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FirstClass HW, bay Oldenburger gelding by Fürst Romancier/Sir Donnerhall, born in 2009, standing approximately 177 cm or 17.1 hands.

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FirstClass HW has an impressive pedigree, his sire is Fürst Romancier, a sensational STALLION WITH A HIGH DRESSAGE INDEX OR 148 AT HIS PERFORMANCE TEST

2015 was Fürst Romancier's year: At the German national championships in Warendorf, his daughter Fasine triumphed as champion of the six-year-old dressage horses. In the five-year-olds, there were three well-placed finalists by Fürst Romancier, and he was also present in the top placings with the Ridden Horses. Fasine, 2012 winning mare of the Oldenburg elite mare show, was the top price of the PSI-auction in 2015 and is the full sister of the licensed stallions For Romance I and II. For Romance I, licensing and main premium winner in Oldenburg, was also sold for a record price. For Romance II was premium stallion in 2015. In total, Fürst Romancier can name 25 licensed stallions. Several times, Fürst Romancier enriched the German national championships with strong contingents. His progeny are very successful in elementary/novice classes and have put Fürst Romancier in the top group of all German dressage stallions, according to the FN breeding value estimation index, with 151 points. Fürst Romancier was a main premium champion and in 2009 the most successful stallion of his year at the World Championships of 5-year-old dressage horses. At the German national championships, he came second in the qualifiers for the final with a mark of 9.0.before taking fourth place in the final as well as the Young Dressage Horse World Championships. He was awarded the highest marks of between 9.0 and 9.5 for rideability and the three paces at the stallion performance test. The sire Fürst Heinrich was dressage horse World Champion and in his short time at stud, produced some extraordinary horses, such as the dressage World Champion of 2011 Woodlanders Farouche and the Oldenburg champion stallions Fürstenball and Van the Man. Dam sire Romancier comes from the multi-successful Olympic dam line of Dodona. As a dam sire to significant sires (among them Don Romantic) he has perpetuated his name permanently in the annals of worldwide dressage breeding. Fürst Romancier is ambassador of the valuable original Oldenburg dam line of Edoste, from which come 13 licensed stallions, amongst them the champion of the German national Championships and European Championship participant Exupéry, the vice German national champion Landjuwel Gold, the Olympian Petit Prince/Ellen Bontje, the Grand Prix winner Avignon (with Thomas Schmitz German Champion) and the international winner at advanced level/S level Questa Vittoria/Thomas Kleis.

Fürst Romancier:

FirstClass HW's dam is by the famous Sir Donnerhall. Sire of World Champions, Winners of the German national championships, price record setters and licensing champions

Hero and producer of champions of historic uniqueness. If one wanted to put together all the heredity highlights for Sir Donnerhall I, one would need to write a whole book. For years, he has dominated the German championships as no sire has done before him: In 2015, his son Smirnoff won the German championships of five-year-old dressage horses. In 2014, his daughter Special Diva OLD won the German championships of three-year-old mares and geldings and his licensed son Sir Heinrich OLD (Ldb. /stud Warendorf) dominated the six-year-old dressage horse class. In 2013, his daughter Cindy OLD won the four-year-old mare and gelding class, his licensed sons Sir Heinrich and Sean Connery I were respectively Vice German champions of the five and six-year-old dressage horses. In 2012, Sir Heinrich was the Oldenburg regional champion and vice German champion of the four-year-old stallions and Stanford won the bronze medal in Warendorf in the three-year-old stallion class. In 2014, Cindy OLD won the title of Oldenburg dressage champion and Stanford scored points in 2014 and 2015 as high finalist at the World Championships of five-year-old dressage horses. In 2012, his son Sa Coeur was also World Champion of the five-year-old dressage horses and star horse of the PSI auction in Ankum with a knockdown price of 2.31 million euros. Sir Donnerhall's offspring have always been sought-after: A foal was sold for 60.000 euros at the AOS auction and in the 2011 PSI auction collection, there were seven descendants of Sir Donnerhall I, where Sir Caramello and Siebenstein were both sold for 500.000 euros and South Coast for 520.000 euros. The youngest PSI Highlight was Sean Connery II, sold for 850.000 euros in 2015. For years Sir Donnerhall I was one of the most successful sires of auction horses and continuous producer of top horses achieving 6 digit prices. His progeny impress repeatedly with their great style, modern type and subtle movements. The FN breeding valuation ranks Sir Donnerhall I, who has himself been trained up to Grand Prix, as one of the best sires of dressage horses (152 points and 99% reliability). He was second reserve champion of his licensing, stallion performance test winner, Ia main premium sire in 2005 and in 2006 German national champion as well as vice World Champion of five year old dressage horses. He quickly turned out to be a foundation stallion: He has already produced 90 licensed sons, including the NRW champion stallion and national German champion Silbermond, the champion stallions of the South German licensing Sir Nymphenburg I and Sir Schiwago as well as numerous premium stallions at every German licensing. The premium sire Santo Dottore was Champion of the Riding Horse three-year-old Oldenburg stallions in 2014. 138 daughters were awarded the predicate "state premium". The daughter Assandra was honoured as best three-year-old mare in Austria in 2011.

Sir Donnerhall I: One of the surest dressage horse producers - Guarantor of noblesse and ride ability.

Sir Donnerhall:

Meet FirstClass HW, this stunning gentleman has all the looks and personality a person could ever hope for. Dream competition bloodlines, combined with chic appearance and super temperament, make him a horse for an amazing future. Already successfully shown, he is "Dorfmeister" in dressage, translated something like town champion and his successes include victory at 1st level with 8.0 as well as 2nd place at 2nd level with 7.6, against huge fields of high quality German horses.

He is at 2nd Level and possesses the qualities of a winning dressage horse, as proven, including great gaits, a super temperament and stunning good looks. This boy has the most beautiful eye and a pretty head, it's super elegant and chiseled. He is a candidate for the FEI ring and a horse that loves to be around people and to work with his partner.

Perfect Junior or Amateur's horse, fancy enough for a Professional as well! You just can't beat his personality. The rider in the video, is 5'6, the girl who showed him with ease and successfully, is only 5'4 and they did super well, a great team all around. He is tall, but not wide barreled. Everybody fits him well.

FirstClass HW is an attractive boy with supple and super movements. He is equipped with superb gaits, where his walk is one of the many highlights, always in a super clean rhythm, with good over-stride and ground covering forward movement. His trot makes people stop at the ring, he had a lot of suspense and lift to it and it's lofty and has airtime to spare. Amazing Grundschwung! He has a very active hind leg, which enables him to shine in the trot and to sit in the canter. He has a free shoulder, fancy front leg movement and he barley touches the ground. His gaits are breathtaking.

He is light in the bridle, uncomplicated in the double, easy to sit and very well behaved with great ride ability. This horse has airtime to spare, comes with the best competition bloodlines, gaits, brains, character and is the total package.

FirstClass HW is very willing. He loves to please his handler and rider, enjoys to learn new things. He eagerly works under saddle, is all concentrated on his job in the dressage arena, with his quick hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to him. You will be the star in the FEI classes and at clinics. He is solidly trained and can continue up the levels.

He is comfortable in the hot walker, solarium, stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time. He cross ties as well as he loves to shower. FirstClass HW is as sweet as a puppy dog, but with the attitude of a real gentleman.

X-rays on file!

check out his video clip!!!

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