be sitting in a deep seat dressage saddle, but the day has come. I cannot be any more thankful for this experience and can’t wait to see where this journey will take me. So honored to also be riding Feeling HW (owned by Carol McPhee), to help make this transition from the hunter world to the dressage world a little less complicated. Ally Fox

Pic5766.jpg (386361 bytes)


1 year anniversary with the big Tessy mare (Quatessa HW)!

She looked liked such a grown up to me when we brought her home and looking at this picture now she looks like such a baby! It's amazing to know that you have that exceptional talent tucked in your barn. I'm in no hurry to rush her into the show world. Even after being in Germany, I only see a select few that move naturally like Tessy does. She will redefine American dressage, she will redefine people's opinion of American breeding, and she will probably redefine my career. It's a huge responsibility, but I've proved to myself this year that I have end game in mind with her and we will conquer the show ring. She wants to be like her big brother Selten! Thanks to the team of phenomenal people she has brought to me this year! I hope you all continue to follow this special mares journey. Here's to her 5 year old year! Danielle Vitosh

Pic5761.jpg (506162 bytes)


Jennifer Schrader-Williams: Having fun in the sun!!! Francis HW, owned by Lisa Norling

#sorryhesnotforsale #summervalepremierdressage #hwfarm

#jenniferwilliamsdressage #youngdressagehorse #horsestowatch#feiprospect #pnwlife #FennFrancisNorling

Pic5722.jpeg (874742 bytes)

They say good things come to those who wait and in this case a great thing came from a year of searching. I've been following HW horses for ten years and now I have my own; Dior HW! Irene made the entire process so easy and stress free; and for an import newbie it was great to have her experience lead the way. When Dior walked off the trailer he was so much more than I had even hoped for. He is the most personable horse in the barn, but the minute he walks in the ring it's all business. I could not have asked for more in my new partner I can't wait to show the world how wonderful my HW baby is.

Kassidy Peacock with trainer Kim Herslow

Pic5403.jpeg (406142 bytes)

Check out all those Festival HW Champion and High Sore ribbons!

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted:

Having received the Ride for Life High Score ribbon (pinky one in middle) and maxed out of space for all my Festival HW and Donna Gatchell's Championship and High Score ribbons

I thought it time to take a pic before I unblock library door way??!

Pic5374.jpg (358055 bytes)

Pitu HW - One of many happy moments……………

Truly loved by his new owner Emily Barber, his previous riders Leonie and Marc (from Germany), were able to visit him in Florida.

How adorable is this?!

Pic5236.jpg (927334 bytes)

FiveStar HW and his mommy Dr. Cynthia McKim in an ad for Mimi Marie, in the Sake magazine

Pic5203.jpg (289989 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: The title says it all!

Actually all HW's are fantastic but these are my 4!

Such amazing partners.

And Feeling HW - this young boy is amazing. He is a lil' power house with lots to offer. 

Fendi HW, Franziskus HW, SenSation HW and Feeling HW

Pic5131.jpg (336340 bytes)

Tracy Kelly posted:

Another wonderful and super informative experience learning from Henk van Bergen at CB Walker Stables / Courtney Bolender Dressage!!

Dantino HW you were an absolute angel my heavenly boy! Thank you Courtney and Dave for the opportunity!!

Love. This. Boy. To. Pieces. He's just the absolutely best. My Dreamy boy. Just wanted u to know how our love and trust for one another grows deeper each day. I just love Dantino so much!! I feel so connected to him and every day we get more and more in tune with each other. It's bliss.

Pic5038.jpeg (735422 bytes)

Wonderful how Sir Niro HW (aka Sotto Voce) was developed by Jennifer Schrader-Williams. What a pleasure to see him successfully competing, in elegant style and with his lofty movement. Perfect all around.

He is owned by Heidi Schneller-Cook, congratulations to all.



"Having recently imported a fantastic and well-represented pony (Pitu HW) from Germany, I wholeheartedly recommend the services of HW Farm and Irene Wiederhold. Irene saw to each detail with care and kept me informed step-by-step in the process. Also, the training farm in Germany graciously accomodated our European trainer coming to ride the horse. It's true videos only show so much, but the additional details readliy provided by Irene alleviated undue stress.

Now for the pony: to our delight he arrived in wonderful condition and not fazed by the journey. He is precisely as described by Irene, if not better, than anticipated. In two weeks since he's arrived, Florida has become his home and he is relaxed and happy. Riding him is a blast; our trainer and a skilled young rider concur, in addtion to myself, an experienced amateur rider. I rode him the second day he arrived on the buckle among dogs, golf carts, and a stiff breeze. He went straight to work impecabbly - he tries hard to please us.

Quite simply, it would be difficult to be happier! I hope Irene markets more ponies and smaller horses - many US adult riders would benefit. And I will buy another :) "

Thanks, Emily

ps - Pitu HW is doing great and he goes crazy for carrots! He's spoiled and LOVED - but we make him work a tiny bit too :) He nickers loudly each time I come to his stall now. LOL!

FullSizeRender-1.jpg (367087 bytes)




Forbes HW: Wonderful news from Michelle Rozzano Gerlach, at a clinic with Susan Mandas, "S" judge, GP rider/trainer and respected Sport Horse Breeding Judge. She called him "an exciting horse for the future”

Further Michelle Rozzano Gerlach says:

My angel! Sue was so thrilled.

She commented how he just naturally lowered his croup each time he was asked to push a bit more forward. Plus, she felt he had a super hind leg...piaffe will be a strong point for him! Not to mention canter departs like butter!

IMG_0488.PNG.jpg (361577 bytes)

Here is a message from Paris, sure made my day!

Hello Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold I hope that you remembre me !

I bought my lovely Sandro (alias Sammy aka Special Edition HW) with you when he was 5 years Old.

I m always in love with Him like the First day I saw him Thank you so much for that !

Sandro was 8th on the last french championship My traîner is Isabelle Judet the fantastic 5* star judge We will begin CDI 3* in 2 month in small tour\

Sandro is schooling grand prix movement very Easily !!

Thanks a lot again To you Best regards Sandrine and Sandro From Paris

1.jpg (52999 bytes)

4.jpg (89139 bytes)

2.jpg (70819 bytes) 3.jpg (91655 bytes)





Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and her staff at HW Farm offers only the best.

The breeding, raising, training is only first class and hand selected to earn the HW name.

Purchasing 3 site unseen has been a privilege and a blessed opportunity.

My three boys Fendi HW (soon to make his presence locally with Olivia A. Steidle, SenSation HW (who just made a statement) and Franziskus HW, aka Fashion HW (who's with Michael Bragdell at Hilltop and will be making his debut soon).

Only Fun, Success and complete Enjoyment lies ahead ! Carol McPhee

Pic4722.jpg (979365 bytes) Pic4721.jpg (466003 bytes)

Donna Gatchell shared Donna Gatchell Dressage's post — with Karen Kerchner Baillie

Festival HW was amazing Irene.

My trainer is so impressed with his progress which is a testament to his rideability and character !!!!

He is now confirmed in his 4's , 3's, 2's , and learning his ones !!!

