Fendi HW, bay Westphalian gelding by Flovino/Ferragamo, born in 2009, standing approximately 172 cm or 16.3 hands.

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Fendi HW's sire is Flovino. He carries the famous Florestan blood and was second Reserve Champion at the 2004 NRW stallion approvals. He placed 1st in dressage at his performance test receiving a score of 136.52 points. He has had success in tests for young dressage since then. Flovino is a highly requested breeding stallion due to the number of foals that have qualified for the German foul championships, and the premium foals selected for auctions. Flovino is a full brother to the 2000 NRW champion stallion, Future.


Flovino’s sire Florestan was born in 1986 and as a foal he impressed all with his type, expression and basic gaits. Temperament and character were highlights of this young colt.. Very lucrative offers were declined from USA, and Florestan was sold to the Westphalen State Stud who had put first option on him as a foal. From the Nordrhein Westphalen State Stud he has influenced warmblood breeding immensely. Florestan has clearly stamped a dynasty of performance and breeding horses.

In 1988 Florestan was the undisputed winner of the Rheinland Licensing. He fulfilled expectations by Winning the Performance Test in Warendorf in 1989. He acheived a total index of 129.02.

His critics were silenced after his first foal crops proved his reproducing powers. His foals all replicated their sire's excellent traits. Progeny from those first years impressed so much that Florestan was moved to the main breeding station in Warendorf.

Florestan and his progeny are well known all over the world. To name a few, the Bundeschampions, Fidermark, Ferrara S, French Kiss, the World Dressage Champion, Fürst Heinrich, Florencio, 3rd place World Dressage Championship finals in Las Vegas, Floriano,the best horse in the finale of the German Dressage Derby, Florianus, Stallion Licensing Champions, Future (NRW) and French Kiss (Baden-Württemberg), Oldenburger Main Premium Winner, Fürst Heinrich and Florencio. Bavarian Main Premium Winner Florestano, the Performance Test Champions Faveur, Fidermark, Fielmann, and Freestyle, NRW winning mare Fiedergirl, top priced stallion from the Hanoverian Licensing 2006, First Dance and Westphalia Reserve Champion and NRW Auction top price, Fleur Rubin. These are just some of his progeny and their achievements..

Florestan showed very early that he could create his own stallion line and strengthen and continue the line from his ancestors. This is evident in his sons and grand sons. Florestan has delivered since 1993 at least one Licensed son each year and many of those were honored as Premium Stallions. In 2000, there were 15 sons at the NRW Licensing. Ten sons were licensed with the stallion, Future being Champion. Others included Fürst Heinrich, Floresco, Fielman and Floriano. Other associations have had their share of Florestan sons also. Fürstenreich, Fit for fun, and Florencio in Oldenburg, French Kiss in Baden-Württemberg, Florestano and Florentano in Bavaria, and First Dance in Hanover.

Florestan progeny have always done well in competition and in 2003 Fürst Heinrich was World Dressage Champion as a 5 year old. In 2004 Florencio was World Dressage Champion as a 5 year old and French Kiss was World Dressage Champion as a 6 year old.

In 2004 Florestan progeny dominated the NRW Licensing. The first three premium placing were by Florestan sons and Florestan himself.. Champion Stallion was Fidertanz (Fidermark), Reserve Champion was Fürst Grandios (Fürst Heinrich), 2nd Reserve Flovino (by Florestan). Nine sons in total were NRW Licensed that year and a further 13 stallions by Florestan sons and grand sons were also licensed.

In 2006 Hanoverian licensed Stallion, First Dance sold for 400,000EU.

Florestan's pedigree shows a successful combination from various bloodstreams coming together. His sire, Fidelio originated through Hanoverian breeding and was sired by Furioso II. Fidelio consistently produced very correct rideable horses with the desired movement and temperament.

Florestan's dam, St.Pr.St. Raute was 3 year old Rheinland Champion Mare and was awarded State Premium. She fulfilled all expectations being a successful show and broodmare. She won her class at the Bundes Mare Show in Verden in 1983 and in 1986 at the State Mare Show she was also a winner, a big honour at this show as all top mares from other associations compete against each other. She wrote breeding history when she produced Florestan 1 and his siblings, including 3 sisters who were all honored with State Premium status. St.Pr.St. Wachtel by World Champ, St.Pr.St. Palucca by Paretti and St.Pr.St. Wapita by World Champ. Full brother Florestan II was Licensed and also stood at Warendorf stud.

Two other progeny by St.Pt.St. Raute are with Robert Dover, dressage rider in USA.

Florestan's sister St.Pr.St.Wachtel was the mother of three State Premium Mares, St.Pr.St. Phantasie, by Paretti, St.Pr.St. Dollnitz by Don Bedo I and St.Pr.St. Fayette by Feinsinn.

Well known for his hereditary transmission, Florestan has a Dressage Breeding Index of 146 with 99% accuracy (2006).

Over 100 sons have been Licensed and 190 mares awarded State Premium. 1620 offspring are registered as competition horses with combined winnings of over 1,500,000EU. Florestan not only produces top sons but also top mares for breeding and sport. His progeny are also consistently producing top quality. In Westphalia, Florestan or Florestan progeny have produced 6 times in 8 years, the Champion Mare.

Florestan features as the Dam's Sire of hundreds of Licensed Stallions, Premium Mares and successful competition horses. Along with his achievements as a Sire, this makes him one of the most Influential Sires in Warmblood history. 


