December 17th, 2009:

Hi Irene: Its been awhile since I wrote. I have been taking it slow with Sunny and letting him grow up some. It is paying off.

Our last two tests got him 8's on his gaits.

I hope to show recognized some this winter. He is an awesome horse.

Thank you so much for finding him for me and helping me through the growing stages. Holly

DSCN0702.JPG (334417 bytes) DSCN0703.JPG (273262 bytes) DSCN0708.JPG (640721 bytes)

December 14th, 2009:

Congratulations to the new owner of For Compliment!!! We are so happy that he is in the hands of a super person and that he’ll be able to continue his super career! What a horse!

December 10th, 2009:

Dressage Getaway, Thermal C, Judges Hilda Gurney and Carolyn Doran.

Elizabeth Ball and Selten HW had their first outing at 2nd Level Test 3 Open and won their class with a whopping 80%. Congratulations Beth and Selten HW – you rock!!!

December 9th, 2009:

Hi Amanda and Irene,

It's been a while since my last update, so I thought you'd like to hear about Danik (Delano HW). He's doing great, and I really love him.

My trainer, Katie Hoefs Martin and I both showed Dani this past show season at Training and First Level, with her always scoring in the 70's and me high 60s and some 70s. He won most of his classes, and some high point awards including a cooler I won on him which was fun! He's getting quite a nice wardrobe of coolers and halters. Katie showed him at our finals with all the scores above 70. He was Reserve Champion at First Level, and 4th at Training Level, this despite a few mistakes in his transitions and focus. As you can imagine, the open classes at California finals are quite competitive so this was a great result. It was the biggest show he had been to, and he was a good boy....in fact the best behaved of the horses in his honor round in the "scary" indoor arena complete with bleachers of people, and music, and flags, etc. Now that he's handled the finals so well, I look forward to riding him in upcoming years.

I'm attaching a few pictures from a recent clinic with Lisa Wilcox.

It's the third clinic Dani and I have done with her, and we are learning a lot. It's amazing to watch her ride him, and I'm looking forward to our next clinic later this month.

The first picture with Lisa and Katie is a great shot of our wonderful support team! Dani's look is priceless...begging for a caption.

CSC_0171_4.jpg (74911 bytes) DSC_0154_4.jpg (65768 bytes)

Wednesday, December 5th 2009

The winter chill has begun in the north, and action for a busy Dressage in Florida is gearing up. Nancy Smith, has made the trip from Woodwind Farm in Newbury, Ohio, to WindSong Farms Equestrian Center in beautiful Apopka, Florida, where she is the resident trainer during the winter months. WindSong Farms Equestrian Center is a brand new facility built and owned by Lori and Warren Wubker, located in an idyllic area in central Florida near Orlando. On the Florida winter show circuit, Nancy will be competing Royal Waltz and Hudson, two bright new stars that are following in the successful hoof prints of her previous Grand Prix mounts. Nancy was the alternate for the1999 Pan American Games and long-listed for the 1996 Olympic Games. With both Royal Waltz and Hudson, Nancy qualified and competed in the 2009 Markel/USEF National Dressage Young Horse Finals in August at Lamplight Equestrian Center. She is currently gearing up for another successful winter season in Florida and looking forward to bringing her two talented youngsters to their full potential as upper level horses.

118318.jpg (28819 bytes)

November 19th, 2009:

THE AMERICAN HANOVERIAN prints the following article about Selten HW :

SeltenHW Champion 2009.jpg (856266 bytes)


November 3rd, 2009:

This past week, Faulkner and I (Amanda Bailey) traveled 13 hours down to Houston, for the GAIG/SWDC regional championships. Faulkner was qualified for four championship classes. Third level open (both Gaig and SWDC) and Third level freestyle (Gaig and SWDC). I also showed him at fourth level test 1. It was an unbelievable week. Faulkner was so well behaved and tuned in for every class. He won three out of the four classes (Fourth 1, Third Freestyle championship (Gaig) and Third open (SWDC). He was reserve in the other two classes. We had a few mistakes here and there, but they were all from him getting ahead of me and anticipating. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. My computer and video camera are not on speaking terms for some reason. I'd hoped to share footage, but it is not meant to be. Instead, here is one blurry pic from a victory lap. (which he LOVED)

11032009.jpg (109346 bytes)

October 30th, 2009:

The USDF Connection printed the following in their November 2009 issue:

SeltenHW-2.jpg (1247215 bytes)

October 27th, 2009:

Just found this video. The last horse to see in it is Selten HW. We are super thankful to Hilltop Farm.

They raised and trained Selten HW and gave him the best start in the show world that we could have hoped for:



October 24th,2009:

Her is another one we’d like to introduce you to, sold for Euro 195,000.--

 EM Hannalea HW’s half brother. Stallion, born 2007, he is by Sir Donnerhall/Rotspon/Weltmeyer.



October 19th, 2009:

Here is Soraya HW, full sister to multiple Young Horse Champion Selten HW.

She is coming 3 in 2010, she is by Sandro Hit/Hohenstein/Donnerhall, out of SPS High Princess, an overall 9 mare in the Hanoverian mare book.

Isn’t she spectacular already? Can’t wait for her to get started under saddle in spring, time flies, this girl does too!



October 15th, 2009:
The American Hanoverian Society Official Page's Photos - Wall Photos

AHS-Selten HW.jpg (47065 bytes)

From the album:
"Wall Photos" by The American Hanoverian Society Official Page

Special thanks to AHS member and photographer Silvio Busch, Nicholasville, Ky., who recently presented the society with large canvas portraits of both Cabana Boy and Selten HW, respectively the six-year-old and five-year-old 2008 Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Champions. They now grace the walls of the central office.