Festival HW April 20171.jpg (430095 bytes) Festival HW April 20172.jpeg (405167 bytes) Festival HW April 20173.jpeg (411716 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted:

My boy Franz aka Franziskus HW (Fashion HW). Coming along nicely with Michael Bragdell at Hilltop.

Pic4567.jpg (756229 bytes)

Rachel Saavedra Dressage posted:

Hi Irene, 

Fun to see his baby pictures. Just saw Jennifer S-W shining at the Murietta CDI. Brought Sueño (ShowMaster HW) out at Int. II and Developing GP in January. He felt great! On our way to our semi annual clinic with Conrad Schumacher. Can't wait to show him how strong and keen Sueno is and get our marching orders for the next steps. I thank you again for this wonderful horse! Rachel Awwww, beautiful ShowMaster HW, also known as Sueno Hit, owned by Rachel Saavedra Dressage. Rachel is one of USDF's top instructor/clinicians AND she and her partner, Sueno Hit, are 2016 USDF Horse of the Year 8th place for Prix St George!!

IMG_2892.JPG (173702 bytes)


Hi Irene,

a couple of pic's from today. He is doing really well.

Still working on collection and developing strength but he now has his changes and is a happy guy.

Diana Mukpo, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures of you and FirstClass HW - love to see that you are having fun with him. Enjoy.

image1.JPG (188445 bytes) image2.JPG (180049 bytes)

FiveStar HW’s owner said, after she had bought him sight unseen, many years ago:

Can you see my smile in Florida?

I rode FiveStar HW today and can't stop smiling. He is everything you said - he was only more! Three absolutely wonderful and powerful gaits. His temperament is unbelievably sweet and we already have an incredible bond. Thank you so much for finding this TOP QUALITY horse for me. It is truly a dream come true. Cynthia McKim

His trainer Nadine Schwartsman reports now, that his piaffe and passage are coming along nicely and that he’s ready for PSG, still as loved as ever, or even more and with his original owner.

Pic4384.jpg (642115 bytes)

Franziskus HW (aka Fashion HW) – WOW is my first word for him. He is my 3rd HW purchase site un-seen in just 1 ½ years. Each one so different in their movement but none of them with anything disappointing, only Complete Elegance and Enjoyment. Franz is such a sweet in-your-pocket gentle giant. Giant he is, big expressive shoulders, giant powerful gaits, but kind soft eye and sweet disposition. Franz’s Presence, Elegance & Power deserves the best opportunity for him to shine. I am so excited for the future for this boy with the opportunity of working with Michael Bragdell at Hilltop Farms. I feel the sky is the limit for the both of them.

Now owning and personally handling and riding these 3 HW Beauties (Fendi HW, SenSation HW & Franziskus HW), re-confirms my thoughts that Irene and her staff in Germany with their complete commitment in breeding, raising, training the most beautiful, well-bred and best disposition horses. Not only does Irene & her staff offer the most amazing horses, the extra personal touch of communicating every step of the way until they reach the farm, answering every question, I mean every question 24/7, and regularly keeping in contact with their progress.

I would not hesitate, obviously, to recommend anyone that feels they can get in on “The Lottery” as someone has mentioned on FB, to make a Purchase site un-seen. These horses are the complete package being represented & sold by HW Farms, a real farm, real dedicated knowledgeable professionals who only will sell the BEST, not a Broker selling “A Pretty Horse”.

I would like to also add, Irene cares about each and every one of the horses she sells and the new owners and proudly shares each and every one of our experiences and highlights. With doing so we are all able to connect and be supportive of each other and share our experiences. How many others do this out there, NONE!!!!! They sell you a horse and say thanks so much! Why Irene does this, in my opinion is because her horses are not just “A Horse”, they are a “HW Horse”, which is a complete package that the staff at HW Farms has invested many many hours making sure they meet the criteria for an HW Name.

Thank you again for such an amazing horse, great purchase experience and continued follow-up!

PS – My husband (aka Santa) told me no more LOL!

Carol McPhee

Pic4350.jpg (100139 bytes)

Quincy HW is a dream come true. I've been following HW farm for at least a decade, always dreaming that one day one would be mine to ride. With every new facebook post i would longingly look at the amazing quality of horse flesh, all with beautiful movement and stunning good looks.

I actually saw Quincy's video on youtube before Irene sent me any information on him and I was hooked.....out of the almost 900 views on his video, I think my views account for about 3/4 of them; here was something about him that i couldn't stop watching. Was it the huge, lofty trot and canter? The huge hind leg action? The soft and kind look? The fact that he was only 3? I think all of the above.

The next part is a whirlwind for me. The universe made it possible for me to acquire this horse. Of course, I was ecstatic, but naturally i had a few reservations. I never had a chance to even meet him much less ride him. Having known some people with bad import experiences, I put all of my trust in Irene and her glowing reputation. She made me feel at ease describing Quincy HW in depth and being available for conversations and questions immediately. It just so happened that the other two HW boys (Franziskus HW and Quattro HW) were being shipped out the next week and there was one last spot on the plane for Quincy HW. Throughout the week Irene was more than accomodating with making all of the arrangements. I didn't have to worry about a thing! The following week Quincy and the boys shipped out and everything went like clockwork. At 10 pm that next Friday, Quincy arrived safe and sound!

That first night was love at first 'actual' sight as I just sat and watched to make sure he was getting used to his new home. The next morning we were all so pleasantly surprised when he walked very calmly out to his new turnout after being inside for almost a full week at many new places. Did I also mention that he's 3? This was the beginning of realizing just how accurate Irene was in her descriptions of him. She told me that he's an old soul that really really loves to please. Quincy HW has exceeded my expectations 10 fold. His manners are perfect, he is so level headed and takes everything in stride, he is so well trained for being so young, is as sweet as can be and is ALWAYS happy. The other huge thing of note, is that this horse absolutely trusts people. He looks to the person for leadership and he knows that he will be ok. I cannot say enough great things about the work that Irene's people have done with him! You can just tell that he was well loved and treated like the most special horse in the world, just like every other blessed HW horse!

Through this whole process I've connected with other HW horse owners and they could not have been more supportive as well. It's like one big family. I was also blessed with the opportunity to meet and ride Carol McPhee's three HW boys.. (Fendi HW, SenSation HW, and Franziskus HW) Franziskus was Quincy's travel companion, so he was also brand new and adjusting. Every single one of them reminded me of Quincy HW in how easy, well trained, and sensible they are. Not to mention being gorgeous!

My advice to everyone out there who is looking at purchasing one of Irene's amazing horses is to absolutely do so. Not only will she make you feel 100% at ease, but you will get the best horse that you could ever find. Not just for the amazing movement, but for the training and brain as well. You will receive a horse knowing that Irene knows 100% of it's history; which is worth it's weight in gold in itself!! I could not be happier with Quincy HW and feel blessed beyond measure. When the time comes for me to look for another horse for myself, or a client, my first stop will always be Irene and HW Farms!

Meredith Kenyon

Pic4335.jpg (166655 bytes)

Meredith Kenyon (she owns Quincy HW), stated the following, about Carol McPhee’s 3 HW horses, all purchased sight unseen from www.HWfarm.com (Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold)

I had the extreme privilege to ride my friends incredible horses this weekend! So thankful for this amazing weekend and for such amazing friends!!

