December 18th, 2011:

Silver medal for Amanda and Faulkner (aka Fridolin). Huge congratulations, such an impressive match. Amanda bought Faulkner off a short video, sight unseen, as a then three year old and worked him up the levels. Next goal is GOLD in two years, fingers crossed, what a super journey. Keep up the good work and the fun, very proud of both of you!

photo.JPG (94612 bytes)

December 2011:

New breeding stallion, this is one to watch out for.
At his licensing, he was called the king of hearts. He was the crowds favorite. Reserve Champion of his stallion licensing.
Breed with him, if you are looking for a future champion. We just added all his info, dam and sire info as well as video to our website.
He was hand selected as a foal and raised in the same barn as all our HW-farm horses in Germany.

You'll find everything conveniently, right here: http://hwfarm.com/Stallions/urls/quotenkoenig.htm

Quotenkönig (King of hearts!) is a picture perfect and absolutely stunning young stallion.
He was the favorite of the NRW stallion licensing auditions, 2011.
Superb gentleman with 3 above average gaits.
He impressed everybody with his cat like movement, super free shoulder and unbelievable active hind end.
He is one of a kind in movement, dynamic, charm and esprit.
He was the reserve winner of the licensing.
His pedigree as well as his 100% super character and temperament as well as his exceptional movement will let hope for outstanding offspring.
They should be very correct, pretty and outstanding movers as well. Quotenkönig should have a very successful future in the sport as well.
He is now available via stallion station Schult in Hünxe, Germany.

November 2011:

Congratulations to Anja and Dance Away HW, Anja just got her Bronze Medal with her new mount. We are so happy that they are in love with each other, great partnership and endless smiles. Can’t wait to see you going up the levels together, looking good!!!

DanceAwayHW.jpg (92891 bytes)

November 2011:

So proud of this partnership. Walk on Top (Waitano) was bought sight unseen by Danielle and she went on to win the 4B and 4C and much more with him already. He's in Australia and it seems, we have another match made by www.HWfarm.com , with the help of the trainer Nicole. Congratulations, just WOW!!!

Walk on Top.jpg (71508 bytes)

October 21st, 2011:

YAY! Super news, Sundance HW was at his first show and made his new owner very proud. First time out and just like his mom Donatella HW, he seems to love those blue ribbons. Huge congratulations to his owner and rider, this is so exciting, so happy all around to hear this!!!

SundViv.jpg (126517 bytes)


Huge congratulations to Catherine Reid and Skywalker HW (bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold - www.HWfarm.com) again, they keep on bringing the ribbons and the Champion titles!

Skywalker HW: GAIG/USDF Region 6 First Level Open Champion with Catherine Reid! So proud of you and so thankful that you are a super match.

You deserve all this success, you rock, girl!

photo.JPG (129842 bytes)

I thought I'd update you on how the show season is going. Luke (Skywalker HW) has been super at the shows, although he doesn't like puddles very much! > So far he has been scoring in the 70's at Training level test 3 with a top score of 80%. We have even scored 2 "10"s - both were in the canter. :) > In the end of July I decided to try to qualify for Region 6 Championships at First Level as well. I think we had done one First level test at that time... So far he hasn't scored under a 68% at First level test 3 > I attached a photo from the local series championships- we won Training level, and as you can see in the photo he was busy making friends with the judges! > > Catherine

11we08b reid skywalker CEB 6598.jpg (1384263 bytes)

September 1st, 2011:

From Nicole’s website, she is the trainer of Walk on Top (Waitano), congratulations to her and to the happy new buyer, what a huge success! CONGRATULATIONS! Nicole would like to congratulate students Katie Lund and her lovely horse, Wilbur, for winning the QLD State Young Rider Preliminary Championship title and Danielle Dowsett on her handsome boy, Waitano, for winning the QLD State Young Rider Medium Championship title. Well done from a very proud coach!