The portrait of Cabana Boy (Contucci-Britania/Bordeaux), entitled “Gone With the Wind” shows the horse and rider Christopher Hickey without his riding hat as a consequence of the hurricane strength winds that blew through the Kentucky Horse Park while the pair were in the ring. The second portrait, “Pride and Glory,” shows a delighted Michael Bragdell and Selten HW (Sandro Hit-SPS High Princess/Hohenstein), after completion of their ride. These two AHS-registered and -branded geldings represent the type of riding horse that the AHS breeding program strives to produce. On behalf of the membership we’d like to thank Silvio for his generous gift to the AHS.


October 12th, 2009:

What a SUPER strong family!

EM Santina HW’s nephew (born in 2006) just sold for EURO 130.000 this weekend. Congratulations to the new owners, we are sure we’ll hear a lot more of this boy:

Darboven.jpg (23371 bytes)



October 8th, 2009:

Well....I am very excited to tell you that EM Hannahlea HW is doing fabulous. She had her “debut” in hunter classes this weekend and was Reserve Champion both days. She was fabulous. She would have swept up the event....but still working on some lead changes, etc. Prior to that, I have been showing her in flat classes and 99% of the time she places 1st in under saddle. I have had a judge come over to me early in the morning just to look at her and ask about her. We call her the baby of the barn. .......she is spoiled rotten. Food for thought....mid year next year, I will be looking for a new horse for my daughter. She will be moving up to Junior/Senior and will have outgrown her horse at that point. 

I’ve told everyone I talk to that if I have it my way, every horse I buy from this point forward will be from you.


October 2009:

 We have to share a video of Carlucci HW’s half brother with you. Stallion, born 2007, what a nice/flashy boy, this dam line is producing excellent and the quality is consistent!


 Welcome to
Welcome to the Equestrian World's Premier Educational Online Website for the Development of Dressage Horses and Riders. From all the Regularly Featured Trainers of DressageClinic.com to All Our Members and Visitors, We Wish Your Riding Dreams Come True. 

DressageClinic.com Presents
Elizabeth Ball
Riding & Lecturing on
Selten HW

Watch Sample Video Click Here

Elizabeth Ball Lecturing Selten HW by Sandro Hit 
5 yrs old Hanoverian Gelding
Training: FEI 5 yrs. Olds Sept. 2009
Training Video: 40 minutes
Click Above to watch Sample Video

 Find out more about membership to DressageClinic.com

“It starts with getting a clear understanding of the tiniest softest little details”, -Elizabeth Ball

     Elizabeth Ball is presently one of the most talked about dressage riders in North America as well as Europe as she is presently training what is considered the best young 5 yr. old in he nation and one of the most talented youngster in the world.  Elizabeth Ball’s 2009 accomplishments include a berth in the nation’s  top twelve for the Developing Horse Championships with Soubirous, competing Eckstein Farm’s Orion in several Intermediare 2 classes with scores over 70% and riding Orion in a very well received Grand Prix Pas de Deux with Gunter Seidel at the 2009 World Cup in Las Vegas.  
    Selten HW's overall score for the Five Year Old Final Championship test was 86.800%.  Trot score: 9.2 Canter score: 9.0 Walk score: 7.5 Submission score:8.9 General Impression score:8.8 This incredible youngster, "won" the 2009 USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championships in Illinois last month with Elizabeth holding the reins, and last year Selten HW won the four year old National Championship class at Dressage at Devon 2008.
     California’s  mountainous landscape is the backdrop for Elizabeth Balls latest video.  As she warms up Selten HW at the walk, she fills us in on how  this young horse became hers and Selten’s HW infant training by Michael Bragdell at Hilltop Farm.
In  Part 1,  When we filmed this video, Elizabeth's contant thoughts were that the following week they were both off to Ilinois to compete for the Young Horse  Championships for the FEI 5 year old test, which includes, counter canter, simple changes, forward trots and canters. “Especially with the young horses”, Elizabeth explains, “when you are correcting them or showing them new things, it’s got to be that it feels fun for them. Even when the hard things are a bit challenging, there has to be a reward, and that walk break off and on within the work to tell them that “hey you are on the right track. It’s OK”.
     Selten HW is given a comfortable contact with a gentle rein as he begins his trot warm up. “It is easy with a big mover like this", Beth explains, "for my legs to flop around a little and my feet to move more than I would like. This is not as pretty, and it gives him the message that I am always pushing. I need to train him to go without my pushing all the time", Beth continues,  "I am going to try to do a good job about not “overdriving” and at the same time, I can’t just grip my legs to hold them still, otherwise I am not going to be comfortable for him.  He has a lot of motion so there is that movement that happens in my body. It’s about finding a balance between keeping track of my excess movement and doing my best to go with him, with out tensing up”.
     In Part 2, as Beth continues working him, they begin their canter work.
Selten's HW big canter improves as she influences him forward, working on straightness , lateral bending, keeping him in front of her leg, and turning.  “I have to give the aid a little early", Beth says, "because by the time he processes the information of aid, he is already a stride or two late and sometimes he gets a little too close to the fence.”
     In Part 3, now that they have done the walk, trot and canter, Elizabeth rides the trot a little bit more collected to teach him what that is about.  The test calls for sitting trot, so Beth sits the trot as they work on shoulder in, shoulderfor, and leg yield.  As Selten HW gets warmed up mentally and physically he gets going forward on his own begining to carry her. Selten HW is really just a “baby” he get’s distracted momentarily by another horse.  Elizabeth teaches him that no matter what is going on, he has to always be ready to go forward.  If she puts her leg on, he must move forward and at this point explain a few of her theories about teaching forwardness to a young horse. 
     In Part 4, Beth canters Selten in smaller circles to balance his large canter strides. They work on the counter canter that has to be performed in the test.  "It is a good strengthening exercise as well.  I maintain the same bend through the whole body to the left as I had on the true lead.” Beth explains in her calm soothing voice even after 30 minutes of working the horse.  They work together on the simple change as Selten HW stays responsive truly giving his all.
     “At this phase in his training and strength, I have to be so patient, because I know that he could move so much bigger and do all these grand things, but he’s only five years old and he has only been ridden in the last year and a half. Just being in here with him, being happy and willing and trying  is already so much.”  Beth explains as she comes to the end of this training session.
    This video is an important video to watch because Elizabeth Ball has such a great teaching style. Ask any of her lucky students and they will tell you. She shows us in her expert, yet gentle way, how to train a young horse, where it can be fun and beneficial for both horse and rider.
     We will continue to follow Elizabeth Ball and the training of her magnificent horse Selten HW, and bring her training videos to you, right on your desktop.  We strongly suggest you watch this training session.  It is part of your development and education as a dedicated dressage rider.
Team DC.com