Even more convinced that every HW horse is absolutely the best!!!!

Here are SenSation HW, Franziskus (aka Fashion HW), and Fendi HW! Thank you for the best time ever!!

I feel like the luckiest person alive! Total dream come true!!! Carol McPhee is SO generous to share her beloved kids with me! Irene, you are a master at what you do! Such talented, intelligent, beautiful, and personable horses! Thankful for you!

Pic4293.jpg (227711 bytes)

SenSation HW

Pic4292.jpg (207800 bytes)

Franziskus HW (aka Fashion HW)

Pic4301.jpg (484951 bytes)

Fendi HW


Carol McPhee posted the following:

I want to share this with each and every HW Horse owner/trainer - Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold has been so caring and personal with each and every one of us with her day to day or week to week contact. Sharing our experiences and accomplishments so proudly and professionally. Bringing us HW Club owners together and supporting each other. What an incredible women who truly stands behind each and everyone of her horses she has hand picked to raise, train then sell and proudly each one to represent the HW Farm name. I love seeing the stories and pictures of each and every other owner as I am sure they are as well. Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold keep up the good work and outstanding relationship you continue with each and every one of us.

Carol McPhee owns the following www.HWfarm.com horses:

Fendi HW, SenSation HW and Franziskus HW (aka Fashion HW)

Carol.JPG (2066049 bytes)

Heidi Schneller-Cook posted:

Heritage Farms Sotto Voce' aka Sir Niro HW.

Sotto Voce' has places third in the Country in First Level out of 552 competitors.

A lovely horse with unlimited potential. Many thanks to Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and Jennifer Schrader-Williams for all your help developing such a lovely young prospect!

Pic4220.jpg (534628 bytes)

Ferdinand HW (owner Catherine Teifer) aka Andy working hard with Jessie Myers and George Williams! Two months in sunny Florida!

Pic4095.jpg (309760 bytes)

Irene only offers the best. Best bloodlines, best temperament, best initial training/handling, most beautiful and BEST Client Relationship. She cares about each and every one she places and keeps in touch daily on all our progress. I don't think there is anyone else that does that because she believes in what she sells is the Best.

I purchased 3 sight unseen, my recent Franziskus HW (aka Fashion HW).

I would recommend to anyone that may be hesitant, DONT be.

If I had any issues or concerns I would have never purchased 3

(Fendi HW, SenSation HW and Fashion HW).

Carol McPhee

Pic4094.jpg (596435 bytes)

In the summer of 2015, I had the good fortune of acquiring FürstenHit HW by way of purchase by my employer_ Carlene Blunt of the Country Club Stables. This guy was a delight from the moment he arrived as I posted on this website at that time.

Nearly eighteen months later… I stand by that testimonial wholeheartedly. Fürsten is one of the very best equine partners I’ve ever had. At 53 years of age and having spent my entire life working with horses as a profession… that is quite a statement indeed.

When I first posted about Fürsten, I vowed one thing…. If I were ever to purchase another horse, it would be from Irene. I told everyone I knew_ “The next time I need a horse, I’ll call Irene and tell her to send me something I want.”

Last November, I found myself in a place where I needed another horse to bring along and compete. I contacted Irene, and she suggested Clooney HW. I watched the video and agreed. My employer made the necessary arrangements, and eleven days later, Clooney was in our barn.

Again… ANOTHER wonderful horse that I COULD NOT be happier with! This guy has it all… gaits, conformation, intelligence and common sense_ PLUS totally beautiful! He is eager to please, always happy to see me and ready to work. Beyond that, he has impeccable manners on the ground_ just SO sweet and fun to interact with.

In addition, Irene is always amazing to work with. Again… eleven days from first contact to possession… That in of itself speaks volumes! She is on top of EVERYTHING… ALWAYS! And… just like Clooney_ she’s always happy to hear from me, ready to work and JUST as sweet and fun to interact with!!! LOL Seriously though… Irene is the best!!!

Many thanks to you Irene for making my job so much more enjoyable_ makes me happy! And many thanks from Carlene and our staff as well. After all… a “happy” Gary is a whole lot easier to deal with! ;-)

All The Best, Gary Lane The Country Club Stables Boynton Beach, Florida

Pictured is Clooney HW and FürstenHit HW

It has now been 3 months since my equine soul mate, Dantino HW came home to me and he continues to impress me with his forward thinking brain, willingness and eagerness to work, general obedience, incredible devotion to me and ability to adjust to his new surround all the while revealing his wonderful, interesting, fun and playful personality. We have fantastic chemistry together and he is very intelligent. He is incredibly sweet, loving and really enjoys our snuggle time together. His training is impeccable--I absolutely cannot wait to compete with him and move up the levels!!

I do think every single one of the HW horses are absolutely stunning...(you really can't go wrong)...BUT I just find Dantino HW to be exceptionally breath taking. He is so beautiful. Striking actually. Exquisite. There's such a stand out quality to him.

I'm 100% convinced that fate brought us together--I cannot believe the incredible good fortune that graced me with the gift of being able to love him. One day I hope to have another HW beauty join our family, but for now I'm enjoying Dantino HW to the fullest and learning more and more every day about him. My delicious little (or rather big lol) onion with all his interesting and funny layers. He is showered daily with oooodles of love and impeccable care. It is so important to me that my animals are genuinely happy, well fed and cared for. They are part of the family and loved unconditionally. Always and Forever.

I highly recommend buying a horse from Irene and HW Farm. I couldn't be happier!!! You will not be disappointed. I feel so blessed to have not only gained my dream horse, but also a wonderful friendship with Irene. She is as special as her horses are. I would do it again in a heart beat! Thank you Irene and HW Farm!!! Tracy W. Kelley

Pic4012.jpg (539653 bytes)

Super grateful for the best gift of all this Christmas – ALL OF OUR ONLINE and real life friends and customers! Merry Christmas!!!

Many highlights daily, here is one of the sweetest cards, Dantino HW with his family Tracy W. Kelley

He is LOVED and part of the family!!!!

Pic3979.jpg (1105496 bytes)

Nancy Smith got a Damon's Design HW painting - love it. Artist is Nicole Ryan, just beautiful! Thank you Kristin Stein Meers for making this happen, well done.

Pic3971.jpg (816024 bytes)

FAVOR (aka Favorite HW) says Hi!!!

He is doing soooooo good! His trainer said today that he is the BEST 3 yr old she has ever ridden! He is just a superstar every ride. The groom stopped me today to tell me how good he was when the other horses were going crazy with the weather changes. It's just always making my heart smile! I still cannot believe he is mine!!! He is just the sweetest and kindest boy. He is going to well under saddle too. Very straight and balanced. His transitions are going well. We are aiming for 4 yr old Championships next year.

Pic3814.jpg (1157915 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: Another super day with my boy Fendi HW.

We are so lucky to have trainer Crystal Goldberg working with us and my two other boys. Sky's the limit with such a talented trainer.

