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Raon Itape is a pitch black Oldenburger gelding by Ruiz Soler (Rubinstein) x Ramiroís Son, born in 2000, standing 17,1 hands.

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Raon Itape has won blue ribbons every time out at First Level and Dressagehorse tests. Right now he is a solid Second Level horse, training all Third Level movements. He will impress you with his amazing freedom in the shoulder and judges nearly fall off their chairs if they see him trot on the diagonal.

He is training flying changes right now as you can see in the video clips and started to confirm his lateral canter work. He does not look left or right, does not mind new things and is not spooky at all.  Raon Itape is an overall easy to ride horse that everybody will notice and remember.

He has a natural way of going forward, with lots of schwung and airtime. He is a tall, elegant horse with a fur as black as they come and carries the famous Rubinstein lines as well as the famous Ramiro lines. He is bred to perform, so take him out on shows and win your own blue ribbons. He was vetted and x-rayed and is healthy and sound. Ready to go and compete right now!

check out his video clips!!!

Please contact Irene: 1stRealty@swfla.rr.com

239-772-7722 (www.1stRealty.us)

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Shoulder in

Trot and trot extensions


Training Flying changes


Jump slow motion


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