December 28th, 2014: 

Tiffany Mahoney posted the following about her boy EhrenGold HW: Just received Ehren's medal, what a nice post Christmas gift.

screenshot_331.jpeg (230984 bytes)

December 22nd, 2014:

So happy to see this posting, by Lisa Rush, huge congratulations, what a successful year they had: A nice surprise in the mail today. My USDF Gold Medal and 2 All Breeds Championship medals for FineStep HW and 1 All Breeds Championship Medal for Gucci. The end of a successful 2014 show season. I love to ride and am looking forward to next year.

screenshot_322.jpg (150904 bytes)

December 21st, 2014:

USDF Connection Magazine - SkyWalker HW and Catherine Reid in the news - congratulations, that is awesome!

SkyWalkerHW.jpeg (292446 bytes)

December 7th, 2014:

EhrenGold HW is collecting the ribbons and championships left and right, congratulations to his owner Tiffany. Well done, couldn’t be any happier for this team!

screenshot_275.jpg (1421523 bytes)

December 6th, 2014:

Duke HW’s owner sent the following, this is especially interesting for all, who asked if our horses can jump too? Yes - indeed, they can!

“Check out Duke's scope!!! OMG, he’s going to be an awesome hunter/jumper! (Never mind, dressage horse and eventer.) Gorgeous already!"

1.jpg (154172 bytes)

November 24th, 2014:

Lisa Rush posted the following, congratulations to this wonderful team! Look what Fine Step HW got in the mail today! Thank you Westfalen Horse Association for the embroidered saddle pad, picture frame and very cool stall plaquette. Fin was 2014 Open and AA Westfalen Training Level Champion. Looking forward to the 2015 season.

screenshot_267.jpg (320092 bytes)

November 16th, 2014:

Hi Irene,  I bought Sueño Hit (aka ShowMaster HW), from you at Jennifer Williams' barn 2 years ago as a 4 yr old. He really has been a dream, hence the name Sueño. > Anyway, I have shown him a bit now, and wanted to give you an update. I showed him once as a 5 yr old at 1st level and scored 71 and 78%. He has shown this year at 2nd level with scores of 69 - 74% and 3rd level with 69- 74%. I entered him in the FEI 6 yr old tests and he has qualified for the Championships at Lamplight with scores of 8.16 and 8.28. > I have been training him playfully, and he keeps stepping up. He is a high energy guy that goes and goes. He gets more energy with more work. He is sensible on the trail and at shows. He has strong opinions when he learns something and I go and change the rules, but once I clarify the "new deal" he is game for working at that. > I wrote a little piece for Dressage Today's "What I know Now" column about teaching him the changes. It was a few months ago. > I am planning to go to Chicago if all continues to go well. Just thought it was time I let you know he is developing nicely and is a joy to own.

 Thank you for such a lovely horse!!!  Best regards,  Rachel Saavedra

photo.JPG (156349 bytes)


 Additional info: They did well in Chicago, congratulations to their success, you rock, Rachel and Sueño Hit/ShowMaster HW!

screenshot_246.jpg (168440 bytes)

November 3rd, 2014:

Anne Buchanan posted the following - congratulations!

SkyHit HW is high score AA at 3rd and 4th level at ADA Fall Fiesta! It was his first time out at 3rd level and he was amazing. Scores to 68.8 and he's just 5yo! So proud of the baby face!!

screenshot_223.jpg (148801 bytes)

October 27th, 2014:

Purchased sight unseen and a perfect match. Duke HW collected multiple blue ribbons in different disciplines plus had fun, with his unflappable temperament, at a costume class.

Congratulations Heather, thank you so much for trusting us.

Heather Calder’s post:

Fun day at Skye Valley Equestrian Hunter Jumper Show!

Today I just took him in one flat hunter class besides the Costume one. Unbelievably well behaved especially at his young age of 4. Next month he is going to his first horse trial at Intro - really good level for young horses.

Irene, he also went in his first dressage show yesterday and won both classes with a 73% and 76% for T2 and T3!

image001.jpg (67217 bytes) image002.jpg (110533 bytes)

October 21st, 2014:

Another Rank 1 in the USDF Final Awards - wow!

The victories keep coming, owners of www.HWfarm.com horses keep posting. We are on a roll.

Congratulations Tiffany and EhrenGold HW - perfect!

Tiffany Mahoney posted: Yay my sweet boy did great love Mr. Ehren !

FullSizeRender.jpg (193373 bytes)

October 21st, 2014:

The www.HWfarm.com horses keep the scores and top ranks coming in quite consistently, here is another Rank: 1!!!

El Capitano HW, also known as Elysian, his owner/rider posted the following, congratulations, so amazing to see everybody successful and happy.

Tracey Lert posted: So proud of Ely (aka El Capitano HW). With my health issues this year his work was not always consistent, but he is such a good boy and good learner that he did really well at Third level.

FullSizeRender.jpg (121415 bytes)

October 21st, 2014:

Check it out. Lisa Rush and FineStep HW rank at 1st place in their first year already. Congratulations, well done and so very happy for this beautiful and successful match.

FullSizeRender.jpg (144068 bytes)

October 21st, 2014:

Final standings, SkyHit HW on 1st place - amazing, huge congratulations to his rider/owner Anne Buchanan!

screenshot_217.jpg (128924 bytes)

October 20th, 2014:

From Karen Kerchner Baillie

Wonderful accomplishments at end of show season BLMs Championship Competition for Festival HW. Among many talented horse rider pairs Festi and our trainer Donna Gatchell won warm up First Level class with 73.87% and Third place in Final First Level BLM Championship class with a 69.39%!

With Donnas guiding hand Festival had super Big Boy experience in Lexington — feeling thankful

image001.jpg (95534 bytes)

October 16th, 2014:

The battle of the titans!

Today's Horse and Hound! Well done Anders Dahl and HRH Super Selten HW, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm, Fiona Bigwood and  Leia McEvoy

HorseAndHoundSeltenHW.jpg (68449 bytes)

October 15th, 2014:

British Dressage publishes: Selten HW beats Woodlander Farouche in the battle of the unbeatables

 screenshot_204.jpg (698914 bytes) screenshot_205.jpg (664528 bytes) screenshot_206.jpg (353691 bytes)

October 14th, 2014:

More Selten HW headlines, he’s all over the news, gotta love it:

screenshot_200.jpg (344633 bytes)

October 13th, 2014: 

Skywalker HW and Catherine Reid – congratulations again and well done as well as very welcome. So happy to see your continued success with this boy. Skywalker HW is the full brother to Selten HW, both bred by www.HWfarm.com

Scan0179.jpg (379178 bytes)

October 11th, 2014:

FullSizeRender4.jpg (281725 bytes) FullSizeRender5.jpg (145762 bytes)

Eurodressage prints the following article, Selten HW wins Mount St John Future Elite Championship at Horse of the Year Show.

Huge congratulations to Anders Dahl, Fiona Bigwood and all others. Well done, what a stellar way to end his undefeated, 2014, competition year.

FullSizeRender2.jpg (624054 bytes) FullSizeRender3.jpg (576082 bytes)

October 10th, 2014:

HOY - horse of the year

They've done it, Selten HW is HORSE OF THE YEAR CHAMPION!!! Undefeated in all test in 2014, international.

Selten HW, bred by www.HWfarm.com

We have a winner - Anders Dahl and Selten HW take first with 79.2%.

Michael and Woodlander Farouche take second with 76.49%.

Spencer Wilton and Alfons take third with 75%.

Congratulations Anders Dahl and a huge thank you to all whom made it possible! — with Fiona Bigwood and 5 others at www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -.

IMG_5150.JPG (87471 bytes)

FullSizeRender.jpg (459362 bytes) FullSizeRender1.jpg (609496 bytes)

October 4th, 2014:

Huge congratulations, they just keep collecting the blue ribbons with Festival HW, so awesome!