Pic3791.jpg (387673 bytes)

Catherine Reid posted the following: Skywalker HW and I teaching at the PNW High Performance Masterclass... This photo makes me laugh.... I know I've said I can't talk without using my hands but I think Shorts (aka SkyWalker HW) is seriously wondering what I'm doing. Such a wonderful event! I'm so proud to be a part of this.

Pic3760.jpg (292172 bytes)

FineStep HW with his owner Lisa Rush and their beautiful family

Pic3757.jpg (376627 bytes)

Having purchased my horse from Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and HW Farms, I can honestly say that I could not have hoped for a better experience. Irene was extremely responsive and professional throughout the process.

FirstClass HW exceeded my expectations being beautiful, talented, sweet and with a very good training foundation. I would not hesitate to purchase another horse from her.’ Diana Mukpo, Windhorse Dressage

Pic3751.jpg (933653 bytes)

ShowMaster HW, aka Sueno - I'm so grateful for him!

He went to The FEI Developing PSG champs at Lamplight this year as an 8 yr old and finished 8th in the Usdf PSG horse of year standings. He is schooling the GP work with enthusiasm, and I couldn't be more pleased with him.

Thank you for this wonderful horse! Rachel Saavedra Dressage

Pic3744.jpg (451524 bytes)


Karen Kerchner Baillie and her boy Festival HW

One last shot from our great show 2016 season. Taken right before one of his Championship rides with Donna Gatchell.

Love this guy Festival HW. Such a star again this year

Pic3548.jpg (454945 bytes)

Dantino HW....captivating, soulful eyes, gorgeous, incredible suspension, elegant gaits and of course, handsome. I found Dantino very early on in my horse search and it was love at first sight. Boy did he set the bar high. I carefully read through the very detailed information provided on the www.HWfarm.com website, studied the photos and watched the video of Dantino over and over and over again. He. was. the. one. He was exactly what I was looking for BUT he was located in Germany. I thought to myself, I couldn't possibly import a horse, let alone sight unseen, but as I continued to ponder and review my domestic options, not one single horse came even close to the multi talented and majestic, Dantino. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I reached out to Irene, and felt incredibly comfortable with her from our very first delightful and informative conversation. Irene exudes warmth, trust, love and passion and she has tremendous knowledge of her horses. I knew I was in the right hands. I was nervous to say the least..but VERY excited. Irene promptly answered every single one of my questions with incredible detail. She was amazing. We discussed pre purchase vet exams, blood work, feed, tack etc and she sent X-rays for my vet to review...it was refreshingly uncomplicated. Dantino continued to checked off all the right boxes for me and so did Irene. The transaction process was seamless and once we put pen to paper, the real fun began. We discussed shipping dates and how soon my boy could come home to me. She kept me informed of every single detail leading up to (and on) transport day replete with pictures of Dantino getting ready to make his journey. It was only days later that he arrived more beautiful than ever. It has now been 3 weeks since my equine soul mate came home and he continues to happily surprise and impress me with his forward thinking brain, ability to adjust to his new surround all the while revealing vibrant personality. We have incredible chemistry together and he is very intelligent. His training is impeccable--I absolutely cannot wait to compete with him and move up the levels!! I highly recommend buying a horse from Irene and HW Farm. I couldn't be happier!!! You will not be disappointed. I feel so blessed to have not only gained my dream horse, but also a wonderful friendship with Irene. She is as special as her horses are. I would do it again in a heart beat! Thank you Irene and HW Farm!!! Tracy Kelley

IMG_2612.jpg (834761 bytes) IMG_2615.jpg (93077 bytes)

Thank you Irene and her staff at HW Farms for having such stunning, well bred and started under saddle horses. Your continued communication with me and all of your other purchasers proves your care and interests post sale of those beautiful horses.

You have set the bar so high I don't think anyone can compare. Carol McPhee

Here is a picture of Carol's 2nd HWfarm horse: SenSation HW

This boy is with his mommy and his other HW companion (Weltprinz HW) since roughly 8 years, they are still having a lot of fun!

Linda Montgomery posted: Here is Stepmaster HW being silly - always into everything he is so sweet and funny

Pic3344.jpg (255758 bytes)

Karen Kerchner Baillie with Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, “a picture is worth a thousand words,”

 A moment of appreciation for my boy Festival HW before we untack and pack up for trip home from Championships in NC. Also both Festival and I love and are grateful for our always patient and helpful ( husband) Fred

Pic3306.jpg (408206 bytes)

Irene's horses are absolutely stunning to look at and more amazing under saddle. If you are ever considering one to purchase but on the fence to do it sight unseen, well jump over the fence and do it. You will not be disappointed. Both Fendi HW (purchased at age 6) and SenSation HW (age 3) are amazing. I am sure if you contact any one of the other HW horse owners they will also provide you confidence.

IMG_2182.JPG (622166 bytes)

FürstenHit HW, ridden and loved by Gary Lane, forever in the heart and home, sculpture by Brigitte Eberl and the artist that painted it 100% to the original horses stunning looks, is Nikki Button.

LOVE, how the www.HWfarm.com horses are making everybody happy, Gary says he is always a pleasure, even after having time off. Another match made sight unseen.

IMG_1932.jpeg (13439 bytes) IMG_1933.jpeg (15789 bytes) IMG_1936.jpeg (21629 bytes)  IMG_1942.jpeg (18090 bytes) IMG_1946.jpeg (20368 bytes)

IMG_1939.jpeg (18212 bytes)

OMG...here is the "true story"

......Carol McPhee asked, if I had seen the attachment, as I had only posted the e-mail text? She has me in tears.....bless her!

Another amazing Dream Horse purchased from HW Farm, sight unseen! My newest addition SenSation HW who is Sensational! Irene’s post sale communication, keeping in touch on a regular basis with Fendi HW’s progress has given me the assurance to make another sight unseen purchase. Without hesitation I have been constantly viewing her Website considering another dream horse purchase, from one beauty after another. Viewing and considering from the stunning Francis, Forbes, Favorit, Ferdinand and still holding out, questioning if I am missing the boat on not purchasing one of those amazing HW horses. Then this one morning, during my normal scanning of HWFarm.com - SenSation HW is now available. There was no question in my mind that this is the one I have been waiting and holding out for. After viewing his video and seeing his pictures, the deal was done. Without hesitation the process began. Irene answered the little detail questions about SenSation HW, was able to get his Pre-Purchase Vet Exam completed and results to me in a short amount of time for my Vet to review. Shortly after, his flight was booked to the US, final home - Field of Dreams Equi-Sport Ctr in Eastern PA to join Fendi HW. Even though I have been through the purchase process less than a year ago with Fendi HW, Irene kept me up to date with his travel, sharing pictures and correspondence. When he arrived into the US, she continued to keep me up to date on his progress, even arranged transportation to my Farm from NY since I had a large Open House Party at the Farm the same day SenSation HW was to arrive. SenSation HW is a complete dream for a 3yo. The staff at HW Farm again has done an amazing job with his handling and initial training. Sen as we call him is so sweet and tender, a total in your pocket boy. Each day out he makes strides forward to a very bright and successful future. Without hesitation, I would purchase another HW Farm dream horse. I would highly recommend anyone to trust Irene and her staff to purchase sight unseen. The quality of breeding, training and handling that goes into each one of the HW Farm beauties sets them far apart from others. Again, thank you Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for your personal care and attention to each one of my purchases.