Thanks, Credit and Copyright 


Maryland’s Young Horse Champs

by Katherine O. Rizzo

Christopher Hickey and Hilltop Farm’s Cabana Boy

At the end of August, a few of Maryland’s top young dressage horses traveled to Wayne, Illinois for the 2009 Markel/United States Equestrian Federation National Dressage Young Horse Championships held at the Lamplight Equestrian Center. Three of these horses came home with top honors.

Cabana Boy continued to impress. The 7-year-old Hanoverian gelding, who was bred by Douglass and Shannon Langer of Wisconsin and owned by Hilltop Farm in Colora, earned his third straight championship title (he was the 2007 Five-Year-Old champion and the 2008 Six-Year-Old champion, all under the guidance of rider/trainer Christopher Hickey). This year, after scoring a 72.895% on the first day and a 73.440% on the second day, he added the title of United States Equestrian Federation National Developing Horse Dressage champion to his resume.

A Maryland horse placed well in the Six-Year-Old division with Jessica Jo Tate of Chesapeake City in the irons. Tate, who trains out of Hassler Dressage in Chesapeake City, rode Faberge, an imported Westfalen gelding owned by Elizabeth Guarisco of Virginia, to the reserve championship spot after placing fifth on the first day and second on the second day.

Selten HW, a Hanoverian bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of Florida and owned by Elizabeth Ball of California, earned his second straight championship title. In 2008, this gelding was ridden by Michael Bragdell and trained at Hilltop Farm. The pair won the 2008 Four-Year-Old Championship. This past June, Ball took over the ride and together she and Selten HW won the Five-Year-Old Championship class with a score of 8.52 (out of a possible 10).

Elizabeth Ball with her own Selten HW


September 2009:

Vivienne Wiederhold with Sundance HW and his dam EM Donatella HW. Aren't
they ALL adorable???

Selten HW & San Shivago, California-Owned Sandro Hit Offspring, Take Top Two Places in US 5-Year-Old Championships

Elizabeth-Ball-Selten-HW-IC5U83651.jpg (93914 bytes)

Elizabeth Ball and Selten HW. ©Braddick/dressage-news.com


WAYNE, Illinois, Aug. 22– Selten HW, a Sandro Hit gelding that Elizabeth Ball has been riding for only two months, won the US National Dressage Championships for five-year-olds Saturday. The horse won the four-year-old 2008 championships for four-year-old horses, but ridden by a trainer she left it with to develop. Selten HW beat San Shivago, a Sandro Hit gelding owned and ridden by Elizabeth’s friend Louise Koch, for the Markel/USEF championship by 85.200 per cent to 82.840 per cent by combining the scores from Saturday’s championship and Friday’s preliminary class. Selten HW also won the award for the highest finishing American-bred horse. San Shivago received an unexpected setback as he was walking from the warmup ring to the adjoining competition arena when a woman spectator ran in front of the pair, was frightened by the oncoming horse and threw her hand back into the nose of San Shivago causing an open wound.

San-Shivago-nose-wound-_JB_5556.jpg (76658 bytes)

Louise had no complaints about the incident that she said caused her horse to “back off” throughout the ride, saying that Beth was a “great competitor” on a fabulous horse. The judges either did not notice the wound or overlooked it as the cause was clearly beyond the control of the rider. Selten HW is by Sandro Hit out of a Hohenstein mare SPS High Princess HW, and is owned by Elizabeth, of Carlsbad, California. San Shivago, also by Sandro Hit and out of a Donnerhall mare, is owned by Louise while the third placed combination, Zatino H, by Sir Sinclair out of an Equador mare, that scored 80.160 per cent is ridden and owned by Emily Gershberg of Hudson, New York. Elizabeth Ball, 45, said that she had been riding Selten HW for only two months–”a short but exhilirating time–since she took over the ride from a trainer at Hilltop Farm in Coloran, Maryland, with whom she had left the horse for development, whom she praised highly. During the time Selten HW  had been in training at Hilltop, she said, she had only ridden the horse twice. She now is training with Olympic medalist Guenter Seidel.

Elizabeth-Ball-Selten-HW_JB_5356.jpg (73863 bytes)

Selten HW ridden by Elizabeth Ball. © 2009 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

Elizabeth said the difference between the championship and preliminary class in which she finished second to San Shivago was that she changed her warmup routine so as not to tire the horse and that made the difference. Louise Koch, who is aged 62 but says that San Shivago has given her a new start in her riding career, said the warmup was “excellent” and “we got THE trot” she the horse could deliver. But after the incident in which San Shivago was smacked in the head by the spectator “we did not get it in the ring.” Louise and Elizabeth are such good friends that Ball credited Koch’s judging with putting her on the right track for these championships. “We are very lucky girls,” Elizabeth said, and Louise joked that maybe they could become like Isabell Werth and Anky van Grunsven trade titles as they competed against each other.

