December 20th, 2018:

Scott McPhee posted:

Great year with SenSation HW and Michael Bragdell looking forward to 2019!!

Pic7616.jpg (502743 bytes)


December 19th, 2018:

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted:

My Festival HW and our amazingly talented trainer and rider Donna Gatchell received in the mail today these US Dressage Federation Year End Awards for High Score I-1 MFS, score of 69.250% and I-1 Open (67.868%) from the American Rhineland Studbook . I am so grateful for yet another spectacular year for Festival HW and Donna. These Year End scores are just incredible for this FEI Level. Thank you so much Donna!!!

Pic7618.jpg (801886 bytes)


December 12th, 2018:

Festival HW, is a cover model!

Ridden and won countless classes, high points and championships, with Donna Gatchell in the saddle, owned by one happy Karen Kerchner Baillie.

Congratulations, so wonderful to see this continuously growing success and fun they have with each other.

Pic7598.jpg (885231 bytes)

November 26th, 2018:

Would you look at that, congratulations to SenSation HW with Michael Bragdell in the saddle and owners Carol and Scott McPhee. How wonderful!

Pic7563.jpeg (276612 bytes)

November 12th, 2018:

Dressage Finals Presented By Adequan®

SenSation HW Lives Up to His Name in First Level Open Championship.

Carol and Scott McPhee’s SenSation HW did it again, with Michael Bragdell in the saddle he swooped in, danced and collected the blue and champion ribbons.

Another stellar result, in addition to being the 5 year old Young Horse Champion of 2018 already.

Congratulations to this amazing team, we couldn’t be more happy or proud to see this and Carol keeps repeating how happy she is with not only SenSation HW, but also with her other 3 HW horses. What a win/win for all.

United States Dressage Federation wrote the following article, picture by Susan Stickle.

IMG_0022.jpeg (115757 bytes)

Pic7523.jpg (175366 bytes)

Pic7524.jpeg (228125 bytes)




October 25th, 2018:

FiveStar HW is now an international quality young Grand Prix horse!

Purchased sight unseen as a 3 year old and still owned by his original buyer, Dr. Cynthia McKing, with Nadine Schwartsman in the saddle. He has been developed carefully and methodically up the levels. After competing successfully at the Small Tour Level (PSG scores to 73.824 and I1 Freestyle scores to 73.963) he moved up to the I2 and Developing Grand Prix Level, winning Regionals at I2 and competing in the US National Championships in the Developing Grand Prix Division in Chicago.

Pictures by: Tracey Bish Photography

FiveStarHW 1.jpeg (220788 bytes)

FiveStarHW 2.jpeg (248234 bytes)

Hilltop Farm, Inc. posted:

2018 USDF Year-End Awards are Finalized! Congratulations all-around!

Michael Bragdell with Scott & Carol McPhee’s SenSation HW:

Champion in Horse of the Year standings at First Level with a 76.122% as his median score, Reserve Championship for the FEI Five-Year Olds with an 8.23 and ranked 1st for Westfalens at both First Level and FEI Five-Year Olds.

Pic7485.jpeg (327905 bytes)

October 15th, 2018:

Quincy HW is Highpoint Champion! What an amazing update by Meredith Kenyon, congratulations to this success to her, Emily & team, with Quincy HW, she posted:

This last weekend was Quincy HW’s first regional championship and the last show of the season. Words cannot describe how proud I am of him and Emily!! He walked right into that big Rolex stadium like a pro and they won their huge training level class of 43 people with a 79%! That score ended up being high point of the open division and the show! Despite having an absolutely identical and incredible ride in the championship class, they ended up just outside of the ribbons. Finally Emily expertly piloted him through his very first, first level test, and with a few green mistakes he won that big class also with a 72% on a 30 degree morning in a ring he had never seen! I’m so thankful for Emily and all of team Miramonte Equine for the hard work they have put into developing Quincy HW! I cannot wait for next year as it sure looks as though it’ll be exciting!

Pic7474.jpeg (211867 bytes)

October 14th, 2018:

Yeah, congratulations - SenSation HW is USDF Region 1 champion!

USDF Region 1 Championships, Scott & Carol McPhee's SenSation HW continues his amazing season and winning streak, under Michael Bragdell, with victory in his warmup with a 75% and then taking the First Level Championship title with a 76%.