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted the following:

My Festival HW waiting patiently with Donna Gatchell to go into Coliseum for GAIGS final's awards ceremony and the group picture, First level finalists at GAIGS, Donna Gatchell on Festival HW, Amy Hedden on Sadie, champion, Laura Celia on Aurora.

1.jpg (75688 bytes) 2.jpg (92156 bytes)

September 29th, 2014:

Well, well, well, check this out, SkyHit HW’s standing in the USDF Preliminary Awards. 1st place it is! Huge congratulations to Anne Buchanan and SkyHit!

Very proud to have sold this horse, sight unseen to Anne, roughly 2 years ago, what a great match.

image001.jpg (60544 bytes)

September 22nd, 2014:

Another happy horse and HWfarm customer:

Heather Calder reports

 This guy (Duke HW) has only jumped a handful of times and just turned four in May. I am so grateful to the "village" of people making this happen - Lone Tree Farm and Amanda de la Rosa. Also huge credit goes to HW Farm for raising and starting him right! — with Sissy Kolb, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm, Amanda de la Rosa, Connie Arthur and Ari Kann.

FullSizeRender.jpg (360782 bytes)

September 20th, 2014:

And they keep on collecting the ribbons, so very happy to see this, congratulations Catherine Reid and Skywalker HW!

Catherine posted: Tough class today! A few bobbles cost us. Rallied for a 67% and change for 3rd place in the GAIG/USDF Prix St George OPEN Championships Congrats to my fellow competitors, Shauntel Thompson-Bryant (Champion) and Morgan Barrows (Reserve)

screenshot_151.jpg (305940 bytes)

September 18th, 2014:

NWDC Championships, congratulations to Skywalker HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) and Catherine Reid. She just posted the following, so happy for them and sure proud to have seen this boy born here, at our farm:

Catherine Reid posted: - 2 mistakes- one was me one was Shorts aka Skywalker HW. So we are even, at least... But still a good effort for an overall 67.3% and NWDC RESERVE PSG CHAMPION

screenshot_147.jpg (195413 bytes)

September 17th, 2014:

Love to see this just for fun, no, he’s not working in it yet, only checked if it will suit him. But Anne posted the following about SkyHit HW, which made me really happy:

Either buy them or be beat by them! My 5yo HW has flying changes and will show third level in November. I am such a happy customer!!! Sight unseen and he amazes me every day....and personality over the top!!!

screenshot_143.jpg (346733 bytes)

September 17th, 2014:

The Westphalian newsletter had this nice article, about another match made sight unseen, check it out:

Lisa Rush & Fine Step HW

I started riding in my 30’s. My first horse was a Tennessee Walker my husband purchased for me to trail ride around our acreage in rural South Dakota. I knew nothing about horses, including how to put on a saddle or bridle. I loved to watch dressage and see the partnership between the horse and rider. I had heard of a trainer coming to a facility about an hour from ours. One call to the owner and I was at the next clinic to audit. The trainer was, Jana Wagner, from LaCygne, KS (7 hours south of us). I watched and knew it was for me. I talked to Jana and asked her if she would give me lessons, she said yes. In 2002, I took my first dressage lesson on my paint horse, Charlie, with Jana. I have been riding dressage ever since. Living in South Dakota, it is very difficult to get lessons or get to shows. After Jana stopped coming to the Sioux Falls area. I started riding with Natalie Hamilton Hinnemann, she had briefly moved to the area and started teaching at a local barn. About a year later she moved to St. Cloud, MN (4 hours northeast). She continued to come monthly sometimes bi-monthly for clinics. She would also bring Kathleen Raine to her facility a few times a year and a small group of us from SD would travel to MN to ride with her. Natalie helped me over the past 10 years to get my Hanoverian, General BC, to I1. I have high hopes we will get to the GP this year or next. Natalie recently moved to CA to run her father-in-law, Jo Hinnemann’s, new facility. She is planning to make periodic trips back to SD for clinics. I have recently started riding with Lauren Smith from Colorado. She comes monthly to Sioux City, IA (1 1?2 hours south of us) and the Sioux Falls area. Living in the mid-west is our biggest challenge. We spend a lot of time and expense to travel to shows and quality instruction. The closest quality instruction for our area is about 4 hours northeast or 4 hours southwest. It is also very difficult to get instructors to come to the area because we have trouble filling the clinics with our small community of riders. There are about 6-10 riders that are committed to the sport, want to improve and are able to financially support the instruction. We have about 5 riders in the area that compete. The closest show is in Mason City, IA 3 1/2 hours southeast. We travel 3-1/2 to 10 hours to compete in our region. The winters here are brutal and it is difficult to keep the horses in full training all year around. I have an indoor and outdoor arena on my acreage, but no heat. It makes riding in the winter difficult. My cut off temp is about 10 degrees. Now about Fine Step HW, or Fin. My daughters call him Finnegan McGee. He is out of Florenciano/Merana. He is a beautiful 5 year old bay gelding with 4 white socks and a big white blaze. He is 16.1 and very handsome. He is just a sweet boy and loves attention. He lives with my other 2 geldings Charlie (paint and first show horse) and Gucci (General BC, Hanoverian and current I1 horse). I purchased him last October and have been spending this past year getting to know him and getting him out to clinics and shows, just getting him used to the world around him. He is a joy to ride and has lovely gaits. He has a great work ethic, learns quickly, and is a great traveler. Biggest quirk: he hates cows. Unfortunately, they live in the pasture next to him. He came from HW Farms. I found him on their website and with advice from my trainer and some research on my own, I made the decision to purchase him sight unseen. Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold from HW Farms was great to work with and answered all of my questions. She made the purchase and delivery from Germany quite easy. I have been showing him at Training Level this summer, mainly just to get him out and about and see how he handles the stress of traveling and going to the shows. He has done quite well so far with his current median score 70.625. We will travel to our Region 4 Championships in September. I am planning a couple of classes at first level before we finish this year. We are currently working on first and second level and plan to show him again next year. As long as we are both happy working and playing together, our end goal will be to get to the Grand Prix someday.

FineStepHWcollage.jpg (311374 bytes) WHA-pg3-Sum14.jpg (2771692 bytes)

September 15th, 2014:

So special to get tagged in updates of my customers, congratulations, well done:

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted: Our Festival HW and our awesome trainer Donna Gatchell excelled once again this weekend at VADANova Autumn Dressage with amazing scores of 75%,76%, and 2 scores of 78%!!!They are a beautiful pair to watch. For my non- dressage friends those are very high scores : )). I ride Festival at home and he is a dream.

photo 1.JPG (139404 bytes) photo 2.JPG (108527 bytes)

September 2nd, 2014:

Official pictures are in: Markel/USEF Young & Developing Horse Dressage National Championships

Catherine Reid deserves all the credit for trusting us with her purchase and to train her own FEI horse, she broke this child and works with him since many years and now can call herself 8th in the nation and placed 5th in her PSG class, what a huge accomplishment.

Skywalker HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com and full brother to Selten HW) and his mommy make us really proud, well deserved, so happy for you, huge congratulations again and again and also, a huge thank you, for staying in touch and keeping us informed all these years.

It’s very rewarding to see these horses grow up and make their mom’s smile until the face hurts (quote Catherine).

Newsflash1.jpg (82948 bytes) Newsflash2.jpg (154437 bytes)

August 31st, 2014:

The www.HWfarm.com horses and their happy owners keep bringing the ribbons and good news. Congratulations, what an amazing match!

Anne Buchanan just posted the following to her site: SkyHit HW finishes the USDF qualifying year with a median score at 1st level of 71.4. He is ready for the next step and I can't wait to ride him everyday! He is so willing and I have had such amazing coaching his progress has been impressive!...at least to me

screenshot_127.jpg (119943 bytes)

August 30th, 2014:

Congratulations to Tiffany and her EhrenGold HW. She reports that she feels blessed to have him in her life and that they were 2nd out of 15 at the Regional Adult Amatuer championships. Well done, what an amazing pair and I especially love this picture.

photo.JPG (183313 bytes)

August 26th, 2014:

For all who ask, if our horses can succeed in other disciplines than dressage - check this one out Ralli / Real Love HW Yes, they can!

photo.JPG (121907 bytes)

August 24th, 2014:

Markel/USEF Young & Developing Horse Dressage National Championships

Check out that smile, Catherine Reid and Skywalker HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com and full brother to Selten HW), just finished 5th in her class and 8th best in the country!!! More info to follow, huge congratulations to this pair, they looked amazing, totally lovely ride and great partnership!