Louise-Koch-San-Shivago_JB_5427.jpg (68443 bytes)

Louise Koch riding San Shivago. © 2009 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

Mary Phelps CDS Newsletter OctHiRes.jpg (516603 bytes)



Young Horse Championships 2009:

Huge congratulations go out to Nancy Smith and her new mount Hudson.

After purchasing Hudson just recently, she already had him qualified for the Championships and came in 7th in the Five-Year-Old class. What a huge success for this new pair. We can’t wait to see what the future will hold for this phenomenal team. Nancy, keep having fun and thank you for working with us!

HudsonTN.jpg (37944 bytes)

August 23rd, 2009:

The Second year in a row for Selten HW to be the Young Horse Champion in the US, he won it as a 4 and now as a 5 year old! Elizabeth Ball has taken Selten HW to the Win in the Five-Year-Old Championships at USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championships 2009! Unbelievable, what an experience to follow the story of Selten HW. It is really exciting to see him grow up, collect many titles and to see him compete year after year. In 2008 he was the National Young Horse Champion for FOUR-YEAR-OLDS with Michael Bragdell and now he won again in 2009, with Pan Am rider Elizabeth Ball in the saddle. Selten HW was bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HW FARM, in Florida and also received an American-bred award during the Championships. Elizabeth Ball, whose Cadence, LLC of Carlsbad, California owns Selten HW, called it "an honor for our country to breed the top horse for this year." Selten HW scored the highest marks: 9.2 in trot, 7.5 walk, 9.0 canter, 8.9 submission and 8.8 general impression! We are thankful to all whom made it possible, Hilltop Farms, Scott Hassler whom always believed in Selten HW , Michael Bragdell with his outstanding horsemanship and riding at home and during all the competitions, Beth Clark for establishing the connection to Elizabeth Ball, Selten’s HW owner, trainer and rider and the best mom we could have wished for him, thanks go everybody named and not named but helped.

Please read more here:

On the Scene 2009 - Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Program
Written by Lynndee Kemmet for DressageDaily.com   
Sunday, 23 August 2009 13:21

Elizabeth Ball and Selten HW took the win in Saturday's Five-Year-Old Championship Test during the USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championships being held at Lamplight Equestrian Center. Wayne, Illinois – Elizabeth Ball and Selten HW took the win in Saturday's Five-Year-Old Championship Test during the USEF/Markel National Young Horse Championships being held at Lamplight Equestrian Center. And they did it with only two months preparation. Ball and Selten scored 86.80 to take the win. Coming in second were Louise Koch and the Westfalen stallion San Shivago with a score of 82.2. Third was Emily Gershberg, of Hudson, New York, with her KWPN gelding Zatino H with a score of 81.20.

Because she didn't have the right kind of set up for a stallion, Ball sent Selten off to Michael Bragdell at Hilltop Farm as a three-year-old. Bragdell and Selten, a Hanoverian gelding by Sandro Hit out of High Princess, were a successful team, becoming last year's national champions in the Four-Year-Old division.

Selten was scheduled to return to California this year to rejoin Ball, but the timing was such that she wouldn't get him back early enough to compete him in qualifying classes out West.

Hence, Ball had Bragdell compete him in Five-Year-Old competition. So, Bragdell got Selten qualified for the national championships and Ball took over the ride just two months ago when Selten returned to California. "It says much about how good Michael's training was that I was able to come out here today and win," Ball said.

Although a successful FEI rider and trainer, Ball, who is based in the San Diego area and trains with Guenter Seidel, admits to having little experience with the young horse classes. And so, she turned to someone with more experience for guidance – Louise Koch, who won Friday's Five-Year-Old Preliminary Test with San Shivago and finished second on Saturday. Koch happily shared her experience and in doing so, might just have given Ball the help she needed to place ahead of Koch in the championship class.

"My horse is magnificent, but I knew we had to work hard to ride above Louise and her incredible horse today. So, we really went for it," Ball said. "Louise is really a dear woman to have helped me. She's a judge and we see each other at horse shows. I knew that she had experience with the five-year-old tests both from the view of a judge and a rider and trainer. So, I called her and picked her brain about these tests because I knew that she knew them well. I had never ridden the preliminary or final test for the Five-Year-Olds. I was just reading them and trying to get ready. Louise was very helpful."

Selten HW was bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold in Florida and also received an American-bred award during the championships. Ball, whose Cadence, LLC of Carlsbad, California owns Selten, called it "an honor for our country to bred the top horse for this year." Ball describes her life as "fortunate and blessed." And not just because she has a promising young star in Selten, but also because she recently relocated to a phenomenal new facility owned by the Eckstein family, which also owns Ball's Grand Prix partner Orion. "It's very private. It has a beautiful, Tuscan-style, 10-stall barn and a ring with the most incredible footing," Ball said.

Visit DressageDaily's Scoresource for complete Young Horse Results

July 21st, 2009:

Good Morning Irene,

This is a note to let you know that Faulkner and I just got back from showing at Lamplight in Chicago. It was an absolutely beautiful show. The weather was considerably cooler than at home. Highs in the sixties and low seventies. Faulkner had lots of energy. We got our final qualifying score at third level for regional championships, as well as being third level high point champion on Sunday. I'm including a few pics from the ride. He really growing up Irene. He loves his job and LOVES to show. He just thrives in that environment.

Thank-you again for all that you did to make it possible to own this amazing horse.


Still 1.jpeg (208991 bytes) Still 2.jpeg (179092 bytes) Still 8.jpeg (345506 bytes)


Good morning Irene,

Hudson just continues to show what a wonderful horse he is. He has qualified for the 5 year old division of the Young Horse championships in August. He only had 2 shows to get qualified since he arrived just 8 weeks ago but he did it. His scores have improved each time out. Last weekend he had an 8.14, his best so far. He is such a team player and is getting seasoned very quickly. Of course he has a big fan club already. The best comment so far from a spectator is, " I am dehydrated from drooling over this horse!"