Pic7472.jpeg (186583 bytes) Pic7473.jpeg (266805 bytes)

October 7th, 2018:

Look at that, they just keep on collecting the blue and champion ribbons, congratulations to Donna Gatchell and Karen Kerchner Baillie!

Donna Gatchell posted: Festival HW!!!

Wow. !!! What a show he has had BLM Champion at PSG and BLM CHAMPION I-1 MFS !!

And he won his 1-1 warm up class on Thursday. Thank you to Karen and Fred for all your support !!! More details coming later !!!

Pic7438.jpeg (348545 bytes)

September 25th, 2018

Kimberley Rene Dougherty is in Devon, Pennsylvania and posted the following, so nice to see - congratulations Kim, well done!

She’s Magic HW living up to her name ... toughing out the rain... third show ... I adore her.

She also said, quote: "I'm so proud of her, no lunging it's pouring rain other horses stopping bucking etc and my redhead went right to work game face on …"

Pic7379.jpeg (222893 bytes)

September 23rd, 2018:

More wonderful news, FiveStar HW winning the Intermediate 2 Championships! Congratulations!!!

Nadine Schwartsman posted:

Ready for Day 4 at the Region 6 Championships! Yesterday was a dream come true with FiveStar HW winning the Intermediate 2 Championships after warming up in a crazy storm. He was so trusting while I could barely see his ears in front of me and then gave me 110% in our test. Very proud of our big boy! Winnie conquered her scary ring to win the Second Level Freestyle. Solaire was the First Level Freestyle Champion which makes it her third Championship title this weekend! Pony Power!!!! Soli and Santina did an amazing job in their VERY competitive and huge Third Level Open Championship class placing third and fifth even with some bobbles . I will post more detailed results when we get home to Boise!

Pic7352.jpeg (158278 bytes)

September 19th, 2018:

Kate Steele posted the following:

Tryon 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games with Anders Dahl, at Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Finally both me and Selten HW have landed and are on our way home after a fun filled 2 weeks in WEG, with the best people and of course my favorite unicorn.

Pic7317.jpeg (254424 bytes) Pic7319.jpeg (203119 bytes)

  Pic7320.jpeg (190817 bytes) Pic7321.jpeg (153807 bytes)

Pic7324.jpeg (237669 bytes) Pic7318.jpeg (153763 bytes)

Pic7323.jpeg (406851 bytes) 

September 16th, 2018:

Carol McPhee posted the following, congratulations to all:

Proud of this pair Ally Fox and Fendi HW. One week of real preparation with guidance from Tiffany Bragdell.

Ally’s first - First Level Test and first time showing Fendi HW.

IMG_1194.jpeg (112146 bytes) IMG_1744.jpeg (121033 bytes)


September 5th, 2018:

Some photos back of Francis HW (Fuerst Nymphenburg x Rotspon) owned by Lisa Norling! So happy with how much this sweet boy has matured in the past 2 years.

Thank you Lisa for allowing me to develop this handsome guy and to Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HW farm for finding him:)

Jennifer Williams Dressage

Francis HW Chicago 20181.jpg (385002 bytes) Francis HW Chicago 20182.jpg (439521 bytes)

Photo credit Rebecca Jean Gottstein.

September 4th, 2018:

Fantastic, check out these results, congratulations to all - Festival HW, (owned by Karen Kerchner Baillie), Donna Gatchell posted the following:

Finally doing a recap of our show at Raleigh last weekend , Labor of love !! It was really hot and humid and we had wicked storms Saturday afternoon where the lightening was so bad it hit the coliseum and blew out a couple of the speakers. Anyway everyone did amazing Festival HW won his PSG challenge and also his I-1 MFS.He was 2nd in his 1-1 challenge with some silly mistakes in his tempis, but was super relaxed and really tried for me My AA team of Liberty , Carol , Kathy and Susan won the team competition , and I won the open horse team division with Don Tiago , Festival HW and Reflection.

Festival HW , me and Karen after our MFS

Pic7266.jpeg (285843 bytes)

August 28, 2018

Five year old national young horse champion SenSation HW and Michael Bragdell, the perfect 10.




