Fereska Figaro




Fereska Figaro is an actively competing I1 schoolmaster. He is 19 years young and ready earn his next rider their silver medal. With a kind temperment and darling looks, he will steal your heart immediately.
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This wonderful 16.1 hand fellow is comfortable to sit, absolutely bombproof, and totally sound. His lateral work is effortless, and he loves to do flying changes. He is willing to work equally well in either the snaffle or the full bridle.

Figaro bathes, loads, clips, and stands perfectly for the vet and blacksmith. He is the same gentleman at horse shows as he is at home. This dark bay beauty is also always the hit at clinics where he revels in doing new and challenging things. Recently, in a clinic, he did one tempi changes, piaffe, and passage!

Don't let this opportunity slip by. Your chance to learn correct connection and proper collection lies with this horse.


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