Pic3199.jpg (668623 bytes)

Carol owns Fendi HW and always said she’d buy a second HW horse sight unseen too, here is her new addition:

Irene, Here you go! It’s so hard to write about you because I get so emotional. You and your staff truly have the “Dream Horse”. Each and every one of them. What also sets you apart from other is You! The way you correspond with each and every potential client and current client is truly special and amazing. That says a lot for both your confidence in what is offered and sold as well as your care that each and every one of us is completely satisfied with our purchase. Keeping in touch with each HW Horse progress and sharing all of our experiences is a special.

Keep up the good work and stop showing me more that are coming up! Respectfully, Carol L McPhee My sweet boy SenSation HW. Loving his new home.

Pic3188.jpg (292206 bytes)

Heather Calder Marchman says: I think it's safe to say, Duke HW loves eventing.

Congratulations Lone Tree Farm on another successful show!

Pic3162.jpg (182427 bytes)

When Planets Align - HWfarm Makes Another Great Match Sight Unseen!


For me, the planets don’t align; signs don’t manifest to guide me; and I definitely don’t believe in love at first sight. That being said, read the following testimonial and know that I am a changed girl! - Irene Wiederhold

Sign #1 - I opened Facebook at an odd time of day for me and Forbes HW was at the very top of my news feed. Sign #2 - I did something I never do unless I am actively looking for a horse, I watched the video. Sign #3 - I did yet another thing I never do, I commented on how this special horse was exactly my type.

With that comment, the planetary alignment began. Irene Wiederhold of HWfarm, who is a long time friend of mine, promptly texted me to ask if I was serious. Suddenly, I was. Within just a few days, I had committed to purchase Forbes HW. The entire process was a breeze. If there was a question, Irene was on it. I had pictures, contracts, x-rays, blood work, and shipping information all within minutes of any discussion.

Then, a hiccup. An unfortunate set of circumstances forced me to call Irene to request that Forbes HW stay in Germany a bit longer. Again, with efficiency akin to no other, Irene organized his stay in Germany and his new shipping date. All the while, I received updates that were unsolicited by me (although I wanted them, I didn’t want to be a pest). It was just a kindness from Irene.

Finally, Forbes HW was on a plane. Lucky for me, I live in Florida. I was able to have him shipped to Miami (planets re-aligning here...we were worried it was getting too hot, but we had a little cold snap), and I got to pick him up right out of quarantine.

It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He marched bravely out of quarantine and stepped right on to my trailer. 

Clooney HW - 2012 Westphalian gelding by Christ available from HWfarm. Click photo for more information 

Since his arrival, Forbes HW has been a rock star. He is everything he was promised to be and then some. Lovely gaits...check! Beautiful conformation...check! Comfortable to sit...check! Wonderfully started...check! A gentleman in the barn...check! I am looking forward to further developing my relationship with this wonderful horse. Hopefully, he will follow in the footsteps of his amazing heritage. I could easily write 50 more pages gushing about my new boy. I’ll probably be able to write 100 pages a year from now! Bottom line, Irene knows her horses and provides exemplary customer service. Looking for a horse? HWfarm has a very well deserved positive reputation with plenty of success stories. Start here...you may very well end here.

IMG_0463.jpg (4061338 bytes)

ForbesHWtesti1.jpg (872074 bytes) ForbesHWtesti2.jpg (712338 bytes)

Ferdinand HW's first meeting, with his rider Jessie, he is owned by Catherine Teifer.

Now - after some days, she reports the following:

Hi Irene, Thank you for checking in. Ferdinand HW is wonderful. I think he may be the most sensible 4 year old I have ever worked with. The quality of his foundational training is phenomenal. I couldn't be happier with him! I love his personality and it really shows how well handled he has been. Thank you for selecting, raising, and starting this exceptional young horse. I look forward to our future together. Jessie Myers

Pic3019.jpg (175550 bytes)

I have been following HW Farm for many years and have always wanted to purchase a horse from them. I had heard of their stellar reputation from others and was always told that Irene was someone that you could buy a horse from sight unseen as her reputation was just that good. I had never imported a horse before and really was very innocent on the process but Irene made it super easy as she answered all of my questions right away, sharing about the horse and explaining step by step what needed to be done. As soon as I saw Favorit HW's ad on the website, I just could not stop thinking about him and decided to move forward with the purchase - trusting in her reputation and quality. I was not disappointed at all!!! Irene held my hand through the entire process and everything fell into place like clockwork. It was the easiest transaction I have ever made. It was as if the heavens aligned and Favorit HW was soon on his way to the US to continue his training. 

Seeing him in person for the first time was surreal. He was everything Irene said he was and more. He is more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed! I received reports from one of the handlers on the plane that he was so well behaved in flight while all the other horses were acting crazy and I received the same report about his stay in quarantine as well. As a three year old handling all of the changes, he was amazingly level headed and mature, as Irene said he would be after the extensive handling they receive from a young age up until they are sold. He was exactly as Irene said he would be. He got right on the trailer and settled in to his new home with the trainer that same day. By the next day, he was introduced to the training program and took it all in stride with more maturity than horses twice his age and experience. Irene stayed in touch with me through the entire transit even up until the time my flight took off and made sure I had arrived home safely. I felt super cared for as the quality of her service didn't end just at the sale contract. I feel as if I have made a lifetime connection with someone that I can trust and gladly do business again.

Sincerely, Favor's Owner

FavoritHWday1b.jpg (496490 bytes) FavoritHWday1a.jpg (3045412 bytes) FavoritHWday1c.jpg (456010 bytes)

Heidi Schneller-Cook says: Hi Irene! I wanted to let you know how much we LOVE Blackie (aka Sir Niro HW)!! He has won almost every class he has entered! He is the most AMAZING young horse I have EVER owned!!! Thank you for helping us purchase and import such a amazing horse!! I wanted you to know how happy we are with Blackie (aka Sir Niro HW)!! Wishing you a Happy Belated Anniversary!! Sending you a air hug!

For me, the planets don’t align; signs don’t manifest to guide me; and I definitely don’t believe in love at first sight. That being said, read the following testimonial and know that I am a changed girl!

Sign #1…
I opened Facebook at an odd time of day for me and Forbes HW was at the very top of my news feed.
Sign #2…
I did something I never do unless I am actively looking for a horse, I watched the video.
Sign #3…
I did yet another thing I never do, I commented on how this special horse was exactly my type.

With that comment, the planetary alignment began. Irene, who is a long time friend of mine, promptly texted me to ask if I was serious. Suddenly, I was. Within just a few days, I had committed to purchase Forbes HW. The entire process was a breeze. If there was a question, Irene was on it. I had pictures, contracts, x-rays, blood work, and shipping information all within minutes of any discussion. 

Then, a hiccup. An unfortunate set of circumstances forced me to call Irene to request that Forbes HW stay in Germany a bit longer. Again, with efficiency akin to no other, Irene organized his stay in Germany and his new shipping date. All the while, I received updates that were unsolicited by me (although I wanted them, I didn’t want to be a pest). It was just a kindness from Irene.

