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Feeling HW, dark bay Rhineland gelding, by Feedback (Fidertanz/Sandro Hit) x Ferragamo, born in 2012, standing approximately 166 cm or 16.1 and 1/2 hands.

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Feeling HW goes back to the famous F-line, he's a total look a like to his sire, in type and movement, a clear winner. Feedback, a beautiful stallion, presented himself, in the best light in 2012. With his rider Mathias Bouten he won novice and elementary dressage tests with scores up to 9.2 points.

No wonder that he qualified for the German Young Horse Champion-ships and that he was nominated for the World Championships of the five year old dressage horses in Verden. The stallion is schooled by Isabell Werth and she is convinced that Feedback will become a "really good one". The Vice Champion of the NRW licensing in 2009 already has called attention to is qualities as stallion. In the year 2012 he fathered champion foals and gold medal foals at foal shows in Rhineland and Westphalia. His offspring are sought after at auctions as well. Out of a Grafenstolz mare, he provided the priciest horse (20,000 Euros) in Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar. His father Fidertanz, NRW-Champion in 2004, provided in 2012 many top foals, licensed sons and a German Young Horse Champion. Feedback's mother, premium mare Scarlett was first runner-up in her ring; she is mother of premium stallion Fiderhit, of state premium mare Fleet Street (who is mother of Quotenkönig, second runner-up of the NRW-licensing in 2011) and of more champion foals. Mother father Sandro Hit is father of record mare Poetin and of champion stallion Stedinger. The Holstein C- and L-lines perfect the pedigree in the third and fourth generation.


Feeling HW's dam sire is by Sandro Hit. What an amazing pedigree, all around.

The Oldenburg Champion stallion and Young Horse Champion, TRIPLE CROWN WINNER - Selten HW (previously Elizabeth Ball's mount, sold for Euro 500.000 to Fiona Bigwood and Anders Dahl - internationally successful, best international small horse tour 2014, bred and raised by www.HWfarm.com) - is by the same sire as ForYou HW's dam sire.

Feeling HW's dam sire is Sandro Hit, inheriting his elegance and movement. Better than ever: Sandro Hit has started a new era in the dressage scene and is already writing sporting and breeding history The number one: National Young Horse Champion - Young Dressage World Champion - unique producer performance Sandro Hit progeny are breaking all price-records, are annually winning championships and are Approval Champions Sandro Hit absolved his stallion performance test in Medingen in 1997 and in 1999 he became federal champion six-year old dressage horses as well as world champion juvenile horse in Arnheim. He has meanwhile been trained up to advanced class. Right from the outset, Sandro Hit set standards not only in sport, but also in breeding. His first crops of foals are convincing by their exceptionally aesthetic imprint of type as well as their outstanding motions. His son Sandrit was the 1999 approval winner in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, while Sommerhit was runner-up in Berlin-Brandenburg and Sandro Ace became vice-champion in Oldenburg. Sunny Boy in turn, was awarded a premium in Oldenburg , whereas Sommeliere likewise was approved in Oldenburger in 1999. In the year 2000, Sandro Hit made the headlines once more: His Brandenburg bred daughter Poetin won the Federal Championship of three year old mares and geldings under Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. A number of his offspring attained peak prices at different German auction sites, including his daughter Starlet, who at DM 140,000 was the top lot of the collection of broodmares at the 2000 Vechta spring auction. On top of that, two Sandro Hit progeny were awarded the desired status "approved" at the Oldenburg approval, as well as at the NRW approvals. In 2001 he sired the Federal champion and two vice champions.

Sandro Hit with Ulf Möller:

Feeling HW's dam is by the sensational Ferragamo.

Ferragamo was reserve champion of the 1992 licensing in Munster-Handorf and reserve champion stallion at his performance test in Warendorf. He received 135.96 points for rideability and 123.63 points for jumping. Ferragamo has sired 16 licensed stallions and 45 state premium mares. Many of his offspring are competing at international level. His daughter Ferrigama in 1997 was champion at the Westphalian elite broodmare show, and was in the finals at the German Broodmare show. Daughter Filine was 1998 reserve champion at the Westpahlian elite broodmare show and reserve at the German broodmare show. Other daughters have produced test winners, grand prix horses and approved stallions.