Lamplight.JPG (86264 bytes)

August 23rd, 2014:

Karen Kerchner Baillie posted the following info, huge congratulations to her and Donna & Festival HW: Another fun and successful outing for young Festival HW at Virginia Horse Center, Lexington at the VADA Chapter Challenge in his first show year. Our very talented Dressage trainer Donna Gatchell gave him another show day of increasing confidence and wonderful scores in a new venue

photo 1.JPG (93548 bytes) photo 2.JPG (122937 bytes)

The name Horses Worldwide, and the initials HW in front of multiple world-class sport horse success stories, has become synonymous with quality horse pairings. Whether it be stallions to mares, horses to humans, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold has an instinct for making great matches. German born Wiederhold began breeding in the USA in 2001, and made history with the 2004 Hanoverian foal Selten HW by Sandro Hit she bred out of her own mare SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall). The young stallion began his career the way all HW foals begin, with proper care, handling and training. Dressage at Devon 2006, was Selten HW first time at a show: He was the Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon, The USDF Breeders Champion for Colts and Geldings, Champion Winner of his class: 2 year old Colts and Geldings, Best Born in the USA and the High Point Hanoverian! The success continued with Selten HW being called the 2007 Champion stallion of the Oldenburg inspection at Scott Hassler (Hassler Dressage), with the highest score of the day, a whopping 83%. With a 9 for canter, and an 8,5 for his trot. In 2010 he made history being the first horse in the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Championships to win the “Triple Crown” overall Young Horse Champions as a four, five and six-year old. But that is only where his historic moments began.

When Californian Elizabeth Ball sent her horse to Europe for more training and showing, he sold at the Equine Elite Auction 2012. Still in the history books today, Selten HW is the highest priced horse ever at that auction, with Euro 500.000. Sold to Fiona Bigwood, Team member UK and her husband Anders Dahl, Selten HW, the gelding born in Florida continues to add accolades to his record. Selten HW continued his journey, being internationally successful in Germany, then the UK and Spain, he’s undefeated in the small tour and might be the most successful international small tour horse of 2014.

Dantino HW is currently offered for sale through HW Farm

Selten HW is just one of the phenomenal horses bred and developed by HWFarms, and just one of the many success stories that get added to their website newsflash page.

With an uncanny eye for horses, knowledge of the oldest and most newest, trendy and/or influential bloodlines, Irene is able to stay on top of the highly discriminating buyers requests and demands. With an established reputation for the services she brings to her clients she has gained the trust and confidence needed in what for many is the largest purchase they will make in a lifetime. “We strive for all horses to be the total package: looks, movement, temperament for the amateur as well as for the professional, super fancy, but easy to ride and successful in their future career. ”

Louboutin HW is currently offered for sale through HW Farm

“There is something close to a HWfarm fan club out there and the numbers keep climbing, “ added Irene. “Many customers have purchased multiple horses and are happy and love every single one of them. The current record is by FOUR to the same person, conveniently purchased sight unseen, most of the HWfarm horses sell just like that: Sight unseen. As one of HWFarm customers wrote in her testimonial, “it’s as easy to buy as on Amazon”.

screenshot_108.jpg (547176 bytes)


August 20th, 2014:

Go Selten HW, go! Selten HW was bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, www.HWfarm.com

Eurodressage posts the following article:

Qualified Pairs for Mount St John Dressage Future Elite Championship at 2014 Horse of the Year Show

2014 Horse of the Year Show

In a nail-biting climax, Hickstead CDI3* hosted the final qualifying leg in which top international dressage partnerships battled it out for a place in the Mount St John Dressage Future Elite Championship at this year’s Horse of the Year Show (HOYS). Following top performances from all riders, the final six spots for this year’s final, which will be held at the NEC, Birmingham, on Friday 10th October, have now been confirmed.

Anders Dhal (Selten HW); Spencer Wilton, who has qualified both Alfons and Zamboucca, and Matt Frost (AMD Don Rosso II), have already verbally confirmed their intentions to compete in the Mount St John Dressage Future Elite Championship at HOYS. Qualification will move down the line if there are any non-acceptances.

The final standings for the Mount St John Dressage Future Elite Championship are as follows:

SELTEN HW - Anders Dahl - 76.50% WOODLANDER FAROUCHE - Michael Eilberg - 76.01% ALFONS - Spencer Wilton - 74.81% ZAMBOUCCA - Spencer Wilton - 74.20% FLAVIO - Henriette Andersen - 72.86% DON ROSSO II - Matt Frost - 72.44%….for more info, open the JPGs and find the full article

screenshot_103.jpg (539226 bytes) screenshot_104.jpg (369426 bytes)

August 19th, 2014:

What a small world, when it comes to selected, top quality horses. Olympic rider Nancy Smith writes in her blog, that Damon's Design HW and Rachael Hortons Franklin HW are in the same barn. Yes, they indeed know each other from Germany, they grew up together and even saw each other train and learn new things from weanling age, all the way until they were sold to the US at riding age and under saddle.

photo.PNG (666512 bytes)

August 11th, 2014:

Mark Kiddle and Waitano (Walk On Top I HW) looking fantastic in the Grand Prix, in Australia!

We have Walk On Top II HW for sale, his full brother, please check him out at www.HWfarm.com

Waitano1.jpg (99506 bytes)

Hi Irene, 

 Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to give you a short update on Fritz (aka FiderStep HW). > He has had a great year. I have shown him at training and first level with scores in the high 60s and low 70s. Allen Swafford, my trainer, recently showed at Dressage in the Rockies, Rising Star, 6 year old class, in Parker, Colorado and received a score of 72+. You can check out all the scores on centerlinescores.com. 

He has been in clinics by Volker Brahamann, Andreas Hausberger and Herwigg Radnetter (both of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The two from Vienna particularly liked Fritz. 

I am enjoying Fritz like no other horse I have owned, which is saying a lot as I have owned maybe 20 sport horses in the last 20 years. He is honest, hard working, trustworthy and to top all that, he is talented. Every time we present him with a new task or expose him to something new he takes it in and is ready for the next challenge.

Volker has suggested we don't spend much time at 2nd level as Fritz is ready for his changes. Today Allen is riding him in a clinic with Herwigg to work specifically on changes. I will get a video and send it to you or post it on You Tube (if I can figure that out). So I hope he will be showing 3rd level by the end of October.

At some point in the near future I would like to get another one just like him. > Let's keep in touch.