I look forward to his continued improvement in the next few weeks and feel that he will hit his full stride just in time for the championships. His stable mate, Royal Waltz, will also be competing in the 6 year old division. Please let his former owner and rider know that he is making quite an impression and has a wonderful home here in the States.

Have a wonderful day! Nancy

July 19th, 2009:

Copy from www.Doversworld.com (Robert Dover’s website), we heard that “the one of the finest 5 year olds” was no one less then our homebred SELTEN HW!!!!

Day 3 In San Diego

Well, I’m at the airport in San Diego awating the boarding of the redeye back to West Palm Beach via Atlanta.
I can safely say I’m not looking forward to the long trip home, but it was a great week out here in California and today was a wonderful day of Dressage.
Everyone rode well and the horses seemed to enjoy showing off what they had learned.
Guenter rode U2 through his 1st Grand Prix and I can tell you, objectively speaking, it was well over 70%! They would have received a minimum of six or seven ‘9’s’ and showed thrilling work!
I also saw perhaps one of the finest 5 year olds I’ve ever in my life seen, ridden by Beth Ball who also has a wonderful 7 year old and two other lovely Grand Prix horses.

So now I am letting down after a nice dinner and thinking how pleased I am with the standard of riding and horses out here on the west coast.
Still, I will be happy to get home to Robert, Simon, and my horses. I only hope I can sleep on the plane!

Cheers! RD

July 16th, 2009:

Hannahleah HW (she just sold a week ago!!!) went to her first show with us.....I was really just bringing her to get used to it. We decided to show her in a couple of flat classes since she was being so awesome! She was a real trooper.....there were about 10 horses in her class and she got 5th under saddle. So what a great day. I rode her every day all around the show and on the rings and she was incredible. We got lot of oohs and aahs.....I'll keep you posted on progress. She starts program this week. She is the one for me!!

Thanks, Kelly

July 13th, 2009:

Hi Irene,

Thought you'd like to know I put Royal aka Little Black in a class at a show this week-end; training 4th . He got a 70% from Hilda Gurney and won his class. Yeah Little Black. He was a very good little horse. Pat

July, 2009:

2009 USEF National Young Horse Ranking lists, for the 2009 National Championships, sponsered by Markel Insurance:

Familiar faces/names on this list. Again, Selten HW qualified and finds himself under the highest scoring horses.

What a boy, always in the ribbons and making his breeder Irene Höflich-Wiederhold and his new owner Elizabeth Ball (Cadence LLC) more then proud.

Then there are new names on the list like HUDSON, Nancy Smith just got him from Germany and qualified him right away.

Also qualified is Hannahlea HW with Amanda Bailey, Hannah keeps collecting the blue ribbons and is such a great horse.

DON MANCERO (Don Stefano) qualified too, how exciting!

We wish all of them and all our other customers success and fun at their competitions!

Hi Irene,

Rising Sun (Rivita) and I won the Usdf silver medal!!!


June 2009:

THE CENTER LINE prints the following article in their June edition, huge congratulations to Vivienne, EM Donatella HW and all others!!! What a successful show and fun weekend that was!

DonatellaHW.jpg (1157711 bytes)

June 25th, 2009:

Summer was a really good girl at the horse show this weekend. She just won a 3rd level dressage horse class. It’s amazing how fast she is climbing up the levels, you will find more info about her on her sales site!

Good morning Irene,

Thanks for asking about Hudson! He has adjusted very well and I took him to his first show this past weekend. He was entered in the FEI test for 5 yr olds and placed 2nd in the Preliminary and 1st in the Final with a 7.5. They loved his gaits. He is a bit of a tourist, the world is so new for him, he wants to see everything all at once. He was very well behaved, lovely character, easy to handle, he just needs more competition experience. He will go to one more show in 3 weeks and if he qualifies, to the Young Horse Championships in August.

He has a fan club already for his elegant way of going and lovely temperament. I am enjoying watching him learn about the world. Will keep you posted on his progress!

Hope all is well with you, Nancy

June 24th, 2009:

Let us show you a wonderful filly by San Amour/Rotspon/Weltmeyer/MatchoAA. Yes, you guessed right, this is Elite candidate Hannahlea HW’s sister! Isn’t she just wonderful? Nice uphill and lofty gaits, pretty head, super neckset and that airtime, just wow! Her and Hannah’s dam was the 2002 Champion mare of the two year old class at the Ratje-Niebur-Show. This superb filly here was born in 2009 and is for sale, please inquire for price if you are interested.


June 2009:

 SPS Sandrice, full sister to EM Santina HW presented her 2 year old daughter at the mare show in Konigslutter. The filly by Hotline/Sandro Hit/Lanthan won her class and was the winning mare of the show. It’s rather rare that two year olds impress the judges so much, that they’ll get the title of being the Champion mare of a whole show. We got told that she has breathtaking movement, including a super walk. What a strong and successful mare line that is – outstanding! Huge congratulations to the breeders and owners.

 Champion mare of the show: 

"2-year old filly"
by Hotline - Sandro Hit - Lanthan

09KLSiegSt.jpg (54618 bytes)


June 10th, 2009:

 Huge congratulations to the 3 year old full sister of Carlucci HW and her owners. She competed at a mare show and won her class with impressive scores.

She then was called back into the winner ring and found herself under the BEST 4 horses out of the 150 participating mares.

What a huge accomplishment and proof of her quality breeding and bloodline that is!

We are super proud to have her imported full brother for sale in Arkansas, he is in training with Amanda Bailey. Check him out!