2011QLDYRChampsDanielle1.jpg (64884 bytes) 2011QLDYRChampsDanielle2.jpg (65859 bytes)

Danielle and Walk on Top at the 2011 QLD State Young Rider Champiosnhips

August 9th, 2010:

Qualified for the Young Horse Championships, Kleiner Ralli (Real Love HW), with Debbie Hill! Congratulations to Debbie and his owner Suzan Larson, we are so happy for you!

KleinerRalliHW.jpg (90114 bytes)

August 8th, 2011: 

FOR SALE - High Point Champion - Cloud Nine HW, bay Hanoverian gelding by Hanoverian Premium stallion Campo Grande / Weltpoet (Weltmeister/Matcho), born in 2007, standing approximately 16.3 hands. 

Cloud Nine HW was a super star yesterday, he brought home the blue ribbons, blue for victory and the highly desired High Point Award. He was ridden by a new rider, with Jennifer Schrader-Williams coaching. Overall success!!! He scored a solid 75 %, with 8's for gaits, Impulsion, Harmony between rider and horse and many more, what a good boy. This could be you, holding the ribbons, he is for sale, what a gentleman and hard worker.

 Please contact us or Jennifer for more info or to schedule an appointment.

CloudHWribbons.jpeg (136504 bytes)

August 2nd, 2011

Just heard from the new owners, that Fantastic HW got a super score of 80% from Hilda Gurney last weekend. So happy for all, congratulations!

July 1st, 2011:

Hey Irene, Just wanted to give you an update on Ralli (Real Love). He is doing really well-in training last 6 months with Debbie Hill in Huntsville, Al. He has received a qualifying score of 7.8 in the FEI six year test and has qualified for regionals in 1st and 2nd level with very good scores. He is a wonderful horse and is convinced he is very special. I will keep you up to date as he shows more this season.

Hope you guys are all well! Suzan

June 26th, 2011:

Hi Irene - Just wanted to update you on Fantastic HW - she was at her first outdoor show with us today and placed 2nd in her first class with a score of 70 and won her second class with a score of 75 - the highest score at the show of any horse (140 entries) - She was a star and showed like she had done it all her life! What a wonderful horse she is! Angie

Some people enlighten our vision ~ and move our Souls to Dance.

June 21st, 2011:

Hi Irene, I hope all is going well there. I wanted to send a little Faulkner update for the website.

Faulkner has debuted at PSG this spring with three starts and three wins. He is working really well and offering some awesome power while being so rideable. It is really fun! Thank you again, and again for helping me purchase such an amazing animal.

I'm including a couple of pictures as well.


Summer 2011:

Australia - Toowoomba Championships 2011..., from Nicole’s website:

Had one of those "ups and downs" competitions at Toowoomba for their Regional Championships. Once again, an excellently run competition with gorgeous (if cold) weather! The highlights were Dante's 65% in his first Intermediate 1 test, and Flavio's 65% in his first Advanced test and Furst Tyme's elementary tests, both going over 72%. I won't go into the low's but they all drawback to more homework...

I was also VERY proud of my students!

Danielle Dowsett came 3rd in both Medium tests, and was Reserve Champion on her new horse, Waitano (Walk On Top, purchased sight unseen from Germany and then imported to Australia) at their first big show together.

Shannan Goodwin was 4th and 3rd in her novice tests for Reserve Champion, and placed 3rd and 5th in her elementary tests on her 5 year old warmblood, Aristede. Kristen Mc Auslan came 4th in her first Intermediate 1 on Bellissimo, and also placed well in her novice and elementary tests on her young horse, Siriano.

Tammy Stephens placed 3rd and 4th in her preliminary tests on her 4 year old, Royal Dancer, and Katie Lund placed 7th and 8th in her tests on Nekarbo Wilbur.

We all put our training to the test, were happy with the results and go home to more homework.

I must also add that Jayden Brown won his first tests on Linda and Beau Dowsett's lovely young 4 year old import, San Andreas, winning Preliminary Champion. Jayden had San Andreas for only 3 weeks prior to the competition.

Well done all!

image001.jpg (65779 bytes)

June 5th, 2011

First Totilas foal sold today at a whopping Euro 105.000 (roughly over US $ 150.000).

