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This Hanoverian horse is called Guinnes, he is by the famous lines of Ginsberg (Graf Grannus/Matcho) - Espri - Landfürst - Woermann and was born in 2000 and is just under saddle. He is very safe, the perfect horse for the amateur or professional rider. His gaits are nice and forward and he is a fast learner. He stands 16.3 hands and is dark bay. He is still at his breeders place in Germany.  Online Videos available. Plan a trip to Germany and visit him, he is worth it! 


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Figaro                    Espri                    Ginsberg

Free Jump  ;  

Free Walk  ;  Videoclip 1  ;

  Videoclip 2  ;  Videoclip 3  ;  Videoclip 4  ;

Videoclip 5  ;  Videoclip 6  ;  Videoclip 7  ;  Videoclip 8  ;  Videoclip 9

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