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Gatsby HW, dark bay (nearly black) Westphalian gelding by Ganymedes (Gribaldi/Krack C) / Fidertanz (Fidermark/Donnerhall), born in 2014, standing approximately 169 cm or 16.2 hands.

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Gatsby HW was sired by Ganymedes, an especially easy to ride and willing, impressive stallion, by the very famous Gribaldi, out of a Krack C dam. An example of multiple international dressage genes. Combining the perfect type, brilliant movement and looks, fantastic conformation, correct in every way, with three excellent, harmonic gaits. 


Ganymedes's sire Gribaldi was the 1996 Champion at the his stallion inspection in Neumünster. Under Dutch team rider Edward Gal, Gribaldi has become an internationally Grand Prix dressage stallion.

Gribaldi already has 10 licensed sons, including Anky van Grunsven's Painted Black. Based on the performance of Gribaldi's 7- and 8-year old offspring, the KWPN have recently proclaimed Gribaldi a Keur stallion.

In 2000 Gribaldi's first foals were evaluated at Neumünster. He was the sire of the Reserve Champion Stallion, and also of the approved stallion Distlezar, who sold after approval for $300,000 as a three year old. In the same year Gribaldi was the sire of Denmark's Champion stallion Zardin, and of the Danish approved stallion Rivaldi.

Gribaldi has numerous approved sons and daughters, passing on his extraordinary qualities to his babies.

Gribaldi has become the number one sire in Europe and he is very prepotent, producing very high caliber, uniform offspring and is in great demand. Gribaldi was the 1996 Champion of his stallion testing in Neumünster, Germany, a very coveted position. In the year 2000 Gribaldi's first foal crop came up for evaluation at Neumünster. He was the sire of the Reserve Champion Stallion, Hofrat. He was also the sire of the approved stallion Distlezar, who sold after approval for $300,000 as a three year old! In that same year Gribaldi was also the sire of Denmark's Champion stallion Zardin, and of the Danish approved stallion Rivaldi. All from his first foal crop. Amazing! In 2001, Gribaldi again sired the Reserve Champion Stallion, Hoftanzer and repeated his success in Denmark as well. Gribaldi may just be the sire of the century, his bloodlines now available to you here through Rowena. He has proven to pass on his qualities.

The successes of Gribaldi himself and his offspring in 2002 are too many to mention. Many mares placed high at the inspections and many of them passed their IBOP tests in Drachten and Deurne, Many competed in the PAVO cup and 15 made it to the semi finals.

winner of the 4 yr old dressage horses in Belgium was Rosenprinz D (Gribaldi x Rosenkavalier), in France it was Karamel de Lauture (Gribaldi x Donbito van de Helle), and second place winner was also by Gribaldi: Ko Re Grandbois

1995 Siegerhengst Trakehner Hengtskeuring in Neumunster (D) 1996 Topper of the KWPN stallion inspection in 'sHertogenbosch 1996 successful stallion test 1997 Winner of the 4 yr stallion competition in 'sHertogenbosch. Jury member Albert Voorn: he is a dream to ride.. 1997 reserve champion PavoCup of the 4 year old dressage horses 97/98 successful in de stallion competition 1998 2nd place stallion competition 1999 winner first round AMEV/Hippo cup 1999 competition category C, winner of 2 out of 4 rounds 2001 competing under Edward Gal in Prix St George.


