Magic Moon




Magic Moon is a Holstein-line gelding with an Equiden pass and a color to die for, born in 2001 and standing 16,2 hands.

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Draw attention to yourself and your horse with this phenomenal guy, we only had one like him before and he was cleaning out all ribbons with our daughter and now is helping another girl win them all over the place. Judges remember horses like these, I only saw two in my whole life.

Magic Moon looks like the big brother to Easy to Spot (check him out on sold), and has the perfect warmblood gaits and movement. He is out of a Calido line and his face will catch your heart in a second.

He is extremely easy to sit, VERY SAFE, light in the bit and his ride ability is superb. He has a nice lofty front leg and tries to please his rider all the time. He will be your best friend, show partner and is ready to start First Level right now. Magic Moon is already training Second Level, with a solid counter canter.

He loves to jump and have fun. He was taped for the first time out at a new place and did not care about anything around him, he just works and does his job. He is vetted, healthy and sound . This is a horse for a young rider or amateur that wants to get serious about a dressage, hunter or jumper carrier. He is the full package and will make your day, every day.

check out his video clips!!!


Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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