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July 18th, 2010:

Look, what EM Donatella HW got today!

She is SWFDA 2009 - 2010 FEI level CHAMPION!!!

Yeah, what a horse :-)


July 2010:

EM Donatella HW arrived safely in Carlsbad, California. She flew Fed Ex and is now in training with Pan Am rider Elizabeth Ball. Donna settled right in and traveled well. We have high hopes for this team for the Pan Am Games 2011 and Donna remains for sale in the meantime. She would make an excellent YR horse and she will suit any amateur or professional alike. Super fancy, reliable and winning at PSG with up to 70% already. Watch out for Beth and Donna in the show ring!

Summer 2010:

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April 10th, 2010:

South West Florida Dressage Show What a great day today. EM Donatella HW did us all proud - as usual - and collected another BLUE RIBBON at PSG. She is a super reliable FEI horse, competitive, fun to watch, ride, trustworthy and happy to please. She is for sale, more info about her on her sales site. Here is a snapshot from the horse show, EM Donatella HW and her son Sundance HW, he was born in 2007 and was with us to get a little more experience away from home. He was an angel, well behaved and my daughter had a blast working and riding him. EM Donatella HW is by Don Frederico/Weltmeyer/Lanthan and Sundance HW is her son, by Samarant (Sandro Hit/Brentano)


Below are some pictures of Donna in the show ring, earning her blue ribbon at PSG!

DonnaPSG.JPG (2084981 bytes) P4095825.JPG (1850383 bytes) P4095836.JPG (1976019 bytes)

P4095823.JPG (2501678 bytes) P4095781.JPG (1480377 bytes) P4095863.JPG (2566689 bytes)

February 8th, 2010:

This girl knows how to bring home the blue ribbons, no matter what level she shows!

Fox Lea Farm in Venice, Florida:

EM Donatella HW won Prix St. George with 70% and was followed by the others with 63 % and less.

She looked so impressive and content, was right on with just everything,

got 8’s for canter, trot extensions, flying changes, impulsion and more with the judge’s comment:

“Well presented, a pleasure to watch this test. Nicely balanced and many more 8’s to come”!

The “well presented part” goes to credit of Michelle, whom is such a perfectionist in equine training and showing.

I had tears in my eyes during the ride and am still smiling. Donna is very dear to us as she was the first foal born on our farm in Cape Coral Florida.

To see her grow up, get stronger and move through the levels so fast and sure footed is an unbelievable experience.

She is the perfect horse for everybody alike, YR, AA or Professionals and yes, she is for sale and her price is subject to change.



January 23rd, 2010:


EM Donatella HW just showed PSG! Sure, she got a blue ribbon and lots of praise!

As usual, she loaded and behaved like a pro at the horse show. 100% reliable and fun to ride and watch.

Her flying changes were super clean and uphill, she can do them safely down to two’s and ones,

really impressive for such a young horse, this is a true Grand Prix prospect.

She is only 7 and will turn 8 in May 2010. There are not many horses this far advanced and secure in their training in the same age group.

More info, pictures and videos (including show footage from today) is on the sales site.


EM Donatella HW and Vivienne share a moment:

VivDonnaHW.jpg (225893 bytes)

June 2009:

THE CENTER LINE prints the following article in their June edition, huge congratulations to Vivienne, EM Donatella HW and all others!!! What a successful show and fun weekend that was!


May 2nd, 2009:


Again, the girls keep the blue ribbons coming! Young rider Vivienne and EM Donatella HW had their debut at 4th level at the SWFDA show in Fort Myers, Florida. Vivienne could not stop smiling, showing off a wonderful and well prepared ride, even through a water puddle which was in the middle of the ring. They won the class and have all the right reasons to be very proud. Huge congratulations to this super team!

  P4260004.JPG (29844 bytes) P4260005.JPG (24602 bytes) P4260006.JPG (21719 bytes) P4260010.JPG (15467 bytes) P4260012.JPG (20212 bytes) P5020034.JPG (14410 bytes) P5020041.JPG (19506 bytes) P5020042.JPG (24948 bytes) P5020044.JPG (24367 bytes) P5020045.JPG (21917 bytes)

April 6th, 2009:

Venice, Florida, DOUBLE DELIGHT DRESSAGE - APRIL 4 & 5, 2009

Wow, what a super exiting weekend. Elite mare Donatella HW is now a “medal horse”!

In addition to all her past accomplishments, she got only blue ribbons in 4th level again as well as a victory/blue ribbon and a second place in 3rd 3 with Young Rider Vivienne Wiederhold.

