December 31st, 2016:

Selten HW, bred by www.HWfarm.com, owned by Anders Dahl & Fiona Bigwood, ranked number 53 in the world after his first season at GP is impressive :-) Never scoring below 69.2% in his International career, info provided by the phenomenal Liz Geldard Walsh:

She continues with: "What an amazing horse. Well done on breeding such a fabulous lovely boy and well done to Anders for training him so well.

Pic4023.jpg (890934 bytes)

December 30th, 2016:

Another of Selten HW's test sheets!!

Thanks to Liz Geldard Walsh — with Anders Dahl and Fiona Bigwood

Pic4022.jpg (229339 bytes)

December 26th, 2016:

This pretty boy, Forbes HW was successful at his first and only show out, 2 x 2nd place with 8 for gaits.

Well done Michelle Rozzano Gerlach, congratulations.

The pics do not do him justice, darn me...the photographer...but you get the drift, he is super friendly, cuddly, cute and couldn't wait to get some cookies.

ForbesHW Michelle G1.jpg (1252136 bytes) ForbesHW Michelle G2.jpg (803849 bytes)

ForbesHW Michelle G3.jpg (533762 bytes) ForbesHW Michelle G4.jpg (546228 bytes)

December 24th, 2016:

Super grateful for the best gift of all this Christmas – ALL OF OUR ONLINE and real life friends and customers! Merry Christmas!!!

Many highlights daily, here is one of the sweetest cards, Dantino HW with his family Tracy W. Kelley

He is LOVED and part of the family!!!!

Pic3979.jpg (1105496 bytes)

December 23rd, 2016:

Jennifer Schrader-Williams says: Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold You have a great eye for good horses that's for sure.

Sotto Voce aka Sir Niro HW (owned by Heidi Schneller-Cook) was 3rd in the country at First level with a score of 76.79% out of 552 competitors. Sotto is truly special. A gentleman anyone can ride but a professional would be thrilled to have the partnership on. 8.1 average in the FEI 5 yr old test. Will be ready for the FEI 6 year old test in 2017!

Pic3978.jpg (324736 bytes)


December 21st, 2016:

Wow, check this out, FineStep HW was purchased sight unseen and I remember our phone conversation about him like it was yesterday, Lisa felt not quite sure if she should buy sight unseen, but time was of the essence and others interested too, so she took the plunge. Look at them now, HUGE congratulations to this super successful pair!

Lisa Rush shared Julia Rush's photo.

Thank you Julia for taking this picture yesterday and sharing it. Makes me happy to know that you are proud of me.

Yesterday I received my USDF Champion Vintage Cup Award at 3rd level. For all of my non-horsey friends, that means a national first place dressage award for riders 50+. Also, received two USDF All Breeds Champion awards at 3rd level. It is an awesome way to end the show season with my wonderful boy FineStep HW, thank you Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for having this wonderful boy when I was looking. He is a super star and a huge part of my life. I owe a big thank you to William Solyntjes for making time in his busy schedule for Fin and I to travel to Brandywine every month (weather permitting) for sharing his great knowledge over the past couple of years. Your lessons are so much appreciated. The Brandywine team has been so good to us and welcomed us into their home. Thanks gang. Also, thank you to Natalie Hamilton-Hinnemann for continuing to travel to her small group of dressage riders in the midwest land of no dressage. It has been an awesome year, looking forward to 2017!

Pic3957.jpg (516627 bytes)

December 19th, 2016:

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted:

Here is Festival HW's USDF All-Breeds Rhinelander First Place Year End Award for 4th Level! Thank you Donna Gatchell for bringing our boy thru this tough level so successfully this year!

Pic3951.jpg (281487 bytes)

December 3rd, 2016:

Anders Dahl wins the CDI3* GP in Roosendaal

The Equestrian Center Den Goubergh in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, puts the dressage community in front this week. At the international 3* Grand Prix, Danmark’s Anders Dahl left the Dutch from victory, as he impressed the judges aboard the 12-year-old Selten HW (by Sandro Hit). The pair scored with all judges, except fellow country judge Susanne Baarup, the highest score. The Danish combination finished with a total of 72.900%. Dutch Tommie Visser and Variohippique’s Vingino (by Polansky) followed as runner-up with 72,120%.

Visser received the best score from Judge Susanne at C and was among the bests for judges Jeannette Wolfs and Mara De Bel Groenenboom. Gareth Hughes and Don Carissimo (by Crusador) followed in a third place with a total of 71.100%.

The top five was completed by Dutch Jeannette Haazen (Dabanos d’O4, by Abanos) and Caroline Chew (Tribiani, by S. Landtinus Dvh 674) in a fifth.

Anders Dahl himself said the following: near Roosendaal, Netherlands ·

Fabulous Selten HW did it again, we won the GP in Roosendaal. 5 wins in a row now.

He was amazing today. Selten HW was very focused and it felt easy today, good boy. I love him.

Pic3800.jpg (1060305 bytes)

Pic3799.jpg (379222 bytes)

November 29th, 2016:

Congratulations to Olympic couple Anders Dahl and Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) & Fiona Bigwood and Orthilia, great news! The GAITPOST.com published the following article:

Back on Track sponsor Olympic Couple Olympic dressage riders Fiona Bigwood and Anders Dahl are to be sponsored by Swedish based therapeutic clothing company Back on Track, the company has announced.

Selten HW Back on Track4.jpg (160845 bytes)

Selten HW Back on Track3.jpg (554877 bytes)

Selten HW Back on Track2.jpg (631555 bytes)

November 26th, 2016:

Catherine Reid posted the following: Skywalker HW and I teaching at the PNW High Performance Masterclass... This photo makes me laugh.... I know I've said I can't talk without using my hands but I think Shorts (aka SkyWalker HW) is seriously wondering what I'm doing. Such a wonderful event! I'm so proud to be a part of this.

November 25th, 2016:

Congratulations to Catherine Teifer and Jessie Myers - Ferdinand HW aka Andy only showed a few times and earned Training Level 3rd! Well done, so proud of you!

Pic3756.jpg (252473 bytes)

November 20th, 2016:

Lovely, lovely post by Jennifer Schrader-Williams with Heidi Schneller-Cook and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold.

 Beautiful boys! So grateful to have been apart of the first Master Class. Thank you for the great shots Corinne McNeely! Thank you also to the Heidi Schneller-Cook family for allowing me to ride your beautiful Sotto Voce' (Sir Niro HW) this season. Cant' wait to see what Karen Petty and the amazing team is going to cook up next for our wonderful Dressage community.

Pic3718.jpg (414810 bytes)

Pic3720.jpg (575258 bytes) Pic3721.jpg (414358 bytes)

Pic3719.jpg (917176 bytes) Pic3722.jpg (519331 bytes)

November 15th, 2016:

The American Hanoverian Society prints the following article: Selten HW - Every Breeder’s Dream... and Then Some ...

PastedGraphic-6.jpg (428708 bytes) PastedGraphic-2.jpg (496045 bytes)

From first steps baby steps to piaffe steps in front of the eyes of the world, Selten HW personifies the dream of every breeder.

Regular people might like to call me a crazy horse lady, but if you’re reading this then you probably understand my horse obsession just fine. This whole journey began when my grandpa put me on the first pony at the early age of four. I took vaulting lessons until I was about six-years old and then starting taking dressage lessons. There was no keeping me out of the barn and away from horses after that point. Many years later as my daughter’s tenth birthday was approaching, the only thing she wished for was a horse. At this point we were living in Florida and all we had was a small cow barn in the backyard. We converted the cow barn into what grew to be a large six stall horse barn and well... the rest is history (in the making). Once I made up my mind about breeding I set out on this breeding journey with the best mares I could find, one of them a beautiful black mare named SPS High Princess by Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero. I pieced together all of my memories and lessons that I learned while spending my youth around horses and started the process to finding a perfect match for her. A fond horse memory of mine took place in my hometown in Germany where the Celle stallions would come year after year to cover the local mares. Seeing these amazing stallions in person was always an exciting time, and even when I look back now, I can still remember some of them because their names made history and are still associated with great lineages today. Memories such as this play a large part in my knowledge of bloodlines and my hard to satisfy taste in good horses. After many days and nights of nonstop searching, I finally found a match and a few months later, we welcomed just one of the many very successful foals that were born at the HW Farm in Florida. He was a pitch black colt by Sandro Hit, out of an overall 9 Hanoverian mare by Hohenstein/Donnerhall, who would soon start making a name for himself and leaving a mark wherever he went. It was clear from the beginning that Selten HW was a stunner, so I contacted Hilltop Farms when he was a yearling to see if they would be interested in working with him. Although they only take in young colts from their own stallions, I was able to convince them that I had something special on my hands and they agreed to at least look at a video of our boy. 