August 26th, 2018:

Fantastic results at the 2018 Markel/USEF FEI, National Championships/Festival of Champions, congratulations to all 3 HW horses and their teams, who participated, SenSation HW, FiveStar HW and Francis HW, here is his update:

Jennifer Williams Dressage posted: 2018 Markel/USEF FEI 6 Year old National Championships/Festival of Champions 6th place overall in a field of fantastic horses! So darn proud of this young man! Thank you Lisa and Ken Norling for your support and allowing me to develop this very special boy! Thank you Christophe Theallet for all of your support and help getting us where we are with him! Thank you to Region 6 for the awesome support and your cheers from home and to my amazing groom Rebecca Jean Gottstein who absolutely killed it this weekend. I am so blessed to have such a committed and supportive team and I am so grateful for you all. So proud of our region and all who came and participated! Can’t wait for next year!

Pic7214.jpg (390782 bytes)

August 25th, 2018:

2018 Markel/USEF FEI 5 Year old National Championships/Festival of Champions SenSation HW - national Young Horse Champion 5 year olds, judges comments included, high quality horse, everything we are looking for, cadence, elasticity, groundcover, collectability, engagement, 10 for trot (again). Overall 8.7! Huge congratulations to rider Michael Bragdell and owners Carol McPhee, Scott McPhee and team Hilltop

Pic7209.jpg (508965 bytes)  Pic7211.jpg (862422 bytes) Pic7208.jpg (411133 bytes)

Pic7205.jpg (1136621 bytes) Pic7204.jpg (736707 bytes) Pic7201.jpg (722757 bytes)

Image-1.jpg (569735 bytes)

August 24th, 2018:

Anders Dahl posted:

WEG is the LARGEST sporting event in the U.S. this year, and the fourth largest in the world behind the Winter Olympics, FIFA world Cup and Tour de France!!!

It is amazing being part of something this big! I can’t wait to get over there. Selten HW is ready.

Pic7190.jpg (190870 bytes)

August 23rd, 2018:

This is in the brochure at at #FestivalofChampions featuring the Markel Horse/USEF Young and Devloping Horses, and the Children, Pony, and Junior Riders at Lamplight Equestrian Center ....and....Selten HW is still going strong, after lots of international success, including the Olympics, he qualified for the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon and will be back in the US soon, with Anders Dahl in the saddle.

IMG_1405.jpeg (2805493 bytes)

August 21st, 2018:

2018 Markel/USEF FEI, National Championships/Festival of Champions

Nadine Schwartsman posted: So proud of FiveStar HW who competed in his first National Championship yesterday. Unfortunately the long week had taken a toll on him and he was quite tired but he still tried his very best and gave me many highlights especially in the one and two tempis. Thank you Cynthia McKim for trusting me with your big boy for the past six years. He is truly a joy every day.

Pic7215.jpg (574235 bytes) Pic7217.jpg (323296 bytes) Pic7216.jpg (396529 bytes)

August 21st, 2018:

What wonderful news, Emily Barber wrote the following, an amazing team, Pitu HW keeps collecting the victories, champion ribbons and making his owner happy:

Pitu HW was great this weekend showing fourth level. He earned a 72.8 today and won high point champion of show.

FullSizeRender.jpeg (2645293 bytes)

August 20th, 2018:

Congratulations to Carol McPhee and Feeling HW and Maia Barnes with Fendi HW.

Carol McPhee posted: Hits on the Hudson- Saugerties 1-3 - (2nd overall combined divisions 1st AA div) LOTS of work to do to get ready for Regionals.

Pic7154.jpg (291674 bytes)

More stellar rides coming out of Field of Dreams - Maia Barnes and Fendi HW - 2-3 Hits on the Hudson - Saugerties - next show Lexington VA Region 1 Regionals.

Pic7155.jpg (401264 bytes)

August 8th, 2018:

What a wonderful update from Jennifer Williams Dressage, amazing success and even more goals in mind, congratulations, well done

 Jennifer, owners and team, she posted: 

A little less than two weeks from now we board the horses, Millione and Francis HW via Fed Ex, The Dutta Corporation and head to Chicago for the Festival of Champions!!!?? So honored to have the opportunity to qualify and take these two special horses! Francis HW owned by Lisa Norling is ranked 2nd nationally for the FEI 6 yr old division and Millione is ranked 8th for the Grand Prix and is owned by a special group of people, Millione Partners, LLC I have so much gratitude for the village we have supporting us!

A huge heartfelt thank you to all of those guiding us, pushing us, and supporting us both financially, emotionally and mentally!!?????????? We couldn’t do it without you!"

