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Delano HW is a bay Hanoverian gelding by Der Lord (De Niro) / Glückstern / Eisenherz, born in 2002 and standing 16,2 hands.

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This is a FEI youngster - he will awe the crowds!

Phenomenal FEI class movement, combined with super uphill and lofty gaits as well as a great character and a very soft eye. Delano HW is sure to turn heads where ever he goes and he will even let a 5 year old ride him around in a circle in the riding arena for his cool out time. He does not spook and is very safe and sane, well suited for the timid rider or amateur, but with the quality of gaits, that will satisfy the most demanding professional rider. He is forward and loves his daily work sessions. My 15 year old daughter loves to ride him, he is easy and fun and the most willing horse ever.

Check out the video clips which show him free in the fields as well as his already phenomenal trot lengthening under saddle, really impressive in slow motion and his very well balanced, uphill and rhythmic canter. This boy does know how to collect!

Delano HW is a solid first level horse, ready to show and to collect blue ribbons as well as training second level movements already. Take him to the FEI classes and get noticed!

He is a star in the dressage arena and in the barn, stands quiet to get tacked up, and loves his shower as well as his one on one time with his owner. He is an in your pocket type horse that strives for attention. Very well behaved, stands for the farrier and loads like a pro. Delano HW is truly one of a kind!

Recent vet check, super clean x-rays, healthy and sound!

check out his video clips!!!

  Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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