December 2012:

This video creates goose bumps!

It's from the Equine Elite Auction 2012, where the HWfarm bred Selten HW by the famous Sandro Hit and SPS High Princess

(Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero) sold,

for the highest price ever archived at this auction, Euro 500.000.

Check out this atmosphere, incredible, this is just amazing!!!

This horse made my breeders dreams come true!



Here is the beautiful Waitano (sold as Walk on Top by HWfarm), with Jayden Brown in Australia. Such an amazing rider and horse, congratulations to all and Waitano is now already successful with his new rider Mark. He's collecting the ribbons, where ever he goes, what a horse! Definitely international quality, made available by by www.HWfarm.com


photo1.JPG (436923 bytes)

photo3.JPG (496310 bytes)
October 28th, 2012

Wow, Selten HW, bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, owned by Elizabeth Ball, sold for the highest price EVER at the Equine Elite Auction! Huge congratulations to WEG rider Fiona Bigwood, his new, lucky owner!

Selten HW 2012 Elite Auction.JPG (645798 bytes)

October 27th, 2012

Selten HW is sold. He brought me (Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold), as his breeder, MANY highlights, this is just another dream come true. So happy, what an accomplishment. How many breeders can say they bred horses who sold for around $750.000 US??? Yay!!!

Got to love superb bloodlines, a huge thank you to all whom helped to make it possible!

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October 2012:

Congratulations to Jayden Brown and Waitano (aka Walk on Top - sold by www.HWfarm.com to Australia)!

Winner of the Qld Festival of Dressage Intermediate 1 at the Qld State Dressage Championships. This one is sold - but we have others for sale, please check them out at www.HWfarm.com

image001.jpg (80276 bytes)

Waitano (aka Walk on Top) is a poster boy now :-). He was sold by www.HWfarm.com and is competing successfully in Australia. What a horse! Please check our current selection out at www.HWfarm.com - all horses with pic's, info and video!

photo.JPG (103472 bytes)

September 24th, 2012:

Congratulations to Tiffany and EhrenGold HW, what a great match, look at them beaming and check out the ribbon collection, all victories - YAY!!!! Well done, so proud of you!

Quote Tiffany: "Ehren did great at his show. All blues and a score of 71.2% I love my boy!!!!" This one is sold and competing successfully with his new owner, but we have others for sale, go to www.HWfarm.com to check them out.

photo.JPG (573225 bytes)


Skywalker HW (6th at the 6yo Young Horse Championships 2012) & Sydney HW's (just foaled to Totilas) full brother "Selten HW" (3 x Young Horse Champion) owned by Elizabeth Ball, has been selected to be part of the "Equine Elite Auction" held in The Netherlands. All were bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold / www.HWfarm.com Here is a recent picture of Selten HW, now at PSG!

photo.JPG (64603 bytes)

September 2012

Quotenkönig is now Vice Bundeschampion 2012!

With a superior 8.67, he placed 2nd in his class at the Bundeschampionat!

Mit 8,67 guter 2. Platz bei den Hengsten auf der Westfalenwoche/Handorf 2012.

Die Silbermedaille ging an den 2. Reservesieger der NRW-Körung, den Quaterback-Fürst Piccolo-Sohn Quotenkönig aus der Zucht von Frank Dahlhoff in Lippetal mit Lisa Neukäter im Sattel. "Ein Bild von einem Mannsbild, dieser Hengst, ein Kraftprotz!", schwärmte Dr. Plewa. Der imponierende Dunkelfuchs, der auf der Station Schult in Hünxe deckt, erhielt die höchste Gebäudenote des Tages, eine 9,0. Beim Trab gefiel die "natürliche Erhabenheit". Das Hinterbein könnte in den Verstärkungen weiter unter den Schwerpunkt treten, aber ansonsten hatte die Jury wenig zu bemängeln an Quotenkönigs Auftritt im Trabe, 9,0.

Auch der Galopp "mit klar erkennbarer Schwebephase, bei stets gleichbleibendem Rhythmus" bekam ein glattes "Sehr gut". Den Schritt hätten die Richter sich etwas ergiebiger mit mehr Freiheit aus der Schulter heraus gewünscht, 8,0.  Eine 8,5 gab es im Bereich Ausbildung. Die Anlehnung könnte etwas leichter sein, was Lisa Neukäter mit einem wissenden Nicken bestätigte. Doch angesichts des herrlichen Typs dieses Pferdes und der großen Konzentration, die der Hengst während der Aufgabe an den Tag legte, lautete auch die letzte Note 9,0.