June 2009:

Hi Irene,

I wanted write and let you know how things went this past weekend with Hannah at the show in Murfreesboro. It was a three day show. We arrived at the show on Thursday, after a six hour drive in the trailer. Hannah settled right in. After giving her a little while to walk around in hand and rest, I tacked her up for a light ride, so she could get used to the arenas she would be showing in over the weekend. She was her usual calm and obedient self. She took all the new sights in stride and did everything I asked of her. The show started on Friday. Her first class was First Level test one. She warmed up great and put in a solid test, scoring a 65.667% and winning the class. The judge praised her fluidity and gave her an 8 for gaits. Later in the day, we showed in training level test 4. With a short warm-up (ten minutes) she went into the big coliseum and put in an awesome test. She was light and forward and obedient. The judge LOVED her. She was again awarded an 8 for gaits and won the test with a huge score of 72.4%. She also won the High Point award for the show in her division. I was so proud of her! Saturday was another good day for her. She again won her first level test with a slightly higher higher 66%. On Sunday, I only showed her in the FEI Young Horse test. She still had plenty on energy Sunday morning for the warm up. She was relaxed and happy in her test. The judges (both S judges) really liked her. She scored an impressively high 8 for her Canter! They also really liked how cadenced her trot was. Her final score was a 7.62. The head judge said that she hoped she would see us at Nationals. I was so happy with her the whole show. She really stepped up and did her job, every time she went into the ring. She had just the right combination on energy and relaxation. I am including a couple of pictures from the warm-up ring for you to enjoy. I know you are just as proud of her as I am.

Warmest Regards, Amanda

Still 1.jpeg (148570 bytes) Still 7.jpeg (358470 bytes)

June 1st, 2009:

SPS High Princess is confirmed in foal to Rubignon (Rubinstein/Donnerhall/Pik Solo). He is a black, amazing looking and moving stallion, listed for the Swedish Dressage team in 2008 and 2009 has 17 GP wins and placing's including international wins in his name. He is approved with multiple registries and tested in Sweden with 9’s for jumping. His ride ability is superb and this foal should be nothing less then spectacular. SPS High Princess is also Selten HW’s dam, she is now for sale, check out her website!

May 2009:

Stepmaster HW and Weltprinz HW are moving from Las Vegas to their new barn and training facility and will be in the hands of

American Grand Prix rider and Olympian Chris tine Traurig.

We are looking forward to see them in these professional hands and are thankful to Linda, their owner, for enabling them to go to such a wonderful trainer.

 Watch out for them in the future!



May 2009:

Quickstep HW is now 3 months old, we took him out for a photo shoot. His “chocolate chestnut” is just breathtaking. He continues to be a super sweet boy and he is fascinating to watch. Really elastic and a super mover. Check him out:

May 25th, 2009:

Hi Irene,

I'm writing to let you know that I took Faulkner to a clinic this weekend to ride with Todd Flettrich. Faulkner was a very good boy. He worked hard on both days and really focused on the lessons. I also took him for a hack after each workout and he acted like he lived there his whole life. Just walking through the fields on the buckle, even with horses in adjoining pastures acting silly. Just wanted to thank you again for finding such a talented and sane partner for me.


Still 10.jpeg (223282 bytes) Still 4.jpeg (202059 bytes)

May 24th, 2009:

Sir Rubinstein won an A dressage horse class just this weekend. He is now licensed to full breeding as he scored over the minimum of 7.5.

SirRB.JPG (1803644 bytes)

Countess placed 4th at dressage horse class A, what a nice accomplishment. Both horses are super ride able and fun at horse shows.

May 22nd, 2009:

 Special Edition rocked at the horse show in Germany. He was a really good boy and showed like a pro against a big field.  He won his riding horse class with a super score of 8.3! Wow, that’s quite a huge accomplishment, congratulations, this is super news!

Hey Irene,

Just wanted you to know that Solitaire HW went to his fist show (recognized) in Tennessee recently. He received two 75 percents and won both of his classes at training level. The weather was terribly stormy and right after one of the classes, they stopped the show because of lightening. He was a wonderful boy receiving 8's on gaits and getting comments like "three very good gaits for dressage". He also received the high point Westphalian horse award. And he is only four just now. Thanks again for selling me such a talented and sane young horse. Take care. Lisa

May 17th, 2009:

What a great weekend we had. Dance Away HW and Irene Wiederhold partnered and showed for the first time at 2nd level together. The weather was typical for Florida, it was hot and humid. We were in Venice and despite the noise of a chainsaw, people and horses moving around, a horse galloping in the fields close to the ring (yes, all during competition!), we made it and came home with 2 blue ribbons in both classes at 2nd level. We are super proud of this sweet boy, he really tried his heart out and we got lots and lots of compliments about his elasticity, rhythm and BEAUTY!!!

May 12th, 2009:

Congratulations to Laetizia and Fürstin Maya. Both of them were placed at M – Dressage, which equals US 3rd level. Sir Rubinstein was placed in a huge field of Bundes Championat participants, what a good boy he is. All horses were well behaved and showed superb. We are proud to have such quality and successful show horses for sale. You will find more info for all of them under their names on the sales sites. Videos and pictures as well.

SirDthumbnail.jpg (1292185 bytes)

May 10th, 2009:

Carlucci HW was out on a field trip. In addition to being an angel at home, ridden in an outside arena, he was just stellar at an indoor yesterday. He hauled fine and was well behaved and fun to ride. This boy will be a blast at the horse shows. Way to go Amanda!

 Carlucci HW is for sale, please check out his sales site for more info/pictures/videos.

May 5th, 2009:


Yeah, it's official, Vivienne Wiederhold got her Bronze Medal certificate via mail from the USDF today! Right after being a super mom to Sundance HW, EM Donatella HW (just turning 7 this month!) continued her show series with Vivienne and they managed to get all scores needed for the Bronze Medal in just roughly 12 months. They are moving up through the levels with ease, it's really fun to see the two at home and at the horse shows. Congratulations, well done!