PastedGraphic-7.jpg (99621 bytes)

Selten HW (a Sandro Hit son, bred and owned by HW Farm), winning his classes at Devon with a whopping 85.6% in 2006

PastedGraphic-8.jpg (99019 bytes)

Selten HW with rider Elizabeth Ball, won three years of Young Horse Championships in a row!

PastedGraphic-10.jpg (165631 bytes)

Winning the Young Horse Championship for the third year in a row in 2010.

Upon review of the video I sent them, Scott Hassler changed his mind and an exception was made. Scott said “his movement was stellar and that you could barely hear him touch the ground.” Shortly after, Selten HW moved to Hilltop Farms. During his first show at the prestigious Devon competition as a two year-old, Selten HW won the title of Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon, the USDF Breeders Champion Award for Colts and Geldings, the Champion Two-Year-Old Class, Best Born in the USA and High Point Hanoverian. Following his success at Devon, and in the loving and trusting hands of Michael Bragdell, Selten HW was started under saddle, where he was taken out on trail rides, over jumps, and more. Their strong bond and loving relationship was obvious to everyone that saw them. At the age of three, Selten HW was named Oldenburg Champion Stallion, and sold to the Pan American rider Elizabeth Ball, where he began his incredible international journey. He went on to win the “Triple Crown” being the only horse in history to win the Young Horse Championships from age four through age six, once under Michael Bragdell, and twice with his owner/rider, Elizabeth Ball. Selten HW continued to break records and set himself apart from the competition during the Elite Auction in the Netherlands. Selten HW broke the price record at the Elite Auction by selling for 500,000 Euro to Anders Dahl, a Denmark Olympic team member and Fiona Bigwood, a U.K. Olympic team member. Selten HW was undefeated in 2014 with scores up in the 80s. In Spain he won four out of four classes and during his debut at Intermediare I. He received spectacular comments from the judges in Spain, that included, “New star on the horizon, what a remarkable horse.” He continued his victories with Anders in the saddle in the U.K. and by the end of the year he competed against the undefeated, famous Woodlander Farouche, where he earned the Horse of The Year Champion title, to which Anders Dahl said:

He’s the best horse I’ve ever sat on, with so much power and capacity, he can do everything!” 

PastedGraphic-12.jpg (215796 bytes)

Selten HW and Anders Dahl in 2014, internationally undefeated!

PastedGraphic-14.jpg (127906 bytes)

Selten HW 2014 Horse Of The Year, winning the Battle of the Titans

PastedGraphic-13.jpg (80932 bytes)

A judge’s comment on one of Selten HW’s Prix St. Georges tests in 2014 in which he was awarded an incredible TWENTY-FIVE 9’s from the three judges!

When I reflect back on my journey and think about how it all started, I am always in awe. There are now HW horses all over the world that are doing great things and being extremely successful with their owners. Lots of positive thinking, hard work, and support from my family and friends got me through the rollercoaster of the breeding and horse world but their continued success is what brings me so much pride and happiness on a daily basis. When I found out that Anders Dahl and Selten HW qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, it was just another one of those “OMG, did I really have a part in this amazingness!?” moment for me. I sat glued to the television each day to watch the pair compete in Rio and it was just spectacular to see them both working together and being such a great team. Just back from the Olympics, Selten HW continued his winning streak and won two consecutive Grand Prix Internationales in the Superflex Big Tour, Grande Semaine de Saumur, France. He just keeps the victories coming! Once you get past the stress and logistics of it all, there is nothing more rewarding about being a breeder than being able to sit back and watch all of these superstars in action. There is not a single day that goes by that I don’t get a progress report from at least one happy horse parent about how great their HW horse did during their training session that day or how well they competed at a show. Its things like hearing about all of the great accomplishments that each and every HW horse makes that has made my journey just so much more fun and rewarding. I can’t wait to see what the future brings! To learn more about HW Farm visit www.HWfarm.com

Irene AHS article headline.jpg (91353 bytes)

Irene AHS article1.jpg (863667 bytes) Irene AHS article2.jpg (831430 bytes) Irene AHS article3.jpg (749853 bytes)


Newsflash November 14th, 2016:

Lisa Rush and FineStep HW win reserve champions at third level!! Huge congratulations, what a success! Quote out of the article: "Lisa Rush of Dell Rapids, S.D. (Region 4) also traveled a long way to the Finals and was rewarded with Reserve Championship honors with her seven-year-old Westfalen gelding Finestep HW (Florenciano x Merana by Medici) on a score of 67.393%. “My horse was also fresh today, but all in all he did everything I asked him to do,” noted Rush, who added that she and her daughter trailered her mount 17 hours to Kentucky in order to participate in the Finals for the first time. “Three years ago I purchased him sight unseen off the internet and imported him. It was quite a leap of faith, and at first you think, ‘what have I done?’ But he’s been fantastic and it’s turned out really well.” http://preview.usdf.org/press/news/view-news.asp?news=831

 Pic3692.jpg (625489 bytes) Pic3686.jpg (646549 bytes) Pic3683.jpg (994275 bytes)

Pic3684.jpg (685980 bytes) Pic3685.jpg (617889 bytes)

Pic3688.jpg (630750 bytes) Pic3689.jpg (695283 bytes) Pic3690.jpg (452349 bytes)

Pic3691.jpg (411656 bytes) Pic3681.jpg (496846 bytes)Pic3682.jpg (535162 bytes)


November 5th, 2016:

That's too sweet, FürstenHit HW is undefeated in the model classes and doing real well in real life too, just got a lovely update, his owner is very happy with him. Always makes my day!

IMG_2037.JPG (317862 bytes) IMG_2782.JPG (1608803 bytes)

T6.JPG (373068 bytes)

October 23rd, 2016:

Liz Geldard Walsh posted:

And now 4 international wins in a row for Anders Dahl and Selten HW.

The boys are on fire after winning yesterday's Grand Prix Special with 73.3% in Le Mans :-) huge congratulations to all the team xx Fiona Bigwood, Kate Steele, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and Kebie van der Heijden 

Pic3559.jpg (706281 bytes)

Pic3563.jpg (168861 bytes) Pic3562.jpg (153172 bytes) Pic3564.jpg (354735 bytes)

Pic3565.jpg (319595 bytes)

October 22nd, 2016:


Pic3546.jpg (1205371 bytes)

Pic3557.jpg (606770 bytes)

October 20th, 2016:

FineStep HW and Lisa Rush on 1st place, Royal HW and Patricia Trost 3rd place, love it! Congratulations to all!

Pic3542.jpg (58376 bytes)

October 20th, 2016:

Donna Gatchell posted the following - with Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold and Karen Kerchner Baillie.

Festival HW. 10th in the Nation ( out of 129!!!). MFS 3rd level !! So proud of this boy this year!!! We had a super MFS , thank you Debbie for creating another wonderful MFS for me , it was so much fun to ride to !!! Thank you to Karen who owns this great horse and for all her support !! Huge thanks to Irene from Horses Worldwide who sold us this super horse !!! Your horses are amazing !!

Festival HW # 1 4th level, American Rhineland stud book Thank you to Karen for letting me train and ride this wonderful horse. Thank you to Irene at Horses Worldwide for breeding and selling us this super horse!!

Pic3539.jpg (52182 bytes) Pic3540.jpg (54637 bytes)

October 21st, 2016:

Lisa Rush and her horse FineStep HW rock! She posted the following:

Thank you Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold for selling me this wonderful young horse. He has become my true partner and we are loving our journey together. Thank you William Solyntjes for letting me camp out at your place and take such wonderful lessons. Thank you Natalie Hamilton-Hinnemann and Lauren Smith for the lessons here in South Dakota over the past few years. The journey seemed like it just began and am looking forward to the years ahead.

Pic3536.jpg (896971 bytes) Pic3537.jpg (62378 bytes)

October 20th, 2016:

Ben (Bentley HW) won the USDF first level AA region 7 championship this year. What is even better is that he absolutely loves going to the show!

Pic3528.jpg (782829 bytes)

October 18th, 2016:

Festival HW, ridden by Donna Gatchell (Donna Gatchell Dressage) owned by Karen Kerchner Baillie was successful again, lots and lots of ribbons, congratulations to this amazing team!

Donna wrote, had an amazing last few days at BLMS !!!

Here are Festival HW’s results 3rd place. CBLM MFS 3rd level 71.3% 7th place. CBLM 4th level. 66.% MFS TOC. 5th place. 72% 4th-2 open. 3rd place 66.2%

Pic3517.jpg (502718 bytes) Pic3519.jpg (481361 bytes)

October 14th, 2016:

And then….Selten HW’s owner/rider Anders Dahl and groom Kate Steele, went to see the Queen - on the occasion of the participation of Danish athletes in The Olympic Games in Brazil!