Das bedeutete 52,50 Punkte, mit denen Quotenkönig im B-Finale antreten musste, nur 0,5 mehr als sein Verfolger Stanford. Aber der Quaterback-Sohn konnte den Abstand vergrößern. 18 Punkte erhielt er von Kim Pfeiffer und Marcus Hermes, machte 70,50 Zähler in Summe und den Titel des Vize-Champions. Damit konnte er an dem Zweitplatzierten der Qualifikation vorbeiziehen.


August 29th, 2012:

We are so very proud, as the breeders of Skywalker HW, read the following from Catherine, Skywalker HW's owner:

Skywalker HW in the 6yo Finals. We came 6th overall. I believe he was the 2nd or 3rd highest placed US bred horse in the 6yo class. It was a great experience!

SkyWalkerHWfinals6yo.jpg (68557 bytes)


August 26th, 2012

FINAL Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships 2012: HUGE congratulations to Catherine Reid with Skywalker HW (bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold / www.HWfarm.com ) on her Young Horse Championship final 6th place in 2012, 6 year old class. We are so super proud and happy to have bred the 6th best 6yo in the US! Yay - Catherine, thank you so much and keep it up!!! Picture shows Catherine Reid's mom and Skywalker HW

Skywalker HW 6th place at the Markel USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships 2012.jpg (133232 bytes)


August 24th, 2012 

This is so awesome! Skywalker HW, bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold / www.HWfarm.com - ridden and owned by Catherine Reid, check out this exciting certificate. Woohoo, another HW horse successful at the Young Horse Championships, again a top ranked United States bred horse! A huge thank you to Catherine!!!! You rock!!!!

USDF Skywalker HW2012.JPG (158836 bytes)


August 22nd, 2012

Young Horse Championships 2012: Look, what Skywalker HW and his mommy Catherine got! Love it!!!

Skywalker HW 2012.jpeg (157550 bytes)


August 20th, 2012

Amazing scores, just as expected. Leonardo HW got the highest score at the show with 78% in a 4 year old class. He gets at least 8's and 9's for his walk alone, every time.

Trab7.JPG (207808 bytes)

Donatella HW (same owner) scored a 9.5 in one of her tests and was high point with 77%. There were cows and a rodeo going on close by, her owner tells us, she piaffed all the way back to the barn!

P6046154.JPG (4154158 bytes)

Congratulations, so happy for the horses and their rider/owner. This is amazing to follow and makes us very proud.


August 2012:

FiveStar HW has been either 1st or 2nd place in all of his classes. Mostly firsts. I believe the lowest score might be a 66 or 68%. He is normally above 70%.

 We are so proud of him. I care for him daily. Now that our show season is mostly over, we are concentrating on me riding him. I have been riding an I1 schoolmaster and loving it. This has kept me in the game while FiveStar HW is growing up.

He is happy, healthy and loved by everyone. I regularly get comments, ?how did you get so lucky?? ?how did you find such a nice horse?? I was drawn to him and I put my faith in you. It certainly paid off and I feel so fortunate to have my dream horse! Take care, Cynthia

Kopf21.jpg (330357 bytes)


August 2012:

Remember "Walk on Top"? Sold him a while back, look how stunning he is! He's in Australia. CDI now, successful at I1, won several championships and he's much loved!!! Check out his sales/sold page from "back then", he sure held up to all the buyers and our expectations!

Walk on Top.jpg (61287 bytes)


August 13th, 2012:

Another match made by HWfarm:

EhrenGold HW was at his first show with his new mommy/owner Tiffany. They are both super happy, two blue ribbons, first time out and absolutely successful against big competition, what could be better?

Huge congratulations to them, she writes: "I really adore this horse!!!!"

EhrenGoldHWfirstShow.JPG (34326 bytes)


August 2012


July 2012:

Totally Splendid by Totilas

Awarded "Foal of Distinction" at the Oldenburg inspection in Fallbrook! Congratulations to her owner and breeder Carol Robertson, Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold (HWfarm) is the proud breeder of her dam Sydney HW :-) She is out of the full sister to Elizabeth Ball's 3 x Young Horse Champion Selten HW: Sydney HW (Sandro Hit daughter out of SPS High Princess (Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero))

TotallySplendid.jpg (138265 bytes)

June 2012:

Hi Irene-

Thought you might like this photo of Skywalker HW from out last show. It was POURING rain during this test- I was soaked to my skin after! LOL But I was happy with the 73.3% score at 3rd level ;)


Reid Skywalker CEB 3568.jpg (1125084 bytes)

June 2012.