 Pic7083.jpg (344361 bytes) Pic7084.jpg (471946 bytes)

Francis HW 8.4 in Calgary FEI 6 yr old finale

Pic7082.jpg (420280 bytes)

August 3rd, 2018:

How wonderful, congratulations - this girl is loved and as successful as expected, her owner/rider posted the following:

Kimberley Rene Dougherty:

She’s Magic HW on her way to a 78.8 in the material with a highlight score of 8.1 for the walk … I wondered if I was asking too much with the weather but she proved her confidence and boldness once again ... I’m a lucky girl

Pic7031.jpg (578768 bytes)

July 23rd, 2018:

Super Selten HW and Anders Dahl qualified in Achen, Germany, for the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tyron 2018. It will be amazing to see him back in the USA, even if only to compete, congratulations to this fantastic team, so very thankful as a breeder, to see an American bred (by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold) and born horse to have such a successful and international career.

Pic7007.jpg (586715 bytes)

Pic7006.jpg (707520 bytes)

July 19th, 2018:

Aachen, Germany Results: CDIO5* Nations Cup Team Day 1 Standings

Pic7009.jpg (379671 bytes)

 Selten HW and Anders Dahl 

Pic7008.jpg (212415 bytes)

July 20th, 2018:

Hilltop Farm, Inc. posted:

Summer show season is flying by! We're just now posting results from last weekend and Michael's about to load up and head to another show! Dressage at Lexington is always a great show that has a huge, dedicated volunteer group that makes it feel special. Carol McPhee's Franziskus HW (aka Fashion HW) gained some valuable show miles this weekend. In Saturday's First Level Test 3 he earned a 64.853 and on Sunday produced a confident, well-settled test that earned a 70.44% and 2nd place. Sternlicht captured a win in the Intermediate I on Saturday with a 69% and placed 3rd in the FEI Freestyle on Sunday with a 68.75%.

Pic6999.jpg (812363 bytes)

July 19th, 2018:

Kimberley Rene Dougherty posted the following, congratulations to this wonderful team:

She’s Magic HW in her horse show debut in the Material with a 7.37...Brave and confident, I adore her. Thanks to everyone that has helped us begin our journey together. Did I mention, she is my dreamhorse.

Pic6996.jpg (438271 bytes) Pic6995.jpg (329505 bytes)

July 18th, 2018:

Ranking 1st place in the current USDF Year End Standings, feeling very thankful, well done Michael Bragdell with SenSation HW - owned by Scott & Carol McPhee, is truly sensational. Carol fell in love some years ago, with the very first picture we took of this black beauty, good taste lady, good taste! Congratulations to this successful team, what a pleasure to see them grow and compete.

Pic6991.jpg (190976 bytes)

July 15th, 2018:

Love the following post on Facebook: Karen Kerchner Baillie is feeling blessed with Donna Gatchell and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. My Festival HW and our trainer Donna Gatchell headline Rhineland Studbook 2017 Year End Award Winners.

Pic6981.jpg (814729 bytes)

July 12th, 2018:

MB Dressage posted: Fendi HW does it again in second level, winning the class and breaking 70%! Thank you to Carol McPhee for letting me show your beautiful, talented boy.

Thank you to everyone at Thunderhead for running such a smooth show, and for even providing flowers.

Pic6970.jpg (1771375 bytes)


July 11th, 2018:

Carol McPhee (riding herself) posted this cute info, congratulations to the ongoing successes: May not be a Blue Ribbon but better scores each show is a win for us. Tiffany Bragdell without you, we wouldn’t be improving. (Feeling HW) Placing 3rd with a 68.67.

Pic6974.jpg (301257 bytes)

July 8th, 2018:

SenSation HW, with Michael Bragdell in the saddle scored a solid 81.48% at 1-1 and 74.68% at 1-2, congratulations to this team and owners Scott McPhee & Carol McPhee Wonderful rides, they keep collecting the ribbons left and right.

Pic6972.jpg (387880 bytes) Pic6973.jpg (328933 bytes)

June 24th, 2018:

Fantastic results, championship ribbons/high score and more for Festival HW and his team, huge congratulations:

Donna Gatchell posted the following:

Festival HW on his way to winning both his I-1 classes this Weekend and his I-1 MFS !!! And high score FEI for the show !! Huge thanks to Potomac Valley Dressage Association - PVDA for putting on this great show !! Many thanks to Kevin Kohmann who helped me with figuring out to ride this horse better and I am incredibly grateful for your help and expertise.

