Calvin_HW is a phenomenal black/bay Oldenburg gelding by Camerino (Cor de la Bryere) x Cordial Medoc , born in 2002 and standing 16,3 hands.

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Recently imported, Calvin moves with a lot of knee action, which is typical for his bloodlines and heritage. His gaits, especially the walk and canter are outstanding, he is always VERY uphill, he has tons of airtime and while you canter you have the feeling you are jumping over a small jump with every single movement. You will barley ever see a canter as uphill and big, this is definite FEI quality.

His work ethic is perfect, he is very willing and already safe. We think he will still grow a little and finish somewhere around 17 hands. He does not spook nor does he have any vices. I can ride him with yearlings running around free next to us and sometimes in the same riding arena, they buck and make nonsense and Calvin doesn’t even blink an eye. He does not mind all the noise from the neighbours, with four wheelers, mowers or kids playing in the yard. He is just doing his job and tries to please me every day. He is very forward as I work him and very calm and easy if you want to ride him around the property on the buckle.

He is the perfect match for a timid rider as he never makes any nonsense and he is definitely the quality that will bring an amateur or professional all the way up the levels.

He is a show stopper, judges will love him!

Piaffe and passage will come naturally to him, he has a very active hind leg in addition to a lot of freedom in the shoulder and the energy to do it all.

 This one is born to move in the big ring and compete with the best. He stands very quiet to get tacked up, baths and loads perfect. He is stunning to look at and as well mannered as he is, he’ll be on the fast track into your heart.

check out his video clip!!!

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Video 1 under saddle
Video 2 Longe
Video 3 free  
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