Let's cheer on Catherine Reid, she did an awesome job with Skywalker HW (bred by HWfarm). Very proud of their success, you go girl!!!

This is from her site:

Decided to post enter Skywalker HW in the FEI Beaujolais Show.

We came 3rd in a VERY large mixed FEI YH test (4,5,6 yos were all scored together in an FEI TOC class) Overall score of 7.8 :) I rode our trot and lateral work like a ninny and held us back to a 7.8. We got our best canter score-8.4! Despite as the judges said our flying changes being "a work in progress" 8.0 for overall impression :)

June 2012:

HUGE congratulations to Amanda Bailey and her horse Faulkner (purchased sight unseen as a 3yo, by Amanda, from www.HWfarm.com). 

We are so happy and so proud of them. Here is a video from this weekend and some comments from her: Quote - Amanda: Won the PSG Jackpot class. The most money I have ever won. Three for three at the show. Three wins for Faulkner.

Hi Irene,

Another update on Faulkner. We attended the St Louis Area Dressage Society (SLADS) summer festival show this past weekend. Faulkner a star! We rode in the PSG $2500 jackpot class in front of a crowd on Saturday night. He won the class! There were a couple of small bobbles, but overall he performed so well. He just keeps getting better and better. Lilo Fore awarded him a 71%! The other judge wasn't quite as in love with him. :) I'm including a couple of pics from the performance, they were taken by Ivy Miller. There is no jacket because it was so hot and coats were waived. Thank you again for finding this special, special horse. Amanda

Extension.jpg (106217 bytes) Flying change.jpg (104351 bytes) volte.jpg (97705 bytes)




June 2012:

Another successful match, Weltino HW was purchased sight unseen, check this happy pair out! Barb and her horse Weltino HW - with a blue ribbon, huge congratulations, so awesome and also thank you to Lyn Fonzo for helping to make this happen.

weltinoHW.JPG (57714 bytes)

May 29th, 2012:

Congratulations again to Cricket Harvey, whom showed her Leonardo HW (purchased sight unseen) this weekend in horrendous weather and won her class. She reports that he is a blast and that they get lots and lots of compliments as they are such a great match. So happy for you Cricket!!! Love that you are successful with your boy! Thank you for your trust!

Trab9.JPG (114852 bytes)

May 29th, 2012:

Huge congratulations to Catherine Reid, she is stepping in Selten HW's footsteps with a current victory in the 6 year old Young Horse Class this weekend with her SkyWalker HW.

SkyWalker HW is the full brother to Elizabeth Ball's Selten HW whom won the Young Horse Championships 3 years in a row. Both are bred by - Irene Höflich-Wiederhold, www.HWfarm.com

SkyWalker HW.jpg (77226 bytes)

May 2012:

Huge congratulations to Amanda Bailey and her debut at I-1, with her horse Faulkner. She had bought him sight unseen as a 3 year old and competed him up the level ever since. He’s a family member and superb competition horse. So happy this match was made.

Thank you Amanda for all your support through the years and hope you’ll have much more success with this wonderful boy.

Here is what she had e-mailed:

I wanted to update you on Faulkner's (Fridolin) progress up the levels. He debuted this month at I1, and earned our first score towards our gold medal. It is a work in progress as he tends to get ahead of me in the changes still and there are some other spots that need ironing out, but he is so good and earnest in his work. He has taken to the FEI movements like a duck takes to water. He was made to dance!

The harder the work gets, the more he tries. He is such a gift. Thank you again for finding him for me, I am forever grateful.

 Warmest wishes, Amanda

SophiaFaulkner.jpg (87609 bytes)



May 22nd, 2012:

Second show in the US, huge congratulations again to Cynthia and Heather with FiveStar HW!

The boy scored “9” on gaits!!!

