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FiderStep HW, bay Oldenburg gelding by (Fidertanz / Don Cardinale), born in 2008, standing approximately 165 cm or 16.1 hands.

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FiderStep HW is a cute gentleman with superb genes. He is by the top star of the 14th Westphalian stallion licensing in 2004, Fidertanz. With standing ovations he left the arena and became champion stallion. His exceptional basic gaits, brilliant jumping manner, balanced nature and perfect conformation hasn't given rise to any doubt about this victory. His sire Fidermark won the stallion performance test, was National Young Horse Champion, winner of the Optimum and Grand Prix tests. His dam sire Ravallo also won the stallion performance test with a total index of 155 points (dressage 157.52 points - 1st range, jumping 127.7 points - 5th range). Frühlingstraum II has been regarded as one of the pillars of the Westphalian breeding. With Romadour II Fidertanz has been inbred three times to the famous Ramzes x. Fidertanz' dam, grand dam and grand-grand dam were state premium mares. Lots of approved stallions and highly successful sports horses derive from this damline. The Westphalian licensing champion of 2005, Fidertanz, was proclaimed Hauptpraemium Sieger during the stallion parade. Out of a group of 7 stallions, Fidertanz was selected as best stallion. Owned by Wahlers and Böckmann, Fidertanz scored well in his performance test and the Oldenburg Verband was especially impressed with his first crop of foals. 


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FiderStep HW's dam is by the outstanding Don Cardinale (Donnerhall/Feinbrand/Feiner Stern). The black premium Oldenburg stallion has a special aura. On the spot, Don Cardinale had huge success in breeding. Five licensed sons, Verband and state premium mares, Elite foals at auctions and show winners prove his hereditary powers. Don Cardinale has the genes of his father Donnerhall, who's himself a master of the inheritance to be. This is one of the best dressage pedigrees in the world. In 2001, Don Cardinale finished the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in Leistugsklasse I, with a dressage index of 128 points. In 2006 Don Cardinale was entered in the breeding book with 142 points which makes him one of the best dressage stallions in Germany. The super rideability of the descendants of Don Cardinale, are in really high demand.

Don Cardinale:

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FiderStep HW is a picture perfect horse, you could not paint him any better He is sired by the famous Fidertanz and his genes will enable him to be a successful competitor in the show ring. FiderStep HW knows how to set himself in the picture and he is as proud as can be. This boy is sweet and the absolute fulfilling of all dreams a rider could have. Beautiful, elegant and able to go up all the levels in no time, the ribbons will be his.

This is a once in a lifetime horse!

His temperament is exactly the way we like it. He's safe, sane and willing. Channeled in the right direction, he will be able to do a sensational piaffe and passage later on in life. He is working well under saddle, improving quickly and already solid at 2nd level. He will be the most attractive horse at the show grounds. Take him to clinics and show him off, you can be assured to make an impression and the judges will remember him. 

Pretty is what pretty does? Ok, than look at his video clip and pictures. His rider is in love with him and can't wait to ride him every day.

His hind leg is as active, reaching far under his belly, he has a strong motor and push from behind, with a free shoulder and airtime combined with his lofty gaits.

 He is a very elastic mover and you barley hear him touch the ground. He is called “sugar mouth” in the barn in Germany because they all love his sweet behavior and are blown away by his pretty type. Everybody will envy you with a horse like him. His gaits are superb with lots of schwung but he’s easy to sit.

He is curious to learn and do new things and wants to be entertained by his people.

FiderStep HW develops VERY nicely and is for sure a future FEI candidate. He is a charmer whom will steal your heart in no time. His nerves are great and he is not spooky, and doesn't have any vices. He's suitable for an Adult Amateur, a Young Rider and a Professional alike. He'd be the perfect ladies horse. He loves to work and wants to please. He loads, baths and stands quiet for the farrier. He is the horse you have dreamed about all your life, get him now!

X-Rays on file!

  check out his video clip

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