 Thank you as always to Karen and Fred who support this wonderful journey I am n with this horse ...... Always grateful !!! Debbie Marriott. For your great MFS. You are amazing

Pic6898.jpg (365929 bytes)

June 18th, 2018:

2018 USEF Young Horse Dressage National Championships Six-Year-Old Division. Super thankful to see this info/post by Jennifer Williams Dressage, overall score (out of 3 fantastic shows), 8.310 right now, ranking 2nd in the national standings - well done, huge congratulations!

She posted:  Francis HW owned by Lisa Norling and purchased from Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HW Farm in 2016 as a 4 yr old Fenn is a 2012 by Furst Nymphenburg (NOT FOR SALE!!)

3-3 ~ 72.8% FEI 6 yr old final test 8.2

His owner says the following: Francis HW is a super star in all ways ... everyone loves him and he just loves his job ...  we are thrilled!

Pic6877.jpg (752020 bytes)

Pic6876.jpg (887496 bytes)

June 17th, 2018:

How wonderful and check out that score - wow! Congratulations to the whole team!!!

Carol McPhee posted the following: SenSation HW 82.8 and Michael Bragdell FEI 5yo Qualifier

Pic6874.jpg (404758 bytes)


June 6th, 2018:

So happy and thankful to see Francis HW with Jennifer Williams Dressage in the top 4 of the 2018 USEF Young Horse Dressage National Championships Six-Year-Old Division, well done, so many victories, high points and more, Jennifer, you just keep them coming with all of the HW kids as well as with others, great work!

Pic6824.jpg (835125 bytes)

June 3rd, 2018:

Wow, check this out: High Point and super score of 8.42 in the 6 yo FEI Young Horse, huge congratulations to his owner Lisa and rider Jennifer, amazing team and result.

Jennifer Williams Dressage posted: Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, Calgary, AB, Canada

Great ending to the show. Francis HW ends the FEI 6 yr old final with an 8.42 and the FEI Young Horse High Point for the show! Super boy and so happy his owner Lisa could be here to watch and cheer him on. We are locked and loaded and starting our journey home!

IMG_1264.JPG (78479 bytes) IMG_1265.JPG (143475 bytes)

May 28th, 2018:

Hilltop Farm, Inc. posted:

The weather was a bit challenging to say the least (horribly hot & humid on Saturday and a monsoon like rain on Sunday), but Team Hilltop made the most of the ESDCTA Memorial Day Shows this weekend. With Sternlicht Michael won both the Prix St. Georges and the Developing Prix St. Georges classes with scoresover 71%. Carol McPhee's SenSation HW won Saturday's 1st Level Test 3 with a 71% and in his first FEI Five-Year old test earned another 1st with a score of 7.78. Finally it was a big weekend move up for William Mitchelson's Faberge Blue. Faberge was 2nd in his Inter II test with a 65.8% and won the Developing Grand Prix with a 64.5%. This 8-year old just wows us with his enthusiasm for all the work and his rapid progression up the levels. Jess Fay showed Quinzy HTF to a 3rd place in Third Level Test 3 and 2nd place in the FEI Six-Year Old test. Tiffany Bragdell won both her Fourth Level Tests with her own Bellatae. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to all the volunteers who made this show run!

SenSation HW and Michael Bragdell weathering the downpours.

Pic6805.jpg (216021 bytes)


May 26th and May 20th, 2018:

Look at Carol McPhee showing off one of her 4 HW horses herself, love these results, congratulations Carol, well done, so many victories, high points and ribbons, sweet. Feeling HW - 1st schooling show of 2018 Thunderhead Farm - PA. 1st Time in First Level - 

High Score for 1st Level and Up

IMG_0579.jpg (3642989 bytes) IMG_0625-1.jpg (2670537 bytes)

Feeling HW - ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Show 1 - 1st Recognized Show of 2018 T3 and qualifying score for Regionals

IMG_0578.jpg (3062221 bytes)

May 29th, 2018:

Emily Rodger Barber posted: Woohoo!

Debuted 4th level with my awesome pony Pitu HW this weekend and it was a terrifying and awesome challenge! Much room to improve but got scores towards the silver medal and had best time ever.

Laughed so much, omg so fun!