Hi Irene! FiveStar HW had his first away show. He was an outstanding boy and received so many compliments I am including his scores and comments below from his trainer, Heather Oleson Thank you again for this very special boy. You chose most wisely for me

Thank you, Cynthia

FiveStar HW's show results:

--75.6 in Training test 3 (including a 9 on gaits). Judge's comments: "wonderful test and fantastic horse, beautifully ridden" --

7.6 in FEI 4 yr. old test, including an 8.0 on the trot. Judge's comments: "wonderful attractive type" "shows exciting promise" "lovely cadence in trot, wonderful lofty canter" --

7.3 in FEI 4 yr old test --73.2 in Training level 3 Thanks! Heather


May 2012: 

Congratulations to FiveStar HW, his owner (Cynthia McKim) and trainer.

He was at his first show in the US and won 2 classes and was 2nd in the 3rd.

Heather Oleson (his trainer) says he’s a super nice horse!

This one was sold sight unseen, as over 95% of our horses sell.....

and is LOVED and successful, always a great feeling for everybody.

FiveStarMay2012.JPG (473648 bytes)

May 2012:

Check out Totilas daughter Totally Splendid, now 5 weeks old, out of Sydney HW

(Sandro Hit/Hohenstein/Donnerhall/Bolero, bred by Irene Höflich-Wiederhold).

She's quite athletic!!!

Totally Splendid 01.jpg (61993 bytes) Totally Splendid 02.jpg (63322 bytes)

May 2012:

Good bloodlines and a solid dam line show! Selten HW’s cousin now in the barn of Andreas Helgstrand!

This is Selten HW's cousin!!! 

His dam, SPS High Value is the full sister to SPS High Princess (3 x young horse Champion Selten HW, owned by Elizabeth Ball, bred by Irene Höflich-Wiederhold).


Champion Stallion in the German Oldenburger Verband 2012

Video of Fürstenstein from the stallion show 2012

Born 2009 - Height 168 cm

Fuerstenstein.jpg (30017 bytes)

Champion Stallion at the Verband der Züchter des Oldenburger Pferdes' first saddle approval in Vechta 2012. Fürstenstein is a stallion with excellent basic gaits and high rideability. The sire, the Fürst Heinrich son, Fürst Romancier, sired both the Champion stallion at this approval as well as the Champion Stallion at the ordinary autumn approval. Fürstenstein's dam is the national premium mare, High Value, by the black Trakehner stallion Hohenstein and the Donnerhall mare Davina. The same combination which resulted in the gorgeous and lengendary His Highness. Further down in the pedigree, you will see the noble founder of the descent, Bolero.

F: Fürst Romancier FF: Fürst Heinrich FFF: Florestan I
FFM: Dawina
FM: Ronja FMF: Romancier
FMM: Edwina
M: High Value MF: Hohenstein MFF: Caprimond
MFM: Helena XIV
MM: Davina MMF: Donnerhall
MMM: Batavia



April 23rd, 2012:

Congratulations to Leonardo HW and his owner Cricket, he scored 71.8% at his first show in the US. What a great horse and happy owner, she actually bought three horses so far from us and loves every single one of them!

image.jpeg (207808 bytes)

March 2012:

Isn't she the cutest??? Just born! Totally Splendid, by Totilas, out of Sydney HW (Sandro Hit/Hohenstein/Donnerhall), a full sister to 3 x Young Horse Champion Selten HW (owned by Elizabeth Ball). Huge congratulations to her owner and breeder. She is awesome! So happy for you Carol Robertson (owner of Sydney HW and breeder of this beautiful and stunning Totilas foal)!!! Totally Splendid with her happy owner:

Carol.jpg (60597 bytes)

March 2012:

Got this info from Linda. She bought StepMaster HW and Weltprinz HW sight unseen as they were just youngsters and loves them both. I'm so proud of her and the boys. Way to go Linda, huge congratulations, well done! From Linda: I have earned my Bronze medal - on Steppy (StepMaster HW), Irene! 

Now I have all of my Fourth Level scores and need to get on with Prix St George!!!

LindaM2012.JPG (63785 bytes)

January 2012:

Here is a new picture of Catherine Reid with Skywalker HW. The one to the right...lol.. He was bred by Irene Höflich-Wiederhold and is a full brother to the 3 x Young Horse Champion Selten HW (owned by Elizabeth Ball/Pan Am Rider). We are so happy that these full siblings are in wonderful hands, their sisters got lucky as well, one is with Carol Robertson and the other with Kim Jackson.

Skywalker HW.JPG (51331 bytes)


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