Docs0002.jpg (1052566 bytes)

May 2nd, 2009:


Again, the girls keep the blue ribbons coming! Young rider Vivienne and EM Donatella HW had their debut at 4th level at the SWFDA show in Fort Myers, Florida. Vivienne could not stop smiling, showing off a wonderful and well prepared ride, even through a water puddle which was in the middle of the ring. They won the class and have all the right reasons to be very proud. Huge congratulations to this super team!

P5020034.JPG (14410 bytes) P5020044.JPG (24367 bytes)

April 27th, 2009:

THE AMERICAN HANOVERIAN prints the following:

Selten HW wins the „Rolling Stone Farm FEI Test Award”. Please see Thumbnail for more info:

SeltenHWahs.jpg (1662216 bytes)

April 22nd, 2009:

 Elizabeth Ball and Guenter Seidel 2009 World Cup Pas De Deux

 Olympic veteran Guenter Seidel and Elizabeth Ball perform a Pas De Deux at the 2009 FEI World Cup in Las Vegas to the music of Phantom of the Opera.
Seidel is riding Fandango owned by Marie Meyers, and Ball is riding Orion owned by Eckstein Farm. They won their performance, watch the video, you will see why! Huge congratulations to them!!!


if you like to see/download this file as a WMF click here

April 16, 2009:

DressageDaily.com - For people with a passion for Dressage.

Written by Lynndee Kemmet for DressageDaily.com   

After a Successful 2008 HW Farm Looks Forward to a Bright Future

Topping the numerous successes of prevous years wasn't easy, but 2008 was another super year for HW Farm leading farm owner Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold to feel ever more confident that HW Farm will continue to be a success for years to come. Since arriving in the U.S. from her native Germany 12 years ago, Irene has built a solid reputation as a breeder and importer of future dressage stars. And in 2008, her talent proved itself again when several HW Farm horses ended the year as champions.

"What can I say? We had a lot of excitement in 2008 and I think in 2009, our horses, as well as our customers' horses, will be just as successful," Irene said. Leading the successes of the past year was Selten HW, a Hanoverian stallion by Sandro Hit out of MS High Princess by Hohenstein and owned by Cadence, LLC. With Michael Bragdell in the saddle, Selten HW took the 2008 championship title in the Markel/USEF National Dressage Four-Year-Old Horse Championships in Kentucky with a final score of 8.56, which included a few 9s for his trot and canter work. He followed up that victory with wins at Devon in the Four-Year-old classes.

Selten HW was bred and born at HW Farm and Irene said of him that "he wins pretty much everything. He's a breeder's dream come true." But he is not the farm's only big success of the past year. The farm's elite mare Donatella HW, by Don Frederico and out of SPS Wachau, was a Third Level champion in 2008 and won numerous classes with scores in the 70s that even earned her high-point awards. She has moved up to Fourth Level for 2009 and will only turn seven in May. "She is so easy and so much fun to ride," Irene said. "Moving up the levels with her will be a charm."

http://www.phelpsphotos.com/copyrightPhotos/115766.jpgTwo other HW Farm mares are also on the rise after spectacular showings in 2008. the four-year-old Santina HW, by Sandro Hit and out of a SPS Lanthan/Dakar mare, completed her elite mare candidate requirements in late 2008 and so too did Hannahlea HW, a four-year-old by Hohenstein and out of SPS Riverqueen O by Rotspon. In 2008, Hannahlea HW was the champion mare for the American Hanoverian Society having won the mare performance test and inspection. "She won it all and did it with just a few weeks under saddle," Irene said. "Hannahlea HW is now already winning at First Level and ready to collect more ribbons and she is currently for sale. Santina HW has given birth to a Quarterback foal in the spring and will then go back to work. She gave birth to Quickstep HW on February 25th, 2009. Please check our website to stay updated on all the happenings in this big horse family at www.HWfarm.com.



April 6th, 2009:

Venice, Florida, DOUBLE DELIGHT DRESSAGE - APRIL 4 & 5, 2009

Wow, what a super exiting weekend. Elite mare Donatella HW is now a “medal horse”!

In addition to all her past accomplishments, she got only blue ribbons in 4th level again as well as a victory/blue ribbon and a second place in 3rd 3 with Young Rider Vivienne Wiederhold.

This qualified the two for the Championships in Wellington in fall 2009 and in addition, the pair managed to get all scores for the BRONZE medal together for Vivienne in roughly just one year!

We are especially proud as Donna was imported in utero and born at our farm and Vivienne was the one whom broke her and rode her all these years, so this is a “home made” accomplishment.

Congratulations to Vivienne Wiederhold, Michelle Gerlach (whom rode her in 4th level) as well as many thanks to the whole group whom was there at the show grounds. It was a true pleasure to have such nice people around and also congratulations to their many accomplishments, plenty of ribbons, victories and placings. Just amazing!

Here is Michelle Gerlach with EM Donatella HW:

img_9968_std.jpg (113012 bytes)


April 4th, 2009:


Huge congratulations to our friend and customer Elisabeth Ball. She is a true Sandro Hit offspring fan and also the owner of Selten HW (Sandro Hit/Hohenstein), whom we bred and sold to her as a three year old. Beth, what a great job and ride, we are so happy for you!!!!

2009 Festival of the Horse - Elizabeth Ball Wins USEF Developing Horse PSG Written by Christina Beal for DressageDaily.com

115829.jpg (31333 bytes)

Elizabeth Ball and Soubirous rode to a win the USEF Developing Horse Prix St. Georges on Saturday during at the Festival of the Horse in Burbank, CA. The pair earned its win with a percentage of 69.000, putting them on top of the leader board in a class of seven. Ball was thrilled with the ride. “I was really happy with Soubirous in the test today,” stated Ball who is currently ranked first in the national standings for this division. “This test is actually very challenging for the young horses, but he handled it very well.” Soubirous is an 8-year-old Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Hit x Tarakaiba) owned by Cadence LLC. When asked if Ball would take Soubirous to the National Championships in Illinois this year, she was a bit hesitant. “I am not sure that I would take him all the way to Illinois. It is a far and expensive trip.” 