This qualified the two for the Championships in Wellington in fall 2009 and in addition, the pair managed to get all scores for the BRONZE medal together for Vivienne in roughly just one year!

We are especially proud as Donna was imported in utero and born at our farm and Vivienne was the one whom broke her and rode her all these years, so this is a “home made” accomplishment.

Congratulations to Vivienne Wiederhold, Michelle Gerlach (whom rode her in 4th level) as well as many thanks to the whole group whom was there at the show grounds. It was a true pleasure to have such nice people around and also congratulations to their many accomplishments, plenty of ribbons, victories and placings. Just amazing!

Here is Michelle Gerlach with EM Donatella HW:

img_9963_std.jpg (76341 bytes)

img_9966_std.jpg (97793 bytes) img_9967_std.jpg (118610 bytes) img_9968_std.jpg (113012 bytes)

img_9969_std.jpg (104663 bytes) img_9970_std.jpg (110325 bytes) img_9971_std.jpg (98843 bytes)

March 21st, 2009:


Horse Show at the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers, Florida – only blue ribbons for HW Farm’s girls: Elite Donatella HW showed what a good horse is all about.

Super ride ability, reliable, level headed and sensible enough without being too hot, she proofed that she can master 4th level already at in her young age, even just coming 7 in May 2009. Her flying changes were superb and always clean (she can do them down to two’s!), collection is a charm and the lateral work is confirmed and easy for her. She never puts a foot wrong and gives 100% her best at all times. It was truly fun to see her train and compete, she is a pro at home and at every show ground, what a horse! Thanks and congratulations go out to Michelle Gerlach for Donna’s debut and success at 4th level and thanks and congratulations to Young Rider Vivienne Wiederhold to show her to her best in 3rd 3 (a debut for Donna and Vivienne) and to collect only blue ribbons today.


November 16th, 2008:

The girls keep it coming! Always in the ribbons, including the BLUES!

Gold Coast Dressage in Wellington, Florida, Fall Fling show, what an exciting and successful show:

Elite Donatella HW, what a dream horse. To collect the ribbons is like clock work for her. She managed to get the first high point of the day with Michelle Gerlach on board, they broke the 70% mark and won their class at Third Level, that was Donna’s 2nd time to show 3rd level and she won both classes! Afterwards, in another class, Vivienne Wiederhold tried her best with Donna at Third Level (Vivienne’s first time showing 3rd level ever!) and they tied for 2nd and 3rd place. With this, Vivienne (17 year old girl) is now only one score away from the Bronze Medal within less then a year and with the same horse, which she even broke herself. This mare is truly amazing, showing always that she is a pro in the show ring, confident and fun to watch, no matter if the rider is a professional or a young rider trying new levels for the first time, she always gives 100%. She showed off clean flying changes, amazing extended trot, great lateral work and made us really proud. We can’t wait to see her son Sundance HW go under saddle in two years.

November 8th, 2008 :

Three classes, four ribbons (one for each class plus the High Point Champion ribbon and a saddle pad!), what a successful day!

Well, well, everything was going as planned and the hard work paid out. At the SWFDA show, Elite Donatella HW was able to shine at her 3rd level debut, being only 6 years old and with a foal in 2007, that’s quite an accomplishment. She was High Point Champion, won her class and showed off her flying changes, lateral work and her trot extensions which scored nice 8’s. As we left the show grounds in the afternoon, she even had the highest score of the whole day, what a girl. Congratulations and huge thank you to Michelle Gerlach.


April 25th, 2008:

 The April Center Line of SWFDA prints the following article about the Young Riders Clinic with Anne Gribbons and Steffen Peters in Wellington, Vivienne Wiederhold and Donatella HW were participating and had a lot of fun! Read here about their experiences:

Clinic0001.jpg (1041601 bytes) Clinic0002.jpg (1057400 bytes)


March 24th, 2008, The Center Line (SWFDA) printed the following article written and submitted by Lisa Braren:


Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Synopsis of the  Wellington 2008 Junior/Young Rider Clinic
Submitted by:  Lisa Braren and Vivienne Wiederhold – 3/11/08

Stillpoint Farm in Wellington, Florida, High Meadow Farm, in White Fences, Loxahatchee, Florida, and Dr. Cetty Weiss, along with a long list of fantastic sponsors, played host to a weekend of fun and educational experiences for eighteen fortunate up and coming teenage dressage riders.  “O” judge, FEI rider, and trainer, Anne Gribbons, and FEI competitor and trainer, Steffen Peters, were on hand to orchestrate the training sessions.  Other guest clinicians included Dr. Gordan, Kathy Connelly, Dr. Steve Engles D.V.M., Mrs. Roberta Williams, and Mary Phelps.  Our own Vivienne Wiederhold aboard her magnificent mare, EM Donatella HW, was one of the participants.

