First Friend, bay Oldenburg gelding by Florencio/Figaro/Vollkorn xx, born in 2006, standing approximately 16.1 hands.

First Friend is an outstanding young horse with a beautiful mind. He is by the famous Florencio (Florestan/Weltmeyer), whom scored phenomenal 10.0 points for the canter, 9.8 for the walk, 9.7 for the trot, 9.6 for the suppleness, and 9.9 points for the overall impression.

World Cup of the 5-year-old dressage horses in Verden - Florencio wins with a record-breaking score!
Astronomical results for a stallion which seems to be from a different sphere: Florencio wins the World Championship of the 5-year-old dressage horses. With the total score of 9.80, the dark bay Westphalian under his Dutch rider Hans Peter Minderhoud established a new championship record.

Already during the qualification round Florencio proofed his exceptional quality. Unimpressed with the downpours and the heavy ground of the test arena, he won confidently achieving 9.8 points each for the trot and for the canter, 9.5 for the walk as well as for the suppleness, and 9.7 for the overall impression which added up to a total score of 9.66. In the final test, the sire from Ludwig Kathmann's stallion station in Vechta-Holtrup did his role as the favorite candidate justice. Despite the strong wind which was blowing in the stadium in Verden, the young stallion concentrated exemplarily on the aids of his rider. The expressive trot, the picture-perfect canter as well as the rhythmic, ground-covering and calm walk impressed both the audience and the judges. The comment of judge Jenny Loriston-Clark from Great Britain brought it to the point: "What a wonderful horse." Please find more info on the stallion site via the provided links.
First Friend is a superb prospect for an amateur rider or a professional alike. He is very easy and uncomplicated to handle and train and will soon be started under saddle. So far he was lunged (see video) and is a very well developed young horse. He has the typical Florestan attitudes, starting by being lofty in his gaits, cool temperament as well as a super clean and rhythmic walk, uphill canter and a great shoulder movement with active hindleg in the trot. His half brother was shown at 3rd level as a 5 year old already and scored a clear 8 which made him win his class. This rideability goes back to the dam and to the sire as well, First Friend will be just as easy to ride and show with correct training and further upbringing. Buy him now and send him off to a trainer or start him yourself or he can stay for further training in Germany and be imported after he is solid under saddle. His price will be adjusted accordingly with any further training, so buy him now at an absolute bargain price and have him started your way.
He is a very attractive horse already. Can you imagine how he'll look and move with even more strength, balance and muscles? He will be a super star and make his rider proud. He has a soft eye and an in your pocket personality. He is a gentleman on the ground and loves his grooming time. He cuddles right up in your arm and stands willingly for the farrier and the vet. He is well brought up, socialized and trained correctly. This boy will have the ability to impress the judges and the onlookers alike. In his dark jacket and with his pretty face, he is sure to stop everybody in the barn isle to pet him and to pay attention to him. He is waiting for his future mom and dad, to bring him up the levels.

Vet checked with x-rays!

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