Pitu HW




Pitu HW, chestnut German Riding Pony gelding, by Pernod/Principal Boy, born in 2008, standing approximately 147 cm or 14.1 hands.

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Pitu HW is an old horses soul in a pony's body, you will love to have him for yourself or your kids.

He is solidly trained, very successfully shown in dressage and is a really fun pony all around.

Rarely ever will you find one like him, he was in training for the last 5 years in our German barn and went up through the levels with a now 14 year old boy and a young lady in the saddle, scoring very well and can look back at many victories up and including to 2nd level dressage.

The town championship in 2015, another total stand out and major success for these two here:

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Pitu HW was equally successful with this young lady in the saddle, easily the best horse in town and area, in Germany, the golden ribbon stands for victory, well deserved:

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Pitu HW is easy to ride and handle. Uncomplicated for everybody alike.

Horseshows are a blast! He loves to work and show off what he learned. This boy is eager to please and loves trail rides. Super fun to work with, still room to go up the levels or to teach somebody what he already knows, the choice is yours.

Take him out to shows and enjoy your time and clinics, or just a hack around the corner. He is just spectacular in everything he does, cute, flashy and fancy. Pitu HW is a phenomenal mover. He truly lifts through the shoulders, has a super nice extended trot, lots of suspension in all gaits and a very active hindleg. Great rhythm in the walk, striding along like a big boy.

With him, you don't have to sacrifice quality, just due to size, he has it all! Sadly outgrown by his rider, it's time that he looks in the future to teach and help other kids or ladies along in their journey.

Pitu HW is used to go in the hot walker, loves his shower and solarium time. Stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time.


X-rays on file!

check out his video clip!!!

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