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BellaRoyal HW, dark bay Rhineland mare by 2 x Vice Bundeschampion Bon Coeur/Sir Donnerhall, born in 2016, standing approximately 167 cm or 16.2 hands.

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BellaRoyal HW is by the remarkable stallion Bon Coeur, an impressive moving premium stallion at the Verden licensing 2014, dressage champion of his 30-day test, Hanoverian Champion 2016 and two times Vice-Bundeschampion in Warendorf!

"Bon Coeur" - literally translated means "good heart"! With his heart in the right place, this extremely talented black horse can easily meet, perhaps even surpass, the expectations placed under saddle. This handsome black stallion is an exceptionally powerful and active mover. He has almost unlimited elasticity and shows already good carrying power in his hindlegs. His natural uphill movement and his unique work ethic coupled with the fascinating mechanics of movement in all its three gaits make him the epitome of the modern sport horse.

All of his natural qualities, coupled with the best rideability under saddle leaves nothing to be desired. His genetics are obviously inherited through strong dressage genes: his father Benetton Dream was Bundeschampion of the three-year stallions 2007, qualified at the ages of 5 & 6 for the Bundeschampionat. Now Benetton Dream has victories in several Grand Prix and moved in 2013 as Olympic hope to Tinne Vilhelmson Silvfén of Sweden, where he currently has a breeding value of 153 points. Also in this pedigree sire Sandro Hit performance impresses his own performance (Federal champion and champion of the 6 year old dressage horses), as well as his superior sires - (numerous Federal champions dressage Champion, several breed winner, offspring and World Cup successes in Grand Prix win).

In the third generation, we find well-tried Hanovarian performance blood from Carismo (test winner at the time) v. Calypso II, which had several times internationally winning offspring in both divisions of the tournament sport. Especially in combination with Sandro Hit, Calypso II has repeatedly delivered highly successful dressage horses. His Stallion Performance test at Schliekau was a tremendous success! He was the winner (in a super field of your stallions)with the following notes:

In training:
9.5 Character
9.0 Temperament
9.50 willingness to work
9.0 Constitution
10.0 trot
8.50 gallop
8.5 walk
6.0 free jump
6.0 free jumping
In the test:
9.0 trot
9.0 gallop
8.5 walk
6.0 free jump
10.0 riding quality guest rider

Bon Coeur:

BellaRoyal HW's dam sire is the world famous Sir Donnerhall. Sire of World Champions, Winners of the Bundeschampionship, price record setters and licensing champions.

Sir Donnerhall has long since stepped out of the shadow of his incredible sire Sandro Hit and has claimed a place among the world's best dressage sires. He has produced 6 German National Champions: In 2013, Cindy OLD (4 yo mares/geldings), in 2014, Special Diva OLD (3 yo mares/geldings) and Sir Heinrich (6 yo), in 2016, Smirnoff (5 yo) and in 2017, Candy OLD (4 yo mares/geldings). In 2018, Caty OLD (4 yo mares/geldings) made the historical record perfect, as she is already the fourth Sir Donnerhall descendant out of St.Pr.St. C'est bon to win gold in Warendorf. Her full-sister Candy OLD also won the bronze medal at the World Championships for Young Horses (5 yo). Sa Coeur became double World Champion and price highlight of the P.S.I. Auction, selling for 2.31 million euros. He is just one of numerous auction top prices.

Sir Donnerhall's offspring have long since conquered the Grand Prix arenas. Sai Baba Plus/Boaventura Freire/POR was placed in several World Cups and took part in the European Championships in 2017 in Gothenburg/SWE. Galliani Biolley/Katrien Verreet/BEL was placed in Nations Cup competitions, Semper Fidelis/Catherine Haddad Staller/USA, Sir Caramello/Ashley Holzer/USA and Sir Donato/Anders Dahl/DEN etc. are also internationally successful. He has produced 97 licensed stallions, including numerous champion and premium stallions as well as Sir Olli, bronze medallist at the World Championships for Young Horses. Out of the 193 state premium mares, the Oldenburg Champion Mare Candy OLD stands out. Furthermore, the winning stallions Bonds, Feinrich and For Romance I, the Westphalian Champion Fürst Magic, the German Vice Champion Lilliano OLD, the German Champion Revenant and the Oldenburg Champion Mare, German Champion and P.S.I. price highlight Fasine OLD also descend from Sir Donnerhall's dam line. Sir Donnerhall was 2nd Reserve Champion at the Oldenburg licensing in 2003, winner of his stallion performance test and awarded the Ia main premium in 2005 and German Champion and Vice World Champion (5 yo) in 2006. He is now trained to advanced level. Due to the high breeding demands, he was no longer competed.

His sire Sandro Hit, World Champion and German Champion, very quickly made a name for himself as a foundation stallion in dressage horse breeding. His dam St.Pr.St. Contenance also produced his full brother, Sir Donnerhall II, licensed stallion and World Cup finalist with Morgan Barbancon/ESP, and Stratege/Cora Jacobs, also successful in Grand-Prix. His dam sire is the sire of the century Donnerhall.

Sir Donnerhall:

one of the surest bets among German dressage horse producers

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BellaRoyal HW herself, is an extremely fancy lady. Beauty, elasticity, and suspension outline this stunning creature. Three rhythmic, big, expressive gaits - that will blow any and all competition out of the park.

She is fabulous and easy to ride, super nice to sit and light in the bridle.

Ideal for a AA, young rider, or professional alike, everybody wants fun! BellaRoyal HW, equipped with phenomenal competition genes, is a horse of amazing quality and super fancy mover who knows to impress due to her type and work ethic. This stunning horse has it all, pretty head, big stallion neck (even as a girl!), a total dream come true.

Her hooves barley touch the ground. She loves to please her handler and rider and is a fast learner. This lady eagerly works under saddle and does an excellent job, with her free shoulder and huge suspension, she swings nicely through her back. She is breathtaking to watch in the dressage arena and with her quick, far reaching hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to her. BellaRoyal HW is supple and has a ton of air time.

This extremely talented mare has true FEI potential.

With her great ride ability, she makes a lasting impression on whom ever sees her. She loves her personal grooming time and puts her head right in your lap, striving for attention and searching for treats. With this horse, you will be the star in FEI classes and at clinics, the judges and onlookers will remember her where ever she goes.

Her bloodlines are very much sought after, she is your ticket to the top! BellaRoyal HW is used to go in the hot walker, loves her shower and solarium time. Stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time. She is a superb Young Horse Candidate, just what the judges are looking for and will make her way up the levels.

X-rays on file!

check out her video clip!!!

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