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BundesChampion son Fashion HW, bay Rhineland gelding by the powerful and dynamic BundesChampion Franziskus/Flatley, born in 2013, standing approximately 173 cm or 17 hands.

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Fashion HW, is a totally cool charmer and has the best bloodlines, his sire is the premium stallion Franziskus, he impressed the spectators at the Westphalian licensing in 2010.

He has a brilliant type, a perfect frame as well as a harmonious and correct exterior. His basic gaits are perfect: He walks with diligence and beat, he trots with impulsion and forward thrust and he canters uphill. Franziskus was already very good as a foal. He won the qualification to the German foal-championships. In 2011 Franziskus absolved the 30-days-test in Münster-Handorf successfully: He got a score of 9.0 for trot, canter and rideability in the training and 9.5 for his character. The test rider gave him even 9.5 points for rideability.

Continuing his life of success, Franziskus soon became Bundeschampion of the 4-year-old riding stallions with top marks when he was presented by both his own and by foreign riders in 2012. The Olympic rider Ingrid Klimke began riding Franziskus at the end of 2013 and was victorious with him in his first dressage class for young horses, at "M-level" (the highest class 6-year-olds can compete in Germany).

I Franziskus is victorious in dressage tests of KL S ** and has been 15 licensed sons. 2015 and 2016, victorious in dressage horse Kl. S ** Inter I under Ingrid Klimke and was a finalist in the Nuernberg Burgpokals/cup.


Franziskus' sire Fidertanz began his career by winning the Westphalian licensing and the 30-days-test in Neustadt/Dosse.


He was runner up at the "Bundeschampionat" and was the main premium award winner in 2006. Since then, Fidertanz has placed in many advanced dressage classes.

His dam, Antara, has also produced the licensed stallion Dementi, who is successful in advanced dressage competitions as well.

His Dam's sire, Alabaster, was "Bundeschampion" of young dressage horses.

In the third and fourth generation, there are the international sport horses, and important stallions, Rubinstein I and Grundstein I.

The basis of the dam line is the Irish thoroughbred mare Daffy Toban xx (by Go Tobann xx-Mustang xx, family 2). That line produced the sires Count on Me, Grafenstein and Winston hervor, as well as the international sport horses Grand Giraud (Alexandra Simons-de Ridder) and Calman, who won the Grand Prix of Nörten-Hardenberg with Rolf Moormann.

Franziskus' sire, Fidertanz, started his phenomenal career in the year 2004 as NRW-Champion Stallion in Münster-Handorf. In 2005, Fidertanz won his 30-day-test in Neustadt/Dosse with excellent results, and became Vice Bundeschampion with a top score of 9.5 in test-riding. In the year 2006, Fidertanz won the High Premium award for dressage-stallions at the Oldenburg-licensing in Vechta. In the meantime, Fidertanz has been trained up to the advanced level in dressage.

Franziskus' dam, Antara, produced with De Niro the licensed stallion Dementi, who is successful at the advanced dressage S Level. The dam's sire is the former Bundeschampion of German Dressage Horses, Alabaster. The third and fourth generation of the pedigree is refined by the internationally successful top-stallions Rubinstein I and Grundstein I. The dam line is based on the Irish thoroughbred-mare Daffy Toban xx (v. Go Tabann xx-Mustang xx-Flamenco xx etc,, thoroughbred-familiy 2). Some of the stallions out of this line (which is followed by the breeding-familiy Albers since the mid 1970's) are e.g. Count on Me (PB Denmark), Grafenstein (PB Oldenburg, State Stud Redefin and Marbach), Winston (PB Hannover, State Stud Celle), as well as the international sport horses Grand Giraud/Alexandra Simons-de Ridder and Calman, who won the "Goldene Peitsche" in Nörten-Hardenberg under the saddle of Rolf Moormann.