The participants were showered with gifts and parties.  A welcome party, a going away get together, souvenirs of hats, polo shirts, saddle pads, tickets to Challenge of the Americas, all helped promote friendship and fun amidst the education and hard work.  Participants were treated to mini in-services in addition to their private training sessions. These included Kathy Connelly teaching methods of long lining, watching a chiropractic adjustment, learning about equine nutrition from a Purina spokesperson, and Mary Phelps’ biography of DressageDaily encouraging horse career opportunities.  Attending the Challenge of the Americas in support of breast cancer awareness and finding a cure was particularly amazing.  Not only was it truly enjoyable, but it was an education just to see that even top professionals have difficulties with their horses!  Everybody makes mistakes and has training obstacles to overcome – even at huge public performances.  (A favorite saying of ours is that the only difference between an amateur and a professional is that the professional knows how to cover their mistakes better!  And – it’s true!)

The purpose of a clinic is to boost the horse and rider team ahead – give some additional goals for them to go back with their regular trainer and work on achieving little by little at home - refine particular movements, and/or help overcome a hurdle.  It may serve to reaffirm that you are definitely on the right track.  Additionally, the participants hopefully hear educational focus and training advice that aligns with what they have been studying or trying to accomplish in perhaps a slightly different way.  This allows for the same information explained from a different vantage point to hopefully make such an impression that the rider experiences that “ah ha” “light-bulb” “now I get it” moment.  In other words, if you as the rider are listening to the same opinion from your trainer, the judge at a horse show, and a clinician, you can be pretty sure that whatever it is, it does need your immediate and undivided attention.  Conversely, it is almost impossible, no matter how experienced with numerous pedagogical credentials the clinician or judge has, for them to be one hundred percent correct and on the money every time.  It is most difficult to assess a whole picture of a horse and rider team from two rides at a show or clinic, and that is something that the participant and their regular trainer have to critique afterwards and either refine their training focus, or realize that that particular point was only valid at that one particular moment in time on that day and not a reoccurring deficit.  Every horse, and every rider, can not be at the top of their game for thousands of reasons on a daily basis, and this needs to be taken into consideration.  Hopefully, the learning opportunity presented by a clinic will energize and excite the participants to desire and strive for continuous improvement.

Clinic participants need to understand all of this so that their experience at clinics is a positive one.  They also need to know that there are many do’s and don’ts that are considered “politically correct clinic etiquette.”  The following is a partial list to help.

DO arrive on time – in fact, schedule yourself so that you will have ample time to warm up and be ready for your ride. 

  • DO  NOT be late.
  • DO be a team player and support your fellow participants.
  • DO NOT object if the clinician runs late.  After all – you will want the clinician to give you their full attention and help during your ride, too, even if that means running over your allotted time.
  • DO wear lovely clean breeches and tucked in shirts with gloves and a helmet each day. 
  • DO used sponsored saddle pads and shirts
  • DO NOT wear show attire – it is not considered proper.
  • DO be sure that your horse is meticulously cleaned, groomed and braided.  Clinicians consider it a compliment to their expertise for the horse to enter the ring braided.
  • DO be sure that your horse has clean saddle pads for each ride and that all the tack is clean.
  • DO be ready to work and concentrate very hard.
  • DO greet the clinician when you enter the ring with a proper salutation.
  • DO NOT talk too much, however.  The clinician will ask questions about you and your horse’s background…answer appropriately, brief, and to the point.
  • DO NOT argue with the clinician. 
  • DO try your very best for the full lesson even if the work is hard or different than what you are used to doing.
  • DO ask questions if you do not understand something.
  • DO understand that there will be auditors who will hear both your strengths and weaknesses publically stated
  • DO video tape your rides so that you can watch them over again and learn from them.  Often, you are so busy concentrating, you may miss something.
  • DO ask questions about opinions on future training goals when the session is over.
  • DO be sure to appropriately thank the clinician as you leave the ring.
  • DO be sure to cool out your equine friend and partner properly and thoroughly, and massage him/her with appropriate brace and/or liniment as the work load of a clinic is usually more than what is experienced during a normal training session.
  • DO be sure to hand walk your equine friend and partner in between sessions, and/or arrange for turn out if possible.
  • DO be sure to thoroughly clean your stall and space in the barn.
  • DO be sure to dispose of manure the way that facility requires.
  • DO be sure to follow all the rules of the host facility.
  • DO NOT borrow anything with out asking – of course, being sure to immediately return it.
  • DO be sure to leave everything the way you found it – or even better.
  • DO NOT leave the premises without thanking everyone involved.
  • DO be sure that all bills are paid in full prior to your leaving.
  • DO remember to conduct yourself at all times as a respectful, responsible, humble, person of fine character because the overall impression you make on others is important and has a lasting effect.
  • (NOTE – a written thank you note to the organizers and clinician afterwards is a nice touch!)

