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Imported German Westphalen by the famous Florestan I, who's bloodlines go back to the foundation stallion Furioso II, not to mention many States Premium mares in his pedigree. He was born 3/30/2000, is bay with no white markings, and stands 16.2 hands. His correct legs and conformation make him elegant to look at, but his "puppy dog" attitude in the barn will make him win your heart. This youngster moves very nicely uphill, is calm under saddle, and straight forward to ride. While suitable for amateur, he is nice enough for a professional. His good barn manners include bathing, loading, general handling, and social behavior with other horses (his current pasture mates are currently a gelding, a mare with foal at her side and a yearling). He loves them all and will never be in trouble with anybody. He was raised in Germany by a professional stallion handler (which is why he is such a gentleman!), was presented at the stallion licensing in Germany, was subsequently gelded after not becoming licensed (as the vast majority are not). He is of outstanding quality in all aspects: temperament, looks, and movement! The best part is that he could be moving into your barn if you seize this opportunity. 

 Please contact Irene: Irene@HWFarm.com


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