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On Top, bay with lots of chrome Westphalian gelding by Obsession/Pilot’s Ass/Gold Dollar, born in 2004, standing approximately 16.2 hands

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On Top - an outstanding mover and a stunning FEI prospect with a big heart and the best attitude you can think of. His name is program, he will be “On Top” of things all the time. He is solid under saddle and a young superstar for people who are searching an impressive horse with a good character, great nerves and the ability to draw up the attention the show ring. He is flashy, with lots of chrome, a great topline, with well set withers, a round, powerful hind end and well angled hind legs, ready to push you uphill with every step and with high hopes for his successful future. In addition, with his free shoulder and a super nice front leg movement as well as a quick hindleg which reaches well under his body, he will be enabled to shine and to master even the most difficult dressage figures.

Especially his superb character, sweet and even temperament and his great nerves will be fun and make him a priceless addition to every barn. As the video clips were taken, On Top was ridden outside and directly next to him in the pasture, a whole herd of young horses was pacing, running and bucking in the paddock in the fastest gallop possible and he never blinked an eye. It is rare, no actually it is even very rare to have a young horse behave this excellent and like a gentleman and to keep concentrating on his rider instead of his friends having a blast out in the field.

On Top is a sweet horse that will make his rider happy, proud and smiling from left to right. He is easy, straight forward and uncomplicated to ride and he has a very positive attitude towards work. He loves to please his rider, he is willing with unbelievable ride ability and he picks up the next day where you left of the day before. It is important for him to do the right thing. His sire Obsession was the front horse of the NRW-privatestallion-dressage-quadrille. Not without a reason, he was put in first place of all the other horses for many years.

On Top is the favourite horse of our head trainer in Germany right now and a really rare find, everybody is searching horses like him, but they do not come often in this color, temperament, movement and attitude alike – he is the total package! He is suitable for dressage, no doubt about that, but is athletic enough and has the bloodlines to be great over jumps as well. His sire Pilot was one of the most famous German Jumping horse producers. So the doors for the future are wide open for this special boy. Make sure to check out his video clips and pictures and move fast on this one, he will not last long with his big round eyes which will melt your heart in an instant. He stands for the farrier, loads and loves grooming time. On Top is as sweet as a puppy dog and comes with the attitude of a real gentleman. E-mail or call if you have more questions.

Vet checked with x-rays!

check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene: Irene@HWfarm.com

239-772-7722 (ask for Irene, managing member of Horse Sales LLC)

We take pride in answering every e-mail right away (at least at the same day) and to return each call.

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On Top working Spring 2009

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