December 12th, 2013:

Adorable, Charming HW's new owner just sent this.

Love it!

 This one is sold, but we have others for sale at www.HWfarm.com  at www.HWfarm.com - Horses Worldwide - Selected Quality Horses -

photo 1.JPG (1311946 bytes) photo 2.JPG (1417216 bytes)

November 30th, 2013: 

Bundeschampion Fürst Fohlenhof (full brother to Franklin HW) won the dressage part of his 30 day test in Neustadt Dosse, well done, congratulations!

Bundeschampion Fürst Fohlenhof (full brother to Franklin HW) gewinnt den Teilndex Dressur seines 30 Tage Tests in Neustadt Dosse.

Fuerst Fohlenhof       and his Full brother       Franklin HW

FürstFohlenhof.jpg (88362 bytes)                               FranklinHWtrot2a.JPG (1269510 bytes)

November 27th, 2013:

Absolute goose bump material, Selten HW's (bred by HWfarm) home, video of Fiona Bigwood's facility, can't get any better than this. Watch it, it's like a mixture between "movie" and "happily ever after" feeling, so very pretty.


November 26th, 2013:

For everybody who wonders, how Jennifer Schrader-Williams looks, without a helmet and not on a horse, here she is. She is in charge of all our imported horses, amazing to work with and always available for more info about our horses for sale and/or to schedule an appointment to go see them. Check them out at www.HWfarm.com

Jennifer.jpg (110686 bytes)

November 25th, 2013:

EhrenGold HW won his Dover medal class first time out, congratulations to his owner Tiffany Mahoney and everybody who made it possible. Well done ? so very happy and proud to see this. ;-)

EhrenGoldHW.JPG (44341 bytes) EhrenTiffany.jpg (68378 bytes) EhrenTiffany2.jpg (91322 bytes)

November 13th, 2013:

Got this e-mail from Sunny's (Sandjour's) owner, love my job! Here is also more info on the clinic. Robert Dover will be the head trainer. Olympians Jan Ebeling and Debbie MacDonald as well as international riders Kathleen Raine and Shelly Francis, and international judges Linda Zang and Janet Foy will also be teaching.

Irene goes beyond the call of duty again and again. Not only did she send me a fabulous horse but most recently, after six and a half years, she recommended my horse to Adriennne Lyle for her young rider Jamie Pestana to ride in the Robert Dover Young Rider Clinic in Wellington January 2-6. This prestigious clinic is full headliners as instructors. I will be so proud to stand on the rail with Irene watching my boy being ridden by such a prestigious young rider. Thank you Irene. Holly

SunnyHolly.jpg (2477866 bytes)

November 9th, 2013:

Thank you Adrienne Lyle for picking my customers horse Sunny for YR Jamie Pestana at the Wellington Robert Dover clinic.

So very happy, can't wait.

She bought him as a just 3 year old sight unseen and he's now 9, this will be fun.

photo.JPG (1193363 bytes)

November 8th, 2013:

Love to get emails like this one. Fitz HW (now Fizau) was purchased sight unseen beginning of the year and is now already regional training level champion and was 11th at the national championships. Awesome for a baby, congratulations to his owner and rider, well done.

Hello, Irene ! Our little guy won the regional championship this year at training level , went to the nationals in Lexington where he was 11th in the nation. I wanted u to know and maybe share with his breeder and rider family in Germany. Still in love, needless to say, with him! Thank you, Susan

photo.JPG (45614 bytes)

November 6th, 2013:

Woohoo, Tracey Lert and El Capitano HW are Second Level Vintage Cup Champion for USDF, many, many hugs and congratulations to you two. So very proud of your accomplishments! Just got this email:

Hi Irene, Here is a picture of Elysian (El Capitano HW) at the finals. This is the test where he got the 81 %. This was taken by Lynn Welge, the owner of Sugarland HW. Thanks so much. Tracey He and I were Second Level Vintage Cup Champion for USDF.

photo.JPG (80335 bytes)

October 28th, 2013:

Selten HW still holds the record sales price of Euro 500.000, the recent results did not even come close to his phenomenal record breaking sale. Here is the newest info, Euro 350.000, was the highest price horse at the same auction this time around. So very proud to be the breeder of Selten HW - he sure made my breeders dreams and more come true! He's sold, but we others for sale, check them out under "horses for sale" on this site.