Finally, Forbes HW was on a plane. Lucky for me, I live in Florida. I was able to have him shipped to Miami (planets re-aligning here…we were worried it was getting too hot, but we had a little cold snap), and I got to pick him up right out of quarantine.

It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He marched bravely out of quarantine and stepped right on to my trailer. 

Since his arrival, Forbes HW has been a rock star. He is everything he was promised to be and then some. Lovely gaits…check! Beautiful conformation…check! Comfortable to sit…check! Wonderfully started…check! A gentleman in the barn…check! I am looking forward to further developing my relationship with this wonderful horse. Hopefully, he will follow in the footsteps of his amazing heritage.

I could easily write 50 more pages gushing about my new boy. I’ll probably be able to write 100 pages a year from now! Bottom line, Irene knows her horses and provides exemplary customer service. Looking for a horse? HW Farm has a very well deserved positive reputation with plenty of success stories. Start here…you may very well end here.

Michelle Gerlach

MichelleGandForbesHW.jpg (1210976 bytes)

What a joy to see FineStep HW with his mommy Lisa Rush doing so well and looking just beautiful! She says the following: We are signed up to show 3rd next weekend. He has been so much fun this spring. It has been great getting him outside. I love this horse. He is a sweetheart. Pictures were done by Sara Sigler-Fiegen

FineStepHW20161.jpg (482916 bytes) FineStepHW20162.jpg (361694 bytes)

I am an amateur that recently purchased Francis HW sight unseen. I have never done anything like it before (and am still pinching myself..) but Irene made the entire process a breeze. I was comfortable working with her from day one. She sent me pictures of him preparing for the long journey from Germany to LAX... I didn't ask her for them but my heart was warmed to received them...she kept me informed as to his location and wellbeing throughout the shipping process. Irene goes that extra mile with her horses and she certainly did with me! I wholeheartedly recommend her and couldn't be happier that I purchased Francis HW. He is more than what I wanted... Lisa in Enumclaw, Washington.

FrancisHWgettingReadyForHisFlight.jpg (361876 bytes)

Awww, what a beautiful picture of Dance Away HW, with his mommy Anja Ibsen and her fiancé.

Pic2667.jpg (747915 bytes)

Heidi Schneller-Cook says: Hi Irene! I want to tell you Thank you for such a AMAZING young horse!! We love him so much!! He competes this weekend again and we are excited to see how he performs!! Have a great day!!! Thank you again for posting it.


Congratulations to Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Sir Niro HW, aka known as Sotto Voce, owner Heidi Schneller-Cook. Currently ranking 2nd with a 8.220. Congratulations to Shawna L Harding - in the lead, Belrano Gold, with 8.260. Sure, congratulations to everybody else too!


Pic2531.jpg (319812 bytes)


FineStep HW, aka Fin, with his owner Lisa Rush, she says this is her happy place.

IMG_1485.jpg (193143 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman posted this beautiful picture of FiveStar HW and his mommy Cynthia McKim Early morning lessons at Les Bois!

She also mentioned: We love him so much and PSG is planned for this year.

IMG_1318.JPG (199746 bytes)

Nadine Schwartsman with Cynthia McKim's FiveStar HW - so happy to see these pictures! He looks all grown up now.

Pic2279.jpg (160183 bytes)

Pic2278.jpg (72366 bytes)

Pictures done by: Amy Gardner Nordstrom


Awww, look, FineStep HW, owned by Lisa Rush is filling out, growing up to be an even prettier gentleman.

Always loved that sweet face.

Pic2254.jpg (312319 bytes)

Silke Rembacz posted the following:

Jeanne VanNuys and her new boy Franklin HW are having a great time training. Thank you Katherine Kuss Flint for always taking these great photos!!

FranklinHWJeanne.jpg (472150 bytes)

ShowMaster HW, owned, loved and successfully competing with and by Rachel Saavedra Dressage

IMG_1195.JPG (146676 bytes)

Rachel Saavedra Dressage posted: Thanks for sharing this photo and for giving him such a great start! Sueño aka ShowMaster HW, continues to be my dream boy. He just had his PSG debut and outdid himself. He just keeps offering more! I'm thrilled with him.

Finley aka FiftyShades HW, strutting his stuff in Wellington, Florida with Janine Little Looking great! Janine wrote: Another positive show day, Finley did his first Fourth Level test ending with over 68% and we had quite a few greenie bobbles so very cool to know that there is much much room to improve on that score still.

Awww, what a stunning picture: Beautiful Dance Away HW, with his owner Anja Ibsen What a lovely team they are.

DanceAwayHWAnjaI.jpg (139626 bytes)

Missy McGan: Look at Jordan Stansberry beaming after her ride on Skywalker HW. Thanks again Catherine Reid!

Pic2207.jpg (466502 bytes)

HWfarm horses are truly loved & blessed. Ben (Bentley HW) enjoys grazing. Dr. Amanda Apesos, DC Equine Chiropractor

IMG_1038.JPG (341644 bytes)

Lord Lennox HW, Sarah Bushong and Nancy Smith.

Kc Parkins-Kyle made this beautiful picture in Florida, thank you so much. Looks like they are having a great time.

Pic2198.jpg (517992 bytes)

Carol McPhee wrote:

5 star Irene and her staff in Germany deserve the highest regards to their breeding, raising, training and selling amazing horses. Purchasing a horse of their value sight unseen was a bit sceptical but once the process started I was immediately at ease. Irene provided complete medical records for my vet to review and history of Fendi HW to allow me to make the best decision ever to purchase him. Irene kept me upto date on his complete travels from Germany into the US. She has continued to keep in contact with me and Fendi HW and has been there for me 24/7, literally , to answer any questions I have had. Fendi HW is everything and more than they advertised. His elegance and fancyness is a product of such professional and successful training from Irene's staff in Germany. I will not hesitate to make my 2nd purchase from HW Farm and highly recommend anyone that wants the full package (select bloodlines, elegant correct confirmations, sane well mannered dispositions, and stellar training) to purchase one of their beautiful horses sight unseen. Keep up the great work Irene and thank you for Fendi HW. He is loved to eternity and back.

FendiHWbraids.jpg (501582 bytes)

Caroline Roffman with Jeanne VanNuys and Silke Rembacz wrote:

Congratulations to the new owners of Lionshare Dressage Sales Horse - Franklin HW! This horse was originally imported by www.HWfarm.com and I cannot say enough great things about this horse!!

Kimberly Fogel Greving wrote: My love affair with Step Up HW continues to thrive! I just adore him. At 13 years old, he's as sound as ever. The entire family enjoys his sweet personality. Hope you're doing well. I always enjoy looking at the beautiful horses on your website. I recommend YOU to all.

IMG_0901.JPG (63873 bytes) IMG_0902.JPG (70245 bytes)

IMG_0903.JPG (70316 bytes) IMG_0904.JPG (68366 bytes)

Born in Florida, bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold (www.HWfarm.com), SkyWalker HW, aka Shorts and his owner Catherine Reid.