August 8th, 2014: 

Please help Catherine Reid and SkyWalker HW - if you can, raffle tickets or donations. Every single $$$ will count. . 2014 USEF/MARKEL DEVELOPING HORSE DRESSAGE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS .

a.jpg (163950 bytes)


Hey Irene, I hope all is well with you! I wanted to give you an update on Starlight HW, the 2007 gelding I bought from you 4 years back. I'm the German girl who bought a 3-year old off the internet to train to GP so you may remember me for my boundless optimism ;). He's 17.1 (!) hands now but still has the babyface he had as a three-year-old! I've gotten him up to 4th level and recently showed him under Linda Zang who scored us a 66%. He has great talent for the Pi/Pa tour so it will be exciting to see what we can work on this winter with him. I'm trying to get into the Ingrid Klimke clinic this November as a rider so wish me luck! When he's not hard at work, "Babyhorse" goes outside every day and hacks around the property so he has a good life. I was interviewed at a recent show by the Equine Journal and plugged you as his seller so you may see him in the September issue. I've attached some pictures for you from our show the other day - maybe you can share the update with his breeder back in Germany. All the best, Kristin

P1040915.JPG (139758 bytes)

August 5th, 2014: 

Well, well, well, Catherine Reid, it’s time to show off Selten HW’s full brother SkyWalker HW some more. Go, go, go - the 2014 Markel/USEF Developing Horse Dressage National Championships are waiting for you! Good luck - so happy that you got the invitation! Couldn’t resist to add this “dreamy” picture of the two of you, by Carolynn Bunch Photography, so pretty!

screenshot_52.jpg (110338 bytes) SkyWalkerHWCatherineRomance.jpg (84120 bytes)

August 4th, 2014: 

Anders Dahl and Selten HW competed in nine Prix. St. Georges and Intermediate events for nine victories, all with scores above 78 per cent and none below 74 per cent. Selten was bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold (www.HWfarm.com) of Cape Coral, Florida, a feat that Anders said he finds “amazing” because of the difficulty of breeding top international performance horses, and the United States is not known for doing so. He also says: “He’s the best horse I’ve ever sat on, with so much power and capacity. He can do everything."

screenshot_49.jpg (372621 bytes) screenshot_50.jpg (361834 bytes) screenshot_51.jpg (242420 bytes)

August 3rd, 2014:

It was a great day at the horse show for Dantino HW. He brought the blue ribbons home at 3rd and 4th level, including the high point championship of the open division. The judge raved about his 9 canter and his amazing half passes and more. Well done, well on the way to PSG. He's for sale, imported already, check him out

photo 3.JPG (809146 bytes)

photo 1.JPG (994720 bytes) photo 2.JPG (928335 bytes)

August 3rd, 2014:

Anders Dahl has won the Freestyle Inter 1 on Selten HW this morning at Hickstead by 4%, totaling 78.325%. Huge congratulations. Again and again.

photo.JPG (206027 bytes) screenshot_30.jpg (288555 bytes)


DressageDaily and Eurodressage acknowledge Selten HW’s success and congratulate Irene Wiederhold/www.HWfarm.com as his breeder. Below is the info, Selten HW is named the "probably most successful small tour hose of 2014" - another record for Selten HW, who broke many records in his lifetime already. So far, he has been unbeaten, with rare, high seventy percentage marks at each show, actually, even scores in the 80’s. 

photo 20.PNG (494980 bytes)

July 31st, 2014:

The adorable Selten HW has just won the PSG at Hickstead with 76.4% and a 4% lead. His owner says, he is one special pony and a pleasure to have in her yard. They all love him!! Congrats Anders Dahl and Fiona Bigwood and HRH Super Selten HW.

SeltenHWJuly31st.jpg (104003 bytes)

PrizeGivingSeltenHWpsg.jpg (318544 bytes)

Maggie posted this picture of her and her horse Quite Right HW, here is, what she says:

 "I love my boy"  The horses are all doing so well! We couldn't be happier with our HWfarm babies! Quite Right HW has been cleaning up the 3' Hunter Jumper division this season so I couldn't be happier with him!!!

photo.JPG (136668 bytes)

July 30th, 2014: 

Eurodressage publishes stunning article about Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com): 


 Anders Dahl and Selten HW, Rare Partnership Harvesting Fruit of Success and More to Come....

photo 16.PNG (567404 bytes) photo 17.PNG (571448 bytes)

photo 18.PNG (634044 bytes) photo 19.PNG (589722 bytes)

July 27th, 2014:

Heather Calder Marchman just shared this lovely picture of her new horsey, purchased sight unseen, love how much fun our horses have working, they sure are athletic and love their job, no matter if dressage, cross country, hunter or jumper:

Duke HW's first real day on the xc course! (Ari Kann riding and Connie Arthur of Lone Tree Farm coaching.)

photo2.JPG (133862 bytes)

So cute, Santiago HW was purchased sight unseen and sold to Canada, just got this e-mail, love it, congratulations - Shelley!

Hello, Irene.

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you and give you an update on Santiago but time does fly! I'm sending you a photo from the Cornerstone National Dressage show last weekend where Santiago stole the show as level one champion! His scores have been between 69 and 75 at the last two shows and it's obviously time for him to jump up a few levels. He's six now and we've been working on strengthening him for the more advanced work that we'll be starting next winter. The shows are fun but I love the schooling work we do between seasons. Santiago (or Sancho as we call him in the barn) is a delight to work with. He's so smart and learns so quickly that I have to pay attention that he doesn't figure me out first! His attitude at the shows is amazingly mature for such a youngster and he's frequently called upon to lead the advanced horses past scary flags and loud speakers. Such a good boy. His personality is so fun and just after this photo was taken, he took his first place and championship ribbons and tossed them into the puddle in front of his door! I figure they're his to play with as he chooses but I did dry them off and move them out of reach...

Every day I feel so lucky to have found Sancho and can't imagine a better partner for the years ahead. Onward and upward! Hope things are well with you. All the best, Shelley Brown

screenshot_28.jpg (102413 bytes)

July 21st, 2014:

Congratulations Nadine Schwartsman & FiveStar HW (owner Cynthia McKim)

- LOVE this update, well done.

photo.JPG (552560 bytes)


July 16th, 2014:

Wilts and Gloucestershire STANDARD reports:

DRESSAGE UPDATE: Danish delight as Dahl dominates Hartpury Festival of Dressage - Major winner – Anders Dahl with Selten HW at the Hartpury International! THE Hartpury International Festival of Dressage truly lived up to its billing as it was dominated by Anders Dahl from Denmark who picked up an incredible four victories. The Dane who is based at Horsham in West Sussex, took top spot in the FEI CDI Prix St Georges, the CDI3* Dressage Deluxe FEI CDI Intermediate I and the Andrew Bowens FEI CDI Intermediate I Freestyle on Selten HW as well as riding Wie-Atlantico de Ymas into first place on the Gala Evening in the Superflex FEI CDI3* Grand Prix freestyle. Unsurprisingly, Dahl described Selten HW as ‘the most talented horse I have ever ridden’. His best score of the week was 78.00 for his Sunday victory in the Andrew Bowens Freestyle. Dahl and Selten HW had similarly swept the board in Barcelona earlier this year winning all four classes. Record entries saw the hugely successful Hartpury event attract 300 riders from 19 nations for five days of outstanding dressage and para-dressage classes. And there was plenty for home fans to cheer.

photo 13.PNG (344279 bytes) photo 14.PNG (470938 bytes) photo 15.PNG (455840 bytes)

July 14th, 2014:

Great news, congratulations: Nadine Schwartsman posted the following:

FiveStar HW made his Second Level debut this weekend with 73.2% and 71.3%! It was his first horse show this year and he was a perfectly well behaved young gentleman. Couldn't be happier with this youngster! Congratulations to the owner Cynthia McKim!

screenshot_17.jpg (234168 bytes)

July 14th, 2014:

The www.HWfarm.com horses keep the success and the victory ribbons coming. Many more horses and ribbons, but some don’t like to brag officially, here is an update from Festival HW’s owner, congratulations to her and all others! So much fun!!! Daily e-mails with good news – love it!

From Karen Kerchner Baillie: Our trainer Donna Gatchell on Festival HW on their way to 73.514% and winning class yesterday at Dressage at Lexington. Donna is leading him so successfully thru his first show year.

a1.jpg (58150 bytes) a2.jpg (73645 bytes)

July13th, 2014:

Oh, check out Lisa Rush & FineStep HW, beaming from one ear to another.

Can you say more blue ribbons?

This is awesome, huge congratulations, especially as she purchased him sight unseen from us.

photo.JPG (192952 bytes)

July 13th, 2014:

HRH SUPER Selten HW - he is a gift, that keeps on giving!