10252013.jpg (460849 bytes)


October 13th, 2013:

Champion at Dressage Regionals Winner, Prix St. Georges jackpot!

Amanda Bailey at National Equestrian Center: Lake St. Louis Mo Congratulations, another champion title for Faulkner (aka Fridolin). One of many sight unseen made matches by www.HWfarm.com They are super successful and she trained him from the ground up, got him as a just started 3 year old, I'm always happy to see what they are up to.

image.jpeg (86016 bytes) image2.jpeg (77824 bytes)

October 10th, 2013:

We are the Champions.....we are the Champions....

 Woohoo, our homebred Skywalker HW and Catherine Reid are NWDC Champion 4th level OPEN and USDF REGION 6, 4th level Open Reserve Champion (Tied for Champion!) I can't tell you how proud we are of this match, she is doing an awesome job with this boy and he truly loves her. Huge congratulations to Catherine and Skywalker HW!!!

October 10th, 2013:

More good news, FiderStep HW is very successful and makes his new mom Dianne happy. Congratulations to everybody who made it possible - love it! His rider at horse shows is Allen Jay Swafford.

He is bringing home the blue ribbons, with scores of up to 72.258% - amazing.

Great American / USDF Region 5 & RMDS Championships

Ranking number 1 with 70.806% And US Dressage Finals Placing 4th in a All Regions

FiderStepHWtrot1.JPG (751746 bytes) photo 1.png (507375 bytes) photo 2.png (466455 bytes)

September 26th, 2013:

Sensational news from El Capitano HW, now called Ely (Elysian), huge congratulations to Tracey Lert and her new horse, scores as high as 81.9%!

Hi Irene, Didn't know if you saw the results of our finals and wanted to let you know how Ely did. Ely won the warmup test with a 69%. Then he was a bit naughty in the USDF test and got a 70% and was fifth. We had a good forward warmup for our first half of our CDS final and got 69.8 and were standing third. In the last test he was so amazing it was such a fun ride. One of the judges stopped me on the way out and asked if he was my horse. I told her he was and she told me that in all the years and all of the horses she has judged me on, she had never seen me ride so well and was impressed. I guess she was, as I got an 81.9% from her. The other judge gave us a 71 so we were Reserve Champion by a total of 1.5 points or .1%. I ended with a 73.2 and the first place horse was 73.3. I couldn't be more happy with him. Overall, a very good show.

I may not show Ely a lot next year. I am looking to really improve his looseness and gaits and get him moved to the FEI level. I will do some showing, I am sure, but not wear him out showing. Instead focus on the move into the PSG and Int 1 with the idea of having him ready for 2015 if the still have Pan Am at that level. I will keep you posted. Tracey Lert

And here is the next title and ribbon for Skywalker HW (bred by Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold / www.HWfarm.com) and Catherine Reid. Huge congratulations, Skywalker HW is only 7 yo and was the youngest competitor in the class. Just amazing, so very proud. Catherine, well done - AGAIN!!!

GAIG/USDF Fourth Level Reserve Champion! Feeling great.

photo.JPG (143739 bytes)

Huge congratulations to Skywalker HW and Catherine Reid, his owner and rider. Well done you two, especially considering that Catherine trained him all by herself, here is another one who makes all my breeders dreams come true. So amazing. Thank you Catherine!

From her site:

We did it!

Skywalker HW- NWDC Fourth Level Open Champion for 2013!!! Award ceremony is tomorrow AM- pictures to follow - feeling awesome.

image.jpeg (260848 bytes)

September 15th, 2013:

This is how it's done. EhrenGold HW and Tiffany are now competing at 2nd level and defend the blue ribbons as good as in 1st level. Blue in every class, first time out - amazing. Congratulations to them and everybody who made it possible, well done, so very proud to see this and to keep reading and hearing, that she loves her boy! He obviously loves her too!

photo.JPG (108319 bytes)

Congratulations to QDite Rig`t HWE-mails like these, make my days! Love it!

Hi Irene! I just wanted to update you on Quite Right HW and his success in the show ring. We just finished competing in the USEF pre adults division at the A show level and he won the division this weekend. He's been such a joy and I couldn't have asked for a more trust worthy and hard working horse. :) I'll attach a picture of his champion ribbon, Maggie

2013-08-25 19.59.26.png (592839 bytes)

August 21st, 2013:

Check out Selten HW's (bred by www.HWfarm.com) new home of Fiona Bigwood. Wonderful, amazing, just really impressive!