Vivienne and Donatella rode beautifully and represented themselves admirably.  They performed as if they had vast experience at attending clinics, and showed themselves to be of fine character and ability.  They earned the numerous accolades they received from their clinician, Anne Gribbons, and can be so very proud of themselves.  Mrs. Gribbon’s assessment of Donatella is that she is an exceptionally smart mare, nice big size, with wonderful gaits, and definitely has the ability to “go all the way.”  (FEI – here they come!)  She noticed immediately that Donatella is very willing and tries to do everything right.  Mrs. Gribbons also complimented Vivienne about her riding talent and ability.  She also remarked that Vivienne had such nice long legs - just perfect for riding dressage. This introduction into the upper echelon of the dressage world was productive, and a smashing success.

A very special thank you to the wonderful sponsors for their support of the future of dressage – our junior and young riders!

  • Weiss Family Chiropractic Center
  • Karen Offield Farms in support of the Equestrian Aid Foundation
  • Renee Isler in support of Paige Finnegan and Tokyo
  • HWFarm.com/Horse Sales LLC
  • Sal Massage
  • Two Swans Farm
  • Stillpoint Farm
  • Sho Clothes
  • DressageDaily.com
  • Mary Phelps/ Markel Equine Insurance
  • Purina
  • Sidelines Magazine



February 25th, 2008.

This sign just came in the mail, looks good! In addition, Donna and Vivienne were at another recognized horse show in Fox Lea, Venice on February 23rd 2008 and rocked again. They won their 2 First Level classes and collected their scores for the Bronze Medal and they were 2nd in Second Level again. So 3 times out for Second Level and 3 x Second place? Yeah! As we left late in the day, they had collected the second highest score of all competitors until then. What a great team and you could clearly see, that they had fun together.

Congratulations to EM Donatella HW, Vivienne Wiederhold and their trainer Bob Braren as well as a huge thank you to all friends whom welcomed us so warmly again at the show grounds.

EM Donatella HW Sign.jpg (211972 bytes)

Feb 11th, 2008:

 2008, The American Hanoverian Society displays  EM Donatella HW (Don Frederico/Weltmeyer),  in their Breeder’s Guide, Stallion Directory, Mare Book. She is a New Elite Mare through foaling out Sundance HW.


EM Donatella HW.jpg (2117465 bytes)

Feb 2nd and 3rd, 2008:

 Picture this:  How about a debut at second level with two scores above a 69% in two separate rides with two different judges!?  Ride a horse that earns 8’s on both gaits and impulsion!  Add to this a rider who just turned seventeen who receives an 8 for seat and position!  This is something that all dressage riders dream about – but it was reality for Vivienne Wiederhold and her lovely mare, EM Donatella HW at the American Dressage Concourse at Fox Lea Farm in Venice, Florida, on February 2nd and 3rd, 2008.  Congratulations to them for their fantastic and beautiful rides and two second place finishes their first time out at second level!

DSC_4303 low res.jpg (339485 bytes) DSC_4317 low res.jpg (332203 bytes)

 TheHanoverian.jpg (2028140 bytes)


RPB_2802.jpg (2813698 bytes) Donatella HW (Don Frederico/Weltmeyer), Top Horse of the Day, Champion mare and Elite candidate of the Inspection in Florida, October 2005

To see more pic's of this Inspection just click here ore scroll all the way down 


RPB_2728.jpg (2606491 bytes)




Pictures shown old to new top to bottom

FirstKiss.JPG (368655 bytes)  Firstsmile.JPG (379073 bytes)  Justborn.JPG (436722 bytes)

Donnagrazing.JPG (726617 bytes)  prancing.JPG (640937 bytes)  uphill.JPG (579489 bytes)

Highknee.JPG (622111 bytes)  anotherround.JPG (541278 bytes)  letssee.JPG (645229 bytes)