14732219_10154740048284905_1077227744748661213_n.jpg (92852 bytes) IMG_2287.JPG (84768 bytes) IMG_2288.JPG (184332 bytes)

October 12th, 2016:

Heather Calder Marchman posted: Duke HW, aka 'The Flying Squirrel' and Tracy Alves at the Area VI Eventing Championships late Sept!

Pic3456.jpg (311600 bytes) Pic3455.jpg (235199 bytes) Pic3459.jpg (385737 bytes)

Pic3457.jpg (405123 bytes) Pic3458.jpg (393891 bytes) 

Anja Ibsen and Dance Away HW, together since over 6 years and it's still the "big love”. Anja says: I love that sweet boy and can’t believe it has been 6 years! He has been my greatest teacher!

DanceAwayHW1.jpg (2565898 bytes)

October 5th, 2016:

Duke HW, Open BN Eventing Champion This totally made me cry ...so much joy, thanks so much Tracy Alves and Heather Calder Marchman, no wonder you call him the flying squirrel.

Well done, what a pleasure to watch, he truly has fun doing his job.



347XC Tracy Alves On Duke HW Open Beginner Novice CH Cross Country Twin Rivers Ranch Sept. 2016


September 26th, 2016:

Franklin HW is being a really good boy, according to what we got told, congratulations, what a nice success:

 Silke Rembacz posted: Finally catching up after a great and busy weekend!

Great weekend at the regionals in Saugerties with Jeanne VanNuys . Jeanne and her new mount Franklin HW aka Frankie won the Amateur section of third level 1 and came in third overall in the open .

Pic3391.jpg (373562 bytes)

Pic3389.jpg (378572 bytes)

September 26th, 2016:

Yippieh, how awesome, congratulations to FineStep HW and Lisa Rush!

This pair was reserve champion, in the Regional Championships. Off to US Finals in November, fingers crossed!

Pic3395.jpg (891522 bytes)

SAUMUR, France, Sept. 23 - 25th, 2016

Selten HW and Anders Dahl, in their first competition since riding on Denmark’s team at the Olympic Games, won the CDI3* Grand Prix Friday, the first victory and a personal best score since their Big Tour debut, only 6 months ago. The next day, they were able to repeat their victory, with another 71.608 overall, making it TWO international GP victories in one swoop. Anders Dahl and Fiona Bigwood, huge congratulations to you and the whole team, for everything you all do. What an amazing journey, so VERY happy to see and follow this every single day and time out. Selten HW was bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, in Florida, USA.


Pic3383.jpg (749552 bytes) Pic3382.jpg (731943 bytes) Pic3381.jpg (278337 bytes)

Pic3377.jpg (261804 bytes) Pic3374.jpg (197806 bytes)

Pic3372.jpg (593800 bytes) Pic3375.jpg (243102 bytes)

Pic3373.jpg (277158 bytes) Pic3376.jpg (215968 bytes) 

Pic3378.jpg (452387 bytes) Pic3379.jpg (154637 bytes) Pic3380.jpg (313238 bytes)   

September 25th, 2016:

Congrats team LTF! Duke HW is the 2016 Open BN Eventing Champion for Area VI. Quite an impressive round on the xc, so much so, he got a few time penalties for going too fast. This one has scope and speed!

Tracy Alves posted: So thankful to Heather Calder Marchman for the opportunity to ride the talented Duke HW. He's so eager to do his job and is really learning how fun it is. Thank you Connie Arthur for the time you invest in me. You have so much horse and world knowledge. I'm very grateful to have you as my mentor. You have changed my life in so many ways.

Pic3364.jpg (572339 bytes) Pic3365.jpg (490137 bytes) Pic3366.jpg (359696 bytes)


September 23rd, 2016:

Nadine Schwartsman with Cynthia McKim and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. September 23 at 11:13pm ·

Five Star HW at the awards ceremony yesterday. Northwest Prix St Georg Champion! So proud of our big boy!

Pic3359.jpg (402785 bytes) Pic3360.jpg (389770 bytes) Pic3394.jpg (579809 bytes)

September 23rd, 2016:

Beautiful update on Sir Niro HW (aka Sotto Voce), congratulations, well done!

Heidi Schneller-Cook posted:

Heritage Farms is very proud to announce Sotto Voce' and Jennifer Schrader-Williams winning the Northwest Dressage Championship First Level.

Pic3343.jpg (437219 bytes)

September 22nd, 2016:

Breakthrough Dressage, Regionals, Wayne, Illinois. posted:

Andy (Ferdinand HW) likes peanut butter filled pretzels, but is picky about horse treats. Go figure. — with Catherine Teifer and Jessie Myers.

Pic3346.jpg (634529 bytes)

September 18th, 2016:

Great news from Canada again! Congratulations, love these updates, sold sight unseen too:

Gaetane Manager posted the following, Dr. Shireen Naidoo and I are extremely happy with Romeo (First Romance HW). He is a joy to ride. He was just awarded 2nd level open MB provincial champ this past weekend!!! love him!!!

Pic3303.jpg (150101 bytes)

September 17th, 2016:

Congratulations to Festival HW, Donna and Karen as well to all others, well done!

Donna Gatchell Dressage posted:

What a day we had today. I am so tired and will post the rest of the results tomorrow but it was MFS day for Don Tiago and Festival HW , and they did not disappoint !! Don Tiago 1st place at First level MFS region one champs !!! Festival HW 3rd place Region one 3rd level MFS !!!

All my students also did super and swept the AA divisions in the MFS  

Festival HW’s owner, Karen Kerchner Baillie added the following: Day 2 of Regionals super showings. Can't watch my Festival HWs Musical Freestyle too many times - such beauty in this pair

Pic3302.jpg (512081 bytes)

Pic3301.jpg (468304 bytes) 

September 14th, 2016:

First victory for Ferdinand HW, judges comment was "impressive horse" - congratulations to owner Catherine Teifer and his rider Jessi, he was purchased sight unseen quite recently. Jessie Myers says: It was a busy show and I was really proud of how he handled the environment! We are forming a great partnership. I really enjoyed riding him in the Jan Ebeling clinic as well.

Pic3275.jpg (657751 bytes)

September 12th, 2016:

Congratulations to FineStep HW and his mommy Lisa Rush, she posted: Really proud of Fin for finishing our 3rd Level Championship and the Reserve Champion! Fin was a rock star again today, so proud of this young man!

Pic3273.jpg (200046 bytes) IMG_2170.jpg (204184 bytes)

September 1st, 2016:

Duke HW's, owner Heather Calder Marchman posted: Can't wait to take a ride around a course on this badass horse whose new stable name is "The Flying Squirrel”!

Photo by Full Tilt Photography

Pic3231.jpg (214296 bytes)

August 23rd, 2016:

So sweet - Selten HW

Amanda Miller Hudson took the time out of her day, to send this card via mail.

Wow, amazing, thank you so much, what a delight!

Love it, very much appreciated!!!

Thanks to everybody who helped in Selten HW's journey and all others who congratulated me/us. What a dream to come true!

Pic3168.jpg (148621 bytes)


August 21st, 2016:

Heather Calder Marchman says: I think it's safe to say, Duke HW loves eventing.

Congratulations Lone Tree Farm on another successful show!

Pic3162.jpg (182427 bytes)

August 12th, 2016:

Anders Dahl posted:

I am very happy with HRH super Selten HW, he is still very green but he really tried his hardest today.

I love him!

Pic3142.jpg (474391 bytes)

When Planets Align - HWfarm Makes Another Great Match Sight Unseen!


For me, the planets don’t align; signs don’t manifest to guide me; and I definitely don’t believe in love at first sight. That being said, read the following testimonial and know that I am a changed girl! - Irene Wiederhold

Sign #1 - I opened Facebook at an odd time of day for me and Forbes HW was at the very top of my news feed. Sign #2 - I did something I never do unless I am actively looking for a horse, I watched the video. Sign #3 - I did yet another thing I never do, I commented on how this special horse was exactly my type.

With that comment, the planetary alignment began. Irene Wiederhold of HWfarm, who is a long time friend of mine, promptly texted me to ask if I was serious. Suddenly, I was. Within just a few days, I had committed to purchase Forbes HW. The entire process was a breeze. If there was a question, Irene was on it. I had pictures, contracts, x-rays, blood work, and shipping information all within minutes of any discussion.

Then, a hiccup. An unfortunate set of circumstances forced me to call Irene to request that Forbes HW stay in Germany a bit longer. Again, with efficiency akin to no other, Irene organized his stay in Germany and his new shipping date. All the while, I received updates that were unsolicited by me (although I wanted them, I didn’t want to be a pest). It was just a kindness from Irene.

Finally, Forbes HW was on a plane. Lucky for me, I live in Florida. I was able to have him shipped to Miami (planets re-aligning here...we were worried it was getting too hot, but we had a little cold snap), and I got to pick him up right out of quarantine.

It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He marched bravely out of quarantine and stepped right on to my trailer. 