Just as expected :-). Can't wait to see Sydney HW's Totilas foal next year, both owned by Carol Robertson in California.

FohlenSMS11__01.jpg (276488 bytes)

May 8th, 2011:

Congratulations to Jennifer and Classical Dancer HW!!!

Classical Dancer HW was at his first show in the US. He showed 1st Level 3 and 2nd Level 1. He and Jennifer Schrader-Williams won both classes with ease. Jennifer reports, that he was super easy, uncomplicated and so much fun to ride. The day for the warm up as well as the day of the tests, he showed himself as perfect as it gets. Winning both classes with scores up to 76,57%, he knows how to capture the attention of the onlookers and the judges alike. This is a sensational boy and a born winner. He is FOR SALE!

May 5th, 2011:

Sydney HW & Totilas 

Sydney HW, full sister to 3 x Young Horse Champion Selten HW is in foal to TOTILAS! YAY! Congratulations to Carol, she is the owner of this lovely mare and fingers crossed, it will be a stunning foal! The pictures show Sydney HW as a two year old, she matured a lot in the meantime, can’t wait to see this new baby in 2012.


April 26th, 2011:

It was a pleasure to visit some of our sold horses in Wellington, during their winter training. They will soon all go up north again, after a fabulous time with their owners and trainers at different barns in sunny Florida. We started our visit with Sundance HW, he is EM Donatella HW's son, both born at our farm in Florida and now with his new owner Cricket Harvey and the trainer Kassie Kuz, at Cathy Morelli's barn.

SundanceHW.jpg (62595 bytes) SundanceHWstand.jpg (48825 bytes)

Then we went to see Soraya HW, full sister to 3 x Young Horse Champion Selten HW, with her owner Kim Jackson at White Fences, rider is Justin Hardin.

SorayaHW.jpg (94066 bytes) SorayaHWwalk.jpg (74481 bytes)

From there, we went to Perretti Farms and visited Ralli B, imported from Germany for Cynthia Perretti, rider is Lynda Alicki, Ralli B qualified for the Championships and ranks currently at 2nd place.

RalliB.jpg (70379 bytes) RalliBa.jpg (70876 bytes) RalliBstand.jpg (113382 bytes)

It was such a great day, Vivienne and I had tears in our eyes and loved what we saw. All are well appreciated and in great hands, happy owners and super nice riders/trainers. Can't wait what the future will hold for all of them. Thank you to everybody, it was so nice to meet and join the training sessions.

March 15th, 2011:

Here is an update on Ralli B. He is now showing with Linda Alicki. They are able to place and win their classes all the way up to 4th level, with scores as good as 72%. Huge congratulations to Cindy (owner) and to Linda for being so successful with this fancy boy. Hopefully we’ll be able to see him before he’ll leave to go up north again.

March 14th, 2011:

E-mail from the owner: Hi there, Fantastic HW went to her first show - training level - she was cool and calm went into the arena and got to work! - she placed 2nd and 5th with scores of 67.08 and 63.2 –

March 13th, 2011:

Congratulations to Laura and CopyRight HW, she just posted the following info: All blue ribbons at the dressage affaire :) CopyRight HW was such a good baby! 70% and 73% scores!

CopyRightHWwith new owner.JPG (80456 bytes)

March 7th, 2011:

EM Santina HW is now winning at 4th level with Jennifer Schrader-Williams in the saddle. They brought home a 3rd place at 4th level and won the other 4th level class. This is a super nice mare and so much fun to ride, huge congratulations and thanks to Jennifer, to bring her up the levels. Can’t wait to see them at Prix St. George, OR, EM Santina HW is for sale, you might want to show her yourself?

Check her out on the “for sale site”!

February 21st, 2011:

President's Day gift, born today at 4.30 am, Selten HW's half sister by Rubignon, out of SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall). This little girl is chestnut with a narrow blaze and two white socks, can't wait to see her move! So, just like Donnerhall himself, a liver chestnut - two black parents produce a nice chestnut :-)

SeltenHWsHalfsister.JPG (102650 bytes)


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