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Step Up HW, black Westphalian gelding by Showstar (Sandro Hit/Feinbrand) x Mon Cherie (Matcho/Goldstein), born in 2003, stands at 16.3 hands.

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Unmatched FEI quality, this is a one of a kind!

Step Up HW is simply the best horse you can find for the FEI classes, he has the unbelievable extra air time that is appreciated by true Sandro Hit fans, schwung and hangtime, as well as an elasticity that will enable you to sit and ride on clouds. His canter is not from this world, and as a baby, he is already showing the quality that is expected of his proven bloodlines, which go back to huge names like Sandro Hit, Feinbrand (Feiner Stern), as well as Mon Cherie (Matcho) and even Gotthard gave his genes to a secure ride ability and willingness to go up the levels.

Step Up HW is an unbelievable beauty, he looks like a handmade figurine with all the cute attitudes that toys usually have, sweet face, huge soft eyes and a black satin coat with enough chrome to catch the attention. There is nothing needing improvement, he is as correct and pretty as a horse can be. He is a true champion and FEI prospect with international quality. He comes with the attitude, expression and self esteem of a stallion and is very well developed for a young horse.

With his ground schwung and love to show off his gaits and beauty, he will have an easy time to piaffe, passage, and to dance down the moon. This is a horse with exceptional ability and looks, a definite horse for the big show ring, clinic,s and international competitions.  The judges will remember you, and the crowd will watch in envy.

Step Up HW is now in training with my German Bereiter, don’t hesitate because his price will go up according to his training and he may not be around for too long. I barley can get my hands on horses like him, they are a really hot demand. He is forward, sensitive to the aids, light in the bridle, safe and sound as well as a quick study. He stands quiet for the farrier, his grooming time, and greets you as soon as he can hear or see you. He is like a puppy dog or doll… just so unbelievably cute and a total gentleman at the same time. He has no vices, just the perfect horse with a super character.

He is getting prepared for the selections and participation at the Bundes Championat 2007 in Germany, two horses out of the same barn, got gold medals this year, Step Up HW will step right in their footsteps, no doubt about it!

Newsflash, September 26th, 2006 in Devon: Selten HW (a Sandro Hit son, bred and owned by HW Farm), just won his classes at Devon with a whopping 85.6%, this is what I am talking about. 

Dressage at Devon 2006, Selten HW was his first time at a show: He is the Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon !!! The American born Hanoverian colt is by Sandro Hit out of High Princess (by Hohenstein/Donnerhall) and was handled by Michael Bragdell. Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold's Selten HW ( is
Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon
The USDF Breeders Champion for Colts and Geldings
 Champion Winner of his class: 2 year old Colts and Geldings  
Best born in the USA and  
he is High Point Hanoverian!

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 These boys can MOVE and impress!

Step Up HW was recently vetted with super x-rays, healthy and sound..


check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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