Sansira, dark bay Oldenburg mare by Sunny Boy (Sandro Hit)/Rubinstein, born in 2004, standing approximately 16.2 hands.

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This is a very fancy mare by the famous Sunny Boy. She was already successfully shown in riding horse classes. Sunny Boy’s offspring are highly sought after and highly praised for their ride ability and willingness to learn and please. Sansira has super lofty gaits with quite a lot of airtime and is learning to balance herself and is doing great under saddle. With these bloodlines (S and R lines!), she will be a super addition as a broodmare to a breeder with outstanding taste, or she will happily compete against others in the dressage ring.  Take her to the performance tests and get her Elite candidate or SPA title and breed wonderful offspring by embryo transfer now or later after a dressage carrier. Barley ever can you see such a young horse moving like this one, she is a powerful girl, energetic and elastic, with a strong hind leg and free shoulder.

  She is in daily training and will improve quite fast and her price is subject to change with more training and show experience. She is sweet in the barn and easy to manage. She will suit the taller or leggy rider just fine. She is shown in the video clips and pictures with a tail extension, as she somehow lost her own tail. It will grow back with time, but please be aware of this tiny flaw. Sansira is a super nice mare to go up the levels and show all the way to the top. With her conformation and gaits, she should be able to go Grand Prix and international classes and she will impress the judges and the audience alike. Clinics will be a blast with her and to show off her gaits will be fun every time out. She stands still for the farrier and is waiting for her new partner/rider for life to get to know her, train her and to spoil her rotten. Sansira is a wonderful example of what you can accomplish with the perfect match of bloodlines: Horses which can move!

  Ride now and breed via embryo transfer!

Vetted with x-rays!

check out her video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722(ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

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