Clooney HW - 2012 Westphalian gelding by Christ available from HWfarm. Click photo for more information 

Since his arrival, Forbes HW has been a rock star. He is everything he was promised to be and then some. Lovely gaits...check! Beautiful conformation...check! Comfortable to sit...check! Wonderfully started...check! A gentleman in the barn...check! I am looking forward to further developing my relationship with this wonderful horse. Hopefully, he will follow in the footsteps of his amazing heritage. I could easily write 50 more pages gushing about my new boy. I’ll probably be able to write 100 pages a year from now! Bottom line, Irene knows her horses and provides exemplary customer service. Looking for a horse? HWfarm has a very well deserved positive reputation with plenty of success stories. Start here...you may very well end here.

IMG_0463.jpg (4061338 bytes)

ForbesHWtesti1.jpg (872074 bytes) ForbesHWtesti2.jpg (712338 bytes)



August 11th, 2016:

Selten HW made it, his first year at GP and at the Olympics 2016, in Rio, Selten HW is now, after yesterdays performance, in the worlds top 31 horses - congratulations to the married couple Anders Dahl (rides for Denmark) and Fiona Bigwood (rides for GBR), Selten HW’s owners. Well done!!! Fiona herself has her mare Orthilia also in the top 31, what a success, unreal, so very proud of them all.

Anders Dahl posted: We now have the start list for tomorrow's GPS. I can't wait to get in the arena again, we are at the moment 6th as a team but hopefully we can improve it tomorrow.

Pic3137.jpg (279022 bytes)

August 10th, 2016:

Selten HW - bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold - www.HWfarm.com

United States Dressage Federation Official Page

Did you know there is an American-bred horse in the 2016 Olympic dressage competition? This is the former USEF Young Horse champion Selten HW (by Sandro Hit), who is competing for Denmark with rider Anders Dahl.

Pic3129.jpg (470602 bytes)

August10th, 2016

Hilltop Farm, Inc. added 5 new photos — with Michael Bragdell

· Olympic Dressage starts this morning and we have to admit we're especially rooting for one particular horse - Selten HW! For those of you who may not remember, Selten HW (Sandro Hit-Hohenstein) was bred here in the US by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. Selten grew up here at Hilltop Farm and as a 2-year old was Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon. Michael Bragdell started Selten HW undersaddle and Beth Ball purchased Selten HW late in his 3-year old year. Michael began showing him in 2008 and they won the US 4-Year Old Young Horse Championships and the Young Horse classes at Devon. The following spring Michael qualified Selten HW for the 5-Year Olds and then Beth took over the ride. She brilliantly won the 5-Year Old Championships and the 6-Year Old Championships the following year. The first horse to win the Young Horse Triple Crown in the US!

Selten HW was exported to Europe and he's found a perfect match with Anders Dahl. Together they've won small tour CDI competitions at Hickstead, Hartpury, and Barcelona. In just their first year in CDI Grand Prix's they've qualified to represent Denmark at the Olympics and later today, they'll head down the centerline in Rio.

This is the fairytale all breeders dream of. So while we are cheering for Team USA and our riders, we're also cheering especially loudly for Selten HW, Anders, and Irene! #usbred #twohearts #roadtorio

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August 10th, 2016:

Jennifer Schrader-Williams stays victorious, with Sir Niro HW, purchased sight unseen:

1st place and Highpoint with 79.5% - Sotto voce's (Sir Niro HW) First level test 3.




August 9th, 2016:

Selten HW - Vet check passed - 2016 Olympics!

Anders Dahl posted:

A brilliant day today. Training was great and all on the Danish team past the vet check. We have a light training tomorrow morning and then off to support the Danish handball team.

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August 3rd, 2016

Anders Dahl in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Selten HW A Dahl.jpg (94959 bytes)

Selten HW felt very good today, he just had a very easy day with walk and a light trot and canter. It is amazing out here!

SeltenHWOlympicsAugust3rd20161.jpg (617578 bytes) SeltenHWOlympicsAugust3rd20162.jpg (477797 bytes) SeltenHWOlympicsAugust3rd20163.jpg (445296 bytes)

SeltenHWOlympicsAugust3rd20164.jpg (504846 bytes) SeltenHWOlympicsAugust3rd20165.jpg (257786 bytes) 

HWfarm's U.S. Bred Selten HW Makes Olympic Journey to Rio!

August 2nd, 2016:

HWfarm - where the Olympics meet happy customers! Selten HW, bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of HWfarm is American bred and raised and now he is proudly qualified for the Rio Olympic Games! Selten HW started out his huge career, at just 2-years-old, at the prestigious Dressage at Devon show winning the titles of Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon, the USDF Breeders Champion award for colts and geldings, Champion of the 2-year-old class, best Born in the USA and High Point Hanoverian!

IMG_7088.jpg (3229982 bytes)

Selten HW, bred by HWfarm, is headed to the Rio Olympic Games with Anders Dahl representing Denmark. (Photo: Rui Pedro Godinho)

At just 3-years-old, he was named Oldenburg Champion stallion. From there Selten HW sold to Pan Am rider Elizabeth Ball where he got the start on his huge journey and to get prepared for his international future. Selten HW began an historic achievement in 2008 by winning the 4-year-old Young Horse Championships with Michael Bragdell in the saddle and then wrapped up the Triple Crown accomplishment after winning both the 5 and 6-year-old Young Horse Championships (2009/2010), with his owner/rider, Elizabeth Ball in the saddle.

IMG_7155.jpg (1555552 bytes)

Selten HW and Anders Dahl (Photo: Rui Pedro Godinho)

The only horse in the history and up to today, who won it 3 times in a row, an unmatched series of victories then and he kept them coming.

He was sold for Euro 500,000, being the highest price horse up to day, at the Elite Auction in the Netherlands, luckily being purchased by no other, than his current rider Anders Dahl (Danish Olympic team member), husband of Fiona Bigwood (Olympic team member UK). With his new partner, Selten HW was undefeated in 2014 with scores even up in the 80’s in Spain. At their debut at Intermediare-I, Selten HW went undefeated, winning 4 out of 4 classes, with spectacular comments from the judges in Spain including: "New star on the horizon", "what a horse", "remarkable horse" and so on.

He continued his victories in the UK and by the end of the year, competed against Woodlander Farouche and earned the title Horse Of The Year Champion.

IMG_7133.jpg (2047656 bytes)

HWfarms Selten HW performing with rider Andres Dahl (Photo: Rui Pedro Godinho)

Wow - you think that would be phenomenal already, Anders Dahl says: “He’s the best horse I’ve ever sat on, with so much power and capacity, he can do everything!”

Yes, well said Anders! Now, in 2016, the pair is qualified to go to the Rio Olympics, what a milestone. We wish them all the best, can’t wait what the future will hold!!!

In addition to have bred this sensational, international wonder horse, HWfarm continues to have happy customers and to sell horses worldwide. Here is one of the many success stories, that can be found under testimonials on www.HWfarm.com - just one of many, enjoy and get in contact with www.HWfarm.com to secure your next super horse!

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August 1st, 2016:

Anders Dahl added 5 photos and a video and posted the following:

Selten HW has now had his last walk before heading to #Rio and is now on the first part of his journey.

I think it is the first show I am not taking him myself, luckily Heidi Troniseck will look after him until departure in Liege and she is super with him. Pedens wouldn't allow me to fly the plane.

Thank you Lisa Russell for all your help. Kate Steele we will see you tomorrow.

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July 23rd, 2016:

Sir Niro HW (aka Sotto Voce) ranking on TOP: Dressage Horse Of The Year! Huge congratulations to his owner Heidi Schneller-Cook and his trainer Jennifer Schrader-Williams. Very proud of your/his accomplishments, it's very rewarding to see this boy been as successful as expected.

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July 21st, 2016:

The news is filled with articles, Selten HW qualified for the Olympic games 2016, in Rio! What a success!! Huge congratulations to Anders Dahl and Selten HW, well done, what an achievement. 

Not many breeders can say, they bred a horse selected/qualified for the Olympics - we can, this horse was US bred, born and raised, by www.HWfarm.com / Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold

Here are some of the many news articles and impressions:

SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics10.jpg (256569 bytes)

SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics9.jpg (194244 bytes)

SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics8.jpg (468993 bytes) SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics7.jpg (476332 bytes) SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics6.jpg (789026 bytes)

SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics5.jpg (943330 bytes)

SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics3.jpg (603067 bytes)  SeltenHWqualifiedForOlympics4.jpg (838419 bytes)

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July 13th, 2016:

Duke HW - His owner Heather Calder Marchman posted:...I tag Debbie Dasker, professional horse photographer extraordinaire! She took this one of Duke and Tracy last weekend at Lone Tree Farm's Hunter Pace

IMG_1844.JPG (66083 bytes)

June 29th, 2016:

Festival HW, victories and more - with 83.8% - NICE!!!