MomDonna.JPG (421980 bytes)  Sandbath.JPG (419148 bytes)  Myfriendthetree.JPG (693156 bytes)

uphillenough.JPG (551445 bytes)  DainDonna.JPG (623254 bytes)  DonnaAnnie.JPG (655554 bytes)

Donnaconfirmation.JPG (626058 bytes)        Donnahead2.JPG (682175 bytes)        Donnahead.JPG (649383 bytes)

      Inspection1.JPG (423435 bytes)        Inspection2.JPG (468173 bytes)        Inspectionhind.JPG (404886 bytes)


uphill.JPG (579489 bytes)


Date of birth:

May 9th, 2002

Stick measure:

should mature to 16 hands 3 in

Foal Inspection

October 2002, branded at Hanoverian Inspection in Waldo


Liver chestnut with small blaze

Don Frederico







SPS Wachau


World Cup I


SPS Lanthana


SPS Desiree

P3200046.JPG (923663 bytes)

RPB_2802.jpg (2813698 bytes)

Donatella HW (Don Frederico/Weltmeyer), Top Horse of the Day, Champion mare and Elite candidate of the Inspection in Florida, October 2005

photo credit:

 Reg Corkum

This mare, born in May 2002 was broken by our 14 year old daughter in June 2005. She was the youngest mare to compete at this day and just 5 months under saddle. To win all the classes with super scores and to act perfect the whole day was a phenomenal experience and made us really proud.

She scored all 8s for: Neck, Saddle Position, Frame, Foreleg, Hindleg, Conformation, Typiness, Femininity, Overall Impression, Development, as well as in ALL THREE gaits: 8s for walk, trot, canter AND the judge called her the horse with the best ride ability of the day with an eight too!

She is entered in the mare book with an 8 and we are very pleased. Maya prepared her for this testing and rode her through the classes. Our thanks go out to all who helped to make it happen. We are very grateful.
RPB_2642.jpg (2527532 bytes)  And yes, Don Frederico/Weltmeyers can jump too!   
RPB_2643.JPG (1972780 bytes) Donatella HW was shown in wonderful condition thanks to the feeding techniques and excellent care of Sally Moehring: 


E- Mail Sally Moehring

RPB_2784.jpg (2425047 bytes) The whole day, she had this "look at me" attitude and a sparkle in her eye
RPB_2784.jpg (2425047 bytes) Nice shoulder, uphill movement, active hind leg and very light in the bit all the time....
RPB_2769.jpg (2806239 bytes)
RPB_2790.jpg (2713469 bytes)
RPB_2772.jpg (2924504 bytes) Canter, can it get any more uphill? :-)
RPB_2771.jpg (3021953 bytes)
RPB_2789.jpg (2250404 bytes)
RPB_2801.JPG (1765331 bytes) Maya Sniadecky  her trainer all happy...
RPB_2798.JPG (1676436 bytes) Get this look? Hey, what else can I do today?
RPB_2797.JPG (1717256 bytes) Time to get off, right? Remember, she had to go in hand, than free, free jumping, again in hand. Afterwards she got warmed up again and showed under saddle with all the other mares together. Quite a lot for such a young baby.
RPB_2636.jpg (2701031 bytes) Sterling and Donatella HW cruising the dressage arena in hand
RPB_2909.jpg (2492199 bytes) Irene and Vivienne with Chihuahua Lee Lee and Donatella HW......all happy at the end of a very successful day
RPB_2910.jpg (2662279 bytes)
RPB_2903.jpg (2976606 bytes) As I wrote before, Vivienne broke this horse all by herself and is now dreaming to show her in the next months. I am voting for babies very soon...:-)
RPB_2905.jpg (2503624 bytes)



October 2006, pictures by www.MuldoonArt.com


MuldoonArt.com 014.jpg (5964557 bytes) 585_8549a.jpg (1866387 bytes)

MuldoonArt.com 001.jpg (9024973 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 010.jpg (5286272 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 004.jpg (9509878 bytes)

MuldoonArt.com 005.jpg (8335291 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 006.jpg (6669591 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 008.jpg (6676618 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 009.jpg (5269594 bytes)

 MuldoonArt.com 012.jpg (5714272 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 013.jpg (5810165 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 015.jpg (5108442 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 016.jpg (6260527 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 017.jpg (8282066 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 018.jpg (8471010 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 019.jpg (7431670 bytes) MuldoonArt.com 020.jpg (8350889 bytes)


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