Hartpury Festival of Dressage

Congratulations on yet another win Anders Dahl! Selten HW wowed the judges with an amazing Andrews Bowen FEI CDI Intermediate I Freestyle test to win with 78%. We caught him at prize giving in his lap of honour... Not far behind was Charlie Hutton with Douglas IV. The pair have had a brilliant week at the Festival, this time scoring 75.6%. In third place was Gareth Hughes, who has also had a brilliant week on both Vivanck in the Premier League and Samba Hit III in the CDI competition. This time Samba Hit III produced an excellent freestyle test to score 73.9%

photo 12.JPG (454396 bytes)

July 12th, 2014:

Hartpury Dressage Dressage Deluxe FEI CDI Intermediate I winner Anders Dahl with Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com). Alison Nye-Warden, director of Dressage Deluxe presents. Anders finished on 74%, congratulations!

photo 8.JPG (835906 bytes) photo 10.PNG (477155 bytes) photo 9.JPG (673303 bytes)

photo 11.PNG (331134 bytes)


July 11th, 2014:

Hartpury Festival of Dressage: A win in the Zamar FEI Prix St Georges for Anders Dahl and the beautiful Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) on 74.316% after a masterful display, pictured below. Gareth Hughes a close second with 72.053% on Samba Hit III and Maria Eilberg following in third on Royal Casino 70.158%. It has been such a pleasure to watch such high quality competition today from all competitors in the Zamar PSG!

SeltenHWHarpury.jpg (406858 bytes) zamar.PNG (571022 bytes)

July 8th, 2014:

Selten HW and Anders Dahl in the newspaper. Gotta love it. Congratulations to another sensational success. Selten HW made all my breeders dreams come true and many more. It's very rewarding to follow his journey and I couldn't be more thankful to all whom made it possible and to everybody who adores and takes care of him daily.


photo 5.JPG (188816 bytes) photo 6.JPG (203222 bytes) photo 7.JPG (218067 bytes)

July 2nd, 2014

HRH SUPER Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com), described by Anders as ‘the most talented horse I have ever ridden’, is a very exciting future prospect for the British-based Dane.....read more here....


photo 1.jpg (676756 bytes) photo 2.jpg (459328 bytes) photo 3.jpg (258503 bytes) photo 4.jpg (271099 bytes)

June 28th, 2014:

HRH SUPER Selten HW - Freestyle Test Prix St. Georges (PSG) 3 starts, 3 victories in Dressage at Hickstead, with scores of up to 81.42%! 9.5; 9.0; 9.5; 8.0 and 10 on this scoring sheet and a very special message from the judge for Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) and Anders Dahl. Better be CAREFUL, when you pick up your ribbons. Love it, huge congratulations, well deserved. Just when you think Selten HW and his rider do amazing stuff that nobody had done before, they go on to break more records. Totally mind-blowing, so very proud to have bred this horse.

SeltenHWscoreSheet.jpg (62313 bytes) photo.JPG (196617 bytes)

June 26th, 2014:

Dressage at Hickstead Winner of the PSG Anders Dahl riding Selten HW WITH 78.77%

 Congratulations, well done.

So happy for Anders Dahl and Selten HW bred by www.HWfarm.com This horse just keeps the victory ribbons coming, no matter which land or country he is in.

Very proud and thankful to everybody whom made it possible.

screenshot_09.jpg (177709 bytes)

Selten HW got TWENTYFIVE 9's today in his PSG with 3 judges, judging the class!!!

screenshot_10.jpg (108102 bytes)

June25th, 2014:

Sweet, sweet Fin - finfantastic (aka FineStep HW) was at his first ever horse show, with his new owner, whom had purchased him sight unseen. Multiple champion, reserve champion and blue ribbons, what a great outcome. Congratulations to Lisa Rush and her new boy, so happy this match is as expected. Well done. Here is, what she wrote:

Hi Irene,

It was so great to finally get Fin out and down centerline. He did very well all 3 days, he is a great traveler and didn't mind being in a stall for the 4 days we were gone. I entered him in T3 the first day and he took 2nd place with a 70.2 and was Reserve Training Level Champion, Saturday we rode T1 with 70.6 and a first place win, also T3 with a 68.4 and 2nd place, he was AA Training Level Champion on Saturday too. Sunday it started raining with no relief in sight, so we decided to ride T3 anyway and see how that went, he got a 70.0 and won the class. He was again AA Training Level Champion Sunday. We scratched our T1 class because of the rain. He had already proved to be such a super boy, I was so happy with him. He is qualified for Regionals in September.

 Thank you for such a super horse. My oldest daughter surprised me and came to the show to help out. She said Fin is the sweetest horse we have ever had. She really bonded with him. He is a very affectionate boy.


image.jpeg (536576 bytes)


June 18th, 2014:

Soooo pretty! Faulkner (aka Fridolin), purchased from www.HWfarm.com - sight unseen, many years ago) and his owner Amanda Bailey.

photo 1.JPG (159453 bytes) photo 2.JPG (173778 bytes)


June 17th, 2014:

Skywalker HW (full brother to Selten HW), in his first FEI test (Developing Horse PSG) with his owner Catherine Reid. They look wonderful together, she raised and trained this baby from the ground off, bred by www.HWfarm.com, but raised by Catherine, it’s so nice to see them compete successfully all these years, the sky is the limit. Well done Catherine, what an amazing partnership. Captured by Carolynn Bunch Photography

screenshot_07.jpg (163950 bytes)

June 16th, 2014:

Super nice article on Dressage Daily, Elizabeth Ball and some of her many accomplishments, including the mention of www.HWfarm.com bred Selten HW. Huge congratulations to all her success, so very proud of her!

photo 1.PNG (558073 bytes) photo 2.PNG (644313 bytes)

photo 3.PNG (738895 bytes) photo 4.PNG (477862 bytes)




June 1st, 2014:

Congratulations to Mark Kiddle and Waitano (Walk On Top I HW), well done, big tour champion in Australia at their first try at it.

His full brother, Waitano's, not Mark's....lol....is currently for sale.

Check Walk On Top II HW and other sales horses out at www.HWfarm.com 


From Mark's site: A great weekend at Hawkesbury dressage Teddy aka Waitano going big tour champion at his first big tour .. costly mistakes in the GP but could not be happier with him lots of room to improve.. Venturoso the lusitano tried his heart out also... thanks to Carolyn LawMalcolm MacRare. Ben Terry and all the others that helped on the weekend you know who you are . Thanks to our sponsors Aitken's Saddlery . Equillibrim . The animal company and Show Stoppers Equestrian Wear of fantastic farrier Brett Hudson and randwick vets.. cheers to the committie and all the sponsors.

photo.JPG (67573 bytes)

May 29th, 2014:

Wooohoo, victory today, for Walk On Top II HW, he won First Level for Dressage horses in Germany with a whopping 8.0 and placed again, super consistent at Second Level, against high quality German competition horses. This boy is collecting the ribbons left and right, buy him now and compete him yourself, he’s ready for his new owner to go out to clinics and horse shows.

May 26th, 2014:

Here is a picture of SkyHit HW and his mommy Anne Buchanan at the Del Mar Nationals 2014, where they were super successful, blue ribbon with 71% and earning Reserve First Level AA at Del Mar Nationals!

PastedGraphic-3.JPG (43407 bytes)

May 23rd, 2014:

Hi Irene! I wanted to let you know that Faulkner (aka Faulkner HW or Fridolin) is doing great at the show here in Kentucky. It's our second time to show in the Intermediare B.

Faulkner won his test with a 67+% and still room for improvement as I am still learning to put the movements together in the test.

His piaffe and pirouettes were the highlight. He is really developing into a great FEI horse! T

hank you again for finding him for me! Amanda Bailey

Faulkner.jpg (143662 bytes) Amanda1.jpg (197205 bytes) Amanda.jpg (120830 bytes)

Love it, just saw this, check out Amanda Bailey and Faulkner (purchased many years back, sight unseen from www.HWfarm.com), isn't that an awesome picture?!

Makes my day!

Quote Amanda Bailey: He has exceeded all of my expectations.