Krack C, Anky van Grunsven's esteemed dressage partner, is one of the most respected sires of dressage excellence in Europe. Krack C's sire, Flemmingh, is the sire of many other outstanding dressage stars, including Edward Gal`s top horse Lingh. Flemmingh breeds beautiful, big, long-lined horses with three super gaits. That is apparent by the great number of Ster and Keur mares, champion foals and dressage horses. Flemmingh daughters are proving themselves strongly in the breeding. Flemmingh is the sire of many show champions including, Kwebbel: Reserve UTV champion and the highest IBOP score in the Netherlands of 90 points, Likina: Reserve UTV Champion, Kevanie: Reserve UTV Champion, Rilena: Reserve Champion of the Netherlands and European Champion, Sarina: Champion of Friesland Silvita: Reserve Champion of Friesland, Sivemmie: Champion of Groningen, Sigranta: Champion of Overijssel. Krack C is a productive stallion in his own right. A few of his notable offsrping include: 2001 / Revanche, Overall Champion of the 3 year-old riding horse mares. 2002 / Silou H & S, Reserve Champion of the 3 year-old riding horse mares. 2003 / Terlia, Overall Champion of the 3 year-old riding horse mares. 2004 / Unassion, No. 3 in the Netherlands of the 3 year-old riding horses mares. 2005 / Vivaldi, No. 3 at the KWPN Stallion Selections in `s-Hertogenbosch. 2005 / Wise Guy, No. 3 at the KWPN Stallion Selections in `s-Hertogenbosch. 2006 / Zhivago, Reserve Champion, and a dream horse is his movements, at the KWPN Stallion Selections in `s-Hertogenbosch. Krack C has several approved stallion sons, including Redford, Tolando, Tuschinski, Trento B., United, Kaiser Franz, Valasquez and Vivaldi. A few of Krack C's accomplishments under Anky van Grunsven are listed at the bottom of page.

Anky van Grunsven: 'Krack C is a beautiful stallion with a super confirmation and he was always willing to work, both during the training and at competitions. I rode him for a period of seven years. Now he is serving as breeding stallion at Van Uytert's stud and enjoying his retirement from competitions.'

Update October 2017: The 25-year old KWPN licensed breeding stallion and former Dutch Grand Prix team horse Krack C has passed away on Tuesday morning 9 May 2017. The stallion died at stud farm Van Uytert from an aortic rupture during his daily turnout.

"Krack C was till his last day in very good health," said stallion owner Joop van Uytert. "Of course he was old and he was no longer breeding, but he was turned out daily and was fresh. We showed him to the group of KWPN Young Breeders last weekend. This morning (9 May) he was out in the sun and just died. He passed in between the mares, which was very beautiful."

Bred by Stoeterij 't Centrum, Krack C was born in 1992 and was by Flemmingh out of Gicara (by Beaujolais x Ulrich). 't Centrum initially owned Krack C but in 2009 the horse was registered with the FEI as owned by F. Vlaar.

The bay stallion was first competed by American Nick Wagman, who became the double consecutive Pavo Cup winner in 1996 and 1997.

In April 2000 Krack C moved to Anky van Grunsven. In 2007 he was trained by Hans Peter Minderhoud, who then worked as an assistant trainer at Anky's.

Van Grunsven made her Grand Prix debut on Krack C at the 2002 CDN Kootwijk. The same year Anky and Krack C competed on the Dutch team at the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez. Initially Anky aimed to qualify Gestion Idool for Jerez, but had to rely on the young Krack C instead. However, team Orange stayed far away from the team medals, weakened after the retirement of Bonfire. The pair finished 8th individually.

Krack C injured himself in the winter of 2002-2003 and except for one appearance at the 2003 Dutch Championships, the horse spent almost a year and a half off from competition. He made his come back at the 2004 CDN Roosendaal, but was no longer submitted on the Dutch team as Salinero had taken over the number one spot in Anky's barn.

Krack C competed last at international shows in 2007, winning the CDI's in Arnheim, Oslo taken over the number one spot in Anky's barn.and Helsinki. The latter event in October 2007 was his final CDI in his career. He retired from competition as a 15-year old and received a special ceremony at the 2008 KWPN Stallion Licensing. In 2010 a brief announcement was made that Krack C would return to the show ring as a schoolmaster for Birgit van der Drift, but nothing really came to fruition.

As a breeding stallion, Krack C sired 10 licensed sons with the KWPN society, including Redford, Trento B, Tuschinski, Tolando, United, Velazquez, Vivaldi, Webster, Zhivago and Dorado. In Germany he has sired 15 licensed sons, amongst them Kaiser Franz, Kansas C, and Köpenick.

Numerous Krack C offspring are competing at Grand Prix level, including Paso Doble, Symphonie , Spargo, Samaranch, Santo Domingo, Trento B, Tenson, Twister RVL, Ucola, Veni Vidi Vici C, Karolus von Wittenstein, Werner, Zygrande le Coupied and Zamora.

Krack C:

Gatsby HW's States Premium dam, was sired by the stellar stallion Fidertanz, the infamous worldwide renowned Dressage producer. Fidertanz is a rare specimen of conformation, temperament and proven heritability.