IMG_1231.JPG (147110 bytes)

May 28th, 2018:

Nadine Schwartsman posted: FiveStar HW is officially a Grand Prix horse now!!! This boy brightens my day and continues to make me a better rider. Thank you, Cynthia McKim, for believing in the 4 year-old and me 6 years ago.

65.688% in the Developing Grand Prix which should put us currently in 11th place on the National Ranking list but we will need at least one more score.

Such an exciting journey ahead!

Pic6804.jpg (314460 bytes)

May 20th, 2018:

Internationaux de dressage de Compičgne, congratulations again and again, what a successful, international career for Selten HW and his rider/owner.

Anders Dahl (with Fiona Bigwood) posted: Another beautiful day in Compičgne! Selten HW was very good again! He will be in top form for the Danish Championship in 3 weeks. 5th in the Grand Prix Special and we finished 2nd in the Nations Cup. Thank you Ulrik Molgaard and Cathrine Dufour for an amazing team effort.

Pic6795.jpg (378160 bytes)

Pic6793.jpg (224208 bytes) Pic6794.jpg (190342 bytes)

May 13th, 2018:

High Point Champion and winning 4 out of 4 classes, with super scores: Congratulations to Quincy HW, his mommy Meredith Kenyon and his rider Emily Olive Brollier.

Meredith posted the following: My baby horse is now officially a show pony! He took everything in stride and tried his heart out finishing with scores ranging from 77-81 percent and getting high point of the show! I can’t thank Emily Olive Brollier Curtisenough for giving my boy such a positive experience for his first show and doing such a great job! So proud of my boy, Quincy HW! Still completely on cloud 9!!!

Pic6772.jpg (727469 bytes) Pic6770.jpg (1121200 bytes)

April 29nd, 2018:

Anders Dahl posted the following, congratulations (Selten HW was bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and was born in the USA):

"Super Selten HW had a fantastic start to the session in Hagen, Germany. GP 72.3% and 7th place, GPS 71.787% and 9th place in a very strong class. I was very happy with him and can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring."

Pic6730.jpg (232304 bytes)

April 22nd, 2018:

Francis HW got his qualifying scores for the Young Horse Championships, congratulations to his owner Elizabeth Norling and his rider Jennifer Williams Dressage, how wonderful. The boy was so happy to be back from California - had to take a good roll, well deserved.

Pic6723.jpg (700628 bytes)

April 15th, 2018:

3 blue ribbons for Forbes HW and Michelle, huge congratulations, she posted the following, so sweet:

It was a great weekend at Fox Lea! Udi was his usual workmanlike self with 2 very steady Grand Prix tests that brought home a 2nd and 3rd placing. The more I learn, the better he gets! It was Forbes HW that really stole the show for me. He won all 3 of his First level classes with nice scores and a happy, willing mindset. I’d like to thank everyone who made this weekend possible for me. Kathy Connelly, trainer extraordinaire. Lauren Merchant, Forbes’ biggest fan. Tori Polonitza, Katie McClain, and Randy Gerlach for holding down the fort at home as well as show help/photos/etc. at Fox Lea Amanda Whitney for an extra special Udi shower. Liz Doherty for jacket transport and a lovely dinner treat! Kathryn Tout and Holly Chernoff (who is now halfway to her Gold Medal!) for genuine support of myself and each other. Ashley Miller and Beth Gornik for full on show partners...morning walks, drink cooler, braiding, etc. etc. etc. Melissa Jackson for emergency stall mats. And...Irene Wiederhold for my special, young boy. Michelle Rozzano Gerlach

Pic6645.jpg (710098 bytes) Pic6644.jpg (811927 bytes)

April 8th, 2018:

SenSation HW, 1st level High Point Champion open, overall High Point Champion, vada/nova High Point Champion (purple), huge congratulations to an amazing team, Michael Bragdell, Carol McPhee & family/friends.

Hilltop Farm, Inc. posted: Super weekend in Leesburg for Michael Bragdell with Carol McPhee's lovely 5-year olds. For Franziskus HW (Franziskus-Flatley, aka Fashion HW) this was his first show and he gained confidence throughout the weekend. He placed 2nd in all 3 of his First Level tests with scores of 64.6-69.8%. SenSation HW (Sunday-Dancier) by contrast is already a show veteran from last season and started this year off in a winning way. He won all 4 of his First Level tests with scores of 73.6-78.9%!

