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Cheenook HW is a super moving Hanoverian gelding by Cheenook/Waldorf born in 2001 and standing 16,1 hands.

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This horse will blow everybody away with his freedom in the shoulders and a very strong motor and active hind leg. He is very well behaved, easy to ride and to manage by anybody and will without a doubt, go all the way to the top. He is already balanced and can carry himself proudly.

He has tons of airtime and hang time, floats above the ground and is a teddy bear that loves to cuddle and have his own person to take care of him. He has the energy to do it all, he is relaxed enough to concentrate and to please a timid rider AND has 100% the quality for a professional too.

With Cheenook HW, there is no limit to any level, he will compete in the big ring and he will be a phenomenal FEI horse. Judges will love and remember him with his flashy four white legs and a nice blaze, you can be sure to attract the attention. He is very elastic and a fast learner, he works with schwung and ease, a fun horse for every day.

Check out his video clips!!!


Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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