PastedGraphic-1.JPG (41781 bytes)

May 19th, 2014: 

Damon's Design HW update, by Olympic rider Nancy Smith - Love it! If there ever was a horse that was born to be a celebrity, Damon would be the one…..read more via the following link:


PastedGraphic6.JPG (21358 bytes)


May 19th, 2014:

From Mark Kiddle in Australia: The amazing Teddy (Walk On Top I HW aka Waitano), blessed to have the ride on him Thank you Carolyn Law , Teddy is having his first GP start next week , since our clinic with Gonçalo Carvalho Conchinhas he has never looked back. This was at an FEI Judges clinic with two international judges, whom were very impressed with him.Walk On Top HW is highly successful in Intermediare already, now off to Grand Prix, his full brother Walk On Top II HW is currently for sale on our site, check him out!

W1.jpg (354133 bytes) W2.jpg (90227 bytes)

May 19th, 2014:

Congratulations, 3rd show in a row, blue ribbons for Festival HW, gotta love it! From Karen Kerchner Baillie, Festival HW’s owner, yes - he was purchased sight unseen: My Festival HW and our Trainer Donna Gatchell have concluded another great Dressage show weekend with PVDA. Beautiful rides with 2 Firsts and a 75%!! So happy! — with Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold HWfarm and Donna Gatchell.

10341598_10202172727745024_314150867966702012_n.jpg (102187 bytes) 10363716_10202173012752149_1729231878368127310_n.jpg (209580 bytes) 1959506_10202172764585945_5632743336848177480_n.jpg (157925 bytes)

May 15th 2014:

Damon's Design HW has his own blog by Olympic rider Nancy Smith. You can take part of his whole journey by following this link, she already rode him twice now and she said the following as I asked her for a testimonial:

I would love to give you a testimonial as soon as I can find the words to describe how great this horse is. He is the total package: drop dead gorgeous to look at, fantastic personality in the barn and riding him is a dream come true. I have trained many horses in my career, but this one is so special. He is so balanced by nature and his rideability makes it hard to believe he just turned four years old. He is really a team player and wants to do the right thing and he is amazingly mature for his age.

As if you don't know already, this horse is destined for great things and I am so blessed to be the one to be his partner on the way there.

Read more here, he resides at beautiful Legacy Equestrian Center: http://www.damonsdesignhw.blogspot.com/

photo 1.JPG (160137 bytes) photo 2.JPG (78055 bytes)

photo 3.JPG (1675018 bytes)

May 11th 2014:

EhrenGold HW and his family, love that they adore him so much

May 10th, 2014:

Festival HW sporting his High Score Championship ribbon from CDCTA show May 3,4.

photo2.JPG (86375 bytes)

May 8th, 2014:

Festival HW's owner Karen just wrote the following, congratulations, 2nd horse show in the US and High Score AGAIN, that's consistent success and he was purchased sight unseen:

Quote Karen:

We just learned that once again Festival HW won overall high score for First Level for the Licensed show this past weekend ( Donna Gatchell riding) with 76%.

What a lovely boy he is!

photo.JPG (1247678 bytes)

May 7th, 2014:

Just read this - how wonderful, very proud of our customers and their horses successes.

Love it! Congratulations.

From Laura Price:

I got an unexpected surprise in the mail! Copyright HW won reserve champion high point for 2nd level jr/yr at the Del Mar National. Thank you @hwfarm for selling me such a fun horse almost 4 years ago! Also, thanks to Revere Saddlery for an amazing saddle! #reveresaddlery #hwfarm #delmarnational#dressage

photo.JPG (156162 bytes)

May 4th, 2014:

Festival HW today, on his way to winning the class with a 76%!!!

Huge congratulations to his owner Karen Kerchner Baillie and his rider Donna Gatchell.

Well done.

He was purchased sight unseen and it's a super match all around!!!

 This one is sold, we have others for sale at www.HWfarm.com

image.jpeg (77824 bytes)

May 3rd, 2014:

Damon's Design HW just got told that he will fly to the US next week, I'm sure he is as excited as his new owner. He will be seen under with Olympic rider Nancy Smith, that’s her 2nd www.HWfarm.com horse, she bought Hudson HW sight unseen some years back and brought him all the way to GP.

We wish them lots of fun and success and love repeat customers. Thank you so much for working with us, congratulations on this purchase. This one is sold - we have others for sale, check them out at www.HWfarm.com Always selected top quality horses for sale - we make dreams come true.

PastedGraphic-1.JPG (64030 bytes)

April 27th, 2014:

SkyHit HW is Reserve first level AA at Del Mar Nationals! Huge congratulations to his owner Anne Buchanan, whom had purchased him sight unseen as a then 3 year old stallion. What a great match, so very proud and happy. AMAZING!

photo2.jpg (277354 bytes)

April 25th, 2014:

DelMar Nationals, SkyHit and Anne Buchanan are winning 1st 3 with 71%! Congratulations, well done. Another successful match, he was purchased sight unseen and is loved and bringing home the blue ribbons. SkyHit is sold, but we have others for sale, all with pics, info, video, prices and locations at www.HWfarm.com

photo.JPG (147840 bytes)

Look what the Easter Bunny brought on April 20th, 2014: Selten HW and other SPS High Princess kids have a new sibling, may I introduce another filly by Quaterback? So very excited! And look, how good SPS High Princess looks, after all these kids and being 18 years old this year, just WOW!

PastedGraphic-1.JPG (62602 bytes)

April 17th, 2014:

Here is a picture of beautiful Hudson (sold sight unseen, in 2009) with his owner/rider Nancy Smith. She reported, that he is now capable of all GP movements, so happy she called. This is what we strive for, loved and successful horses, purchased from us and happy owners. Love it.

HudsonNancy.jpg (30491 bytes)

April 15th, 2014:

Franklin HW and his new owner Rachel Horton celebrated their first victory, at their first horse show in the US. They won the class and the gait score of 8, was no surprise. Congratulations Rachel, well done, so proud of you and your boy. Our gratitude goes also to Betsy Steiner, their trainer and mentor in Florida, it was amazing, to see them in Wellington this winter and we got a glimpse of what the future will hold. What a great match, he was purchased sight unseen and is dearly loved.

10001352_10152357932417028_361802494_n.jpg (52098 bytes) 1003378_10152357932012028_1322092699_n.jpg (37270 bytes) 1797324_10152357931842028_19516934_n.jpg (54949 bytes) 1901680_10152357932067028_1301272708_n.jpg (54122 bytes)

April 11th, 2014:

Highpoint Champion at his first show in the US, Festival HW made everybody happy and proud. Karen Kerchner Baillie, his owner is just as delighted as is his trainer Donna Gatchell. A WIN/WIN, all around. Especially happy, as they bought Festival HW sight unseen and trusted my reputation and recommendations. This one is sold, but you'll find others for sale at www.HWfarm.com If you want blue ribbons, contact us ASAP, at Irene@HWfarm.com

photo 1.JPG (187820 bytes) photo 2.JPG (142526 bytes) photo 3.JPG (51813 bytes)

April 8th, 2014:

Wooohoo, congratulations, that's awesome!

FiveStar HW and Nadine Schwartsman just got the news that they will be part of the Markel/USEF Young Horse Training Session with Scott Hassler. So excited for Nadine and FiveStar HW’s owner Cynthia McKim. He's long sold, but you'll find other horses for sale at www.HWfarm.com

Kopf21.jpg (337320 bytes)

April 6th, 2014:

Walk On Top II HW competed successfully at 1st and 2nd level. He came in 2nd and is currently 2nd in the dressage championships in his area. What a great result, well done. He's for sale, more info is on his page at www.HWfarm.com

Collage.JPG (64851 bytes)

photo 2.JPG (162060 bytes)

photo 1.JPG (135288 bytes) photo 3.JPG (143170 bytes)

March 31st, 2014: 

EhrenGold HW did great at the San Juan show. Wow, they keep the blue ribbons coming! Totally amazing, so very happy for Tiffany and EhrenGold HW - Way to go! Congratulations, well done.

a.jpg (69626 bytes)

Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) and Anders Dahl win 4 out of 4 classes in Spain, Barcelona, CDI, with super scores all along.

photo3.JPG (91196 bytes) image.png (544768 bytes)

March 28th, 2014:

Selten HW (*2004, Wallach von Sandro Hit x Hohenstein) mit Anders Dahl gewann heute auch die Inter 1 Prüfung in Barcelona. Das Ausnahmepferd dominierte in allen Prüfungen seiner Klasse das Teilnehmerfeld, hatte u.a. am Mittwoch an gleicher Stelle schon den St. Georg gewonnen. Picture by LL-Foto.de

photo2.JPG (141374 bytes)


March 28th, 2014:

Victory in I1 with 77.289% Super Selten HW and Anders Dahl win 4 out of 4 classes in Spain, Barcelona, CDI4 with a super score and huge margin to all others of 77.289%!