Pic6550.jpg (1036285 bytes)

Pic6547.jpg (256274 bytes) Pic6548.jpg (252383 bytes)

Pic6549.jpg (1785211 bytes) 

March 27th, 2018:

The biggest congratulations to Damon‘s Design HW, his owner Sarah Bushong and Nancy Smith for winning their Prix St. George, with a 72%. What an amazing match!

IMG_0538.JPG (4215914 bytes)

March 9th, 2018:

Another great show for FirstClass HW winning his Third Level Test 1 today with a 66.3% at The Adequan Global Dressage 9, with Diana Mukpo, Windhorse Dressage, congratulations to this amazing team!

Pic6556.jpg (462019 bytes)

March 19th, 2018:

Congratulations to Forbes HW and his mommy Michelle Rozzano Gerlach, she posted the following: So pleased with my wonderful boy today. He really gave his heart to me, and I’m loving the way our relationship is growing stronger with each ride. Thank you to my pillars of strength. Katie McClain, Lauren Merchant and Tori Polonitza. (Alphabetically, to be pc) Thank you Kathy Connelly for your o-so-on-point instruction and the bonus support of your exquisite friendship.

Thank you also to so many that keep believing in us. Catherine A. Farnham Darcey Jean, Vicki Dapper Rogers, and Brenda Svihra Another shout out to Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for keeping me on target in learning who he really is!

Pic6492.jpg (239345 bytes)

March 7th, 2018:

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted: Awaiting me when I returned from our Florida trip was Festival HW's Prix St George Year End Champion awards from US Rhineland Stud.

Couldn’t be happier with what our trainer and rider Donna Gatchell has achieved with Festival and how much I enjoy riding him at home! With Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold

Pic6441.jpg (106955 bytes)


March 4th, 2018:

Hipp, hipp hurray! Pitu HW and Emily Rodger Barber deserve a round of applause.

Not only did they both start at Third Level for the first time, they both clocked the flying changes as desired and won their classes. Next day, even higher score and Emily earned all six scores for the USDF bronze in six rides, all on a pony.

Well, a Super Pony!!!

Huge congratulations, so happy and thankful, all around!??

Pic6429.jpg (263453 bytes)


February 18th, 2018:

Summervale Premier Dressage posted:

Owners of Francis HW Ken and LISA Norling with their son Jesse. Francis HW won his 3rd level test today!

Pic6384.jpg (622659 bytes) Pic6385.jpg (472510 bytes)


February 13th, 2018:

Congratulations to this amazing team!

Silke Rembacz posted: Another great weekend at Global.

Jeanne VanNuys competed her Franklin HW for the first time in PSG and had two great rides and got her qualifying score.

Pic6372.jpg (1162570 bytes)


February 12th, 2018:

Absolutely fantastic, they keep bringing home the blue and champion ribbons like clock work! Festival HW and Donna Gatchell are Prix St. George champions and 3rd place MFS. Huge congratulations to Donna and Festival HW’s owner Karen Kerchner Baillie, what an amazing team.

Pic6358.jpg (769934 bytes) Pic6357.jpg (403492 bytes)

February 11th, 2018:

Dior HW and Kassidy Peacock, victory with a 72% and now qualified for the regionals! Congratulations to this super team, well done. Kassidy says: Today Dior HW left me speechless. He went in and tried his heart out earning us a 72% and a blue ribbon! The love this little horse has brought into my life is beyond words. I can’t thank everyone who has helped us enough including Sallie Spenard for coaching us at the shows! Onward and upward from here.

Pic6350.jpg (1100769 bytes)

February 9th, 2018:

Congratulations to Dior HW and Kassidy Peacock, first Global outing and it was a success, first qualifying score for the regionals! She says he tried to hard, she is super happy with him.

Pic6330.jpeg (179800 bytes)

January 26th, 2018:

FirstClass HW was a superstar again today winning his Third Level Test 3 with a 67.9% at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, with his owner Diana Mukpo (Windhorse Dressage), in the saddle, she says: "There is so much potential in this wonderful boy, I think he is going to be awesome. Thank you for finding him for me!”

Pic6237.jpg (615638 bytes)

January 20th, 2018:

Francis HW, 4 starts, 4 victories, at the Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival, Del Mar, CA

He is long sold - these pictures and the update just made my day, so VERY thankful for all the training and time put into it. Jennifer Williams and Elizabeth Norling's boy Francis HW brought home 4 blue ribbons. Amazing, congratulations, well done and looking so GOOD doing it!