It's heartwarming to know how much loved and adored our horses are, not only is he the full brother to worldwide known and successful Selten HW (bred by me too), but also the life partner for this beautiful lady.

Many years of love and training, from baby age on, many ribbons, victories and champion-titles, including Intermediare-1 Open CHAMPION, 2015 and many, many more. LOVE my job, horses, friends, customers - in no particular order - just LOVE it!

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine1.jpg (241441 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine2.jpg (207520 bytes)

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine4.jpg (305107 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine3.jpg (282490 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine6.jpg (323517 bytes)

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine7.jpg (239418 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine8.jpg (251350 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine5.jpg (244709 bytes)

Love these pics, showing Nancy Smith and the boys Damon's Design HW and Lord Lennox HW, living the life in Florida, for the winter.....

 Always on the hunt for pics of the horses - Nancy, looking great!!!!!

Nancy Smith posted: Damon and Lenny are the best!!!

Pic1906.jpg (523850 bytes) Pic1907.jpg (1028521 bytes)

Hi Irene, Ben (Bentley HW) has become a highlight of my life. I enjoy every day with him.

We have been frequently riding the trails through the redwoods around Woodside, California with my friends that compete in endurance. Ben has the power to blow right past all of them galloping up the hills!

Attached is a video of us working cattle.


He is particularly good at holding the cattle, as he is very sensitive to their subtle movements. Ben has learned to read the cattle better than I do.

And oh, by the way, his third time down centerline was at the regional championships and we won the USDF Region 7 training level adult amateur championship class. We were coached at the show by Francis Verbeek, who is very excited to be teaching me on such a talented horse. Attached are a few pictures.

Thanks for placing me with Ben. He is the horse of my lifetime. With Sincerity, Dr. Amanda Apesos, DC Equine Chiropractor

IMG_1955.JPG (596846 bytes) MediumJPG_15CS6345_Apesos-(ZF-1267-39651-3-003).jpg (426822 bytes)

Rachel Saavedra Dressage updated her profile picture, showing her boy ShowMaster HW, purchased in 2012, what a beautiful couple and match.

Pic1880.jpg (537441 bytes)

Carol McPhee posted: Fendi HW is such a pleaser every time under saddle. He is all and more that Irene said. I will be purchasing my 2nd forever horse sight unseen again from Irene. I would highly recommend anyone to purchase one of her beautiful amazingly bred and trained horses. I love him sooooo much.

FendiHWcollage2.jpg (746863 bytes)


9's and 10's - WOW - Congratulations to Fifty Shades HW and his trainer Janine Little as well as his owner Shawneen Jacobs , well done - what a super year and success.

  Janine Little wrote the following:

Hi Irene, I've been meaning to send you an update on our lovely boy Finley (aka Fifty Shades HW), he continues to learn and improve all the time, quality gaits and a wonderful mind can't ask for much more than that!:) He had a very successful season in 2015, finished at the top of every class in each show we entered with scores to 78% with many 9s and even 10s on the score sheet! We are now back in Florida getting ready for the 2016 season and he's continuing to improve daily (did his first line of 3 tempis the other day!) we are looking forward to many more outings with this lovely boy!!

FinleyFiftyShadesHW.jpg (70722 bytes)



Anja Ibsen Handsome boy! Thanks Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. Dance Away HW is moving up in the world, on Wednesday he did his first line of 3's!

Pic1698.jpg (446253 bytes)

“Irene, I want to thank you for selling such an amazing horse, Fendi HW! Purchasing Fendi HW sight un-seen was a bit skeptical at first, BUT, he is All and More than you advertised. The complete process of purchasing him was the most positive, informative and personalized experience. Every day you kept me informed of what was being done and where he was going to prepare for his flight to the U.S. Your personal care and communication is bar none! The way you have kept in contact with how Fendi and I are doing proves your reputation of having great horses and matching them with new families. I would not hesitate to purchase another one of your horses sight un-seen and highly recommend anyone to purchase from you. Trainers at my stable are amazed by Fendi. His disposition for a 6 y.o, his powerful and elegant movements and eagerness to please his mount. Thank you again!” Respectfully, Carol L McPhee

Carol & Fendi.jpg (1462022 bytes) FendiHWribbons.jpg (84073 bytes) Carol & Fendi - 2.jpg (1036527 bytes)

Heather Calder posted pictures of her and her well rounded Duke HW

Love this 5 year old! Lone Tree Adult Camp 2015. The baby is growing up! Very happy with our Lone Tree camp experience this year.

DukeHWwithHeather_1.jpg (516651 bytes) DukeHWwithHeather_2.jpg (248433 bytes)

CopyRight HW and his mommy, still in love after many, many years, so beautiful to see a picture of him and Laura Price.

IMG_0337.JPG (254716 bytes)

Hi Irene!

I just wanted to give you an update on FürstenHit HW. As you know, he has been at our farm now for two weeks. From the moment he stepped off the van, he has been an absolute gentleman about everything. Beyond that, this guy has it all… beauty, size, substance, gaits, personality and more presence than one could ask for. I gave him a week to settle in, and I just completed his first week under saddle. In addition to all his natural attributes, this horse has had a wonderful start in life. His careful handling and correct training is quite evident.

I also want to take a moment to express my sincere thanks for this whole experience. You have been the ultimate professional_ offering impeccable organization and communication combined with knowledge, honesty and yes… friendliness! I never thought I would buy a horse sight unseen, but you instilled the confidence in me to do so. I must say, it would be a privilege to work with you again. Much appreciation to you and to all those involved with bringing Fürsten along so incredibly well.

 Sincerely, Gary Lane The Country Club Stables Boynton Beach, Florida

image1.JPG (607627 bytes)

Irene, Wanted to finally give you update! So awesome. Consistently in 70s now at third level! I gave him a little extra time to grow. I can't tell you what a special and loved boy he is!! Thank you so much and I've included photo from last show! Feel free to use on your website.

I tell Everyone who asks about him that HW farms and Irene are the place to go!!

Fondly, Francesca Nicoletti and “Bling” aka Brilliantly HW

Pic1189.jpg (443688 bytes)


Beautiful CopyRight HW, enjoying 4th of July too  — Picture by owner/rider Laura Price, she says: CopyRight HW is the best horse! I'm so grateful to have him

IMG_0030.JPG (132027 bytes)

Kristin Counterman - Five year old Louboutin HW! Love him very much! (Riding, always, in memory of the late Dr. March Enders)

Pic1072.jpg (515558 bytes)

Irene Pictures coming but Festival HW rocked it again this weekend He won his 2nd level class on Friday with a 70%. And high score for the day And then we rocked it in a new freestyle with him today for a 78% and winning the class of 17 entries by a good 5% margin The plan is to now move him to 3rd level and continue with the Freestyle at 2nd for a few shows We are going steady and slow. I want him to build on the wonderful foundation you gave him, and keep him confident. He loves his freestyle music !!! So excited about his progress. The judges just love him He is such a good boy Thank you thank you !!! Best Donna Gatchell

Pic1071.jpg (356414 bytes)

Tiffany Mahoney, owner of EhrenGold HW posted:

Happy Birthday my Handsome Boy

Pic960.jpg (148305 bytes)

From Linda Montgomery

Rode my Stepmaster HW today and I must say that he is getting better and better and better. He is so so sweet and so so big but he is really getting better. I did put him on Platinum Performance because he tended to be slow and lazy and Platinum can make them HOT - but for him it seems to be the ticket! Love him so much and let me not forget my Weltprinz HW my most special beautiful boy. Notice both have HW on their names - that is because they come from the phenomenal Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm!!!!! 

