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Fly Away HW, bay Westphalian gelding by Fidermark / Beltain (Bolero), born in 2003, standing 16.2 hands.

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Fly Away HW will get you recognized in FEI classes!!!

Want the cutest face on earth? Here you go: This amazing FEI prospect does have the cuteness of a pony but comes in the perfect medium size that everybody can ride. He has lofty gaits and is very willing and safe. With a free shoulder and a very good motor, he will excel in piaffe and passage!!!

 He is at training level right now and in professional training. Fidermark is one of the famous Florestan sons and in addition, this boy is out of a Beltain mare, which goes back to Bolero (remember Brentina, Bordeaux and so on??) and comes with a guarantee for sensational rideability. Beltain himself stamps his get with super brains and a willingness to go all the way up the levels, they always give their best.

With these bloodlines, gaits and looks, you will have the perfect foundation for a super dressage carrier. Take Fly Away HW to the FEI classes and impress the judges and the crowd with his sensational rideability. Can you imagine how heíll go next year if he is already working with ease at his young age this year? With more muscles and training, this one will float even more above the ground and impress everybody in a heart beat with his airtime.

Fly Away HW is very sweet and loves his personal grooming time. He loads and travels safe and is easy to manage, tack and bath. He stands quiet for the farrier and itís a blast to be able to spend time with him. This is a partner for life with famous ancestors, the perfect reason to be really proud of a German import with good brains and character out of proven bloodlines. Fly Away HW has no vices and his cuteness will follow you in your dreams. I will gladly organize the import to NY for you, including quarantine in Newburgh or any other airport if necessary. Just relax and wait until he is at your place. You can ride him without lunging him first, he is already safe and very, very secure with everything you may ask him to do.

Recently vet checked with clean x-rays, healthy and sound!

check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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