Fidertanz set early standards as NRW Champion Stallion, stallion performance test winner, Vice Bundeschampion, main premium winner and winner up to Inter I.

A class of it's own! Fidertanz can only surpass himself - and so he did again impressively in 2013. As the only sire he presented even two Bundeschampions named Fürst Fohlenhof and QC Flamboyant. Just a few stallions have succeeded in doing this sensation in the past 40 years of history of these unofficial German Championships for young horses. Previously, Fidertanz presented three Oldenburg Champions (Fiderbach, Fantango and QC Flamboyant) as well as two mares in the Brillantring at the Elite Mare Show.

The acclaimed NRW Champion Stallion set early standards: In 2005 he passed his 30-day test in Neustadt/D. and became Vice Bundeschampion in Warendorf (test rider score: 9.5). In 2006 he rose to be the Oldenburg Main Premium Winner with emphasis on dressage in recognition of his outstanding first foal crop. In 2007 Fidertanz round off his performance record with the qualifying for the Bundeschampionat. In the meantime, there are several placings up to Grand Prix level on his account.

The beautiful Fidertanz inherits his great character and his extraordinary movements.

Over 40 sons of Fidertanz are licensed, thereunder the Bundeschampion and Hanoverian Vice Champion Franziskus, the NRW Champion Stallion and Bundeschampionat competitor Flanagan as well as Feuerspiel, selling for 330,000 Euro as price highlight at the Verdener stallion market. Fürstentanz, Fiederhit OLD, Fiderstar and Fairytale placed in the finals of the Bundeschampionat. The last-mentioned Fairytale with his rider Isabel Bache have been selected to compete for the German team at the 2011' WC for five-year old dressage horses in Verden. One year later, this pair placed fourth at the Bundeschampionat.

the Bundeschampionat. Also Fidertanz' daughters are a tribute to their father, especially the Oldenburg Champion Mare Fifty-Fifty, who was already Champion Mare at the German Foal Championship in Lienen and is now at Rothenberger's dressage stable for further training. Florencia became ZfdP Champion Mare, Fider's Tanzmarie and Fashion Girl were both 2. Reserve Champions in Münster-Handorf and Filipa K 2. Reserve Champion in Wickrath. The mare For your best was 1. Westphalian Reserve Champion and placed fifth at the Bundeschampionat. In 2013, Fantara reached with a group of the best ten the final ring at the German Elite Mare Championship.

Fidertanz offspring reach top prices at auctions: The 2013' Hanoverian Champion Friemel went to customers from Brazil for a bit of 200,000 Euro. Firefox O was one of the price highlights in Vechta.

More than 200 offspring of Fidertanz are successful in sport, a fact that placed their sire again among the best rideability sires of Germany according to FN's estimated breeding value statistic. They are attractive for their riding comfort and willingness to perform, whereby the first seven-year old ones reached effortlessly the advanced class.

Fidertanz is a son of stallion performance test winner, Bundeschampion and Grand Prix winner Fidermark I, who unfortunately died far too early. The granddam Frühlingssonne produced the licensed stallions Disconto (by Divertimento) and Fanconi (by Fuchsberger). Performance line of Astfläche.