Ingrid Klimke and Franziskus:

Fashion HW's dam sire is Isabelle Werth's previous mount Flatley. The Rhinelander licensed stallion Flatley has been sold to Angelina and Heiko Graf in 2013 and made his successful return to the show ring with his new rider Meike Lang at S- and Intermediaire II level at a regional show in Kreuth, Germany. Flatley is a 2004 born Rhinelander, bred by Judith and Johannes Gielessen and sired by Furst Piccolo x Ehrensold x Dilettant. He was licensed in 2006 at the Westfalian Stallion Licensing and did his stallion performance test in Neustadt/Dosse, finishing on a dressage score of 8.44. His first offspring is now competing and Flatley has already produced one licensed son and six State Premium mares. Flatley was originally owned by Tobias Schult, who put the horse in training with Isabell Werth. The bay stallion was initially campaigned by Werth's assistant trainer Matthias Bouten. In 2011 Werth took over the ride and qualified the 7-year old for the Nurnberger Burgpokal finals for developing Prix St Georges horses. At the finals in Frankfurt, the pair finished second. In 2012, Bouten climbed back into the saddle but after his departure from Werth's yard in 2013 Isabell showed the horse twice at Grand Prix level. Lang and Flatley won an S-level test last weekend in Kreuth and finished second in the Intermediaire II 

Isabelle Werth and Flatley:

Flatley is by the famous Fürst Piccolo, a 100 Day Performance Test Winner! Fürst Piccolo's sire Fidermark was the vice champion of the NRW approvals in 1994 and won the Warendorf state stallion performance test with a big margin in 1995. Further successes followed in 1996. He dominated the "Optimum of Westphalian Riding Horses" sovereignty in Munster . He also became the Buneschampion in his home town of Warendorf . He then went on to win the LVM stallion championship in Munster Handorf. He has had many wins in the Prix St George and Intermediaire I under Marlies Van Baalen and he is trained by Johann Hinnemann. In 2003 he made his debut successfully at Grand Prix.

His first foal crops produced sensational foals. They dominated the Westphalian Foal shows and the NRW elite foal auctions. In 1998 his first approved son Fein Sinn won the 100 day test, the first of several including the impressive moving Fürst Piccolo. He has over 15 licensed sons and many state premium mares to his credit already. He is a sire who will dominate German breeding for many years to come. He is ranked highly on the FN breeding values list. The dam sire Mephistopheles, a son of the Trakehner Mackensen derives from a Romadour II mare, establishing a blood connection to the paternal side via Rheingold. Mephistopheles sired the performance test winner Jacquare. Rembrandt in the third generation was a performance test winner with Trakehner blood.

Fürst Piccolo was a premium stallion at the NRW main approval in 1999 and won the 100 day test in 2000 with high scores. He is an amazing moving stallion and his first few foal crops have dominated the Westphalian elite foal auctions.

Fürst Piccolo:

Fashion HW's pedigree reads like the Who's Who, a truly mesmerizing horse, he is "tres chique", noble, with true stallion looks in a gentle gelding package.

A horse for the discriminating buyer, super easy to ride with a sensational, sweet and forgiving temperament. He has it all.

Check out that freedom in the shoulder and active hind leg! He has a superb rhythm and swings softly through his back, he is a young horse and already very promising.

His gaits are just breathtaking and his willingness is unmatched. The trot is packed with schwung, suspension and elasticity, his front legs reach far out and up, totally amazing. The canter comes with a phenomenal uphill movement with lots of air time, jumping well up and out and under every single time. He is so much fun to watch and ride.

He will be a piaffe and passage machine, that's very obvious already, lateral work as well as flying changes will be a blast. His walk is pure, rhythmic with an superb over stride.

Fashion HW loves collected work, he goes effortless through the neck, on the bit, featherlight for the riders hand, making him a true ladies horse and he is suited for everybody alike, young rider, AA and professional.

He is just stunning, totally cool and a horse of a lifetime. He loves to work inside the covered arena as well as in the outside ring, right next to the youngsters playing in the field behind the bushes.

Fashion HW is working at First Level, giving his best every single day. He is in the same hands since he was a foal, correctly fed, raised, handled and trained, making it easy for his new mommy or daddy to concentrate on fun activities and to truly trust each other. His future is a very bright one.

This young man is a "people horse", loves to be pampered and cuddled, he will wrap his neck around your shoulders and beg for more and more hugs. He knows everything a young horse needs to know. Used to the wash rack, hot walker and more. He is easy to load and travels well.

Looking for a true Young Horse Candidate? Or something for the Bundeschampionat? The answer can only be: Fashion HW

What a gem, he will bring a smile to your face - every day again and again!

X-rays on file!

check out his video clip!!!

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