April 3rd, 2009:

Hi Irene

Quick update on my boy (Prince Charming).... he has been doing so well. In Wellington in March he was 3rd in the AA PSG with 65.5%.

Then at the Heidleburg Cup at the end of March he won the I1 with a 66.3%. This earned him the FEI high-point champion of the day and the 2009 Heidleburg Cup Reserve Champion for the whole weekend.
This past weekend we went to the Dressage on the First Coast in Jacksonville where he was a star again, winning the PSG with 71.053%. He is such a fantastic horse, I can't say enough about him really.

We will be aiming for our first CDI in June back in Canada!!!!
Thanks for the advice in buying this awesome horse,

March 21st, 2009:

Horse Show at the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers, Florida – only blue ribbons for HW Farm’s girls: Elite Donatella HW showed what a good horse is all about.

Super ride ability, reliable, level headed and sensible enough without being too hot, she proofed that she can master 4th level already at in her young age, even just coming 7 in May 2009. Her flying changes were superb and always clean (she can do them down to two’s!), collection is a charm and the lateral work is confirmed and easy for her. She never puts a foot wrong and gives 100% her best at all times. It was truly fun to see her train and compete, she is a pro at home and at every show ground, what a horse! Thanks and congratulations go out to Michelle Gerlach for Donna’s debut and success at 4th level and thanks and congratulations to Young Rider Vivienne Wiederhold to show her to her best in 3rd 3 (a debut for Donna and Vivienne) and to collect only blue ribbons today.

March 7th, 2009:

Hi Irene, Don Mancero (Don Stefano) was shown March 7, 2009 in the USEF 4 year old test by Major Carlos Mancero.  He was wonderful. He finished 2nd just 0.06 behind the winner. His overall impression was 7.8! 
Sincerely, Becky and Carlos

4YOScores.jpg (230392 bytes)

March 4th, 2009:

Just got the following info, congratulations, Nicole, you and the boy rock:

Phat (Prince Charming) and I did our first inter 1 last weekend, scoring 65 percent! We placed 2nd, just missing out on winning!!!!

February 25th, 2009:

Oh my gosh, we feel so lucky to have a new healthy foal on the ground! Here
is the first picture of Quickstep HW, he is by Quarterback and out of Elite
mare Santina HW
(Sandro Hit/Lanthan), born February 24th, 2009. He is just 3
hours old in the picture, what a nice, correct, leggy boy and check out
these markings! We could not have painted them any better!

QuickstepHW.JPG (26104 bytes)


February 23rd, 2009:

Daydream HW is wonderful! She's quite a character and has definitely declared herself queen of the farm! :) We had ran her in the Oldenburg/ NA inspection her in August, where she was high scoring mare of the inspection. We received an additional award for her not too long ago that she is also Reserve Champion High Score mare for the west coast! We're trying to find an embryo transfer mare for her so we can start getting a few babies from her this year or next.
We unfortunately decided not to go to California this year. With everything up in the air with the economy, and now the new house, we just couldn't get away. She is going to her first schooling show this Sunday though. She is coming along so well, and is just fun to work with!! I know I keep saying this, but I still feel lucky she's ours!! :)
Hope everything is going well!!

February 23rd, 2009:

Yeah, we just received the documentation and certificates from the AHS (American Hanoverian Society) for the new Elite mare candidates Hannahlea HW and Santina HW. How exciting is this! They two mares were presented at the tender age of only 3, just some weeks under saddle and were just outstanding. Good breeding shows, these girls are truly special!

Elite0002.jpg (1755491 bytes) Elite0001.jpg (1769413 bytes)


February 17th, 2009:

 GB Classic Update, more horses sold by HW Farm were successful!

Hi Irene
Just wanted to update you and let you know "Phat" (Prince Charming) is being a superstar. We just came back from the Zada Cup where he placed 2nd in the PSG in Saturdays class. Sunday everything finally fell into place and we won the PSG with 67+%. We also earned the FEI Reserve Champion of the weekend. Considering we just upgraded to PSG last fall, I am looking forward to even better scores in the coming months. I will forward some pictures when they are online.

February 16th, 2009: 
Congratulations to Becky and Don Stefano, now Don Mancero, we just got the following e-mail:

Hi Irene,
I thought I should send you an update on one of the horses you sold.
He became Don Mancero in honor of his trainer, Maj. Carlos Mancero, and new co-owner’s 72nd birthday.
Judge Joan Humphrey “S” scored Don Mancero and overall 7.54 in his first show and first FEI 4 year old test at the Zada Cup, February 14, 2009.
There is a lot to this story, too much for an email testimony, so I will try to phone you sometime soon.

February 13th, 2009:

 THE AMERICAN HANOVERIAN quarterly magazine of the American Hanoverian Society prints the following about Hannahlea HW:

Hannah1.jpg (1178137 bytes) Hannah2.jpg (184357 bytes)


February 14th, 2009 :

 Siramon and Fürstin Maya were at a horse show this weekend, in Germany . Siramon placed 3rd in L Dressage horses, which equals approximately our Second Level and Fürstin Maya was 4th in M dressage horses, which equals our 4th level. So rest assured, both are fit and currently successful in the show ring, collecting the ribbons!


January 25th, 2009:

Hannahlea HW was at her first show in 2009. As usual, she was very successful and always in the ribbons, placing a 2nd and winning her First Level class, congratulations to Amanda Bailey, what a super safe and wonderful horse, way to go. She is for sale, price to go up with further training and success. This is an outstanding and experienced youngster.


January 23rd, 2009:

Hilltop Farm Inc. has the following congratulations printed in their 2009

2008USchampion.jpg (1377546 bytes)


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