An email from France:

Hello Irene, Just a short mail to give you some news of Sammy (< href="./2_Lat /urls/secial_eition.hm" targt="_blak">Special Edition) my lovely horse.

He has began his firs profesionnal ompetitons wit me ( i@ level alled n France A10/ A9/A8/A7, there are the FEI Young riders test ) with the reat n!te betwen 64 a 65 % ! We hav@ to impove thecanter work ( flying change and pirouette). I m very happy with him, h is a vry veryvery loely hore. He' my drem horse and if I have to describe what happiness is, I would told you : Sammy. LOVE HIM I send you some pictures of us : at our first professional show, at a training last week and others.

Thanks alot. Tae care.Have a ood day Best re ards Sadrine

img borer="0" rc="../_Late/Pcs/Specal%20Edition/Aug2013/photo_1_small.JPG" alt="photo 1.JPG (554425 bytes) width=160" he@ght="21"> photo 2.JPG (369177 bytes) <>  /td>

August 11th, 2013:

Awesome, so proud of Catherine Reid and Skywalker HW - 70% at 4th level and victory, with mistakes, how amazing!!! Yeah, congratulations!!! Well done! And to add, that she brought him all the way 0p the $evels hrself, akes iteven beter. Wht a gret match, you both rock!

SkywalkerHW4thLevel.jpg (67352 bytes)

August 1st, 2013:

Selten HW is a super star, look at this 2nd place in a class of 36 sensational, international competition horses. Huge congratulations to Selten HW and Anders Dahl and Fiona Bigwood!!! So happy to hear Selten HW is doing well and makes his owners proud. What a horse, he made all my breeders dreams come true! Thank you for the picture/info to Liz Geldard Walsh!

photo.JPG (77437 bytes)

July 7th, 2013:

Here is a new picture of Anders Dahl and Selten HW (owned by Fiona Bigwood) in the prize giving, in Hartbury/England. What a great pair, so amazing to see them together.

July 1st, 2013:

Love this super nice and happy picture, of the proud owners of EhrenGold HW, congratulations! They just keep the blue ribbons coming, here is the info from the last success, quote Tiffany Mahoney:

What a great show with everyone. 

Thank you Laurie and Kasey for all the help it really paid off. The boy won both his RAAC'S , (T-3) 70.6% and (1-3) 76.2%. I am sooo grateful for my amazing boy EhrenGold HW.

EhrenGoldHWJuly2013.JPG (159678 bytes) 1013516_10200732685774001_1162222611_n.jpg (33928 bytes) 1000842_10200732680813877_689296467_n.jpg (69521 bytes)


June 29th, 2013:

Liz Geldard Walsh shared the following news:

Well done Anders Dahl on his win with the amazing Selten HW in the PSG today with 73.7% Go Selten Baby!! Fiona Bigwood you must be so proud! Wish I could have been there! xx Elizabeth Ball Your handsome boy did good at his party!! Xx Congratulations to Selten HW (bred by HWfarm) and his owners, well done, so happy to see this!

Here is a picture from last year

IMG_0857.JPG (64603 bytes)

June 24th, 2013:

FiftyShades HW was at his first show and scored over 75% in a 4 year old test with Lisa Schmidt (trainer) in the saddle. Huge congratulations to her and to his owner, Olivia Banyon, who reports that he's a big love and that she will also send him to Maryland for a special young horse training session with Scott Hassler. Amazing, love it - happy horses, happy owners, he was purchased sight unseen from us and is truly a dream horse. He's sold, but we have others for sale, check them out at www.HWfarm.com.

IMG_1840.JPG (947880 bytes)


June 19th, 2013:

Congratulations to all, especially happy to see Elysian (El Capitano HW) with Tracey Lert on it too! So exciting, what a super result. High scores - yippieh!!!

ElCapitano.JPG (315256 bytes)

June 11th, 2013:

Just went through Instagram and found one of OUR www.HWfarm.com horses for sale all glammed up with a credit to HWfarm. How nice, thank you so much. Have to share, love to have such fans! Appreciate it.

