Ralli B




Ralli B, bay Rheinländer gelding by Riccione/Landadel, born in 2004, standing approximately 16.3 hands.  

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Qualified for the Bundeschampionat!

Ralli B, a proven, successful competitor. This outstanding gelding was sired by Riccione, the infamous worldwide renowned Dressage producer. Riccione is a rare specimen of conformation, temperament and proven heritability.


He was one of the most wanted candidates at the 1998 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing making a big impression with his highly noble appearance and extravagant movements. He won riding horse tests and champions’ finals with scores of 9.0 and higher. In his Stallion Performance Test he confirmed the expectations of the breeders by scoring the highest for ride ability (both guest judges scored: 10.0) and became the Reserve Champion of the test. Riccione won several M-level classes and is training at Grand Prix level. Riccione’s sire Regazzoni was the Champion of the Stallion Performance Test in Münster-Handorf and became Reserve Champion at the 1995 Bundeschampionate. His dam State Premium Mare Arosa received the top score of 10.0 for ride ability from the judges and guest judge riders in her Mare Performance Test. With the extraordinary beautiful Trakehner Arogno as sire and the Hanoverian foundation stallion Bolero as dam sire, Arosa carries classical dressage blood.

Riccione’s offspring convince with their type and movement. They are highly sort after at auctions in Hanover , Westphalia , Bavaria , and further a field. He has twelve licensed sons just from his first crop of foals of which two were Reserve Licensing Champions and two reserve 30-day test champions. He also produced several Bundeschampionate finalists and State Premium Mares. Furthermore, Riccione was highly placed in the NRW Heritability Index for stallions of his year of birth and in the German FN-Breeding Value Index. No other 10-year old stallion passes on his quality more consistently than Riccione.

Ralli B is a horse with super quality, inside and out. He is an exemplary horse, he is “tres chique” and noble at the same time. A horse for the discriminating buyer. He has it all. He was shown and won at Riding horse classes, Dressage horse classes at First Level and Second Level. He qualified for the Bundeschampionat 2009, these are really rare accomplishments for a five year old.

He is easy on the bit and light in the hand. He has a superb rhythm and swings through his back. His gaits are just breathtaking. The canter comes with a phenomenal freedom in the shoulder, always uphill and easy to collect, jumping well up and out and under every single time. He is fun to watch and ride. The trot is packed with schwung and as elastic as you can wish for. His active hind end enables him to look effortless and move with a lot of air time. He has talent for piaffe and passage, it’s very obvious already. His walk is pure and he steps well over. He is as pretty as it gets and a horse for the big ring.

Ralli is now in work to learn all lections required for 3rd level, his flying changes are already well established and lateral work is easy for him. He is far along and correctly trained and shown. He is in the same hands since he was a foal and he is getting ridden by the wife of his life long handler. She rides, trains and shows him. He works well and his future will be bright. He is a “people horse” and loves to be pampered and cuddeled. He knows everything a young horse needs to know. He can be trail ridden, goes inside and outside of the covered arena. Used to the wash rack, hot walker and more. He is easy to load and travels well.

 A true gem and he will bring a smile on your face – every day again and again!


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