He was the top star of the 14th Westphalian stallion licensing in 2004. With standing ovations he left the arena and became champion stallion. .His exceptional basic gaits, brilliant jumping manner, balanced nature and perfect conformation hasn't given rise to any doubt about this victory. His sire Fidermark won the stallion performance test, was National Young Horse Champion, winner of the Optimum and Grand Prix tests. His dam sire Ravallo also won the stallion performance test with a total index of 155 points (dressage 157.52 points - 1st range, jumping 127.7 points - 5th range). Frühlingstraum II has been regarded as one of the pillars of the Westphalian breeding. With Romadour II Fidertanz has been inbred three times to the famous Ramzes x. Fidertanz' dam, grand dam and grand-grand dam were state premium mares. Lots of approved stallions and highly successful sports horses derive from this damline. The Westfalian licensing champion of 2005, Fidertanz, was proclaimed Hauptpraemium Sieger during the stallion parade. Out of a group of 7 stallions, Fidertanz was selected as best stallion. Owned by Wahlers and Böckmann, Fidertanz scored well in his performance test and the Oldenburg Verband was especially impressed with his first crop of foals. Reason enough to make him the Hauptpraemium winner. In 2004 he was the unequivocal winner of his licensing in Westphalia , showing off his outstanding gaits, excellent jumping ability, correct conformation and easy temperament. He completed his 30 day tests at Neustadt-Dosse as the winner of the testing. As a three year old at the 2005 Bundeschampionate he finished second, scoring 9.5 for conformation, 9 for trot, 9 for canter, 8 for walk , and 9.5 for rideability. His sire Fidermark was reserve champion of the North Rhine-Westphalian approval in 1994, won the Warendorf state stallion performance test in 1995 convincingly, and in 1996 he won the German Federal Championship of four-year-olds. Under Marlies van Baalen he was highly successful through Grand Prix dressage competitions. He not only produced the 2004 NRW champion stallion Fidertanz, but also the Westphalian champion mare Falbala. Very unfortunately, Fidermark died at much too young an age in 2003. Fidertanz's damsire Ravallo was the 1990 winner of the stallion performance test in Medingen, with a total index of 155 points (dressage 157.52 points - 1st , jumping 127.7 points - 5th ). These scores were among the highest ever awarded at a performance test. He produced four approved sons in several breeding areas and many state premium mares. His offspring are known for versatility and talent at advanced levels. The grandam, state premium mare Frühlingssonne, also produced highly successful showjumpers as well as an approved stallion Disconot (by Diamantino). Fidertanz's maternal grand dam's sire Frühlingstraum II, who was awarded the I b premium at the DLG Show, was the 1970 approval champion in Westphalia, and spent many years stationed at Wadersloh. Frühlingstraum II produced a number of highly decorated mares, approved stallions and numerous performance horses for the North Rhine-Westphalian breeding region. The third dam, state premium mare Romana, produced the two approved stallions Frederiko (by Furioso II; private stallion Rhineland) and Paradiso (by Pilot; private stallion Rhineland ). Her sire was DLG winner Romadour II, a very versatile sire. Romadour was sire of the four time Olympic dressage horse Rembrandt, as well as numerous top showjumpers. Fidertanz derives from the damline of the mare Astfläche (by Assing I). This line is of Hanoverian origin. Apart from numerous advanced level sports horses, it also produced the approved stallions Faveur (Warendorf state stallion), Graditz (Dillenburg state stallion), Graphitan (private stallion Hanover, NED), Latent (private stallion Hanover), Orlando (Celle state stallion), Rastellani (private stallion Hesse), Remoir (private stallion Westphalia) and Royal Highness (private stallion Hanover) as well as the successful dressage horse Way Ahead/Alix Denkhaus and the internationally successful showjumper Filou le Rouge/Jörg Kreutzmann.


Gatsby HW, just like ordered: Amazing looks, movement, talent, he's the total package. He will catch your attention with his beauty and elegance. He is a true eye candy, smart and willing to please.

He has three fantastic, rhythmic gaits, stellar cadence, he is working at 1st level, with his steady, always uphill movement.

This boy is easy to sit and impresses with his stunning, free shoulder, sensational trot movement, uphill canter and swings always nicely through his body, with a soft back and an active hindleg. His walk is always rhythmic, no matter if collected or extended walk. Everybody will love this one, the judges and the audience alike will be excited to see him.

Gatsby HW is willing to learn daily, very sweet and with his super work ethic and attitude, a horse that fascinates his rider as well as trainer, every day of the year. He is so much fun!

This is a horse, with a very big heart. He could truly be a lady's horse for a smaller person if desired. He's looking for his life partner to go out, have fun and compete. He's just a sweetheart. Gatsby HW is suitable for an amateur, young rider or professional alike to continue his training and go on from there.

He gets along well with other horses, loves human attention, wants to be in your pockets all the time and thrives for his personal grooming time. Loads and bathes, goes in the hot walker and is pleasant all around as well as a super partner. He is ready to go to his new owner and impress with his looks and potential for the upper level. This boy will go his way up the levels with ease and fun, hopefully you will be the one guiding him there.

Gatsby HW will enable you to fulfill your dreams with all his sensational abilities, he will collect all ribbons with ease, high point and more, here we come.

The goal of HW Farm is, to offer highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. This young star will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top!

X-rays on file!

 Please inquire for price, check out his video clip!!!

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