IMG_1781.JPG (158800 bytes)

June 10th, 2013:

Waitano (Walk On Top HW, purchased sight unseen and holding multiple championships), the full brother to our current sales horse Walk On Top II HW, is the new poster boy in Australia for the Brisbane CDI. Just love how these boys are internationally recognized. Thank you Jayden Brown for posting this.

photo.JPG (165465 bytes)

June 9th, 2013:

PrimeTime HW - Woohoo, first time out showing in the US and brought home the ribbons at 1st and 2nd level with 8's for gaits, in a conservative presentation. Lot's of room to grow Great job Jennifer Schrader-Williams, well done, so happy you two are successful.

PrimeTime HW is for sale, please check him out on our website www.HWfarm.com as well as others. 4 horses currently imported and in Washington for sale. Contact Jen or Irene if you have more questions.

photo.JPG (73288 bytes)

June 9th, 2013:

Huge congratulations! Dahlia HW's daughter by Ampere won just about every champion title there is. So, so happy for their owners (they had bought Dahlia HW sight unseen many years ago) well played and deserved. This is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!! Yippiehhhh!!

From her owner Kris: A great day today for Au Chocolat, aka Adelle: First place yearling fillies, Filly Champion, Young Horse Champion, and Reserve Grand Champion! So proud of my little girl and my wonderful husband who ran a lot of laps today!

photo.JPG (258309 bytes)

June 4th, 2013:

El Capitano HW (Elysian) continues his winning streak at 2nd level under his rider and owner Tracey Lert and is qualified for the SECOND LEVEL OPEN CDS CHAMPIONSHIPS Rider / HORSE TRACEY LERT / ELYSIAN (El Capitano HW) ALEXIS MARTIN-VEGUE / CASTIZA DA RYA LAHTI MCMAHON / CARETTE MG TRIANA PANGRCIC / RIVERDANCE NICOLE PERRY / D'ARTAGNAN DG

Congratulations to all!

photo.JPG (686228 bytes)

June 3rd, 2013:

From Phelps Media Group: High Prairie Dressage Markel/USEF Young Horse Qualifier Classes Help Identify Future Talent

HWfarm horses rock the qualifiers, huge congratulations to their owners and riders:

Quotes: Ann Buchanan rode SkyHit HW to win the Markel/USEF 4-Year-Old Qualifier. "He was really good," she said. "There's a lot going on in there and he really kept it together." She said the judges liked his walk and thought he was very submissive, especially with all the activity at the show. She added that she specifically purchased the horse in order to participate in the Young Horse Qualifier and appreciated the feedback from the judges to help her continue her horse's training. "I'm learning a lot," she said. Allen Swafford and FiderStep HW also participated in the Young Horse 5-Year-Old Qualifier and came away with third place. He said he received good feedback from the judges on the horse. "He's super," he said. "It's his first test and his first horse show and we weren't as expressive as we can be. We were trying to be conservative and just do a nice test and then next time we can go for expression."

Phelps.JPG (555184 bytes)

June 2nd, 2013

HWfarm horses are on a roll! Congratulations to SkyHit HW and his owner/rider Anne Buchanan. They are USEF 4yo Champions, so awesome! Huge thank you to Tracey Krajenke as well, their trainer and supporter. SkyHit HW was purchased sight unseen from www.HWfarm.com and Tracey had bought StepUp HW from us sight unseen too, many years ago. Love to have happy customers, made my day!

photo.JPG (210596 bytes)

May 30th, 2013:

Woohoo, huge congratulations: What a great show at Flintridge, Tiffany Mahoney and EhrenGold HW won all 4 of their classes with 3 scores over 70%. So super happy for all whom made it possible, what a great experience and life, thank you to everybody! His mommy really loves him - it's truly a win/win!!!

Show1.jpg (59810 bytes) Show2.jpg (81825 bytes)


May 25th, 2013:

Huge congratulations to FiveStar HW, his rider and owner, have to share this. Cynthia is so very happy with her boy and thankful she has him. He's the big love which she was looking for. He was purchased sight unseen from us, as a three year old. Here is the trainers status Update: By Nadine Schwartsman FiveStar got an 8.2 in the Markel Qualifier FEI 5 year-old test today!!! Thank you Cynthia McKim for giving me the opportunity to train and show this talented youngster!

photo.JPG (139552 bytes) results.JPG (470933 bytes)

April 30th, 2013:

Just 24 hours old, filly by Quaterback/Hohenstein/Donnerhall, dam SPS High Princess is also mother to Selten HW, making this his half sister. So excited!