Amazing PVDA RIDE FOR LIFE SHOW!! Congratulations to all!

Festival HW continues to shine at 4th level with a very solid 70% at 4th -2 He out did himself with his 3rd level MFS earning a whopping 83.8% and taking first place, with Tiago 2nd on 83%!!

Karen Kerchner Baillie - It was a thrill to see Festival HW and Donna Gatchell looking like they had wings dancing thru their 83+% ride. Last ride of show for Festival HW and he gave it his all.

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June 28th, 2016:

Nice, more great news. Nadine Schwartsman and FiveStar HW, owned and loved by Cynthia McKim - standing at 2nd rank right now, in the USEF Developing PSG, nationwide!

He was purchased from us, sight unseen in 2011, as a 3 year old promising youngster, time sure flies, but quality horses last.

Pic2950.jpg (323575 bytes)

June 27th, 2016:

The things that make my day! What a win/win for everybody and more victories for www.HWfarm.com horses - congratulations to all and thank you so much for working with me, what a delight.

Heather Calder Marchman posted this about her Duke HW: Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, your boy won his eventing division by several points, finishing on his dressage score of 21 (79%)!!! He's clearly a super athlete like the rest of your horses. We are very excited about this boy's future!

Tracy Alves, his rider said:
Thank you Heather Calder Marchman for the ride on the amazing Pegasus Duke HW. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to ride such an incredible Athlete.

Duke HW won his 2nd Beginner Novice

Pic2941.jpg (457575 bytes)

Pic2940.jpg (644556 bytes)

June 22nd, 2016:

Eurodressage publishes the following article, by Astrid Apples:


For the Danish Olympic short listed riders the 2016 CDIO Aachen will be the showdown to decide who earns the fourth spot on their Rio Team. The Danish Equestrian Federation has now announced the team that will contest the Nations' Cup in Aachen.

Danish team trainer Rudolf Zeilinger and team captain Kimi Nielsen have agreed on the team that will represent Denmark in Aachen, which will be the final selection and observation trial for the Danish riders.

Cathrine Dufour, Agnete Kirk Thinggaard, Daniel Bachmann and Anders Dahl (with Selten HW)will be competing in the CDIO Nations' Cup tour, while Mikala Münter Gundersen (My Lady) will need to prove her worth in the CDI 4* tour. 

Anna Kasprzak and her 17-year old Donnperignon will not be competing in Aachen. As fixed members of the Danish team since 2012 they have secured their spot and are given a bye from competing in Aachen.

The Danish Olympic team will be announced on 17 July 2016.

Photo © Astrid Appels

Pic2903.jpg (339063 bytes)

June 21st, 2016:

Awww, huge congratulations to Sarah Bushong

and Nancy Smith,

this just made my day, Lord Lennox HW did as expected. Always nice to see!

Hudson HW, Damon’s Design HW were already part of the team, Lord Lennox HW fits right in.

IMG_1749.jpg (301977 bytes)

June 18th, 2016:

2016 Danish Dressage Championships - Danish Olympic team selection

The 2016 Danish Championships were an important Danish Olympic team selection trial and while the top three is crystal clear the battle for the fourth spot is still wide open and the Danes will clash in Aachen for that final Olympic team spot. Team trainer Rudolf Zeilinger was in Broholm to witness the action in the lead-up to the 2016 Rio Games. "This was a very, very high level and beautiful riding, that we have witnessed here at the Danish Championships. I'm very happy and it looks like we'll have a good Olympics," said Zeilinger. Based on the rides in Broholm hot contestants for the fourth spot are Daniel Bachmann (Hotline), Rikke Svane (Finckenstein), Anders Dahl (Selten HW), and Mikala Gundersen (My Lady). Mai Tofte Olesen and Rustique certainly rode themselves in the picture but have not yet achieved the international MES and can not be included on the Danish Olympic long list. Ander Dahl and Selten HW put in strong rides in the first two rounds, but withdrew for the freestyle in Broholm as the horse sustained a small cut to his frontleg when he spooked walking to the stable after the Special. The pair will be competing in Aachen for that fourth team spot.

Pictures by the generous Anne Kollberg

IMG_7088.jpg (3229982 bytes)

IMG_7115.jpg (1759395 bytes) IMG_7133.jpg (2047656 bytes)

IMG_7122.jpg (2336775 bytes) IMG_7123.jpg (2111318 bytes)

 IMG_7142.jpg (2693199 bytes) IMG_7153.jpg (1542076 bytes) IMG_7155.jpg (1555552 bytes)

IMG_7329.jpg (1499072 bytes) IMG_7330.jpg (1320468 bytes)





June 17th, 2016:

Yes, HWfarm horses are famous and internationally well known - check out Selten HW with his owner/rider Anders Dahl at the NAF - stand in Denmark.

Daddy and son, in one picture.

Daddy with Selten HW and his baby in front of it. Totally amazing!!!

Pic2885.jpg (463563 bytes)

NAF, official suppliers to the British Equestrian Teams


CDI Langley, BC, June 9th - 12th, 2016:

Thunderbird Show Park

USA takes the top 3 places in the PSG! Congratulations Gwen, Morgan, and Catherine Reid (on SkyWalker HW).

Catherine says: I got 3rd place in my first ever CDI PSG today! Had a mistake in the 3s that was expensive and I had no ability to shorten or move his back-- tense pony. Shortaroo spooked for the first time in his life. lol Score: 65.6% Pretty happy, overall

Top3USA PSG.jpg (454810 bytes)

Catherine Reid (on SkyWalker HW) - still smiling

IMG_1693.jpg (122176 bytes)

Catherine Reid (on SkyWalker HW), with Lilo Fore

IMG_1694.jpg (60972 bytes)

And here, what a delight, FULL SIBLINGS at the same show in Canada!

SkyWalker HW lives in the US, Sydney HW (aka Shakira HW) lives in Canada - they are full siblings to the world famous Selten HW, who lives in the UK and make head lines themselves - how amazing is that?!!!!

 Very proud to have bred these horses and witnessed their birth right, at our farm in Florida, they for sure are worldwide successful, it’s not bragging, if you can do it.

Sydney HW (aka Shakira HW)- red means victory in Canada - won all of her 3 classes, she was a broodmare until quite recently, what an accomplishment to start out like that at a big show, with heavy competition. Sydney HW (aka Shakira HW)is owned by Sheryl Williams.

IMG_1802.jpg (689951 bytes)


June 9th, 2016:

Heidi Schneller-Cook posted the following: Congratulations to Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Sotto Voce’ (aka Sir Niro HW) on their score of 79.26 % in their First Level Test 3 class today at the Summervale Farms June Benefit Show!

In a message…she also said these nice words, always good to hear: Hi Irene! I wanted to let you know how much we LOVE Blackie (aka Sir Niro HW)!! He has won almost every class he has entered! He is the most AMAZING young horse I have EVER owned!!! Thank you for helping us purchase and import such a amazing horse!! I wanted you to know how happy we are with Blackie (aka Sir Niro HW)!! Wishing you a Happy Belated Anniversary!! Sending you a air hug!

Pic2844.jpg (435805 bytes)

June 4th, 2016:

Huge congratulations to SkyHit HW and his mommy, she had purchased him as a 3 year old stallion, sight unseen and keeps adding to his many victories and ribbons. SkyHit won both of his classes today at 3-3 with 69 and 70% at Flintridge California. Anne Buchanan says: This is one special horse...he's just won upper level high point AA at Flintridge La Canada in California...he's been a blast!

SkyHitHW3rd.jpg (272093 bytes)

May 29th, 2016:

Congratulations to Lisa Rush and FineStep HW, she posted: Fine Step did a great job in his first 3-1 class with a 68.3. Very proud of him!

Pic2781.jpg (380901 bytes)

May 28th, 2016:

Sir Niro HW (Sotto Voce) “spring earnings" in 2016, huge congratulations to Heidi Schneller-Cook and Jennifer Schrader-Williams for all the outings, training and superb care. Well done, super proud of all your accomplishments and always love to see the posts and feel the love he's surrounded with.

Pic2778.jpg (385279 bytes)

May 22nd, 2016:

Despite the rain, Donna Gatchell and Festival HW came out to dance and it was a joy watching them perform! Pictures from the day, winning 4th -3 with a 71%!

Congratulations, more ribbons for this wonderful rider and Karen Kerchner Baillie’s Festival HW.

Pic2754.jpg (1074432 bytes) Pic2755.jpg (470631 bytes)

May 19th, Compiègne, 2016 CDIO

Congratulations to Selten HW and Anders Dahl, to their huge success. It was only their 2nd outing at GP and the class had a big field of high quality horses and riders, 45 from all over the world competed in it. The article says the appealing black gelding is very elegant and light footed.

