Roman, bay Westphalian  gelding by Rosenkavalier/Damenstolz, born in 1995, standing approximately 16.2 hands

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Roman is a well trained and great moving schoolmaster, proven to be successful in the show ring. He was shown and placed up to 4th level, won 3rd level already and is equipped with all the bells and whistles. With Rubinstein bloodlines, he is right in the trend to be a successful dressage horse that everybody would want to own and have in the barn. Competing is in his genes, no doubt about it. He is safe and sane and suitable for the amateur as well as for the professional rider. Roman is sweet, easy to handle, light in the bit and great off your leg, forward without being hot. He can be ridden in the double bridle or snaffle and does well either way. He is a confidence builder and easy to ride and manage by a small woman or young rider as well.

His trot extensions are breath taking and his flying changes are easy to ride for everybody. He can do them down to TWO’S!!!

He is a quick study, stands quiet for the farrier, loads, baths and waits patiently to get tacked up. He has plenty of show mileage and can teach you a whole lot or can even go higher up the levels with his next owner.

 So here is the perfect horse, a complete no brainer with the potential for more. Be sure to inquire about this gentleman, he has so much to give, offer and teach. Make him your next star and collect the ribbons with him and get your own show mileage and success under your belt.

check out his video clips!!! 

Please contact Irene:

239-772-7722 (

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