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Walk On Top, chestnut Hanoverian gelding by Wolkentanz I/WanderburschII/Bolero, born 2001, standing approximately 16.3 hands.

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Walk on Top, a horse for international competitions by Wolkentanz I. He is very much alike his sire in elegance, looks and movement. Wolkentanz, has already achieved an impressive record. In 1993 he was Champion of the Stallion Licensing. In 1994 he was German Champion Three-Year Old Riding Horse, and Reserve Champion of the Stallion Performance Test. In the new German Hanoverian Stallion Yearbook of Breeding Values, Wolkentanz rates an impressive 6th for dressage in mare performance tests. He passes on flowing, expressive, rhythmical movements, correct conformation, charm and a wonderful mind. Wolkentanz has 19 licensed sons (5 Premium) and 66 States Premium Mares. His breeding values based on daughters inspected and performance tested rank with the very best Hanoverian stallions. Wolkentanz's weanling daughter, Wiesling (Wolkentanz/ Dividende [Domingo]) won her Weanling Fillies Class at Dressage at Lexington VA for Dr. Steve and Bettie Carroll (NC). She went on to win Reserve Champion Filly, Reserve Champion Young Horse, and Reserve Grand Champion of the entire show!

Breeding Values (Hannoveraner Jahrbuch Hengste 2005): Competition Dressage 159, Competition Jumping 94, Riding Horse Type 142, Conformation 162, MPT Dressage 157, MPT Jumping 82


Walk on Top is a horse for the big ring. He impresses with unbelievable gaits and looks. He won multiple times 3rd level and is 4th level placed – in Germany. He is a horse with the quality for international competitions, no doubt about it. He had the same owner since he was a foal and was correctly raised and trained. His dynamic and schwung are sensational. He scored an 8.5 in one of his tests, just amazing. He is a horse which will leave you speechless.

Walk on Top will blow everybody away with his freedom in the shoulders and a very strong motor and a super active hind leg. He is very well behaved, easy to ride and easily managed by anybody and will without a doubt, go all the way to the top. He is nicely balanced and can carry himself proudly. He has tons of airtime and hang time, floats above the ground and is a teddy bear that loves to cuddle and have his own person to take care of him. He has the energy to do it all, he is relaxed enough to concentrate and work for an amateur or young rider and has 100% the quality and GO for a professional too.

With him, there is no limit to any level, he will compete in the big ring and he is a phenomenal FEI horse. He is very elastic and a fast learner, he works with schwung and ease and is a fun horse for every day. He has the right attitude and ability to do it all, he will be seen in the upper levels, collecting the blue ribbons, one after another. Can you imagine going to clinics with this one? The audience will be filled with envy and awe.

Walk on Top is vet checked with

super X - rays!!

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