What a success.

Huge congratulations to Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) and Anders Dahl. I'm quite sure, that might be another record?

4 out of 4, just like we know and love our Selten HW 

Well done!

photo.PNG (654528 bytes)

March 27th: 2014 

OcioCaballo | News Translated via GOOGLE:

Anders Dahl and "Selten HW" winners of the San Jorge in Barcelona CDI4 * Spring Tour

Hans Peter Minderhoud and "Zanardi" are in second with 74.604%.

The Danish rider riding the Hanoverian Anders Dahl "Selten HW" (Sandro Hit x Hohenstein x Sps High Prince) has regained with a mean of 75,526%, the St. George opened the CDI4 * which is being held this week in Can Alzina. This reprise, which has had great success with the participation outing thirty-two pairs, assumed the starting gun of CDI4 * Spring Tour of Barcelona. Proof of Anders Dahl was another impeccable time. In second place with 74,605%, has been the Dutch Hans Peter Minderhoud with KWPN "Zanardi" (Rubels x Ilieze x Avignon). Thrush 10 years is the son of another horse riding Hans "Rubels" with whom he became World Champion Young Horses in Verden.Zanardi was very well presented by Hans Peter and highlighted their test fluency and rhythm of the supports and backs. The props were very gallop side and fluids. Thirdly Henriette Andersen has been representing Britain, riding Flavio (Florencio x Gazelle x Glueckspilz), an Würtenberger Baden-nine years with 71,289%. The long trots were undoubtedly one of the highlights of your test, broad, loose and covering ground. Part Gallop also had a very good standard. Also with an average above 70%, 70,684%, has been fourth Beatriz Ferrer-Salat with the Hanoverian "Du Pre". Beatriz presented a very regular testing, comprehensive elegant trot. Perhaps there was some props inelasticity, with slight problems in the contact that led to changes of pace.The award was given by international rider Carl Hester and company representatives Guernsey, Albany Trustee Company a company Family Management, passionate about horses. 's Spanish Classical Chloe Morris wins one round in the other today was the Classic 1 Also open to foreign riders. The test winner was Chloe Morris with "Lord Wallonia" (70.085%). In second position has been the Dutch Joyce Lenearts with "Bink's Beukenvallei" with a score of 69.902%. In third place we find the Portuguese Maria Caetano with a score of 69.707% with Lusitano "Coroado" a son of "Rubi" horse stud farm Finca Tineo. A part of the victory of the Spanish following Chloe found in the Juan Antonio Pérez de Barcelona Horses Team classification has reached sixth place with "Catwalk" with a 67.122%. And in ninth place followed Vicente Rotger with "Caliph" with a 64,512%. Below are the results from the first day of the Barcelona CDI4 * Dressage Tour sponsored by Banc Sabadell, Mango and Superwagen. Throughout the day on Thursday are vying tests ponies, Young Riders, Junior B, Junior and the first big test of the Grand Prix.

image.jpeg (577271 bytes) image (1).jpeg (654622 bytes)

Google translation: Barcelona: Dahl wins small tour, Minderhoud second

Today the small tour at the CDI**** in Barcelona (Spain) has been ridden. Danish Anders Dahl and his Hanoverian Selten HW won this test with a score of 75,526%. Dutch Hans Peter Minderhoud and Zanardi finished second (74,605%).

British Henriette Andersen came third with Flavio scoring 71,289%.

It was a big field and Dutch Joyce Lenaerts, who is blogging for HorsUs from Spain, came fifth with her Showboy.

image (3).jpeg (772795 bytes) image (4).jpeg (919444 bytes) image (5).jpeg (549602 bytes)

March 26th, 2014:

Spain, Barcelona, 2014 CDI4 PSG - THIRD victory in a row, in Spain - Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) and Anders Dahl did it again and won with 75.526%

The superstars swept the board again.

Zanardi with HansPeter Minderhoud 2nd place.

Selten HW and Anders, just keep the victories coming, heartfelt congratulations to all competitors and again, thank you to all whom made this incredible journey possible.

03262014.jpg (57577 bytes) 140326821_ABFweb.jpg (79025 bytes) 140326823_ABFweb.jpg (88234 bytes) 140327801_ABFweb.jpg (101424 bytes)

March 26th, 2014:

Here are some videos, from Spain, Barcelona, Selten HW's CDI victories Here is the I1 victory ride: Brilliant results and VICTORY again, for Anders Dahl and the newly named His Royal Highness or SUPER Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com)! Wow! Wow! Wow! 77.763% in the Inter1 for Anders Dahl and Selten HW in Barcelona. Huge congratulations! Over 6% margin to 2nd place, a clear victory, no doubt. A debut for both of them at Inter1- neither have ever done this test before!! Spectacular comments from the judges in Spain included: 'New star on the horizon'' - 'What a horse' - 'Remarkable horse' - 'Marvelous horse' - plus several good rider comments.




Here is the Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) and Anders Dahl PSG victory ride in Spain, enjoy. Spain/Barcelona Massive congratulations to Anders Dahl and Selten HW winning the PSG at Barcelona Dressage Tour this evening on a whopping 76.52% - 4% clear of 2nd place in a strong class of 37! Just posted the score sheet too. 8.5's for gaits, submission, impulsion, lots of 8's, 8.5's, 9's for trot and extended trot and even a 9 for rider position. Amazing team, congratulations, well done and smiles all around.




March 25th, 2014:

SWFDA Newsletter:

Robert Dover Young Rider Clinic

On January 2-6, 2014 Sunny (Sandjour Hit, sold sight unseen, imported/sold by www.HWfarm.com) was entered into the Robert Dover Young Rider clinic with popular young rider Jamie Pestana riding him. Jamie was on the Gold Medal California team in 2013. The connection was made graciously by Irene Wiederhold, who was responding to a Facebook request by Adriana Lyle for a horse for her young rider to enter into this clinic. I don't know why she thought of me, but can you imagine the honor and excitement I have had. Sunny was a star and Jamie did a fantastic job. He and Jamie were taught by Robert Dover, Debbie McDonald, Jan Ebeling and Shelley Francis. I stood rail side the entire time. All four of them are former Olympians. He was also schooled the day before the clinic by Adrienne Lyle with my help (can you imagine). Several Naples friends and SWFDA members came to watch: Caryl Thompson, Anne Ross, Kathryn Tout and Karen McCulley. You cannot imagine how proud I was of my boy and also of Jamie, who did such a fabulous job.

- Submitted by SWFDA Treasurer Holly Chernoff.

2014 Jan-Feb Newsletter.jpg (187022 bytes)

March 23rd, 2014:

Dressage International New stars are born at the CDI3* Grand Prix Barcelona Dressage Tour 2014 Intermediate I "Albany Trustee Company Trophy? - more youngster on the way to Rio What a breathtaking test of the Danish rider Anders Dahl with his horse "Selten-HW" (Sandro Hit x Sps High Prince x Hohenstein). He won again in this Intermediate I. All the judges were unanimous and saw him on the first spot with 77,763%. His trot work was again incredible, much uphill, flowing through the arena, he showed wide crossing in the half passes and really nice changes.

intermediate I.jpg (368640 bytes)

Selten HW (bred by www.HWfarm.com) and Anders Dahl on their winning streak in Spain!

