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Art Collection is a 1995, 16 hand, chestnut, Oldenburg gelding by Art Deco. This fine fellow is a solid at second level and is schooling all of third level movements.

       Piper, as he is affectionately called in the barn, is easy to move laterally and nicely responsive to the leg. He goes equally as nice in both the snaffle  and the full bridles. This boy loves his work sessions and seems to have boundless enthusiasm for each new thing you ask of him. He has also been shown quite a bit, so travel is not a problem for this guy.

       With a pure walk, buoyant trot and jumping canter, Piper gets good marks for his gaits. The best part is that he is comfortable to sit as well as easy in the bridle, so he makes his rider look good as well.

       Piper has impeccable barn manners. He stands well for the vet and blacksmith, clips, bathes, and loads. He has also mastered the art of making the cutest face possible when soliciting a carrot!


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