Fendi HW's dam is by the famous Ferragamo. He Was reserve champion of the 1992 licensing in Munster-Handorf and reserve champion stallion at his performance test in Warendorf. He received 135.96 points for rideability and 123.63 points for jumping. Ferragamo has sired 16 licensed stallions and 45 state premium mares. Many of his offspring are competing at international level. His daughter Ferrigama in 1997 was champion at the Westphalian elite broodmare show, and was in the finals at the German Broodmare show. Daughter Filine was 1998 reserve champion at the Westpahlian elite broodmare show and reserve at the German broodmare show. Other daughters have produced test winners, grand prix horses and approved stallions.


PEDIGREE: Ferragamo's sire Freigraf who was bred in Hessia, is a son of the legendary Anglo-Norman foundation sire Furioso II, who supplied almost all of the European warm blood breeds with outstanding performance horses for all disciplines from his base in Oldenburg. As a juvenile stallion. Freigraf initially briefly performed covering duty in the Rhineland before changing over to the jumping stables of Paul Schockemohle where he instantaneously had sports successes, including i.a. becoming national vice-champion showjumper at the 1992 Verden championship. Freigraf's dam derives from the Trakehner Schwarm, who in turn has the incredibly tough thoroughbred Traumgeist xx as his sire. Traumgeist delivered horses for all disciplines and of great longevity for Hanover, Holstein and the Trakehner breed. Wernitz, an Osnabriick state stallion appears in the third generation. He was i.a. the sire of the successful international competition horse Wimpel / A. Schockemohle. Despite his relatively few coverings, Freigraf also sired the Warendorf state sire Favretto, who being of the same age class as Ferragamo, likewise attracted much attention. Ferragamo's dam, the state premium mare Elona is a very noble bay mare who competed in eventing competitions with outstanding success. Her sire in turn, is the exceptional procreator of performance horses Ehrensold. In the older generation of the pedigree, there are valuable specialist bloodlines of Trakehner and Arab origin including Herbstglanz / T. (i.a. sire of the well tried stallion Ordensglanz / T.) and Jussuf IV. The grandam state premium mare Illusion was mated with Salut to produce the Rhemc son Saluti.


Even at his approval Ferragamo was a star. He was the second vice-champion of the 1992 approval in Munster-Handorf and runner-up at the Warendorf stallion performance test where he excelled in the index for rideability (extraneous rider evaluation) with the score of 10.0, but also belonged to the top jumpers with above average scores.


Ferragamo established himself well in breeding from the outset with twelve approved sons from the first batches of foals, including the approvals and stallion performance test champion Friedenstraum as well as the champion mare of the 1997 Westphalian elite mare show in Munster-Handorf, Ferragana who was also a contestant in the final heat of the federal mare show and a I-b award winner of the 1998 age-class championship. His daughter Filine was the 1998 vice-champion mare of the Westphalian elite show and first vice-champion mare of the national mare show in Warendorf. The approved son Falcone was the winner of the 2000 finals qualification and a finalist at the Federal Showjumping Championship. Shortly afterwards, Falcone was sold at the elite auction in Munster-Handorf as one of the most expensive auction horses of all time, for the sum of DM 280,000.

FERRAGAMO was the second Reserve Champion of the 1992 licensing in Münster-Handorf ans Reserve Champion at the stallion performance test in Warendorf where he won the partial index for rideability (135.96 points) and was also among to the top jumpers (total index 123.63 points).

FERRAGAMO has so far sired 16 licensed stallions (e.g. Friedenstraum, Fillis) and 45 State premium mares. Many of Ferragamo's valuable off-spring are meanwhile competing at international level, among them Fabiana/Mylene Diedrichsmeier; Fabiene/Puti Hamidjojo.

The FERRAGAMO daughter, Ferragama, became Champion Mare of the 1997 Westphalian elite Broadmare Show in Münster-Handorf and reached one year later the final of the German Broodmare Show. His daughter Filine was the 1998 Reserve Champion Mare of the Westphalian Elite Broodmare Show and first Reserve Champion of the German Broodmare Show. The daughter Florence is dam to the State stud stallion Ehrendorf, to the Grand Prix horse Eichendorff and the NRW champion of the approval in 2006.


Meet Fendi HW, this stunning gentleman has all the looks and personality a person could ever hope for. Dream competition bloodlines, combined with chic appearance and super temperament, make him a horse for an amazing future.

He is at 2nd Level and possesses the qualities of a winning dressage horse, including great gaits, a super temperament and stunning good looks. This boy has the most beautiful eye and a chiseled, mesmerizing, pretty head. He is a candidate for the FEI ring and a horse that loves to be around people and to work with his partner. Perfect Junior or Amateur's horse, fancy enough for a Professional as well! You just can't beat his personality.

Fendi HW is an attractive boy with supple and super movements. He is equipped with superb gaits, where his walk is one of the many highlights, always in a super clean rhythm, with good over-stride and ground covering forward movement. He has a very active hind leg, which enables him to shine in the trot and to sit in the canter. He has a free shoulder, fancy front leg movement and he barley touches the ground. His gaits are breathtaking.

He is light in the bridle, easy to sit and very well behaved with great ride ability. This horse has airtime to spare, comes with the best competition bloodlines, gaits, brains, character and is the total package.

Fendi HW is super rideable and willing. He loves to please his handler and rider, to learn new things is his hobby. He eagerly works under saddle, is all concentrated on his job in the dressage arena, with his quick hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to him. You will be the star in the FEI classes and at clinics. He is solidly trained and can continue up the levels.

He goes in the hot walker, solarium, stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time. He cross ties as well as he loves his shower. Fendi HW is as sweet as a puppy dog, but with the attitude of a real gentleman. 

X-rays on file!

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