Weltprinz HW

image1.jpeg (10686 bytes)  

Here is a picture of StepMaster HW and Steffen Peters

IMG_5936.JPG (124142 bytes)

Dance Away HW with his owner Anja Ibsen - LOVE this picture — at www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -

IMG_5863.JPG (287328 bytes)

Donna Gatchell posted the following:

Super lesson from Ulf today on Festival HW.

He is such a great horse , changes getting confirmed , and super half pass !!! — with Karen Kerchner Baillie and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm at Cedar Run Plantation, Nokesville, Virginia.

FestivalHWApril2015.jpg (337162 bytes)

Heritage Farms announces the purchase of Sir Niro HW sired by Sir Donnerhall/De Niro.

Niro has arrived and is one of the best horses I have ever owned. I have had so many amazing horses and yet Niro has proven to be one of the best. He is the friendliest and sweetest young horse. This young horse is a "Old Soul".....I love this boy!

He is the friendliest and sweetest young horse. Beth Anderson Ness (his trainer reports): Such a special boy! LOVE LOVE his worker bee and YES attitude! This one certainly has my heart...LOVE him...and he LOVES us too! Certainly puts a smile on your face & makes your day...EVERY day!

Dance Away HW and his owner, how very pretty - love to see this. Anja Ibsen, you are doing such an amazing job with him, love it!

Pic882.jpg (1084136 bytes) Pic883.jpg (2538137 bytes)

This just happened, a blast from the past, update on Fifty Shades HW, love my job:

Janine Little was so kind to send this note:

Hi Irene, I thought I would take the time to send you an update on Fifty Shades HW (now renamed Finley). I've had the privilege of being his trainer. He has been a dream to train, wonderful trainability and temperament, he's traveled all across the continent with us this past year, from Florida, to British Columbia, back east to Quebec and back again to Florida and handled everything like a champ, he's had a fantastic season in Florida to date, winning all of his classes with almost all scores in the 70s and as high as 76%, he's schooling most third level work in training these days and showing great potential for upper level collection, pirouettes, lateral work, extensions and passage, he's greatly exceeded our expectations thus far and continues to impress us all the time!!:)

Finley (Fifty Shades HW)1.jpg (77635 bytes) Finley (Fifty Shades HW)2.jpg (70115 bytes) Finley (Fifty Shades HW)3.jpg (98963 bytes)


Mary Flood shared Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm's photo.

It is we profound sadness, that I have to say, that Dr. March Enders, the owner of LouboutinHW recently passed away. Her love of horses and insight created a future for this wonderful horse. Because of her generous nature and true act of kindness through sponsorship, Kristin Counterman will have the opportunity of a lifetime to bring this special guy along. The world is a better place because of March. We love and miss you.

Ludwigtext.JPG (559920 bytes)


Heather Calder: My "Dookie" (Duke HW) is unbelievably talented with a super temperament! I couldn't be happier.

screenshot_786.jpg (433816 bytes)


Maggie Diehl with Quite Right HW, yes - www.HWfarm.com horses can jump too,

no doubt about it, they are quite accomplished athletes in every discipline.

Quite Right HW/sold sight unseen - is already the 3rd horse purchased from us, by this family, love it, congratulations, well done Maggie. So proud of you! And - looking GOOD - wow, check out that scope!

screenshot_269.jpg (79931 bytes) screenshot_268.jpg (84793 bytes)

Lisa Rush shared another video, love it, so rideable, fun and the flying changes are coming along nicely too! 

Jerry got a drone for his birthday last month and thought that FineStep HW should get introduced to it yesterday. They were both great drone users. Fin was more concerned about the bunny that jumps and runs at about 3;30 min into the video than the buzzing above our heads.



Awwww, check this out, from Kristin Counterman: I performed my first cello solo today in front of a panel of judges! It was a success! I also got to serenade Louboutin HW, and he loved it!

IMG_5680.JPG (124190 bytes)

Hi Irene,

Thought I would drop you a short video from a clinic I went to this weekend. The last few clinics, the clinician thought I should be starting changes with FineStep HW. So yesterday was the day and he was of course, a wonder boy. We worked on them maybe 15 minutes or so and he was getting the hang of it. He is really starting to develop nicely. I am planning to start his show season out with 1st and 2nd level with our first show the end of May. Someone at the clinic did ask about you and the process of purchasing him. Not sure if they are seriously looking or not, but I highly recommended you and your horses. Take care, Lisa Rush



Wow, check out beautiful EhrenGold HW and his mommy Tiffany Mahoney

From her site: Love my beautiful kids So grateful. — with Jim Mahoney.

screenshot_588.jpeg (266647 bytes)

From Nadine Schwartsman

Best friends at barn night check! Nikolai, FiveStar HW and Mila! Cynthia McKim

screenshot_586.jpeg (269140 bytes)

Rachael Horton with Franklin HW while training in Florida, so happy to see their faces again! Her mom Cathy Horton just posted: Wonderful having time with my baby girl in Florida while she rode her horses.

FranklinHW.jpg (59049 bytes) IMG_2604.jpeg (346087 bytes)

Festival HW was purchased sight unseen, we knew it would be a match, but here, see for yourself, how it worked out:

Irene, here is a picture of all of Festival HW's ribbons and awards this year.

I have to thank you for this wonderful horse, he has brought us such joy ( and ribbons !!)

He finished his year winning year end awards for State and his local chapters with an average of almost 77%!!!

Thank you so much for this great horse. On to the next year and we will keep you posted.


Donna Gatchell

IMG_0368.jpeg (361852 bytes)

Tiffany Mahoney posted this picture of her, her husband and their horses, including EhrenGold HW - beautiful day at Arroyo with the giant kids — with Jim Mahoney

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Kristin Counterman added the following:

An awesome first weekend of 2015!! Louboutin HW got his first flying change!! And I'm enjoying reading all about the Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic in Florida! Happy New Year Everybody!!!

image1.JPG (112679 bytes)

I have previously imported 3 horses from Germany with no problem, but dealing with Irene Wiederhold, made the purchase of First Romance HW easy. She dealt with any questions promptly and enabled us to quickly arrange a test ride and a vet check. First Romance HW is a wonderful young horse with a lovely temperament & is everything Irene described in her internet advertisement. He is settling in nicely at his new barn, adjusting well to his continued training & will be shown this year beginning at the end of May. Irene, I will be in touch with show results in June. Dr. Shireen Naidoo

Donna Gatchell posted:

Had a great day riding my training horses today Festival HW and I taking a selfie. Thank you Karen Kerchner Baillie and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm for making it possible to have this awesome horse in my barn Love my job.

screenshot_348.jpeg (281007 bytes)

screenshot_349.jpeg (319335 bytes)



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