Well done!

Eurodressage prints the following article:

Compiegne1.jpg (530552 bytes) Compiegne2.jpg (546141 bytes) Compiegne3.jpg (494060 bytes)

May 9th, 2016:

Very thankful for everything and everybody whom made it possible, here are some pictures of Selten HW and Anders Dahl in France, at Le Cadre Noir, Ecole Nationale d’Equitation

Photos by Rui Pedro Godinho

IMG_3537.jpg (1311464 bytes) IMG_3545.jpg (1343718 bytes) IMG_3571.jpg (1524800 bytes)

IMG_3582.jpg (1149042 bytes) IMG_3604.jpg (1064672 bytes) IMG_3648.jpg (1524708 bytes)

IMG_3673.jpg (1035209 bytes) IMG_3677.jpg (1621441 bytes) IMG_5111.jpg (2117669 bytes)

IMG_5234.jpg (1461024 bytes) IMG_5235.jpg (1364860 bytes)

May 8th, 2016:

Donna Gatchell posted the following: Festival HW !!!

Karen Kerchner Baillie - We missed you this weekend , but Festival HW was a star scoring 70% on Saturday and winning his 4th -3 test.

Pic2671.jpg (314279 bytes)

May 5th, 2016:

Del Mar Fairgrounds: It's safe to say, that Sir Niro HW, aka Sotto Voce and Jennifer Schrader-Williams had a LOT of success in California. Congratulations to this super team and to his owner Heidi Schneller-Cook, so happy for you all. Well done.

Pic2661.jpg (1254894 bytes)

Pic2660.jpg (434103 bytes)

May 4th, 2016:

Dressage International released the following article - wow, Fiona Bigwood and Anders Dahl (Selten HW, bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, www.HWfarm.com) have the world talking. It’s a family affair, when it comes to the best of the best world wide, read below:

Pic2614.jpg (628571 bytes)

May 3rd, 2016

Dressage - News prints the following article, huge congratulations to Selten HW, well done!

FIONA BIGWOOD & ORTHILIA WIN SAUMUR CDI3* SPECIAL, ANDERS DAHL & SELTEN HW 2ND Fiona Bigwood and Atterupgaards Orthilia. File photo © 2015 Ken Braddick/dressage-news.com

SAUMUR, France, May 1, 2016–Fiona Bigwood and Orthilia maintained their 2016 winning streak by claiming victory with a personal best score in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special Sunday while her husband Anders Dahl kept it in the family by placing second on Selten HW.

Fiona and Atterupgaards Orthilia scored 79.196 per cent in the fourth straight win in four starts so far this year and easily surpassing their previous high Special result of 76.255 per cent posted three weeks agpo.

The score for Fiona and the 11-year-old Oldenburg mare came after notching a Grand Prix personal best two days ago. Barring anything unforeseen, the results assure the pair a place on Great Britain’s team for the Olympics in August alongside Charlotte Dujardin on Valegro and Carl Hester on Nip Tuck.

The pair began Big Tour a year ago and were on Britain’s European Championship silver medal team last year. 

Anders Dahl, Fiona’s husband who rides for Denmark and lives in England with their three children, was second on Selten HW with a score of 73.431 per cent.

This show was the CDI Grand Prix debut for Anders and the 12-year-old Hanoverian gelding (Sandro Hit x Hohenstein) bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold of Cape Coral, Florida.

Selten HW was sold by Californian Elizabeth Ball in October 2012 after she trained and competed the horse to an historic triple crown by winning the United States four-year-old title in 2008, five-year-old victor in 2009 and the six-year-old championship in 2010.

Anders capped a successful Small Tour career by winning the 2014 Dressage Future Elite Championship at Britain’s Horse of the Year show.

Belgium’s Jorinde Verwimp on Tiamo were third on 69.706 per cent. Jorinde and the 16-year-old KWPN were partners through European Junior, Young Rider and senior championships in the past five years.

Pic2610.jpg (1059455 bytes)


May 3rd, 2016:

Selten HW had a phenomenal weekend, showing the very first time at Grand Prix Special, Eurodressage printed the following article:

"Selten HW competed in his first International Grand Prix and Special," Anders Dahl explained at the end of the day. "In the Grand Prix due to my warm up plan it didn't go so well and affected the test resulting in some mistakes but still gave us a score of 69.2% and fouth place from 42 starters. After analyzing everything I had a rethink and approached Selten's warm up for the Special differently. It worked and I'm super happy with him and we achieved 73.4% and second place behind Fiona who scored a dream score of 79.1%. I'm really looking forward to the future with Selten HW." Photos © Eilberg - Carde

SeltenHWarticleED1.jpg (745351 bytes) SeltenHWarticleED2.jpg (543763 bytes)


May 2nd, 2016:

Anders Dahl posted: On the way home after a fantastic show in Saumur. Selten HW competed in his first International Grand Prix and Special. In the Grand Prix due to my warm up plan it didn't go so well and affected the test resulting in some mistakes but still gave us a score of 69.2% and 4th place from 42 starters. After analyzing everything I had a rethink and approached Selten's warm up for the Special differently. It worked and I'm super happy with him and we achieved 73.4% and 2nd place behind Fiona Bigwood and Atterupgaards Orthilia who scored a dream score of 79.1% I'm really looking forward to the future with Selten HW.

Pic2611.jpg (1031801 bytes)

SeltenHWSaumurFrance1.jpg (211349 bytes)

SeltenHWSaumurFrance2.jpg (151909 bytes) SeltenHWSaumurFrance3.jpg (249869 bytes) SeltenHWSaumurFrance4.jpg (323438 bytes)

SeltenHWSaumurFrance5.jpg (332036 bytes) SeltenHWSaumurFrance6.jpg (606116 bytes) SeltenHWSaumurFrance7.jpg (505182 bytes)

May 2nd, 2016:

Nice, congratulations to Jennifer Schrader-Williams & Sir Niro HW, aka Sotto Voce, now leading the USEF DRESSAGE RANKING LIST :-) Well done, he had a very successful weekend again.

Congratulations to his owner Heidi Schneller-Cook too.

Pic2607.jpg (166769 bytes)

April 30th, 2016:

LOVE it - look: Walk On Top HW, aka Waitano, is a poster child! Second from the left - modeling for: http://www.stablecomfort.com

Pic2594.jpg (642144 bytes)

April 29th, 2016:

Huge congratulations to Anders Dahl and Selten HW on their very first international GP results! Well done, what a team.

Pic2597.jpg (648531 bytes) Pic2596.jpg (292016 bytes)

April 27th, 2016:


Congratulations to Rachel Saavedra Dressage and ShowMaster HW, aka Sueño Hit, a very respectable 9th place, current standings, as well as congratulations to 27th place, Jennifer Schrader-Williams, with Sugarland HW. Congratulations to everybody else as well.

Pic2532.jpg (263001 bytes)  Pic2533.jpg (257994 bytes)

April 27th, 2016:


Congratulations to Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Sir Niro HW, aka known as Sotto Voce, owner Heidi Schneller-Cook. Currently ranking 2nd with a 8.220. Congratulations to Shawna L Harding - in the lead, Belrano Gold, with 8.260. Sure, congratulations to everybody else too!

Heidi Schneller-Cook says: Hi Irene! I want to tell you Thank you for such a AMAZING young horse!! We love him so much!! He competes this weekend again and we are excited to see how he performs!! Have a great day!!! Thank you again for posting it.

Pic2531.jpg (319812 bytes)

April 26th, 2016:

Ulf Wiltfang clinic at Donna Gatchell Dressage

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted: Donna and Ulf you did a fabulous job with Festival HW these 3 days; so cool to see my boy's progress. Great fun to watch all these horses show their talents with Ulf coaching their riders!

Donna Gatchell Dressage Thank you Karen Festival HW is a star. Ulf just loves him. Such talent !!

Pic2522.jpg (566338 bytes) Pic2523.jpg (225203 bytes) Pic2524.jpg (308695 bytes)

April 22, 2016:

Sir Niro HW on his way to High Point of the show, with Jennifer Schrader-Williams

IMG_1419.JPG (307697 bytes)

April 20th, 2016:

HWfarm Horses Keep Breaking Records and Collecting Victories World Wide! 

HWfarm is a name synonymous with quality and in the tradition of classic German breeding practice, HWfarm's horses continue to excel in modern equine sport world wide. International victories keep coming from Selten HW (bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold), he was out and about to win his first time out at Intermediare I, as well as his first outing in Grand Prix in the UK. Selten HW’s Grand Pix debut with a 75.05% was a big attraction and Linda Whetstone, judging on the three quarter line, commented “The horse's expression, paces and way of going are of star quality.” and Sally Merrison added “It’s a privilege to judge them and the partnership between horse and rider is lovely to see”! Anders Dahl and his partner keep dancing their way to victory and Anders reports that Selten HW is probably the best horse he has ever had and ridden. The pair has become quite an amazing team and are definitely a team to watch as they continue to dominate on the European Dressage circuit.