Pictures by the wonderful Terri Miller-Steiner

Fenn_2_at_Del_Mar_1-18_-_Copy.jpeg (63289 bytes) 8952-MMS-1516906594831-attachment1-Fenn_3_at_Del_Mar_1-18_-_Copy.jpeg (95453 bytes)

IMG_3269.jpeg (116512 bytes) 8951-MMS-1516906470973-attachment1-Fenn_at_Del_Mar_1-18_-_Copy.jpeg (95806 bytes)

January 18th, 2018:

Franziskus HW (aka Fashion HW) with his owner Carol McPhee and Michael Bragdell who is doing an amazing job riding the boys at at Lady Jean Ranch in Florida this winter. SenSation HW looked stunning too! Both enjoyed the Christine Traurig lessons, the many compliments and all the information given, what a win/win.

Pic6118.jpg (983681 bytes)

Pic6116.jpeg (865877 bytes)

January 17th, 2018:

What a pleasure it was to meet Diana Mukpo and FirstClass HW in Wellington, they are doing very well! The flying changes are easy for the boy and they are having fun all around. He looked amazing!

Pic6166.jpg (1851635 bytes)

January 15th, 2018:

Donna Gatchell Dressage was at River Creek Club, Leesburg,VA and posted the following, huge congratulations to her, all owners, the teams and Festival HW!

Had such a great time at the Vada/Nova year end banquet last night ! So proud of all my students who helped me win " trainer of the year " !! Also so proud all all their accomplishments this year, and dedication to the training of their horses and themselves which showed in their super year end results and awards.

 A huge thank you to my owners of the horses I competed this year who all won their respective levels ... I am so blessed to get to ride and train your horses. Tokio; Training level champion; Gentle: First level champion; Don Tiago: 2nd level champion: Festival HW: PSG champion

Also a clean sweep of the MFS division with Gentle winning , Don Tiago 2nd, Festival HW 3rd, and Fabulous 4th.  Many thanks to Debbie Martiott my amazing MFS designer who does such awesome work for me and my students. It was truly a great banquet, many thanks to all the people at Vada/nova for putting it on.

Pic6136.jpg (533436 bytes)


January 11th, 2018:

Franklin HW had clearly fun at the horse show, Florida: Adequan Global Dressage Festival.

He looked absolutely amazing, great job Jeanne VanNuys and Silke Rembacz! Part of Franklin HW's victory ride with Jeanne VanNuys, can be found on our Facebook site and Instagram, it was their first AA 4-1 (and they placed 2nd overall). Huge congratulations, what a true pleasure to see this great partnership and to see the boy again. Frankie grew up at our barn in Germany and came to the US in 2013. Well loved and going strong. Thank you Jeanne VanNuys for meeting us!

Pic6126.jpeg (1614162 bytes) Pic6127.jpg (1586303 bytes)

January 10th, 2018:

SO excited to learn that Emily and Quincy HW had 2 super rides with Jessica Jo Tate this weekend! I so wish I could have been there to watch in person, but I’m thrilled and so proud nonetheless! Thank you so much to Emily and JJ for such an awesome weekend for my big baby horse!

I bought Quincy HW through Irene in January 2017. The process was beyond easy. Irene shared absolutely everything I needed to know about the horse and even scheduled him to fly out in record time! I only waited 1 week to see my dream horse and he was everything and MORE than I had expected! I’m so thankful to Irene for bringing this horse into my life and for the continued friendship, guidance, and support she has given us! Quincy HW is a dream come true and I cannot wait to see what he accomplishes in his lifetime! My next horse will be, without a doubt, another HW Farm beauty!

Meredith Kenyon

Jessica Jo Tate posted: He’s a lovely horse and so happy that you have trusted such a talented,charismatic and empathetic trainer like Emily to bring out his best.

Wishing you all & Quincy HW Kenyon the best! Pictured is Quincy HW with Emily Olive Brollier Curtis and Jessica Jo Tate

Pic6168.jpg (843876 bytes)

January 8th, 2018:

Congratulations to Diana Mukpo at Windhorse Dressage, she posted this wonderful news: Another great show for FirstClass HW today, winning his Third Level Test 1 today at the Wellington Season Kickoff with a 67.6%. He continues to develop and has come such a long way this past year.

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