Baby042013.JPG (79961 bytes)

April 15th, 2013:

More blue ribbons for Tiffany and EhrenGold HW - huge congratulations - gotta love it!!! 74% - nice!!!

EhrenRibons.jpg (98406 bytes)

April 10th, 2013:

OMG, that's like out of a fairy tale. Catherine Reid and her love, Skywalker HW, bred by me / www.HWfarm.com Catherine, this looks amazing!!! He's all grown up now, time truly flies.

photo.JPG (225613 bytes)

April 6th, 2013:

Woohoo, congratulations to Amanda and her horse Faulkner (aka Fridolin). They did super today in the I1. They won the class with a whopping 72+%! Yay!!!!

photo.JPG (219916 bytes) image.jpeg (199441 bytes) image2.jpeg (203371 bytes)

April 4th, 2013:

News press article in the Chronicle of the Horse!

Huge congratulations to Francesca Nicoletti and her horse Brilliantly HW (aka Balletino or short: BLING). She bought him sight unseen and they are a great match. Check out this article below - amazing success and she just bought him from us!

High Score Award at 2013 Wellington Classic Dressage Spring Challenge.jpg (213592 bytes) High Score Award at 2013 Wellington Classic Dressage Spring Challenge_2.jpg (200321 bytes)

March 31st, 2013:

Arizona Futurity Champion! Woohoo, huge congratulations to Anne and SkyHit HW.

This is awesome, very happy and proud, Anne - great job, love it, well done!!! He was purchased sight unseen and gelded by request, before his import to the US. Another successful match made possible by Hwfarm.

photo.JPG (164944 bytes)

March 25th, 2013: 

Successful show start for Vice Bundeschampion Quotenkoenig! He celebrated a victory in a huge field of high quality horses, dressage class A, with a score of 8.6! Congratulations to his rider Lisa Neukaeter!!! Well done!

He's a beautiful stallion and the first foal crop is just arriving in 2013 - how exciting!!! 

Erfolgreicher Turnierauftakt beim Turnier in Hünxe für Vize Bundeschampion Quotenkönig! Am Wochenende siegte er gegen ein starkes Teilnehmerfeld in einer Dressurpferde Kl. A mit der Wertnote 8,6! Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Lisa Neukäter und Quotenkönig! (Foto Recki)

QK.jpg (44281 bytes)


March 24th, 2013:

Congratulations to Amanda Bailey and Faulkner (aka Fridolin HW), just saw them today at the show grounds and they both looked fabulous and very happy, I should mention they were successful as usual too, a 2nd and 6th place! Amanda said he's her buddy, you can clearly see the love for each other in this picture. They are now showing PSG, she had bought him from us as a mere 3yo, off a short video clip, sight unseen ?

Falkner_Amanda_Wellington 03_13.JPG (481921 bytes)

March 23rd, 2013

Congrats to Tracey Lert for rocking Rancho Murieta March Mania! Not only did she sweep the Grand Prix classes with her horse Udo, she won all her Second Level classes on her new young horse Elysian (aka El Capitano HW). Only one score was below 70 percent, by only less than half a percentage point! So happy for this great match, well done Tracey!

February 2013

Congratulations to Holly and Sunny aka Sandjour. Two attempts resulted in two qualified rides for the regional championships at third level this weekend. This is great news, so proud of this pair. Holly reports he is the fabulous horse we had promised her, she's happy and truly loves her boy!


February 2013

Congratulations to Francesca and Brilliantly HW, aka Balletino or barn name Bling ;-) High Point of the show, winning their classes, purchased sight unseen directly from Germany, now successful in Florida! Francesca, well done, this is awesome and as excepted, thank you so much for working with us. Very pleased & happy to see this, he's sold, but we have others for sale with pics, info, video and price at www.HWfarm.com

B All Blue small.jpg (233531 bytes) B High Point small.jpg (191920 bytes) B High point 2 small.jpg (230614 bytes)

February 2013:

Have to share a note from SkyHit HW's new mommy, congratulations, well done at the first show! She bought him sight unseen as a stallion, he was gelded before import and she fell in love with him on first sight:

Everything is great with the horse...had a great first show with 66.5, 68.8 and 74.2. We have another David Wightman clinic this weekend and a couple shows coming up in March...luv my boy! Anne


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