Selten HW and Denmark's Anders Dahl, warming up at the horse show.

Here in the States, Selten HW’s younger full brother SkyWalker HW, also bred by Irene, has made his way up the levels as well, now the proud owner of an Intermediare I Championship title, with his owner Catherine Reid, scoring as high as 72.7%! At the Golden State Dressage Festival in California, the High Point of the entire show, a 82.2%, went to Sir Niro HW, aka Sotto Voce, with Jennifer Schrader-Williams in the saddle. The pair also won the FEI 5-year-old class, with a score of 8.2, making owner Heidi Schneller-Cook very proud, she says "He is a Diamond! One very special horse! Thank you Irene!!". There were other www.HWfarm.com horses as well and they did fantastic, winning their classes, collecting ribbons, scoring beautifully. ShowMaster HW, aka Sueño Hit, won both Developing Prix St Georges classes scoring over 70%, owned by Rachel Saavedra Dressage. El Capitano HW, now known as Elysian or Ely, placed 3rd at FEI Prix St Georges and 5th at his first outing in the FEI Intermediate I, owned by Tracey Lert and Sugarland HW, winning two 4th level classes and placing 4th at Developing Prix St Georges, owned by Lynn Welge.

Regularly updated show results and more info can be found on several pages of the News Flash section at www.HWfarm.com. You can also find several pages of Testimonials from owners and trainers that are thrilled with their partners purchased from www.HWfarm.com! A 5 star review of HWfarm was given by Carol McPhee, her Fendi HW won both of his classes, first time out, shortly after import and she wrote: "5 stars for Irene and her team in Germany. They deserve the highest regards to their breeding, raising, training and selling amazing horses. Purchasing a horse of their value sight unseen was a bit skeptical but once the process started I was immediately at ease. Irene provided complete medical records for my vet to review and history of Fendi HW to allow me to make the best decision ever to purchase him. Irene kept me up to date on his complete travels from Germany into the US. She has continued to keep in contact with me and Fendi HW and has been there for me 24/7, literally, to answer any questions I have had. Fendi HW is everything and more than they advertised. His elegance and fanciness is a product of such professional and successful training from Irene's team in Germany. I will not hesitate to make my 2nd purchase from HW Farm and highly recommend anyone that wants the full package (select bloodlines, elegant correct confirmations, sane well-mannered dispositions, and stellar training) to purchase one of their beautiful horses sight unseen. Keep up the great work Irene and thank you for Fendi HW. He is loved to eternity and back."

More and more HW horses are present in the US and all over the world. Nancy Smith just welcomed her 3rd HW horse, Lord Lennox HW and he is a welcomed addition to the wonderful Damon’s Design HW and Hudson HW! They winter in Florida right now and she reports, the horses are her true loves and they make all her dreams come true.

Lord Lennox HW and Nancy Smith

There are too many HW horses, victories and ribbons to count and name them all - right now, but another great impression came from Fifty Shades HW, competing successfully at 4th level, also known as Finley, who is wonderfully ridden by Janine Little, owned by Shawneen Jacobs, scoring 9’s and 10’s already. Festival HW, loved by Donna Gatchell and his owner Karen Kerchner Baillie, is already successfully competing at 4th level and continues to collect an amazing amount of ribbons again, and like every show, year after year, more victories, championships and more. They write "HW horses are the best and thank you for this wonderful horse".

Dr. Amanda Apesos says, "Bentley HW won the USDF Region 7 Training level Adult Amateur championship class and he is the horse of her lifetime". This is what www.HWfarm.com stands for - happy horses, happy customers! Success all around, due to very careful selections and breeding, consequent handling, training and hard work, over many years of raising and bringing these kids along for their new mommies and daddies.

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Fifty Shades HW - Westphalian gelding  Bundes Championship Winner (Fidertanz / Ehrentusch) Golden Sate Dressage Festival High Point Score Report for Sir Niro HW - Westphalian gelding (Sir Donnerhall / De Niro) SkyWalker HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) ShowMaster HW - Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Hit / Relevant / Donnerhall / Pik Bube)
SkyWalker HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) Lord Lennox HW and Nancy Smith - Rhineland gelding ( Lord Loxley / Rocket Star) ShowMaster HW - Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Hit / Relevant / Donnerhall / Pik Bube) Fendi HW - Westphalian gelding (Floviono / Ferragamo)
Selten HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) Andreas Dahl  Selten HW - Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) Some of Festival Hw's many ribbons Tracy Lert El Capitano HW - Hanoverian gelding ( Earl / Wolkentanz)
April 12th, 2016:

Amy X Edwards painted the beautiful Clooney HW

She posts: Complete at last!

Here is a photo of my most recent original painting based off of a beautiful Westphalian gelding. This portrait measures 12" x 15.5" and is available for purchase.

Pic2460.jpg (864695 bytes)

April 12th, 2016:

Wow, beautiful, Rachel keeps adding to her ever long list of successes and super scores! Check out these really impressive and continuously awesome results. Huge congratulations to ShowMaster HW, aka Sueño Hit, winning both Developing PSG classes, with 70.147% and 70.980% this weekend - but check out the whole history……well done, congratulations to Rachel Saavedra Dressage

Pic2453.jpg (699506 bytes)

Pic2454.jpg (143156 bytes)

April 11th, 2016:

Donna Gatchell shared Donna Gatchell Dressage's photo — with Karen Kerchner Baillie.

Festival HW continues his awesomeness !!!

HWhorses are the best.

Thank you for this wonderful horse !!

Festival HW (right) 69.6% 1st place and Elfe (left) 69.4% 2nd place . Both competing 4th level for the first time !! So proud !!

WOW, check this out. HUGE congratulations to Donna Gatchell and Karen Kerchner Baillie, victory at 4th level, at first time out - love it, well done, what a super team. VERY proud of you, thank you so much for always tagging me and keeping us updated here at www.HWfarm.com - amazingly done

Pic2451.jpg (416630 bytes)

April 10th, 2016:

Golden State Dressage

Festival High Point of the entire show, a 82.2%, goes to the sensational Jennifer Schrader-Williams with Sir Niro HW (aka Sotto Voce). Not only did they score an 8.2 to win the FEI 5 yr old class, they won their other classes with ease and made us super proud. WELL done, very happy to see this, always on top.

There were other www.HWfarm.com horses as well and they did fantastic, winning their classes, scoring beautifully. 

ShowMaster HW, aka Sueño Hit, winning both Developing PSG classes, with over 70%, owned by Rachel Saavedra Dressage, El Capitano HW, now known as Elysian or Ely, placing 3rd at FEI Prix St Georges and 5th at his first FEI Intermediate I, owned by Tracey Lert and Sugarland HW, winning two 4th level classes and placing 4th at Developing PSG, owned by Lynn Welge.

Sir Niro HW is owned by Heidi Schneller-Cook. What a show, amazing results, VERY PROUD of all and heartfelt congratulations to everybody.

Pic2450.jpg (1512932 bytes)

April 9th, 2016:

Outandaboutdressage UK publishes the following article, giving Selten HW his well deserved credit:

It’s Hickstead, it must be Spring!

Pic2444.jpg (937458 bytes)

© Celia Cadwallader, 8 April 2016 Images by Celia Cadwallader or, where indicated, Spidge Event Photography.

April 9th, 2016:

More blue ribbons and even high point of the show!

Check this out, Jennifer Schrader-Williams posted:

Another great day today! Sotto (aka Sir Niro HW), was open high point of the show yesterday with his 77.8%. That was a fun surprise today!

He won again today first level with a 68.5%

Sugarland HW, won her 4-2 with a 67.5%

Pic2442.jpg (57084 bytes)

Pic2443.jpg (286781 bytes)

April 8th, 2016:

El Capitano HW, now called Ely or Elysian is doing very well too.

Congratulations to his owner/rider Tracey Lert - She just posted the following:

Ely and I waiting for our honor round at the CDI at Rancho Murieta. Clean, willing test got a 67.2%. So happy with him. Thanks Team Glitz, Tom Meyers and Shauna.

Pic2438.jpg (734482 bytes)

April 7th, 2016:

More blue ribbons for Sir Niro HW (aka Sotto Voce) and Jennifer Schrader-Williams - 77.8% First level test 2. Lots of 8’s and 9’s on that test! 9 on submission!

Comments from the judge include: Unbelievable, BIG talent, good future. Gotta love it, so proud to have raised this baby in Germany from weanling age on, good bloodlines, upbringing, training and more, just show.

Congratulations to Jennifer Schrader-Williams and owner Heidi Schneller-Cook, who posted: Wow!!! What an honor to own such wonderful horse and have you training him.