Dahl_Selten HW.JPG (93562 bytes)

Dahl_Selten HW_2.JPG (143951 bytes)


March 21st, 2014:


Brilliant results and VICTORY again, for Anders Dahl and the newly named His Royal Highness or SUPER Selten HW! Wow! Wow! Wow! 77.763% in the Inter1 for Anders Dahl and Selten HW in Barcelona. Huge congratulations! Over 6% margin to 2nd place, a clear victory, no doubt. A debut for both of them at Inter1- neither have ever done this test before!! Spectacular comments from the judges in Spain included: 'New star on the horizon'' - 'What a horse' - 'Remarkable horse' - 'Marvelous horse' - plus several good rider comments.

INTERMEDIATE 1.JPG (699658 bytes)

March 20th, 2014:

Victory for Anders Dahl in Albany Trustee Prix St. Georges Kicks Off CDI3* BCN Dressage Tour 2014

Euro Tour1.jpg (530638 bytes) Euro Tour2.jpg (612372 bytes) Euro Tour3.jpg (560036 bytes)

March 19th, 2014:

Spain/Barcelona Massive congratulations to Anders Dahl and Selten HW winning the PSG at Barcelona Dressage Tour this evening on a whopping 76.52% - 4% clear of 2nd place in a strong class of 37! Just posted the score sheet too. 8.5's for gaits, submission, impulsion, lots of 8's, 8.5's, 9's for trot and extended trot and even a 9 for rider position. Amazing team, congratulations, well done and smiles all around.

Spain.JPG (136552 bytes)


March 19th, 2014:

SPAIN/Barcelona - Another international success for Selten HW (bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold / www.HWfarm.com) and his rider Anders Dahl (husband of Fiona Bigwood). In a class of 37 super stars, Selten HW made a lasting impression and won with over 76%. Huge congratulations to his rider/owners and everybody whom made it possible, this is sensational, he just keeps the blue ribbons and victories coming. What a dream horse, we will have to name him SUPER Selten HW, from here on out.

Here is the video of the victory lap, enjoy. The quality of the video is terrible, my apologies, but you'll get the idea.



dressage-News.jpg (339197 bytes) results1.jpg (758179 bytes) results2.jpg (623563 bytes)

Here are the single scores - so very happy for Selten HW and everybody who made it possible!

result Selten HW 1.PNG (496331 bytes) result Selten HW 2.PNG (479876 bytes)

March 15th 2014:

Selten HW arrived in Barcelona, Spain. He sure is an international horse and traveler. Born and raised in Florida, some years in Maryland, then sunny California, from there to Germany, the Netherlands, breaking all kinds of records on the way and then to England. Now Spain, what a life. Same owners, only his 3rd owners in his lifetime (first Irene Höflich-Wiederhold/owner/breeder, then Elizabeth Ball and now and still owned by Fiona Bigwood) and he has already seen so much of the world. Can't wait to see, what the future holds for him. Just amazing, all the way around and he sure made all my breeders dreams come true. Love this boy. You'll find all his info, pics, video and more, from when he was born to now at www.HWfarm.com under "our horses", sales horses are under "horses for sale"

March 10th, 2014:

EhrenGold HW and his mommy were busy again, collecting the blues. Congratulations, well done, what a great team.

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March 2nd, 2014:

Dantino HW (he is FOR SALE) Internationally successful, competed in Germany and the US, blue ribbon yesterday, in a huge class, amazing scores in both countries, check him out. Jennifer Schrader-Williams did a great job with him (and Fabio HW/he won his class too) and she will be happy to show him to you. He's imported and ready for his new owner, truly a phenomenal gentleman, well behaved, fancy and willing, sweet and personal as well as super pretty.

DantinoHWsecondLevel.jpg (62979 bytes) DantinoHWsecondlevelall.jpg (77038 bytes)

March 2nd, 2014:

Blue ribbon for Fabio HW (he is FOR SALE) at 3rd level, what a good boy. He was a superstar at the show and won his class with a huge margin against a big field of competitors. Fabio HW is a stunning dream horse and the full package. If you are looking for the "special one", he is it! He has amazing bloodlines combined with exquisite looks and fancy movement.

FabioHWshow2.JPG (332096 bytes)

Good morning Irene. I am down in sunny Florida working with my coach Jim Koford and being grateful, once again, for my wonderful boy who is working so hard on learning all the Grand Prix movements this year. His piaffe is really starting to come together and I wanted to share this picture with you. Thank you again and again for helping me find Faulkner (aka Fridolin)! Amanda

photo.JPG (114913 bytes)

January 10th, 2014: 

Huge congratulations and thanks to Tiffany and her EhrenGold HW, look, two blues with scores over 70%, on both of them! This is from the CDS chapter show - well done. So very proud of this match, way to go!!!

EhrenGoldHW1.jpg (78609 bytes) EhrenGoldHW2.jpg (36118 bytes)

February 4th, 2014:

This is awesome, sold him about six years ago, sight unseen and he's still the love of a lifetime for his owner, just got this: Thought you might enjoy seeing how great Kleiner Ralli (Real Love HW) is doing! Circuit champion in first year green hunters..... and is showing fourth level dressage! So talented and athletic! - This one is sold, please find other horses for sale at www.HWfarm.com

IMG_0870.JPG (2871166 bytes)

February 3rd, 2014:

Congratulations to Kyle, she competed her new, sight unseen purchased horse for the first time, in sunny Wellington/Florida. Here is what she sent, so very happy to see and read this, another great match: 

Charming HW did his first horse show at Global and got a 67.142% and 71.786% He was super brave, they had a jumper show going on at the same time as the dressage so it was a lot for a baby horse. Good pony!!

CharmingRibbons 1.jpg (91668 bytes)

Jan 20th 2014:

From Laura's site: Copyright HW and I had such an amazing lesson yesterday! It was so awesome to feel the difference in his frame and collection and to feel how effortless his half passes can be when ridden correctly! Thank you Angie Taylor!

photo.JPG (193078 bytes)

January 5th, 2014:

Debbie McDonald and Jamie Pestana with Sunny (Sandjour, owned by Holly Chernoff, she bought him roughly 7 years ago from www.HWfarm.com - sight unseen and still loves him more than ever), at the Robert Dover clinic in Wellington.

What an amazing time, Jamie & Sunny are learning so much from different world class instructors. This seems to be a once in a lifetime chance and program, so very thankful, that Robert Dover and others called it into existence.

What a great way to support the young riders and quality dressage horses.

SunnyDebbieMcDonald.jpeg (538322 bytes)

January 4th, 2014:

Jan Ebling and Jamie Pestana with Sunny (Sandjour, owned by Holly Chernoff), at the Robert Dover clinic in Wellington.

It was so much fun to see them train and to meet so many people. What a great day, thank you to everybody whom made it possible. 

Sorry the pics are so dark, it was a rather grey Florida day....

image001.jpg (117806 bytes) image002.jpg (79030 bytes)

January 3rd, 2014:

WELLINGTON, here is Sunny (Sandjour) with his rider Jamie Pestana, Robert Dover and his owner Holly.

What a happy picture - love it.

Very successful and fun clinic, so glad this program exists.

Thank you to all whom made it possible.

SunnyRobertDover.jpg (497826 bytes)

January 2nd, 2014:

Wellington, Florida January 2 - 6, 2014

WELLINGTON, we will be there Saturday, please let me know if you'd like to meet or to visit one of your HWfarm horses. Sunny/Sandjour (see picture) will participate, we will watch him at 11am Please say hi if you are in the area or e-mail or text (239-772-7722) to meet Looking forward to see you all!

3rd Annual Robert Dover HorseMastership Clinic Participating Auditors will sit with judges Debbie McDonald - International Shelly Francis - Covered Robert Dover -  International Jan Ebeling - Covered Riding 

Tests: Janet Foy - Ring 1 Linda Zang - Ring 2

In conjunction with Dressage4Kid's

Emerging Dressage Athlete Program

Global Dressage Festival Showgrounds

Photo: Jamie Pestana

Sunny.jpg (78020 bytes)


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