PEDIGREE: Ferragamo's sire Freigraf who was bred in Hessia, is a son of the legendary Anglo-Norman foundation sire Furioso II, who supplied almost all of the European warm blood breeds with outstanding performance horses for all disciplines from his base in Oldenburg. As a juvenile stallion. Freigraf initially briefly performed covering duty in the Rhineland before changing over to the jumping stables of Paul Schockemohle where he instantaneously had sports successes, including i.a. becoming national vice-champion showjumper at the 1992 Verden championship. Freigraf's dam derives from the Trakehner Schwarm, who in turn has the incredibly tough thoroughbred Traumgeist xx as his sire. Traumgeist delivered horses for all disciplines and of great longevity for Hanover, Holstein and the Trakehner breed. Wernitz, an Osnabriick state stallion appears in the third generation. He was i.a. the sire of the successful international competition horse Wimpel / A. Schockemohle. Despite his relatively few coverings, Freigraf also sired the Warendorf state sire Favretto, who being of the same age class as Ferragamo, likewise attracted much attention. Ferragamo's dam, the state premium mare Elona is a very noble bay mare who competed in eventing competitions with outstanding success. Her sire in turn, is the exceptional procreator of performance horses Ehrensold. In the older generation of the pedigree, there are valuable specialist bloodlines of Trakehner and Arab origin including Herbstglanz / T. (i.a. sire of the well tried stallion Ordensglanz / T.) and Jussuf IV. The grandam state premium mare Illusion was mated with Salut to produce the Rhemc son Saluti.


Even at his approval Ferragamo was a star. He was the second vice-champion of the 1992 approval in Munster-Handorf and runner-up at the Warendorf stallion performance test where he excelled in the index for rideability (extraneous rider evaluation) with the score of 10.0, but also belonged to the top jumpers with above average scores.


Ferragamo established himself well in breeding from the outset with twelve approved sons from the first batches of foals, including the approvals and stallion performance test champion Friedenstraum as well as the champion mare of the 1997 Westphalian elite mare show in Munster-Handorf, Ferragana who was also a contestant in the final heat of the federal mare show and a I-b award winner of the 1998 age-class championship. His daughter Filine was the 1998 vice-champion mare of the Westphalian elite show and first vice-champion mare of the national mare show in Warendorf. The approved son Falcone was the winner of the 2000 finals qualification and a finalist at the Federal Showjumping Championship. Shortly afterwards, Falcone was sold at the elite auction in Munster-Handorf as one of the most expensive auction horses of all time, for the sum of Dm 280,000.

FERRAGAMO was the second Reserve Champion of the 1992 licensing in Münster-Handorf ans Reserve Champion at the stallion performance test in Warendorf where he won the partial index for rideability (135.96 points) and was also among to the top jumpers (total index 123.63 points).

FERRAGAMO has so far sired 16 licensed stallions (e.g. Friedenstraum, Fillis) and 45 State premium mares. Many of Ferragamo's valuable off-spring are meanwhile competing at international level, among them Fabiana/Mylene Diedrichsmeier; Fabiene/Puti Hamidjojo.

The FERRAGAMO daughter, Ferragama, became Champion Mare of the 1997 Westphalian elite Broadmare Show in Münster-Handorf and reached one year later the final of the German Broodmare Show. His daughter Filine was the 1998 Reserve Champion Mare of the Westphalian Elite Broodmare Show and first Reserve Champion of the German Broodmare Show. The daughter Florence is dam to the State stud stallion Ehrendorf, to the Grand Prix horse Eichendorff and the NRW champion of the approval in 2006.


"What a feeling" you'll have - Feeling HW will steal your heart in no time. He is a horse of superb quality and a super fancy mover, who knows to impress due to his type, movement and work ethic, combined with an excellent self carriage! He is as pretty as a horse can get. Unbelievable beautiful in- and exterior, he has a super nice head with a "stallion look alike" neck (he is a gelding!).

He is a very sweet boy and has the talent to do it all. He is fantastic to ride, really willing for such a young gentleman. Feeling HW, is a cat like, elastic mover with lots of schwung, a free shoulder as well as a very good rhythm and balance, the perfect future FEI horse. He is truly breathtaking! Outstanding reach in the trot, superb shoulder, super active hind leg, uphill and strong canter as well as a clean/rhythmic walk round up this athlete. This boy excels at 2nd level already and is suitable for AA, YR as well as any professional would be happy and lucky to ride him.

He inherited the best competition genes from his dam and sire, this one is a really special boy. He is definitely for the "big tour". He has a very active hind leg, just check how far he reaches under his belly, with each single step and his canter and trot are of outstanding quality. This boy just floats above the ground. He shows himself forward without being hot, he has an outstanding character and will climb up the levels with ease. All exercises come naturally to him, as he has the built, movement and athleticism to work in dressage and he sure will excel in piaffe and passage. This extremely talented gentleman has international potential.

Feeling HW will just need to look at you with his soft eyes and you are in love with one of the prettiest horses available. The judges will love him due to his expression and "show me" attitude, take him to shows and collect your ribbons. Show him off at clinics and get yourself noticed. He is fun all around. He is in daily training and progressing really nicely. He's very well balanced and behaved.

This boy will enable you to fulfill your dreams with all his sensational abilities. The goal of HW Farm is, to find highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. Feeling HW, is a phenomenal dressage gelding. This young star will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top! Buy him now and show him yourself in the Young Horse Championships or take him to the BundesChampionships.

He is used to go in the hot walker, loves his shower and solarium time. Stands for the farrier and appreciates grooming time.

X-rays on file!

Check out his video clip!!!

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