Pic2434.jpg (411667 bytes)

April 7th, 2016:

Congratulations to Sugarland HW and Jennifer Schrader-Williams - Sugarland HW scored a 66.389% to kick us off today. 4th level test 2.

Pic2433.jpg (118271 bytes)

April 5th, 2016:

Dressage at Hickstead

Huge Well Done to Anders Dahl and His Royal Highness Super Selten HW (bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold/ - www.HWfarm.com ) - dancing down the center line in their first Grand Prix and earning an impressive 75.05% so excited for them! Well done Team - totally mind blowing!!!

Pic2420.jpg (551666 bytes) Pic2418.jpg (486904 bytes)

Pic2419.jpg (575568 bytes)

Pic2421.jpg (153958 bytes) Pic2417.jpg (243109 bytes)

March 28th, 2016:

Impressive to see how SkyHit developed, purchased from us as a 3 year old just under saddle, sight unseen - now winning all of his 3rd level classes and he’s ready for 4th. Huge congratulations to Anne Buchanan, well done, thank you for trusting us and bringing this boy along so wonderfully. Another win/win - so thankful!

Anne Buchanan posted:

SkyHit was great winning all of his classes at 3-3 with scores in the 70s at TDC this weekend. He is going fantastic and plan to move him to 4th level in two weeks

Pic2375.jpg (129620 bytes)


March 17th, 2016:

HUGE congratulations to Selten HW and Anders Dahl’s debut at Intermediare II! Awesome score, looks so easy and fun - that’s dressage at it’s best.

Liz Geldard Walsh posted — feeling proud with Elizabeth Ball and Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. After an impromptu visit to Fiona Bigwood and Anders Dahl I can quite honestly say I have just witnessed the most effortless, harmonious test I've ever watched! 76.97% for Anders and Selten HW in their Inter 2 debut.

This horse has so much presence that you can't help watch him with your mouth open! Well done team Glad my plaits stayed in!!!! Lis Dahl

SeltenHWInter21.jpg (204265 bytes) SeltenHWInter22.jpg (262494 bytes)

SeltenHWInter23.jpg (224310 bytes)

SeltenHWInter24.jpg (260546 bytes) SeltenHWInter25.jpg (249261 bytes)

March 12th, 2016:

Congratulations, another blue ribbon, they keep the victories coming.

Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Sotto Voce aka Sir Niro HW were off to a good start this season!

Heidi Schneller-Cook posted - He is a Diamond! One very special horse! Thank you Irene!! - Thank you Jen!! You are doing a amazing job with this lovely young boy.

Pic2266.jpg (347075 bytes)

March 2nd, 2016:

Catherine Reid and SkyWalker HW (aka Shortaroo) keep on collecting the ribbons, now at Intermediare I, how amazing. Congratulations to this super team and partnership. Here is what she posted:

Woot! Look what we got! USDF AHS All Breeds award for Intermediare 1

4th in the USA!!

Yay, Shortaroo!!

Pic2233.jpg (96079 bytes)

February 27th, 2016:

Finley aka FiftyShades HW, strutting his stuff in Wellington, Florida with Janine Little Looking great! Janine wrote: Another positive show day, Finley did his first Fourth Level test ending with over 68% and we had quite a few greenie bobbles so very cool to know that there is much much room to improve on that score still.

FullSizeRender.jpg (127487 bytes)

February 25th, 2016:

Janine Little posts: Finley aka FiftyShades HW, was a good boy today just over 69% and a first place with his rider feeling rather sub-par, thanks for covering my ass today Finners!

image1.jpeg (56849 bytes)

February 19th, 2016:

Congratulations to this successful team! More ribbons and success for Janine Little and Shawneen Jacobs’s Finley (aka FiftyShades HW), saved the best for last, 73.7%, his first time out in Third Level Test 3, not too shabby for a young man!!

Picture credit: Joanna Cockerline

Finley (aka FiftyShades HW) 1.jpg (231236 bytes) Finley (aka FiftyShades HW) 2.jpg (450918 bytes)

February 17th, 2016:

Donna Gatchell Dressage posted - Festival HW 2015 ribbons

Today I received a picture of all of Festival HW's ribbons that are hanging proudly in his owners house !!!

I feel blessed to have ridden this horse this past year, he is truly amazing ! Huge thanks to karen and Fred, the owners of this horse for all their support And a huge thanks to Irene from HW horses who we brought this horse from. Her horses are super !!

I must also thank Charlene Blundell from custom Saddlery who provide me with a great saddle !!!

Pic2158.jpg (559618 bytes)

Festival HW. On his way to winning the BLMS 2nd level MFS

PastedGraphic-5.jpg (231324 bytes)

Champion BLMS 2015

PastedGraphic-6.jpg (266528 bytes)

Champion GAIGS 2015

PastedGraphic-7.jpg (533088 bytes)

Champion BLMS 2015

PastedGraphic-8.jpg (390852 bytes)

2nd level finals class BLMS

PastedGraphic-9.jpg (265581 bytes)

February 8th, 2016:

Donna Gatchell posted:

Festival HW received more year end awards !! Love this boy !

Donna with one of her many awards !!

Festival HW 2nd and 3rd level champion !! MFS champion

Donna Gatchell Dressage info:

Lovely Virginia Dressage Assoc. State level Year End Awards Banquet in Charlottesville today.Tons of top ribbons won by Donna Gatchell's horses and clients! We are holding all the ribbons won by Donnas clients; including those who couldn't join us today Donna is Virginia Dressage Assoc Trainer of the Year once more!! Congratulations to all !!

Pic2068.jpg (194658 bytes) Pic2069.jpg (246611 bytes)

February 2nd, 2016:

EhrenGold HW and his mommy Tiffany Mahoney, after their very first PSG, looking great!

Pic2041.jpg (394792 bytes)

Caroline Roffman with Jeanne VanNuys and Silke Rembacz wrote:

Congratulations to the new owners of Lionshare Dressage Sales Horse - Franklin HW! This horse was originally imported by www.HWfarm.com and I cannot say enough great things about this horse!!

Born in Florida, bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold (www.HWfarm.com), SkyWalker HW, aka Shorts and his owner Catherine Reid.

It's heartwarming to know how much loved and adored our horses are, not only is he the full brother to worldwide known and successful Selten HW (bred by me too), but also the life partner for this beautiful lady.

Many years of love and training, from baby age on, many ribbons, victories and champion-titles, including Intermediare-1 Open CHAMPION, 2015 and many, many more. LOVE my job, horses, friends, customers - in no particular order - just LOVE it!

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine1.jpg (241441 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine2.jpg (207520 bytes)

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine4.jpg (305107 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine3.jpg (282490 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine6.jpg (323517 bytes)

Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine7.jpg (239418 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine8.jpg (251350 bytes) Skywalker HW aka Shorts and Catherine5.jpg (244709 bytes)

January 22nd, 2016:

Karen Kerchner Baillie shared Donna Gatchell Dressage’s photo.

Our DGD group at recent Year End Awards for our Dressage Chapter. All DGD students did so well this year! I'm holding lovely wool embroidered Quarter Sheet won by Festival HW and Donna Gatchell for High Score Musical Freestyle. Fun night

Pic1977.jpg (215405 bytes)

January 11th, 2016:

What an impressive collection, congratulations, another successful year - well done, Karen Kerchner Baillie & Donna Gatchell, amazing!!! So happy to see you happy and successful with Festival HW.

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted the following:

Here are my horse Festival HW and our Dressage trainer Donna Gatchell's top ribbons for the 2015 Show Season with Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold. We've yet to collect 2015 Year End Awards so an updated display coming mid February. Donna campaigned Festival HW at 2nd ( including 2nd level Musical Freestyle) as well as 3rd Levels this year and they sparkled at both levels! I couldn't be more proud of them and their hard work! Festival HW has made such amazing progress with Donnas training this past year- onward to 2016!!

Pic1929.jpg (524149 bytes)

January 4th, 2016:

Hi Irene, Ben (Bentley HW) has become a highlight of my life. I enjoy every day with him.

We have been frequently riding the trails through the redwoods around Woodside, California with my friends that compete in endurance. Ben has the power to blow right past all of them galloping up the hills!

Attached is a video of us working cattle.


He is particularly good at holding the cattle, as he is very sensitive to their subtle movements. Ben has learned to read the cattle better than I do.

And oh, by the way, his third time down centerline was at the regional championships and we won the USDF Region 7 training level adult amateur championship class. We were coached at the show by Francis Verbeek, who is very excited to be teaching me on such a talented horse. Attached are a few pictures.

Thanks for placing me with Ben. He is the horse of my lifetime. With Sincerity, Dr. Amanda Apesos, DC Equine Chiropractor

IMG_1955.JPG (596846 bytes) MediumJPG_15CS6345_Apesos-(ZF-1267-39651-3-003).jpg (426822 bytes)


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