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First Romance HW, bay Oldenburg gelding, by Fürst Romancier/Don Cardinale (Donnerhall / Feinbrand) /Rubinstein, born in 2010, standing approximately 163 cm or 16 hands.

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First Romance HW comes with an impressive pedigree, his sire Fürst Romancier has everybody talking. Charming appearance, convincing with his quality - a dressage index of more than 148 points at his performance test.

Champion Stallion and Champion Mare - double honours mark the start of a breeding career.

A brilliant debut in breeding! The impressive Fürst Romancier created a double sensation in the 2011 and 2012 seasons: At the 2011 Oldenburg licensing he presented the Champion Stallion, For Romance, who was auctioned for the sensational price of 750,000 Euros and in summer 2012, the full sister Fasine, the Champion Mare at the Oldenburg Elite Mare Show in the Schlosspark of Rastede. Fürst Romancier, himself a main premium winner, became the most successful stallion of his age group at the World Championships for five-year old dressage horses in 2009. At the Bundeschampionship he reached second place in the qualifier for the final with a score of 9.0 and was placed fourth in the final as he was at the World Championships for young dressage horses. In his stallion performance test, he received top scores, all above 9.0, for his basic gaits as well as a 9.0 and a 9.5 for rideability. Since then he has progressed to advanced (S) classes. According to the FN's breeding value estimation he has quickly landed amongst the Top 1% of all German Dressage sires (157 points). The sire, Fürst Heinrich, was himself a World Champion of young dressage horses and the dam's sire Romancier originates from the Olympic mare line of Dodona. Fürst Ro-mancier represents the valuable dam line of Edoste which produced the Bundescham-pion and European Championship participant Exupéry, Vice Bundeschampion Landjuwel Gold, Olympic horse Petit Prince/Ellen Bontje and Grand Prix winner Avignon (German Champion with Thomas Schmitz).

Fürst Romancier:


First Romance HW's dam is by the outstanding Don Cardinale (Donnerhall/Feinbrand/Feiner Stern). The black premium Oldenburg stallion has a special aura. On the spot, Don Cardinale had huge success in breeding. Five licensed sons, Verband and state premium mares, Elite foals at auctions and show winners prove his hereditary powers. Don Cardinale has the genes of his father Donnerhall, who's himself a master of the inheritance to be. This is one of the best dressage pedigrees in the world. In 2001, Don Cardinale finished the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in Leistugsklasse I, with a dressage index of 128 points. In 2006 Don Cardinale was entered in the breeding book with 142 points which makes him one of the best dressage stallions in Germany. The super rideability of the descendants of Don Cardinale, are in really high demand.

Don Cardinale:


First Romance HW is a horse of super quality and he's a fancy mover who knows to impress due to his type, look at me attitude and work ethic. He could be a clone to his sire, it's amazing, how much they look and move alike. 

Already as a foal, First Romance HW got the attention of the judges and the audience alike. His quality got confirmed, being 4th in the final ring of the German Foal Championat, his walk alone can be scored a 10! Here is his baby picture, what a cutie he was.

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This stunning horse has all the personality a person could ever hope for, he's easy to ride and handle. First Romance HW is already at second level with counter canter and the flying changes will be easy for him. He's far advanced in his training and he shows nice extensions and airtime. Check out his amazing hind leg, reaching far under his body and lifting it up in the air with ease. He just glides and barely touches the ground. He loves to please his handler and rider, to learn new things is his hobby. He eagerly works under saddle. He is all concentrated on his job in the dressage arena and with his quick hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally.

He is supple and elastic. With his free shoulder and huge grundschwung, he swings nicely through his back. He has a superb, rhythmic and clear walk. He is light in the bridle and easy to sit. This extremely talented gentleman has international potential. He is a very sweet boy, very rideable, sane and trustworthy. The girl in the video loves him and can't wait to get on his back as often as possible. He loves his personal grooming time and puts his head right into your lap, striving for attention. He has the thickest and prettiest tail a horse could have, to-tally amazing, maybe perfect for mane and tail product advertising ;-)

Perfect Junior or Amateur's horse, but with the quality for a professional as well! You just can't beat his personality. This young star will go far in the dressage ring. You will be the star in FEI classes and at clinics.

His bloodlines are very much sought after. He has many of the F, D and R lines you could dream of. He is used to go in the hot walker, loves his shower and solarium time. Stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time. First Romance HW is as sweet as a puppy dog, but with the attitude of a real gentleman. You will love this dream horse, he's everything you could wish for and more.

X-rays on file!

  check out his video clip!!!

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